Monique SuttonMonique SuttonDON’T BELIEVE THAT FOREVER GUARANTEE! — UPDATEDUpdate: After posting my review the company reached out and honored their warranty by providing me with a replacement. They were diligent in their efforts to contact me despite several miscommunications. They have also followed up with me several times since I received the replacement to inquire if all is still well with the item. I have updated this review to a five-star rating as the net itself is sturdy and works great. It’s well worth the value, particularly as the company stands by its lifetime warranty. Purchase this net, you won’t regret it.Prior Review:The net itself was sturdy and worked great for as long as it lasted. The reason for the one-star rating is because of the falsely advertised FOREVER GUARANTEE. As you can see in the picture, the net ripped. In accordance with their advertised FOREVER GUARANTEE, I contacted the vendor via Amazon’s message center to request a replacement. Despite several attempts, I never received a response of any sort.
KeithBY FAR BEST/MOST INDESTRUCTIBLE LEAF NET EVER!This is by far the most durable and truly indestructible leaf net I have owned. I have (2) large pools the larger is 45,000 g with overhanging trees. We have a LOT of work to do in the fall here. I own (2) of these nets now almost 3 years. Ever other net has sooner or later broken, not these. Try bringing a broken net back to the pool store–good luck with that! If fact I mistakenly thought I broke one of the Protuff nets and I mistakenly called ProTuff. They sent a new net without any questions, need for returns etc. In another interaction I had with them, a left a voicemail about a routine question– the OWNER called me back the same day. They are one of the few companies that REALLY stands behind their products and their service so you really have almost no risk in trying one of these. Nice to see that in a company these days! I just bought their new telescoping pole and a fine pollen net and I’m looking forward to that saving me some more time.
V. SumpterCouldn’t be happier with this purchase!I purchased this pool net in 2014. I was impressed at the time with the price and apparent quality.When the product arrived, I was extremely impressed by the Lifetime Warranty (in fact, I was surprised, as that feature had not been top of mind, or part of my purchase decision).Anyhow, I registered my purchase as requested and agreed to receive a few emails from the company, and its founder, Mike Kaufman.Wow am I glad I did!I use this pool net / pool leaf rake nearly each week. 9 out of 10 times, I take the time to rinse it off when finished.Recently I noticed the plastic had begun to fade a bit in the Arizona sun, but more importantly, I noticed that part of the lower lip had begun to wear away. It didn’t dramatically alter the pool rake’s performance, but it would over time.So, I reached out to the company to see what the protocol was for replacing my leaf rake under warranty.I received a friendly email within hours, asking but only two questions: 1) was my address the same, and 2) did I need/qualify for expedited shipping.I replied to both questions, telling Mike that there was no need to pay for expedited shipping.My replacement pool leaf rake/net just arrived.I couldn’t be happier.
AndrewTop notch customer service – and the rake is great tooI bought this pool rake about 4 years ago – highly recommended and I was intrigued by the “unlimited” lifetime replacement. Product came with a lot of good information and still they claimed if it every failed/broke they would replace it. Rake was notably sturdier than my previous rake and clearly well made.Fast forward 4+ years later, sure enough things they said would happen (plastic would fade & crack) happened and finally the net gave out around the frame. However – the net itself never ripped. Frame and connection point totally solid. The connection edging between the frame and the net just couldn’t last through another Texas summer and gave out.I sent an email to the company with a picture and my address for a replacement thinking I’d never hear from them again. Or worse they’d argue that I abused it or somehow I was responsible for the damage. Nope, none of that – instead I received (almost immediately) a very nice email stating I had provided all the info needed, they were sorry the net hadn’t lasted longer and a new one was one the way. Sure enough, a new net arrived within a few days and I’m back in business. No cost to me, nothing – and they didn’t ask for the old one back. Couldn’t have been easier.Will this net last a lifetime? Probably not. Does this company stand behind their product? Absolutely. Would I buy anything else from this company? In a heartbeat. Buy with confidence – this is a great product and if it does manage to fail in the next decade, you’re getting a free one.
LKBThe Warrenty Process is easy.Unless you are like me and forget all about the emails you sent to them about it once already and do it three times cause yeah.. LoLBut seriously. My husband has been cleaning pools for 9 years. He’s used a couple brands of net, and while this one wasn’t the one he REALLY wanted (cause that one was REALLY expensive and did NOT include a warranty), he actually really likes it. We’ve had it a little over 2 years and the net started getting holes in it, as they all do, so it was time to replace it. Before it started getting holy (haha), We never had anything slip through the mesh of the net. It’s fused at the weaving so it won’t slip and slide and create gaps like other nets we’ve seen/used do. We would like for the scoop to be more scoop like and less thick lipped, but it does its job, and does it well.And we’ve had weight in it. Uncovered pools come spring are just covered in leaves and debris on the bottom. So you add soaking wet leaves, some times drowned animals and tadpoles… You get a nice work out lifting that heavy mess out.I simply answered 4 questions (really easy one’s too, and none about what’s wrong or how it happened) and will have my new net, totally free (even free shipping) VERY soon. (Will update this once it arrives). It’s now June 28, 2020. They said I will have it in 2 weeks, though probably sooner.I wish getting warranty replacements on everything was this easy.************UPDATEReceived the new one today. In perfect condition.5 days. Way to go!
Frequent buyerFrequent buyerBest one I ever usedWe installed our pool 30 years ago and I have used a variety of skimmers and leaf rakes during that time. As you can see there is extensive landscaping around the pool. It doesn’t take much to have a fair amount of leaves and bugs end up in the pool. After my last leaf rake (powder blue frame with matching net glued to it) fell apart I came across the ProTuff brand and decided to purchase it. It is the best one I have ever used. It is very sturdy with a metal frame covered with red plastic. The netting itself is heavy duty. I must admit that it is heavier than the ones I have gotten in the past so my arms get a workout skimming leaves and bugs out. I have a feeling that this one will last me a lot longer than anything else I’ve gotten. ProTuff’s warranty also gives me comfort knowing how much they stand behind their product. Plus I like that fact this item is made in the USA.
Jank1Jank1A Fabulous Skimming ToolI can’t speak to swimming pool experience but this skimmer is fabulous for cleaning the surface of my quarter acre pond which is way rougher duty than any swimming pool. I bought it for the large size but the sturdy construction is great. I can pick up duck weed, assorted algae, leaves, etc. The mesh is a good size – passes water freely and retains most debris. I work from shore, from my canoe, or don my snorkel gear and dive in with it.
Hockey6No complaints, five starsI’ve gone through three Pool Nets in the last four years, so I decided to try the ProTuff Pool Net, because of the Unlimited Free Replacement Guarantee. I paid a little more, but figured it would be worth it in the long run, considering the fact that I use my pool net almost every day in Arizona. I’m happy to say that I haven’t been disappointed. In fact, I’m surprised. The netting is obviously made of quality material, because after a full summer of using it every day, there are no holes or stitching issues, and I don’t pamper it when I use it. This is the first product that I’ve purchased on Amazon, that comes with an unlimited free-replacement guarantee. I hope I never have to use the guarantee, but if I do, I’ll make sure to update my review about my experience with customer service. After a year, so far, so good. No complaints, five stars.
David H.This net is awesome and their forever guarantee is the real deal!I felt compelled to write this review after the experience I just had with ProTuff. I was compensated in no way whatsoever for this…I just believe in rewarding great service with feedback.I bought this net back in 2018, just for reference. It has served me well for 2 years being the best AND fastest net we have ever owned. I based my purchase decision on the forever guarantee and the construction of the net. When I got it, I understood why they feel confident with their guarantee. This thing is very well built.Fast forward to week before last and I was cleaning the pool and then unthinkable happened…it finally broke at the handle base. I looked up the process for contacting ProTuff to see how their forever guarantee worked. I sent the email to them and crossed my fingers.Less than an hour later, I received an automated reply asking me to answer a few questions and send it back. I did this and they sent me a reply a couple of days later stating that they would be sending me the replacement part in the mail. About 4 days later, the new part arrived just as promised.This company is 100% legit with their forever guarantee promise! Some guy who said that he never received a response must have done something wrong in the process. For me, it was as smooth as glass and I have my net back good as new. I highly recommend this product and this company. I would (and will) absolutely buy products from them again. Buy your LAST pool net from them if you are smart.
Happy CustomerGreat product, great warrantyThis pool net is large and does the job. I needed something to clean my neighbor’s leaves out of my pool and this was the first one sturdy enough to survive the job. I especially liked the warranty this product came with. Unfortunately I needed to use it and emailed them expecting a long wait time. I was surprised when later in the day they responded advised me it’s covered period! They asked a few questions pertaining to shipping methods and that was it. Simple, easy and they stood by their product. I just received the replacement and one thing I can say is thank you. Glad I purchased this Pro Tuff Pool Net.
David ThompsonThis is, by far, the best pool rake there is.I got this rake about a week before my house and pool were flooded. When I first used it, my comment was that it was a bit heavy, and a little hard to manipulate. Then I got an information mail from the company that told me some tricks that I didn’t know, and I was able to get the trash off the bottom of the pool without lifting the rake out of the water until I had it all gathered up. Nice for the stuff the wind blows into the pool here in the desert.Then the flood came. This rake cannot be beaten. Although I’m still working on the pool, I can scrape the bottom, lift a half full bag of mud off the bottom, and dump it without any sign of the rake breaking. There’s a lot of mud in half a bag on this rake, and it holds up fine. There’s a lot of grit that is wearing on the bag, and it could catch a rock and tear. This device has held up to massive abuse.I haven’t had to even think about the lifetime guarantee yet, but with the pressure I’m putting on it, I may have to at some point. Leaves and normal debris would be no problem at all for this rake. Highly recommended.Update, June 2021: I bought this thing way back in 2014 and it has served me well. It developed some dings and scratches over the year but worked great. The, the unthinkable happened, I wore the netting out. Yes, the sun, chemicals and mistreatment finally destroyed it.Followed the directions for a warranty claim and got a response on the same day. I filled out the form they pointed me to, and filled in the Amazon order number; got an email saying they would send it in a day or so. They absolutely lived up to their promise. The new one arrived and is already in service scooping seed pods and dead lizards out of the pool.I wish they made pool pumps.
