Be assured, we WILL honor your warranty.  There will be NO shipping cost.  There will be NO hoops to jump through, required photos or proof.  Simply follow the prescribed claim methods outlined here and you will receive your replacement very soon.

If you are having issues with your ProTuff Product, you may utilize any of the following communication methods in order to file a claim to receive a replacement item.  Please note that the MOST EFFICIENT method is via Facebook Messenger chat which will walk you through an immediate and automated mechanism for supplying us with the necessary information to process your claim.  Also, via this method there is no chance of email spam filtering getting in the way.

File a Warranty Claim via Facebook Messenger

If not by Facebook Messenger, then via email or through the Amazon communications system are next best, since utilizing our electronic communications methods assure there are no transcription errors with order numbers, addresses, etc.

Using the above mentioned electronic options will be the fastest means of assuring your warranty claim is processed as quickly as possible – often within 24 hours.  Since these methods are preferred and most efficient, please note that if you choose to communicate your warranty claim needs by phone, that may slow the process.  Moreover, please do NOT submit warranty claims by multiple methods at once.  If, via one method, you have not received some sort of return correspondence within 1 BUSINESS day, please feel free to attempt another method of communication.

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