Thank you for your interest in pursuing discount pricing for ProTuff Products brand wholesale pool supplies.

We’re always interested in partnering with companies to move our brand forward and place as many of our products in the hands of quality minded consumers as possible. We value ALL of our partners & customers, retail and wholesale alike, and we ALWAYS “take care of our own”.

That said, before we continue, let us point out some non-negotiable ground rules and some “history” you should be aware of. Please see the following for details. If, after reading through that material, you still have interest in pursuing a wholesale pool supplies account with our company, please reach out with a follow-up.

Understanding Our Wholesale Pool Supplies Program

1) For smaller quantity wholesale orders of ProTuff Products brand pool cleaning tools, we suggest purchasing our case packed units directly through Amazon. Case pack pricing is at least 25-30% off retail without the need for any sort of contractual arrangement with ProTuff Products. 

In addition, if you are set up with a “business” purchasing account on Amazon, you may even be able to receive additional discounts for purchasing multiple case packs on a single order.

See our available case-pack products on our “Small Quantity Wholesale Pricing” page on Amazon.

2) We retain exclusive rights to the sale of our brand on any and all global Amazon marketplaces unless, at some future date, we were to set up a specific contractual arrangement for your company to sell on one or more non-US based Amazon marketplace(s). 

We will NEVER directly compete with any wholesaler on any marketplace. Thus, we will only authorize you to sell on a marketplace that we are not currently selling on and have no known intent to sell on. This protects both you and ProTuff Products from any “price war” that would hurt both of us. 

If, at a future date, we decided to sell on a marketplace that you were already selling on, we would make every effort to notify your company ahead of time and give you an opportunity to sell through any necessary inventory on that platform before we begin offering products there.

Any wholesaler that chooses to skirt that agreement/understanding, by attempting to sell on a marketplace platform that we are currently selling on (at present, only consisting of – USA) will be summarily terminated from any wholesale access to ProTuff brand products.

3) MAP pricing will be enforced. Any deviations from MAP pricing without explicit agreement from a decision-maker at our company would end in the same fashion as above – loss of access to any wholesale pricing for ProTuff brand products.

How to Derail our Wholesale Supplier Relationship

A bit of “history” … ProTuff Products made an attempt to work with a large wholesale account, unsuccessfully, in 2020. The attempt was a failure, from our perspective. Primarily, this company attempted to sell the ProTuff brand on,, and their own corporate e-commerce site.

It does not appear that they had much success as, at the end of the 2020 summer sales season, they were left with inventory that they then chose to sell below MAP pricing in order to off-load it.

Their lack of success likely stems from the fact that they attempted to sell ProTuff brand products in the same way that they sell many other “commodity” brands, and this will never work. Our products are premium products with an unmatched, unlimited free replacement warranty. But, that means they sell for a premium price and must be “marketed” as such. They cannot simply be thrown out there like any other bargain product to compete on price. 

So, if that is your plan, it is destined for failure. You will not likely purchase/sell our products in large enough quantities to justify a low enough wholesale price for that approach to work. Unless you “market” the products, they will never compete with other products on those marketplaces, which sell at much lower retail price points – because most of them “suck” – simple as that. 

We also will not ship small quantities of our products all over the country to half a dozen different warehouses at bulk wholesale prices. If you want wholesale pricing that will make our products profitable for you to sell through an online marketplace, you will have to accept purchasing larger quantities of our product, shipped to a single location, with your company handling the logistics of moving that product to where you need it for fulfillment.

Otherwise, as stated earlier, you can purchase at “near wholesale” directly through Amazon by simply purchasing in case quantities. See our available “case-pack” inventory on Amazon HERE.

Are We That Strongly “Against” Wholesaling?


But, we will not jump through hoops and logistical nightmares to increase our profits by single digit percentages. The time, resources and manpower required to do so would be better spent improving our own company, processes and marketing to improve our own, direct to consumer, retail profits.

If you understand our position and still have interest in purchasing larger quantities of ProTuff Products at true wholesale, feel free to reach out. It’s a terrific product line, and we take care of those who take care of us – customers, suppliers, forwarders – and the same is true of any wholesaler who understands our vision and wishes to partner with us in that regard. But, if you wish to sell our product the same way you sell any other commodity product, it’s destined for failure anyway, so there’s no sense wasting our time or yours pursuing it.

Thank you,

Michael Kaufman

President/Owner: ProTuff Products LLC