Matt H.HUGE capacity, easy to use, superior qualityWe had a MASSIVE wind storm a few nights ago and most of a flowering bush ended up in my pool. It would have taken many trips back and forth to the trash bin, and swapping between my rake and skimmer, to be able to get most of the leaves and pedals out of the pool. Fortunately I had the ProTuff pool net ready. This thing held so much debris it was hard to lift out of the water. Two trips and I was able to rake stuff up that had sunk to the bottom without switching tools. I’m thrilled and my pool guy said it saves him time as well but “it can get heavy when there’s a lot in it”
McGeeVRJLGreat product warrantyI found ProTuff on Amazon and ordered both the 19″ net above and the silt net for smaller particles. They were out of stock of the 17″ silt net, but have worked with me on getting it to me as fast as possible. The company works with you if you have a problem which is awesome in this day and age. I like the net to clean the pool. I am still having a bit of difficulty using it the way they tell you to in regards to getting stuff off the bottom of the pool, but I believe it will just take some time. I am used to pulling towards me and they recommend hopping it away from you. Overall it seems to be working great and the lifetime warranty adds to its value!
Amazon6Amazon6it hasn’t failed me yet!I used to have a pool cleaning business and have replaced several pool skimmers over time, some shorter than others. I purchased a ProTuff Pool Net Rake on Amazon on Aug 15, 2017 and use it almost DAILY in my own pool, and it hasn’t failed me yet! I have told several neighbors this is the one to purchase. At the time of my purchase, I was asked in several emails to give a review right after my purchase for a discount on other products, but I wanted to see how well it stood up over more than just a week or month, and impressed, is an understatement! After TWO YEARS of use, the only issue I have experienced to date is the plastic bottom lower edge on the frame is getting worn and that to be expected, especially after that amount of time. This is an EXCELLENT PRODUCT!!
Felix J. PerezGreat product with an amazing warranty replacement processI purchased this product to clean leaves, pine needles, bugs, etc. out of my pool. It worked great and I used it regularly to keep the debris out of my pool. It works as intended and is very sturdy. You’ll love it.Recently, something happened to the screen of the net, and it ended up with some large holes. It was unusable. On the label, it states the website and ProTuff’s warranty.I emailed ProTuff support and I was shocked to learned that their policy is truly no-questions-asked. They immediately responded and simply asked me to verify my address. I received a replacement in the mail yesterday. It’s just as strong and useful as my old net.Don’t hesitate to purchase this product. it works better than anything you’ll get at your pool store, and the replacement policy is unmatched.
v75rabGreat product, VERY SOLID, a little heavier than expected.Great product, well built (very solid) but that does add some weight.The good, it is a very solid product with a net that could land a steelhead! Seriously, it is tough.But that comes with some weight. I tore through my light slimmer opening the pool this year, and thought I would get a sturdier option for removing any heavy leaves and debris that blows in. This net can handle it. I like knowing it can withstand a ton of use.The netting is a lot stiffer than I am used to, and may soften over time.Compliments on the durability.Cons are the weight. Using it for 30 minutes is a decent upper body workout LoL not too hard, but I will keep a light weight head handy for the incidental use.
Chris (CA)Best pool net I have ever used.I ordered this net originally in 2017 and it has been the longest lasting net I have purchased. I tried several nets from the local pool stores only to have the net fall apart or end up with holes in it in a very short time.I have Italian cypress tree surrounding my backyard and my pool gets hit pretty hard during windy weather. This net has held up pretty well over the last few years.After 3 years I finally ended up with a hole at the bottom of the net which was much longer than any of its predecessors! I then tested the “unlimited free replacement”. It was a breeze. I initially contacted the seller through Amazon, not a phone call or a direct email and received a reply within a day. I encountered no issues by following the instructions that were included in the email. It was essentially 4 very easy to answer questions. I was in no rush to receive the replacement, after all it is a pool net, but was surprised by how quickly a replacement net arrived at my house.Great product, Great service!!!
Chris WagonerBetter than any others I tried!I recently got an inground pool installed. Until the screening is done I have lots of trees and they are dumping a ton of leaves into the pool.The poolcame with a flimsy cheap net. I saw one of these on the pool guys truck and asked about it. He said he loves it. So I bought one.This is so much better than the other flat type. I can do most of the pool before having to empty it. And the bladed front edge makes getting leaves off the bottom easier.This this seems to be built well also. Netting is double stitched and good and think.If you find this review helpful, please click on the helpful button. It helps others see this review. Thanks!!
Michael R.Awesome product and company!This rake is awesome! I previously received another rake that I thought was the Pro Tuff. After about a year, it developed several holes and I contacted Pro Tuff for the lifetime warranty. I received a reply email in about two hours and they advised me that a replacement was on the way, two day shipping. Being surprised that their product failed, they asked for a picture and conditions I use it in. After receiving the pics, they found that the rake I was given was not their product and informed me that there was a mix up with Amazon inventory that they had no control over. Even though this was not their product, they honored their warranty no questions asked. Upon receiving the “real” Pro Tuff Rake, (two days) I saw how much different and better the quality is. The screen and frame is much stronger and the mesh is finer. I am very happy with this rake and can’t say enough about how prompt, professional and honorable this company is. I will update after using this rake.
mwallaceAwesome product. Awesome guarantee! FOR REALUpdated Review. – We had this pool leaf rake for about a year and it developed two holes in the bag…..after A LOT of use. I contacted ProTuff and was immediately sent a link to fill out a form for replacement. Within a few days our replacement arrived at ZERO cost…. I have no idea what these one-star reviews that say they don’t hear back from the company are about. That is certainly not our experience. You can go to any pool supply store and pay more for a pool leaf rake/bag….but they’ll laugh you out of the store if you try to take it back after a year. I think this company is fantastic and has fantastic products….and they definitely deliver on their guarantee!!Right after purchase. – So far, so good. We’ve used it a couple months this summer and it picks up great! Definitely heavier and more substantial than previous ones we’ve owned. Usually we get about one summer out of a leaf bag. Love the awesome guarantee!
Juan P.Juan P.Sturdy and Strong!This is probably the best pool net I have ever bought and used. It is very strong and made very well, it has no problem picking up a ton of leaves, and small debris. The frame is made of a heavy duty plastic and the net is very thick, also you can not beat their lifetime guaranty on the net! So far it has done an excellent job getting all the leaves from the fall and is working great getting some of the smaller debris.This is a bit more expensive than some of the other nets but it is also that much better and the idea of not having to buy another one because of the lifetime warranty is worth it! Actually going to look into their find mesh net for the spa and fin dirt at the bottom of the pool. I definitely would recommend to anyone who gets a lot of leaves in their pool, this has so much room it makes quick work of the clean up.
DavidVery happy with product and the companyI’ve been researching how to take over my pool maintenance and one tip was to replace my pool skimmer net with a leaf rake. My pool is surrounded by grass and palm trees so it gets a lot of debris. Removing debris from the bottom of the pool normally required vacuuming which is a pain. I just received this product and I already love it. First it makes skimming the surface easier, debris is trapped deep in the net I don’t have to continually empty it. Second, this product can be used to remove large grass and leaves from the bottom of the pool without vacuuming. So now I can clean the surface and bottom of the pool in the time it used to take me just to skim the surface. Getting the debris out often keeps the pool looking nice all week and helps reducing chlorine consumption. It’s especially nice to be able to quickly clean up the pool before guests come over.I’m also very impressed by the communication provided by the company. I’ve received multiple emails and brochures informing me of how to use the product and how to get help if there’s ever a problem. I really feel like this company is going out of their way to stand behind their product and make sure I’m happy with it.
Sandi FFServes its purpose perfectly, maybe better.So far I love it.Had a leaf rake 10+ years ago and it was good but difficult to empty.This one seems to be very sturdy and so far (a couple months of use) appears to be holding its shape which allows for it to be emptied easily.Other than that, not sure what to say other than it works great while in the pool.Easy to drag along surface and underwater.Since I am trying to come up with things that this does well…I am becoming more happy with it.It does everything I hoped for, and I have realized how effortlessly it does work. Because I haven’t thought about it much. That means it is working well. Issues are quickly brought to the forefront. This has none.I will buy again.
JosephGood customer service and life warrantyI purchased a pool rake recently ,used a few times. Small hole appeared in the net after a few weeks of use. Contacted Protuff ,got immediate response and replacement of the Rake Pool Net.The company stands behind their product and life warranty. Highly recommend their products.
Trista MuseSo easy to use!I am NOT one to do pool maintenance. It’s something I have always considered a “man’s job,” so my husband has been responsible for it. However, when he ordered this pool rake, my interest was piqued. I thought it seemed a bit pricey because, I mean really, how different could it be from every other “cheap” pool rake out there? Before it even arrived, the company had sent me an email with tips for use, which I found pleasantly surprising. They explained what makes their rake different (the turn of the “lip” and the strength of the net, if you’re wondering). So when it arrived (on schedule, in two days), I just had to try out the tips from the email. My husband was shocked and proceeded to tell me I was doing it incorrectly. (Needless to say, he didn’t read the email.) But he got quiet when he saw how easily and how quickly I got all the leaves out of the bottom of our pool. Our pool is surrounded by trees, and our vaccuum had been out for over a month, so there was A LOT of buildup on the bottom of the pool. I kid you not, this little 100 pound woman had it cleaned out in 20 minutes with this rake. It is shockingly sturdy, the tips they emailed are priceless, and it scrapes the bottom of the pool amazingly well. I don’t have a single negative thing to say about it. Definitely worth the price.
Rene A. Lanoie, Jr.This thing reeks!!!I mean it really reeks (of quality, that is). Though I’ve only had this for a couple of weeks, I have to say I am incredibly impressed. Is it expensive? Absolutely!!! But it’s a tool. And like any tool, especially if you will be using it for years to come, you want to buy quality. You can use a $5 pair of pliers, but you’ll get $5 pair of pliers life. I bought this for several reasons… We have an in-ground pool on the last home we will ever own, purchased in September of ’15. We don’t cover the pool in the winter (no pool cover yet), but we keep the pool maintained year round. We have lots of trees that will be shedding a lot of leaves this fall. No doubt at all this pool net will handle it. The other major reason I went with the ProTuff is the 100% lifetime warranty. The warranty says in writing that regardless of the circumstances of it breaking, they will replace it. From what I’ve observed of it so far, it looks like it will be years before I have anything to worry about. The frame is sturdy and well constructed, and the mesh is sewn. I’m looking forward to years of service.Update: I had to contact them for a replacement. Absolutely hassle free. Because I’ve had it for almost 3 years, they asked if I had any problems with them saving on shipping and I’d get the replacement in about 2 weeks. I told them I had no problem waiting, as the old one, though damaged, was still usable. I got the replacement in less than a week. Best skimmer I’ve ever owned. Check out their pool poles too. Same thing… Best I’ve ever owned. And I love that their products carry a lifetime, no hassle guarantee.
PalAlI cannot speak to everything yetThe rake looks very sturdy and durable but having only received it and used it once I cannot speak to the longevity yet. I will say it looks as strong as one I had purchased 6 years ago and never had an issue with until I caught it on something in my pond and tore the netting. I will say that the shaft on this unit could be longer for added support at the end of the extension pole. My old on had a longer shaft and two clips to hold it in place. Having said that, I am not disappointed by this purchase. Will update as I use it more.Update 6/26. The leaf basket is very sturdy. I raised to 5 stars for that reason. However my original thought of the shaft needing to be a little longer is still valid.
WayneWell Made SkimmerI have been through a few skimmers over the years and I really like this one. It wasn’t cheap but I don’t think I am going to have to replace it for a few years either. You can buy skimmers at Lowes or HD for less than half the price of this one but you get what you pay for.The mesh material is very fine so it gets everything but the fabric seems very tough also. The frames is a high quality plastic that is not brittle and is very strong and is reinforced with aluminum. The part that inserts into the pole also is cast aluminum rather than plastic or aluminum tubing. I think it is worth the money. When I need a new brush I will see what this vendor has to offer.
Misty DietzMisty DietzTough enough for Minnesota lakesI had long been searching for a good solution to clean up debris that inevitably settles in our swimming area at the lake. A lot of the material (decayed leaves & whatever else I don’t even want to imagine) is too small for our rake tines to adequately grab, so I was beginning to despair over what to do. Enter ProTuff. I read review after review, and they all said the same thing – this net is a TOUGH MOTHER. Of course, they were all reviews about pool use. Huh, I thought. I only have $80 to lose (with a good pole), WHY NOT, right?!OH. EM. GEEEE. This is my solution! I run the net’s red edge along the sand on our lake bottom and this black beauty just scoops all the crap up, effortlessly letting the sand (which is pretty fine) filter through to fall back down where it belongs under our toes. All that’s left in the net is the yuck. YAY!I am *so* impressed with the quality and construction of this product. My kids were informed that this is MY NET, and no one else touches it. Lol. Of course I don’t expect to abuse this fine company’s warranty when I’m using it for lake crap, but I will gladly purchase another one of these nets when this one eventually gives up the ghost. It’s almost embarrassing how much I love this net.For those of you looking for a straight-up pool net, this is a no brainer. Seriously.
Concerned CitizenA truly great product from a company that stands apartThis leaf rake cost more than others showing at Amazon but I was sufficiently impressed with the reviews that I decided it must be worth it. Very glad I did. The quality of the net is far superior to anything I’ve ever had previously. The front rake also has a unique design that picks up twice as much leaves and other material from the pool bottom than I’ve ever achieved before. What also is very impressive is that I received an email from ProTuff via Amazon before I even received the product, telling me in advance that the design (the front of the rake) might be slightly different from what I had previously, why that was the case, etc. I’ve had other products purchased through Amazon that arrive without instructions, and although most are intuitive, some are not. So it’s incredible that a company like Pro Tuff has anticipated customer questions ahead of time.Their email as well as their web site emphasize that they are customer driven: “ProTuff Products is a company based entirely on the premise that our customers (YOU) are our most valued asset, which is a rare thing these days. Without you, we don’t exist.” What a great culture and philosophy. I wish our airlines and others would re-learn this lesson.
KKochGreat pool rake; netting is fine for catching little stuff but is a bit stiffGot the 19.5″ pool leaf rake. Very nice rake that should last quite awhile. Netting is fine enough for even little stuff and nice and deep but is a bit on the stiff side. You need to actually push it inside out to empty but then it cleans off better than my previous soft-netted rake. I think this one is better overall and should hold up longer and it has a lifetime warranty that seems to be well honored.
Wayne EvansLooks like it will last way longer than the last 2 – worth the extra $Had a cheap one with an aluminium ring and a light bag that came with the pool. Bag got hole near ring after 1 year. Bought an all plastic ring one. Ring broke after 1 1/2 years (did get some abuse hunting bull frogs in the pool though…..). This one is going strong so far. Both the ring and the bag seem way stronger than the previous 2 and is going well so far. I little harder to empty because the bag is stronger and less flexible to flip inside out but not enough to deduct a star.
SomeoneSpecialYou CAN’T go wrong with this warranty and durability!!You can’t go wrong with this pool net. We clean our pool daily throughout the year so our pool net is used and does not get any seasonal breaks. We had ours for almost a year to the day when the handle broke. Upon calling for a replacement our skeptic minds were immediately eased when he said he would expedite a new pool net to us. The replacement arrived 4 days later. It was very easy to get the warranty fulfilled. It was just a 5 minute phone call and you just needed the Amazon receipt for proof of purchase. The guy on the other line was helpful and didn’t make us jump through any hoops for getting our rake replaced. For the record, every other part of this pool net is in like new condition. While we do not know why the handle broke, we have to be fair and point out that our teenager son was the one cleaning the pool when the break occurred. If we were to ever be asked, we would definitely recommend purchasing a ProTuff Pool Net to everyone who has a pool.
badcyclistExcellent product with a genuine no questions asked lifetime warrantyI bought this net in 2014 and loved it– it was the best pool net I have ever had. I did not treat it very well, and left it outside in the California sun, and by 2017 it had started to develop lots of small holes across one side. I decided to see if ProTuff honored their warranty, and what do you know? They do. In response to my e-mail to the company, I got a quick, personal, and very nice note from Mike, who immediately offered to replace the net, and even to expedite delivery if it was an emergency. It wasn’t urgent, so I said no to expedited shipping, but even so the replacement got to my house within the week.Great product, excellent customer service, and they live up to their promises when it comes to their no questions asked warranty. You can’t ask for much more– I am very happy that I bought this pool net.
VIncredible product with unbelievable warranty!This pool leaf rake is amazing, it is strong and hands down the best pool leaf rake I’ve ever used in my life. Besides that the warranty of this item beats anything in this category on Amazon. If I have a tear or rip in my net, I speak to Pro Tuff via email and in a very short space of time my new leaf rake is shipped out. They are very easy and professional to deal with. This is by far one of the best purchases I’ve ever made in my life.. Thank you Pro Tuff for making my life easier.Update: I’ve been using this for years and I have never had an issue with their wonderful customer service reps nor have I had any problems with replacements. Whenever I message I get a speedy reply and it’s to the point to make the entire process easier and faster. These products are wonderful and does an incredible job. It’s strong and durable. Will recommend this product to anyoneUpdate 10/06/2021Their Lifetime guarantee is absolutely fantastic and still works to date! I will gladly suggest this pool net to anyone in the market looking for one!
T. BrooksGreat product and vendorGreat product and vendor! The warranty is exactly as stated. It’s easy to file a claim. Make sure to registers the product to facilitate the process just a little easier.Our net lasted 5 years in FL. So it with stood sun, heat, humidity, and hard rains. Then the seal broke, but not the net. The warranty was so easy file. Great company!
Aurora CastellanoProTuff really provides a Lifetime GuaranteeI purchased the ProTuff 19.5″ Pool Net in January 2018. The net was very well made with a strong frame and was able to capture even some of the smaller debris. But over time the net started to shred in one place. I decided to test the Lifetime Guarantee. So I contacted ProTuff ONLINE on August 3, 2020 at 5PM (they suggested it was the fastest way to get a response). I received a response from Jais Jacob at noon on August 4, who asked for a little info and stated no pictures or return of the old net was necessary. I responded that same day. At noon on August 5, I received a response from Mr. Jacob notifying me hat the new net was on its way. Since I didn’t ask for expedited shipping, he stated that the net should arrive within 2 weeks or probably sooner. The net arrived on August 9, 2020. I had the old net for a little over two and a half years and received a new net in 6 days.I can say that I am well satisfied with their Lifetime Guarantee.
Chris Y.Awesome Warranty ProgramThe pool net worked great for two seasons, but it finally succumbed to normal wear and tear from usage. But, there is a lifetime product warranty for homeowner use and that program worked seamlessly. I contacted the seller through Amazon. They replied the same day with 4 simple questions. I replied to the seller, through Amazon again, with my responses to the questions. The seller contacted me the next day with a message that they were shipping a replacement pool net. I received the replacement net via. USPS within 3 days. Service exceeded my expectations.
doctordanHeavy duty rakeThis is the best made rake I have purchased over the 27 year life of our pool. This one has the sturdiest handle and connecting clip. The mesh is the right grid for being able to move the rake through the water without too much resistance. It captures all the leaves and smaller debris just fine. I have not had occasion to try their warranty program because the rake is only a year old.
Average Joe PBest product and warranty everWow is all I can say about this product and company with their warranty and service, amazing! 5 years ago I bought 2 nets and a rake. One of the nets has gotten frayed a bit and got an aggravating small tear near the top of the net. Honestly i think it came from pulling a sharp stick out of the pool along with huge piles of leaves. We go thru this routine with our pool every year of fishing out big heavy piles of leaves. This net is fantastic in being able to push the frame evenly across the bottom of the pool and pick up not only all the black leaves but even the thin pine needles whether there are 500 of them or that one pesky needle left stuck on the bottom.I almost felt guilty making a warranty claim since we’ve had it so long, but we have been thru several poles that have broken from the heavy weight of the pick ups that this tool can handle, but the poles we bought repeatedly at Lowes for 40 bucks cannot. So before i fork over $150 for the pole ProTuff sells I wanted to be sure this warranty is for real. So i made the claim on Sunday. Here on Tuesday I have a tracking number for my replacement net, purchased FIVE years ago, that will be here Friday. Just amazing! I’ll be buying that pole and highly recommend all the products they make. Everything is top quality and sturdy. ProTuff is well worth the cost and you will love how great the products are!!!💪👏❤️‍🔥
cperfectionExcellent robust design, easy to use with a life time warranty…..Last pool leaf/skimmer net I will ever “need” to purchase.My old leaf/skimmer net gave out and broke like so many before it, so off to Amazon to research pool products. I read about the Leaf Net by Pro Tuff, looked at their product reviews and decided to give it a try. I’ve taken care of pools most of my life as a homeowner, so have been through many skimmer nets and like equipment. After researching the Pro Tuff skimmer net with a life time warranty, I ordered and received the new net.I was absolutely surprised how robust the design of the net, frame and weight of the product. Excellent construction and with the added weight, glides though the water (surface or pool floor) with ease. The design has the front lip of the frame bend outward which makes it each to capture debris resting at the bottom of the pool floor or steps.The aluminum gauge used for the frame is heavier then most, and covered in a thick plastic sleeve that supports the foundation of the net perfectly. I would even say that the entire design is “over-engineered,” however, no doubt this product will last a life time! Should note that after I ordered the Pool Leaf Net the company sent me information to maximize the use of their product, also tips on keeping my pool clean. They also wanted to make sure I was very happy with their product and if I had any questions to please contact them.So bottom line: Excellent robust product design, great customer service backed up with a life time warranty. With that all said, why would you NOT purchase this product as it is the last pool leaf/skimmer net you will buy!
Brian – South CarolinaEasy to use and works great!Like everyone else, I had my doubts when I bought this. I cannot tell you how many pool products I have been through over the years simply because they wouldn’t hold up to normal wear and tear. I cannot speak to the normal wear and tear on this product yet, but I can tell you it works, and it works well. I have one of those leaf eaters that attaches to a garden hose that uses water flow to push leaves off the pool floor into the net attached to the base. It would have taken me more than three hours to clean the leaves out of my pool this weekend if I had used the leaf eater. It took me about 30 minutes with this rake. The only warning I can give anyone about this product is that wet leaves are heavy, and the more you put into this rake the heavier that bag becomes when lifting it out of the pool. Other than that, the product rocks!!!
L. WebbA little more expensive but with a lifetime warrantyI paid a little more for this skimmer and am glad I now have a lifetime warranty. I like to stiffness of the bag as it helps keep the leaves in the bag instead of floating out or wrapping inside the opening on itself. I have a neighbor who has a big pine tree that destroys our pool during the winds. My old skimmer failed because of the weight of all the pine needles. This skimmer looks much stronger and with the lifetime warranty I am not concerned!
IreneProTuff Pool Net Skimmer Rake + LIFETIME WARRANTY = 5 Stars!We purchased this pool rake YEARS ago. We had to have it replaced a time or two over the years. It was no problem at all, the replacement was always received in a (very) timely manner. Cannot complain one bit. Sure it costs a little more than others up front, but who offers ANY kind of warranty, let alone LIFETIME? If you see negative reviews stating that they do not replace, read the responses… This company cares. They make great products… We also just purchased the (Lifetime Guarantee) pool pole by them. Outstanding, but that’s another review!
tulipFABULOUS RESPONSE for the LIFETIME WARRANTY!!!I contacted ProTuff just a few days ago because my previous pool rake purchase (April 2017) had worn in the area of the rim and net. When first using my leaf net rake I was a bit taken aback – it seemed a little heavy and it took me a while to learn how to tackle my pool debris with the ProTuff unit. But a few extra upper arm muscles (lucky me!!!) and enough use (outdoor inground pool surrounded by Crepe Myrtles and Oak trees :(….!) gave me all the expertise necessary. I am SUPER impressed with the warranty service received from ProTuff. I wrote through my prior order with Amazon, got a very quick and timely response and clear directions on how to initiate my warranty. Was asked if I cared to receive through expedited delivery I replied – not necessary, will await whatever delivery chosen that’s cost effective for ProTuff. And after my request of February 4, 2020 to initiate a claim today it’s February 6, 2020 (yes, that’s TWO days) the box arrived via Amazon’s fab PRIME truck and I have my new unit. I can absolutely and positively state that my experience with ProTuff/Amazon blew me away. THANK YOU to all who participated in this successful replacement. I must say the product is terrific – the price point is now a bit lower and in most pool owners’ reach, and the forever warranty/replacement makes this the number one choice for a pool leaf/debris rake. Will order the net product offered for smaller particles very promptly because summer/pool season will be upon us in a couple of months (northeast FL)..
David Grau David GrauWorks better than the regular skimmer.Purchased this pool rake to compliment my skimmer basket, it actually catches more debris than the skimmer. The more it catches the less I have to vacuum. The mounting bracket is sold separately by a different manufacturer. It is very sturdy in construction and has a lifetime replacement warranty. As compared to other pool rakes it is comparable in price. Unless you want to buy the cheapest one. It has held up to a couple of pool parties with a lot of kids using the ladder constantly. But I think I’ll start taking it off on those days, one grandchild was about to use it to bean his sister. I recommend this product and would purchase again if needed.
Skyjester105Recommended by my pool serviceThis catches all kinds of little bugs and floating things you do not want on the pool. My pool service told me to buy this kind of a skimmer, and when it arrived gave it kudos on the price and quality. Note, go ahead and buy the heavy duty quality rod that is offered with it because it is a little too heavy for a normal, cheapo rod. It clips off easily, tho, and cane be used without a rod when you are in the pool. Very good product!
William SeatonGreat product and warranty!This is a great pool rake. It gets more leaves from the bottom of the pool than other nets I have owned. More important, the company really stands by their products. Over time, the mesh of the net developed a small hole that gradually opened up so that leaves were escaping. I wrote the company under their lifetime warranty. The only substantive question they asked is if the rake was being used in a commercial business. I said no and with no further ado, no pictures, etc, I received a new rake in under a week. That’s customer service on top of an already good product. This may be a bit more expensive than other pool nets but it is absolutely worth it.
kevin kagayTornado Rated!This net is way better than the typical big-box store net. I bought this because I needed a heavy duty net to clean storm debris from my pool deposited there by an EF-3 tornado that passed way too close to my home in Dallas. Broken flower pots, asphalt shingles, and other assorted construction materials were a breeze to scoop off of the bottom and out. Not to mention I was able to use it to hook large limbs and pull them to the surface in order to pull them out.The net still appears as new and should provide many years of use.
S. JensenBest pool net everExcellent quality, wide opening, great value. May cost a few $$ more than others, but money well spent. Have had mine for over two years with no problems.
GqLight, Efficient and Tough With a Hard to Believe Guarantee That’s RealOne of the first items I purchased when we moved to our home in Southern California three years ago was a JED 16 ft pool pole and this ProTuff Pool Net Skimmer. We have a rather large pool and my wife and I love using it. So I skim the pool every single day and make sure that it was clean for us to swim in. The JED pole didn’t last two months of our first summer. The ProTuff Skimmer, on the other hand, was a real pro: light, efficient and tough. But three brutal summers of record setting heat, high winds and bug infestations took its toll on this skimmer and it began to unravel in places. There is no winter out here and besides we have a pool heater. We never close the pool. This means I use the skimmer practically everyday. I was really sad to see the skimmer fall to pieces. I was about to order the same ProTuff Skimmer on Amazon when I noticed right on the title that said 100% Forever Guarantee. My experience with any kind of replacement warranties have led me to believe that they are just jokes. But I emailed ProTuff anyway. It was a Saturday and I did not expect an answer for a few days. I had an answer less than 30 minutes later, asking me a few questions. I said there was no need for expedited shipping, in answer to one of the questions. On Sunday I got another email saying I should have the replacement in a couple of days. Is that a joke? Well, no. I got the replacement net skimmer Tuesday, exactly two days later. Wow, I’m really impressed. I’m not one of those customers who write Amazon reviews but here I am telling you that if you don’t buy your pool net skimmer from ProTuff, then the joke is on you.
Kim R.TIPS – Awesome rake and skim net!I love this net! It is expensive, but with the lifetime guarantee I thought it would be worth the risk. Considering the others I have purchased for $20 have lasted less than a year, I thought I would give this one a try. It does the job well. In order to get the leaves off the bottom of the pool, simply rake the bottom of the pool until the leaves begin to float, then scoop them up. It’s really that easy. I like the stiff net as it is easier to clean out, whereas a soft net would flop over on itself. This net can also handle small twigs, which would tear a hole if you have soft netting. It does have plastic parts, so very important to store it in the shade. The UV rays will destroy it if you aren’t careful. It does not filter very fine particles, so I am considering purchasing the ProTuff net that is for really fine stuff. I’ve had this for two years, works great and still looks brand new.
Helen KellerPro Tuff stands behind their product and their warranty is no joke.I bought my leaf rake four years ago. I thought it would be like all of the rest, last a year and then fall apart. This is the best leaf rake I have ever owned. The best part is yet to come. I contacted Jais at Pro Tuff Products and he took my information. He checked my warranty information and then got right back to me. He told me my leaf rake replacement was on the way, no charge for shipment. The rake did not arrive in the time frame he gave me, not his fault. It was lost in shipment. I contacted Jais and within forty-eight hours he had resolved the problem. I received his message on Thursday and had my rake by Saturday. They stand behind their product and you can believe what they tell you. I will use ProTuff Products again in the future. Thanks Jais!
txchick4lifeJUST BUY IT! NOTHING ELSE COMPARES!I was so tired of paying $30+ on flimsy nets that only lasted a few months. I bought the ProTuff in 2016, and it is just now starting to unravel at the seams. It has been put to the test. Lots of oak trees in the yard which means tons of leaves in the fall. And lots of acorns every couple of years. In the spring, loads of yellow pollen flowers. And stems and limbs and branches. And sometimes a poor little critter.I thought I was going to have to buy another one. But guess what? I emailed the company and they promptly replied back. I had to answer 3 or 4 short questions and in a few days I had a BRAND NEW NET delivered to my door! It was the easiest warranty fulfillment I’ve ever experienced. And the new net seems to be made even better than the old one! You cannot go wrong with ProTuff!
aposiopesisI’m impressed.I’m not usually one to wax eloquent about products, but it is almost impossible to find a flaw in this rake. ProTuff is absolutely right, I have been doing it wrong when cleaning leaves off the bottom. This rake appears very well designed and manufactured and the usage tips have made the cleaning chore much easier to accomplish. I was initially a little concerned with the number of comments about emptying it, but I think the relative stiffness of the bag makes it much easier. And their 100% satisfaction guarantee made this purchase a no brainer.
Brandon AdkinsWell worth the $$Says what it does. Does what it says. Excellent leaf rake. It feels tough, and not very beat up after the use/abuse I put it through. I find it does great at picking up small particles so I am not quite what you would need the silt rake for. Maybe if you accidentally dump a bag of sand into your pool? Or if you live near the beach and don’t rinse off the sand first? Yes that might be a bit much. Just don’t do those things and this leaf rake will sweep up anything you don’t want to vac to filter. Seriously considering getting the pole too, but my old one “still works” well enough for now at least (the cam froze up in the middle of the pole. At least it is stuck extended…).
James WBest lifetime guarantee everI’d purchase this product again without the guarantee because it’s the most durable well-made net I’ve ever used. Our pool is surrounded by trees and PoolTuff 19.5″ has stood up to job. it’s such a great design that I stitched up a small hole myself after two seasons of wear and tear because I didn’t want to replace this net with another; however, when the lip came off this year we called to see if the guarantee was still extant. Just as advertised, no questions asked, we were sent a brand new net right away. I am so impressed with this product and this company on every level. We’ve found nothing better. I’m convinced this is the best pool net out there. Thanks, ProTuff!
PCSguyMDEasy to use, durable leaf rakeI’ve had this ProTuff Leaf Rake now for almost a year, and am finally doing a review. I absolutely love this rake! My pool builder initially gave me a flat net, but it was not very useful and debris would always slip off. With this rake, it’s easy to “sweep” the bottom of the pool and pick up debris, leaves, twigs, etc. Also on the surface you can easily skim the leaves and other floating debris off without having to constantly empty it as it has a large “storage” area. You can basically clean the entire pool and then empty the debris once at the end. It might cost a little more than the cheapo competitors, but it’s definitely worth the money!
Jon SmithGreat net but be aware if one major shortcoming!Solid, strong net just like the advertise. Then sides and it is easily able to capture all the dust in the pool with the thin rims around the net and the net net (small holes). The reviews get this right.They all miss this one part: While the net is very well built, this also makes it hard to empty the net because it is so thick and well built. You cannot simply turn the net upside down as the net will not fall down (it maintains its shape). The leaves like to stay in the net. You need to use your hands to clean the net or to flip the net. Using a hose also works to clean the net.Overall quality has some shortcomings but I won’t ding the product for this as it is built to last a long time, not to be flimsy (which makes it a lot more convenient to empty the net).
YogiCouldn’t Be BetterThis is pretty spectacular. I bought a very similar one from Leslie’s Pool and it lasted many years, the cheap one from the box stores don’t last much more than a year before bending. The one from Leslie’s I bought with a FINE mesh, but that was so fine that it hold large air bubbles and the net would let what was just captured escape. This one is PERFECT. This has the same very sturdy construction with a better net. The net is just stiff enough to allow dumping it in the trash can without touching it. Really amazing qualify.===Three years later the net had holes, so I tried the lifetime guarantee and ProTuff stood by the product and sent me a free replacement. I will support the company by now buying the fine net version as well.
DougGreat Heay Duty Rake & Customer ServiceThe rake is built tough and lasted 5 years of cleaning my 20,000 gallon pool with lots of trees and stuff hanging over it. When my rake did break, they were out of my size but had a slightly smaller rake out to me within a couple days. They said they will send me the new rake I originally ordered once it was back in stock. Great customer service and I would not hesitate to buy from them in the future.
Amazon CustomerGreat Pool net!!I bought this pool net 3-1/2 years ago. It developed a tear in it recently and I sent in my warranty information on it and the company shipped me a new net no charge and no charge for the shipping. The new net arrived in less than a week. Great customer service and great to see a company honor it’s lifetime warranty guarantee. I would definitely buy another product from ProTuff.
FlybobBuilt to lastAlthough a little more expensive than the low cost plastic nets this net is constructed to last. Both the materials and construction are high quality and built to last. The net has a lifetime warranty, but it is unlikely to be needed. The customer support response time was amazing. Don’t waste your money buying a new net every 2-3 years. Get this one and spend you time enjoying the pool.
Yoshi TechNice Sturdy Pool NetIt does what it’s supposed to do and it is much sturdier than the basic nets that I used to get at the home improvement box stores. The color is a nice contrast to the pool sides and bottom so it’s easy to see what you are doing even in dimmer light. We’ll see how it holds up over time and if I need to take advantage of the replacement guarantee.
Furd BurfleHow well the warranty works.I bought a 19.5” pool cleaner and after a lot of use the bag ripped, not sure how but, I remembered the lifetime warranty so I contacted them. They asked a few questions related to the purchase and then shipped a new one out to me. That was great customer service and the warranty is fantastic. Great company, highly recommend their products.
Nicolás ButhayLooks like it’s going to stay with us for a whileThis rake feels pretty solid and durable.Size is good, clamps in and out from the pole safely. All you can ask from a rake.It is a bit more expensive than other rakes, but do you know what’s more expensive? Buying a new rake every year because cheap ones crack and break. Buy nice or buy twice… this one is nice.
danGreat product and even better customer serviceThe pool net is very well made but I did have an issue with it and contacted the company for the “unlimited free replacement” they replaced the net without any questions and sent out a replacement immediately. Their communication and follow up was unbelievably good- rarely seen in this day and age. My representative was Michael K. If you care considering this product and company, I recommend them 100%. 5 Stars. thank you
GFGWhy Would You Fool Around with Anything Else?I suppose some would claim this is overkill for our little 15x30ft pool. I purchased the ProTuff in combination with the Jed Pool tools Inc 50-560-16-ft pole. Great combination. Could I have gotten by with a pole and rake combination that is about half the price? Sure. I could have saved about $40. And we’re not rich by any means. But every time we go to Costco we probably blow at least $200, and sometimes twice that. So I look at it this way: I’ll be using this tool several times per week (especially after the winds we often get around here, and given the pine trees almost adjacent to the pool — pine trees shed an incredible amount of stuff).So, I read the tips for use (thank you, ProTuff) and gave it a try. The tool is worth every penny. I was using a cheap, more or less “conventional” rake and it would take me ten or fifteen minutes to do a good cleaning. With the ProTuff, it’s five minutes. It’s literally 2x faster, and following their directions, easier.So say you save 5 minutes of your time, 3 days a week. That’s roughly 15 min per week x 4 = 1 hour per month x 12 = 12 hours/year. Even if you don’t rake much in the winter, suppose you save 6 or 7 hours per year. That’s most of a working day. What’s that worth to you? To me, it’s worth a heck of a lot more than the little extra I paid for the ProTuff, not to mention the pleasure one derives from simply using a really well-engineered, well-constructed tool. Why would you fool around with anything else?
Sabrinaholy smokes, this thing is indestructible!For some reason, our bulldog wants to fight/kill the skimmer every time we try to clean the pool. And when it’s dog vs skimmer, the dog wins every time. So I ordered this model fully intending to use the warranty quickly and often. Well, it’s been over a year now and this thing STILL hasn’t needed to be replaced because it was torn at the teeth of our pooch. Now when it’s dog vs skimmer, it’s the skimmer that wins every time.Also, we leave outside year round so it’s exposed to the elements.
CMNothing to lose. Buy itThis net is sturdy and well made. After two years it developed a small hole. I communicated with the seller (ProTuff) through the Amazon app explaining my problem. The owner responded the same day and provided instructions on how to get a free replacement. I received the new net a week later. In this day and age, it’s refreshing to see a company stand by their product with a lifetime warranty. Even more amazing that they stand behind their warranty with no hassles. Kudos to ProTuff.
TomWell designedI purchaed this net a year ago. For some reason I originally wasn’t too happy with it and stored it away. When my other one broke I took this net out and started using it everyday. I quickly changed my mind and found it to be well designed and very useful. It works well for evey task I put it to and I’m still using it as my primary pool net. So far it has held up well under heavy use.
danWell built tool with a great warrantyI ordered the 19″ pool net in 2015. The product finally gave out on me after 5 years of weekly use, being left outside in the elements and abused by young kids. The part that failed was the netting pulling away from the plastic rim. I contacted the company and had the most painless warranty claim ever! They are sending a replacement, expedited delivery at no cost. Great product and company, will order again from them if the need arises!
GasmanBest Pool Net I have ever OwnedI was tired of buying a new pool net every 2 years. I know this is the last one I will need to purchase. It is not only well made but also is thoughtfully designed to work well for scooping things from the bottom of the pool, from those pesky leaves to the unsinkable dog ball…..
JeannekWe will see….Just received this new pool net. Used it for 10 minutes and so far so good. My previous net was a “gorilla” bought at Leslie’s about 10 yrs ago. Frame was in excellent shape but the plastic “scoop” split and fell off, and net around frame was tearing. So, enter new pro-tuff. Too new to rate other than 5 star because on appearance and warranty that’s what I feel it deserves. To be continued as time moves forward~
TylerPerfect pool net?This thing is very high quality and the company is over the top dedicated to quality a customer satisfaction! I am very happy with my purchase.
Steven EppersonBest Rake EverI purchased this rake after reading all of the outstanding reviews regarding this product.I have had my pool for 14 years and it is not screened in.In the past, I have purchased a half dozen or so of the best/most expensive nets available at my national retail store only to have some issues with each of them.I went out on a limb as I typically think if a product is good, you’ll see it in a retail store too.WOW! This rake is amazing! It picks up everything completely and keeps the debris in the net instead of losing batches every so often like with my old equipment.It’s cut down my cleaning time significantly due to picking everything up and even though I’ve had it only about 6 weeks in the Central Florida weather, it still looks like it did out of the box.Make the leap on this product, you’ll be glad you did!
AWExcellent ProductOur new house came with a pool which requires a lot of maintenance. We have a lot of foliage in the back so we need the bag and rake to deal with the stuff that ends up at the bottom of the pool. We first bought one at the hardware store and it tore and latter cracked within 4 months! I found this seller online and I was very impressed by their lifetime warranty. I bought one and I have to say it’s one of the best purchases I’ve made in a while. It’s sturdy, easy to use and holds quite a bit. The feature I like best is that the net doesn’t move very much. This helps prevent some of the backwash that happens when you’re raking and abruptly change direction. I actually need to buy a smaller one from them to use in my spa. I wish all pool supplies were as well made as this one.
Larry E.Lifetime GuranteeI originally purchased the leaf rake back in Jan 2015. After 4 years of heavy use the rake began to show some wear. The net became torn and the plastic around the opening began to break off. I contacted Pro Tuff to see if the lifetime guarantee was still good. I got a response the same day saying they received my email and certainly honor the guarantee. I received a new rake within 2 days. I cant say enough of how thrilled I was for there timely response and quick action of for sending me a new one. Great product and company!
lzFully honored warrantee 4 years laterI had no problems at all getting a replacement net in a short time after having bought the product 4 years ago. Quick responses and asked me some fair questions and poof my new net came shortly thereafter. The quality of the net is great. The net didn’t fail it was the plastic holding onto the net. The newer design on the plastic should hold up better. I have saved a lot of money buying this quality product instead of the low cost cheap stuff available. This is truly a better product than what I was buying before. Keep up the good work.
Jim flemingWorth the moneyI live in Central Florida. Every year I buy a new net from the local pool store. I don’t have an enclosure and a lot of old oak trees. The net breaks every year where it connects to the handle and the netting gets holes. This net gets the leaves, twigs, acorns, etc off of the bottom of the pool way better than the other ones I’ve owned. So far it seems way sturdier too. Hopefully this holds up for longer.
Matthew PenningtonTerrific rake, top qualityThe rake is not only as described, but performs outstanding. I’ve had so many cheaper rakes I’ve lost count, finally decided to research and get a good one. This one outweighed my expectations, performs flawlessly, is made like a tank, grabs everything even the tiny things in your water, and has an unbelievably great warranty as well. The company is fast, courteous and excellent with their communications as well. I couldn’t be happier, couldn’t recommend it highly enough. Get one and you won’t be disappointed. Fantastic 5 stars.
GHReally good productI’m really happy with this pool rake. I installed it on my pole after 2 other ones broke. I’ve had it for several months and it is holding up well. And, it seems to direct the leaves at the bottom of the pool into the net better than my previous 2 rakes. Great product!
JoeGreat Quality – Long Lasting in Desert HeatSo far so good. We’ve had this for a while now and it’s held up great, especially since we live in the desert and the high heat destroys a lot of outdoor plastics (it does get stored where it’s shaded most of the day). We are very pleased with the good quality.
Cathy C.Lifetimes Warranty/ replacementI love this product. I have had other pool nets in the past. These other nets did not last long. Ripped very easily and the company Did not stand behind its product. ProTuff is an excellent product with a Life time warranty. Highly recommend this as your favorite pool net.
MalcolmGREAT PRODUCT WITH A REAL LIFETIME WARRANTYI been using various pool nets for removing debris from my pool for years and they all suffer from the same problem; i.e., the net disintegrates from the chlorine within one season. As a result, the net starts to get little holes in it, which makes it useless. This net uses a different plastic for the netting, and because of this is advertised to last far longer than all the others. It’s actually true! I’ve just ordered my second Pro Tuff Pool Net Leaf Skimmer Rake – 19.5″, and I was shocked when I went on Amazon to find the first one I ordered so I could reorder it. The date was back in 2014, or five years ago, and it’s just starting to show signs of little holes appearing in the net. I’d say that’s pretty good value. Very happy with the performance of this product and highly recommend it to others.AS A FOLLOW UP: MY SECOND NET WAS ORDERED AND RECEIVED IN 2019 AND NOW AFTER THREE YEARS SHOWED SOME SMALL HOLES APPEARING ON THE BOTTOM, SO I CONTACTED PRO-TUFF TO SEE IF THEIR LIFETIME WARRANTY WOULD APPLY. IT DID! AFTER ANSWERING A FEW SIMPLE QUESTIONS THEY ARE SENDING ME A NEW ONE FREE OF CHARGE. NO RETURN OR PHOTOS NECESSARY. UNBELIEVABLE, PRODUCT, SERVICE, & WARRANTY. IN THIS ERA OF BAD PRODUCTS, BAD SERVICE, AND USELESS WARRANTIES, THIS COMPANY IS A BREATH OF FRESH ERA!!!!
J. SturgisPro Tuff Rake: Quality Product, Quality ServiceIn the many years we’ve owned a pool, this is the best pool rake we’ve owned. Without hesitation, I would recommend the purchase of this rake to any of my friends and family.We bought the rake three years ago and after learning its nuances, I’ve become a master pool cleaner. We live in Caifornia’s Central Valley and our property has a lot of Oak trees. The pool is a leaf magnet. This rake has reduced the amount of time I spend fishing leaves out of the pool (the other great tool is the Polaris Sport Robot).Here’s the best part: rakes wear out–even this one. This one has a lifetime guarantee. I registered my rake, contacted Pro Tuff and in a week had my new rake at the house. No questions asked.I like purchasing good products. The Pro Tuff Pool Skimmer Net rake is a good product. I like it even better when the company stands behind their guarantee.
JohnGreat ProductI purchased this net 4 1/2 years ago and am totally satisfied. There are oak trees overhanging the pool and it the fall the bottom of the pool is covered in acorns , leaves and branches. Depending on the weather it could be several days between cleanings which can result in 1-2 inches of debris on the bottom. This net works GREAT! It is an old gunite pool so the net frame is beginning to show a little wear. Maybe in a year or 2 I’ll need to get a replacement. It will be a Pro-Tuf product!l
Amazon CustomerIt works…I use your Pro Tuff net/ pool leaf rake to do 90% of my pool cleaning. I have a 66′ long salt water lap pool out in the hill country of Texas. I had a robot but it could not do the job because of the shape and length of pool. This is my 3rd pool rake in 4 years… so now I guess I don’t have to buy another one. Thank You… Gary
SouthernAmazonerStop looking and just buy this!Over the many years I’ve had an inground pool, I routinely replaced my cleaning equipment (nets) with cheaper versions that would last a season or two. This leaf net is more expensive than the typical $25 nets I used to use, but those nets would rip or tear if I dared to put too much debris in them. This one comes with a lifetime warranty (no shipping charges), it’s 5x as durable as the ones I used to use. I’ve smartened up.
RooneyQuality constructionJust received the leaf skimmer/rake and used it for the first time. Following a couple of windy storms a lot of leaves had started to accumulate on the bottom of the pool which were too many for our robot to deal with. The product works well and it takes a little practice of bouncing the rake as you move it forward to catch the rising leaves, but it does work well. I was able to clear the bottom of our pool in about 15 minutes. ProTuff’s comments and emails helped.
Bill TongUnlimited Free Replacement GuaranteeApart from being an awesome pool net, the warranty is what makes this product so worth buying – I’ve had mine for 3 and a bit years and we live in a climate where the pool is used year round – nothing lasts forever but the warranty just makes this product last forever!! – I’d like to say “I’ll buy another one” but because of the warranty I won’t have to!! Even without the warranty this product is so good – i would buy it anyway!
Mr. HawlywoodThis was the one for us.The short-and-sweet review from me would state that this leaf rake has an exceptionally well-thought-out balance of strength to weight — it’s light enough so that you can handle a lot of wet leaves, but clearly strong enough to handle as much as you can. A very reassuring feeling. In my case it’s primarily for dealing with what happens on top of our pool cover during the winter — up to a foot of standing water and an accumulation of leaves in the winter storms that, this year, was significant. The front edge of this leaf rake almost works as a squeegee, giving us a head start on dealing with the smaller particulate debris that threatens to stain the pool cover during the winter.Good design, solid manufacturing.
Navy guyNavy guy4 year updateI bought this in December of 2018, and this is how the net looks in November of 2022. Pretty awesome! Our pool is under massive red oaks (not the best idea in retrospect), so we get unbelievable amounts of leaves and acorns in the pool. This net has an extremely large capacity, and it really helps!(Although still fill one to two of these per day during the fall). But even with that much usage across 4 years, there is not a single fray or whole? in the net itself! In the photos, you can see that the color of the plastic has faded from sun bleaching, but zero impact to the net itself or the overall construction. I’m amazed at how well it has held up. I highly recommend it.
JackieHigh quality heavy duty netVery durable and heavy duty. I had a lot of leaves that have fallen into my pool and settled to the bottom of my pool. This net can pick up a lot of leaves. I could tell just by examining it that the net is very tough. My pole actually broke with the use of this net because the net can pick up a lot. This net is better than any nets I’ve purchased from pool stores, Walmart or Lowes. I am extremely pleased with the quality of this net. I was so happy with this net that I purchased the silt net that this company sells. Now I wish I could find some sturdy heavy duty poles that can accommodate this net a whole lot better!
A RothHolding up to the rough surface on my Pebble Tec surfaced infinity poolThis net is holding up pretty well so far after several months of use. My pool has a pebble-tec surface which normally thrashes the pool net. At 19″, the net is just a little bit on the large size as the width of my infinity pool spillway is only about 18″. So, when I’m cleaning the spillway, I have to tilt the angle of the net by about 1″ so that it doesn’t get get jammed in between the narrower walls of the spillway. As I like to get any and all dirt & debris out of the pool, I only wish that the mesh on the net were just a little bit tighter. This one has what I would call a medium mesh knit. It will grab all leaves, palm fronds, bees, and other surface debris, but not the smaller specs of pollen or surface-floating dirt.
Amazon CustomerPro Tuff is a Company with IntegrityI have just received my third Pro Tuff pool net. Since my pool is surrounded by trees, I net it multiple times every day. Not only have the Pro Tuff nets held up better than any previous nets that I’ve had, but the replacement procedure is quick and easy. It’s a pleasure to do business with a company that fulfills its promises.
B. StenhouseGreat productThe fine mess collects the stubborn pollen that used to go through my last bag. The frame is sturdy too – whereas my past one would bend, especially when fully loaded. If I had one feature to add it would be a tab on the bottom of the bag to help shake out the debris inside. Beyond that happy with the purchase.
Scooter McGavinSolid design!I was using the net that came with my pool and it took hours to clean leaves on the bottom. That net was not designed well and should be discontinued. This net is a GAME CHANGER! One scoop and I knew my leaf scooping time was drastically cut! It’s worth every penny! You know if a product offers unlimited replacements, they have a golden product! Do yourself a favor. I am in no way affiliated with this company either.
Deuce DanWarranty SupportHome owner, had my net 6 years, did great job on pool, some of the plastic broke off and net became worn and separated at frame. Sent amazon mail for replacement and 7 days later after answering 4 questions, new net arrived. No hassle, no fuzz, no worry, just great support!!
DHBExtremely Satisfied!The Protuff Leaf Rake customer satisfaction guarantee is exactly that!! We had a tear in the bag a few years ago, and ProTuff replaced it with no questions asked. Again, recently we had a tear in the bag, and without any questions, it was replaced. We purchased this item in 2014. I wouldn’t buy a different rake from anyone except ProTuff. We recently had a commercial pool representative come to service our pool, and he was using a ProTuff Pool Rake. He also said he wouldn’t use anything else. The guarantee is genuine. You will not be disappointed! I am one very satisfied customer.
Henry TingBest pool net available.Expensive but very well made.My pool in the backyard faces a baseball field and collects all kinds of trash that I have to clean off from the bottom of the pool. This net is perfect and it should last me a long time. I especially like the heavy duty netting. It should be able to take a lot of abuse. Besides if it ever falls apart, they warranty it for life.One reminder though. As everything synthetic, constant sunlight (UV) exposure will eventually deteriorate it. I always un-clip it from the post and store it in a shed when I’m not using it. This should prevent premature aging.
PlanRadJust bought itIt just arrived two days ago, so I’ve so far barely dipped the rake in the pool. But I’m very impressed by both its construction AND by Protuff’s customer service, documentation and attitude. I’m very happy with my purchase.
mwebCleans up fastThis leaf rake is effective at cleaning the pool Fast! the Stiff net holds a lot and doesn’t fold under the intake lip like other flimsy nets. Follow the instructions and you will be very happy.
GrasenHolding up Very WellWe’ve had it now for over a year and it’s held up great. Very heavy duty. Would buy another one.
Tawny LynnTruly Impressed!I bought this in 2019 with a “Lifetime Warranty”. 3 days ago it finally broke. Considering the abuse it took in the unforgiving Arizona climate, that is a good long stretch. When I went to get another one, (and I had planned on getting the exact same one because of its high) quality I was reminded about the lifetime warranty, and figured why not try and submit a replacement request. Could not have went any smoother. 2 days later it arrived on my front doorstep! NO COST WHATSOEVER! I am very impressed! In a world of planned obsolescence, cheap, disposable junk, it is a breath of fresh air to have a company out there doing it right! I will absolutely seek out every pool related product made by THIS company before purchasing anything made by others.
Pepper HastingsPepper HastingsSeven years and I could not break itPhotos are of a retired net after 7 years of tough, abusive, heavy lifting of live oak leaves. The net never broke.I live in Texas with two huge live oak trees over my pool. There could not be a tougher residential application for this net. I finally purchased a new net in 2023 because I had rubbed off much of the plastic on the rim over the years. Don’t waste your money on nets from pool supply stores or big boxes stores. This is the one you need. I could not break the net.
JJYDidn’t expect thatI have a tree over my pool which causes quite a mess and I needed something that would last.This unit seemed very sturdy and I liked the width of it compared to others I have own. Always did a great job.Last week I went to skim some junk off the pool and noticed it net wasn’t picking up like it did. Further inspection I found where the net had come loose from the frame. I wasn’t sure what had happen because I had the pole and net hung on the wall.The net was about two years old and I thought that I would need to buy another.Well when I went to order one I noticed and then remembered about the lifetime warranty. I really though I was going to have to jump through hoops to get this replaced under warranty, but the company, ProTuff Products, replaced it for free, no questions asked.Which I’m glad of, since I had no idea what happened to it.Just received the new net today.Still have people out there that you can trust. Glad to hear it.Thanks ProTuff
Amazon CustomerGreat Pool RakeI LOVE my new pool rake. It is so easy to handle and very durable. Unlike the million other pool nets that I have purchased over the years, this one is not made of brittle plastic so it appears to be much sturdier …when you remove it from the box. Also, the net portion of the rake is double, that in itself makes you know that it will not fall apart as easily as the others I have used over the years. I watched the video on how to use the rake…who would have thought that I needed to do that since I have been a pool owner for 30 years and grew up caring for our family pool. The video was quiet informative…I made my 9 year old grandson watch it so that he would use it properly. I am really grateful that someone realized that nets/rakes were a problem. They are! They have to be replaced constantly due to poor quality. I don’t think this one will fall into that category!Thank You!
Dr. Mark AbrahamsUnprecedented Lifetime Guarantee!ProTuff has a lifetime guarantee which they stand by (even having responded to me personally when I expressed incredulity), which is unprecedented in this day and age. I’m a 62 years old Baby Boomer and I hope to live longer than my late Great Uncle who lived to 106, so I’m gonna hold them to it! But seriously, this is a well-made product which harkens back to a time before built-in obsolescence was the standard and when manufacturers had integrity and put pride in their products. So far, so good. I’ve owned this pool for 19 years as of 11/22/15 and I’ve gone through many other leaf rakes. This fabric is qualitatively different than the blue or supposedly more UV-resistant black mesh nets. The frame is heavy-duty (I’ve had more than one aluminum frame break from constant metal stress), and if you’re someone who values quality tools (I still use some of my grandfather’s!) this product and its guarantee is as good as it gets.
Crystal ChristensenThe last pool net you will ever have to buy!All I can say is wow. I have have a pool for years and years. I have bought so many nets and poles to clean the pool. Most of them cheaper than this one of course but definitely not if you add the price I paid for all of them. I believe Protuff will outlast most pools, and if not,write them or call them and they will replace it. This thing is built to last and last and last. Like forever. Lol Just buy it, you won’t regret it.
Sotero J TrevinoHighly recommendOutstanding product and service, have used this product for the last 11 months on my home pool. Used it often due to large amount of trees around my pool very sturdy product. Found a few small holes at bottom of net called for warranty replacement on net, replaced without any trouble at all. Item replaced with new. Would highly recommend this product if your serious about your pool maintenance. Thanks
PeteGreat Pool NetAfter purchasing the ProTuff pole, I received an offer to buy a pool net with a discount. Since I love the pole so much, I thought, why not? The net is great; well priced, sturdy, capable of picking up a lot of debris and keeping it in the net, not returning it to the pool. A great addition to the pool cleaning family.
An Honest OpinionBest of the best.Our in-ground pool had not been opened for three years. The cover was long gone thanks to heavy snow and ice build up. The nearby oaks were steadily loading it up with leaves. It was down to a decision to scoop or fill it in. This net was our last ditch effort to get our pool back. Four teenagers spent a Saturday taking turns scooping out leaves…and I mean wheel barrow after wheel barrow full of leaves. The net never flinched. Not a scratch on it. This product is as good as they claim it is. Well worth the price. I should mention that our net from the previous year broke after about 3 – 5 scoops.
Steven J.Great quality rake!Used the pool rake this weekend. This rake is excellent! The netting is fine enough that it captures all of the finer particles of debris that lay on the top of the water. Especially after my Yellow Lab has had her fun in the pool. All of my previous rakes would never accomplish this and the debris would just pass right through the net. The stiffness of the rake is great as a result of using quality materials. After working with the rake and following some of the tips provided, this thing is outstanding. So far, I believe I made a great purchase. I wish I would have purchased this rake previously instead of the junk I purchased at the big box stores several times before.
HawkeyeMay be the last leaf net we ever need. Lifetime warrant appears to be legit!As others have stated, this thing is a win, win! Yes it will pick up ants. I have pavers around our pool and have small ants that like the sand base underneath. I had the chance to see if the net was close knit enough to hold ants it did. My wife said it is a little heavier feeling to her due to the drag this will have in the water due to the net but worth the ability to truly clean even the smallest matter out of your pool. I did not notice a big difference in drag/resistance. We bought the pole along with this net and are very, very satisfied with the purchase, unlike the dozen or so we bought over the last decade and half from others.
RichThis is the one you want.The negative reviews on this are hilariously inaccurate. I have abused the hell out of my ProTuff net, and the only “issue” is that it has lost some color due to the fact that I have left it outside since the day I bought it. I’ve done all the research (yeah, I’m that guy), this is the one you want.
Amazon ShopperPro Tuff Stands Behind Their 100% Warranty !I ordered the Pro Tuff Net Leaf Skimmer Rake in May 2016 and it has worked better than any other rake that I have used for my pools over the past fifteen years. In March 2018, it appeared that the Rake had some damage so I reached out to the company and they quickly responded that their 100% guaranty would cover any damage. I received my replacement rake and it’s great! It’s wonderful for any company to stand behind their products but when they go the extra mile and do so for a lifetime, that’s outstanding! Thank you Pro Tuff!
Mike, Princeton NJSave time and effort – the best way to remove leaves use this product and this technique…The best rake I ever used, made pool cleanup way shorter than usual, picks up a lot at once and keeps them in the net. We had a broken safety cover due to major ice over the winter and there were tons of leaves in our pool, it would have been a cleanup nightmare, but with this rake it took maybe an hour.1. follow the tips they send!2. I raked the leaves from the bottom and brought the rake towards the surface where my waiting 12-year old grabbed the net at the waterline and dumped the leaves into a wheelbarrow. Using 2 people saves a ton of time and effort – make sure you give the other person rubber gloves and it’s easy.
BusydadA company that stands behind their warrantyPurchased in 2109 and used until June of 2020. Although the overall structure of the net looked good, the net ripped all around the top. One quick e-mail and in one week i had a replacement net. Looks like this company really means no questions lifetime replacement!
Mark PattonSolid and does what it’s made to do.Solid product. Does what it’s supposed to do. I’ve been using it for a while now, and the net is still in good shape with no rips or tears. Good size and weight balance. Overall, I recommend it if in you’re in the market.
PappyVanWilliamsMost Used Pool ToolI use this rake at least once a day as I have an oak tree around my pool. This is the best one I’ve found so far. Nothing lasts forever, and this lasted for a year. Unlike the previous one I bought, this company stands behind their products and dispatched me a new one right away! Very Pleased.
SFThey stand by their product!Awesome pool skimmer. Some heavy debris got the best of the net. Contacted the seller and 3 days later I have a brand new skimmer. Great product and awesome customer service.
M. HansenWorksSo far, I am extremely happy with this product. It makes skimming the top of the pool easier and quicker. It really does pick up leaves on the bottom of the pool. I
Brian RobertsFour years and still works greatWe ordered this pool net four years ago. Despite constant use, it still works well. I haven’t had to take advantage of the guarantee, and would buy it again.
ValerieGreat quality!Well, this just arrived, and I have to say the the quality seems to be top notch. I also like the fact that they have a money back guarantee. In addition, I got an email, which included a little video on how to properly use this pool accessory.I’m impressed by a company who wants me to know how to use their product properly, and takes the time to educate the consumer. I will update my review as we use this product more.
Kosh5 star customer service – they stand behind their warrantyExcellent customer service. Good quality product. I originally bought this item 3 years ago. I have sharp palm needles that fall into the pool and this net has held up extremely well, but eventually the sharp needles tore a hole in the net. Pro Tuff immediately sent a replacement free of charge under their 100% warranty. 5 stars.
Mel NunnSturdy Pool SkimmerThe neck of skimmer is well designed and sturdy! Should last longer! Lifetime warranty too!
Regular JoeSturdy so difficult to bend back in shapeReceived it Bent. Sturdy so difficult to bend back in shape. BETTER pre-ship inspection neededUPDATE: 08/05/2022; Manufacturer caught up with me and sent a replacement. Replacement works GREAT. Thanks
RobertBest Pool Net you can buy and a great guaranteeI purchased this pool net over 2 years ago and it is by far the best performing net I have ever owned. Cheaper nets with the blue netting lasted at best 1 year in the Texas sun holes made it useless. I would store them out of the sun to prolong their life but still 1 year max. I saw this net with a lifetime warranty and decided to give it a try. It is very heavy duty so I used it not only to skim leaves from the surface but to also scape leaves off the floor of the pool (I could not use cheaper nets for scraping because the frame always bent). It worked great for both applications. I didn’t need to use a big leaf bag on rollers with a water hose anymore in the fall. The scraping did wear out the red plastic edge and allowed part of the net to pull away. I found the mfg website and called the contact info to see if I could get a new red plastic edge. I got a voicemail so I left a message describing the situation but I was not optimistic. However within 30 min someone called back and told me they needed the Amazon order number since I had not registered the product on the Protuff website. I sent them the info and to my amazement, they sent me a brand new net within a week. I was really impressed. You can not go wrong with this product.Update – I have just got my 3rd rake over a 5 year period. This continues to be the best pool rake I have ever owned and when it fails, the company provides a free replacement for life. This is one of the best buys I have ever made.
Donna S MorettiQuality of the Product and Customer ServiceThis product is well made and performs as stated. Can’t say enough about customer service after a few year had a cut in the net and they replaced it no questions asked. I would recommend.
J GaviganBest pool net we’ve ever hadHolds up week with several summers of use, very durable and the customer service after the sale is amazing if you should ever need assistance. Highly recommend!
Professor HThe Last Pool Rake You Will Ever BuyThe media could not be loaded.  I opened up the box and was actually shocked at how nice this pool rake is. I now know why it has a life time guarantee. If you are not careful it may outlive you. The netting is much finer than standard rakes you see everywhere, so it is going to pick up more fine stuff. The mesh will not be tearing. Your pole will give in before the mesh or frame fails. Makes cleaning up so much more efficient. I should not have waited so long to get a real pool tool.I walked by the pool. Saw all the leaves and junk. Said Ile be back. Returned with the Protuff, and said yeah Im the Terminator. My wife may have been shaking her head at me, I know for sure the leaves were shaking.One serious rake. Maybe they should have named it the Rakinator. You can see the comparison with other rakes in the video.
Rocky RoadThe free replacement is really freeI created an account with the company and, presto, got a replacement in a week at no charge with free shipping. I was expecting to get just the net and reusing the frame, but they sent the entire unit.The ProTuff net is a little more expensive initially, but worth it. I was buying a $20 net at the local pool supply store at least once a year. That’s a lot of nets the past 30 years. The ProTuff net is at least 2-3 times more durable. It only takes 3 years to break even and now it’s all savings. If I got this net 30 years ago, I would have started feeling bad getting free replacements every 3-5 years for 30 years. I’ve gone through a lot of cheap nets the past 30 years. Less replacement also means less waste…win-win.
NobleLived up to their warranty promise.Had the mesh rake for 4 years of pretty heavy use, my previous one had barely made it 2 years. So I was impressed with the durability. But when it finally tore I asked for a replacememt under the lifetime warranty. Filled out a quick form and I was very impressed to have received a completely free replacement, no shipping or anything required from me. And it was on my doorstep 2 days later. I was skeptical it could be this easy but they proved themselves. Not sure how they can afford lifetime replacements, but here’s hoping they manage to keep it up.
Amazon CustomerGreat product and great warrantyI used this skimmer for two years, which is three times longer than any other skimmer I’ve purchased. The only issue is the leading plastic edge eventually wore away from constantly rubbing against the pool bottom to scoop up leaves. I do not consider that to be a defect at all – just normal wear and tear – and I was so impressed with the durability of the mesh I started to order a replacement when I noticed the skimmer came with a life-time warranty. The warranty claim process took three minutes to complete.I will now order the ProTuff brush. If ProTuff carries an item I need, I will buy it. Quality products and an unbeatable warranty. What’s not to like.
AlFantastic pool skimmerAwesome pool skimmer. Tough, well made, and easy to use! We have quite a few trees near our pool (not exactly ideal, but most are on the neighbor’s property!). We get a lot of leaves and sticks any time we get a decent breeze, but especially in the Fall when the leaves drop. This skimmer made closing the pool last Fall, AND opening it this Spring, the easiest it’s been yet in the twenty years we’ve been here with this pool!Easily holds quite a lot of leaves without bending. The mesh stood up extremely well to sticks and twigs. The deep bag allows you to collect a lot of material without it “escaping” back out when you change direction. It cut hours out of my cleaning time over the season, but especially in the Fall.After a year of use, the materials look brand new. Most skimmer nets we’ve gotten lasted just a couple years. I haven’t had a single issue yet, but the LIFETIME warranty is really reassuring.In my humble opinion, the only decision is whether to get this one, or the even finer mesh net from the same folks. We got both!
NikoortizluisThe best pool net i have ever used!!!!The media could not be loaded.  I love the way it easily getsthe leaves off the pool surface. It doesnt matter what kind of surface it is…pebble, concrete. This net makes my job so easy.
Robert L.This Pool Skimmer Rocks – As Does The Warranty.I purchased this back in March of 2018 and after FOUR years, the Florida sun finally murdered it. But here’s the awesome part, they are sending me a new one! Just make sure you register it after purchasing it within (I think 14-days) and you’re good to ride!I also have the white net version.Get this and you won’t be disappointed. Robert from Orlando, Fla.
mjsoutherlandThe best pool net I have ever owned.I have been a pool owner for almost 20 years. I have purchased an endless number of pool nets over the years. They never last. I discovered this net in 2017 and purchased it immediately. At the time, I was not too concered about the quality because if it was at least as good as any other net I have purchased it had the forever warranty. Honestly, I couldn’t wait to exercise the warranty becasue I diidn’t expect this net to last any longer than any other net. Boy was I wrong. This net has stayed outdoor all year, every year in the sun, snow, rain, and ice. It is still in great condition. I purchased this net in May of 2017 and as of this writing it is now October of 2020 and the net is still performing greatly. I am surprised and a little disappoinged. I was so wanting to get a new one under the forever warranty. As of this writing, the net looks great, works great, I have no complaints. You will not go wrong with this net. There is no better one on all of Amazon and non with a forever replacement warranty.
April DoddingtonFour years later.Update 2022: Have been using it for four years now and is still in great condition (other than where dog chewed one corner). Even storing it in the sun year round hasn’t damaged it. Well worth the price.2018It is awesome. We are were hit by Hurricane Michael and had three trees fall across the pool.Also all the other debris that was flying around went in too. The tree service got the trees and large branches out but the rest was up to us to clean up. Since in Florida you can’t just drain the pool to get debris out it has to be scooped out. The leaf net I had was giving out from the weight and amount of leaves I had. I needed more strength and I got just that with this pool net. I have scooped debris by the wheelbarrow full out since getting this net and it shows no sign of damage from use. All the other nets I have had over the last 24 years seem so flimsy now compared to this one. The net portion is more like screening instead of net. It is a fine netting so that the sand/dirt that I’m scooping with the leaves is also staying in there. I would not hesitate to buy another one of these nets if I have to.
Amazon CustomerStill working perfectlyWe’re going into our 3rd summer using the Pro-Tuff pool net that I commented on after purchasing it (see below) and I’m thrilled to say that, even though I use it almost daily and that it hangs on a fence under the Arizona desert sun ALL day, every day, it still looks like new and shows little if any sign of wear or weathering. I strongly recommend this skimmer net to all pool owners.”I find that the angled sides of this leaf net are perfect for getting the hard to get debris just under the rim of my cool deck. The large capacity allows me to scoop up the flotsam deposited in our desert pool by monsoon winds and, although the company offers a “silt” net, I find that the leaf net does a very good job of removing small particles from our pool. I’m anxious to see how it holds up to our summer sun but, with a lifetime warranty, I’m confident that this will be the last pool net I’ll have to buy.
Rob St. AugustineMy Third OneAs a follow-up to my previous review below, ProTuff continues to honor their warranty without question. This is my third one, and I only paid for the first. I like it so much I think I’ll purchase their white, fine mesh rake, as I also have a large pine tree nearby, and the fine mesh should work well on the pollen. I forgot to mention below that they also ask you to send a photo of the old rake when you send in the warranty claim. Easy with the smart phone.I have a challenging pool situation with centuries-old live oaks all around. I’ve tried several pool nets before, and none lasted longer than 9 months. This one lasted 15 months before I got a couple small holes. The warranty was simple – I just copied my Amazon order info, emailed it to them, and got a brand new net. Also the pick-up action is excellent, better than those with a slanted design.
KATHYAwesome!I am not the kind of person to review products normally. I bought this net six years ago. It was more expensive and looked sturdier than your typical Walmart net. I was tired of nets that weren’t as big or tore after a couple months. My net lasted six years under pretty heavy use. Six years was great and well worth the money however it eventually began to come apart as the piece attaching the net to frame gave out. I thought what do I have to lose and contacted customer service. I believe it was automated but they wanted no pictures or explanation! Verified my purchase and address and sent me a replacement. They offered expedited shipping but I went regular to help them out. Gave a discount coupon for my time as well. Fantastic customer service!!!!!! Excellent product. I will try to use them for anything else I need.
David DawsonEffective, durable, and backed by superb customer serviceTLDR: Great net, bulletproof and convenient customer support/warranty. This net is worth every penny.The ProductThis is an excellent and well-built pool cleaning net. Works great for both surface and bottom cleaning. The net is large enough such that you can pick up quite a bit of debris before needing to empty it. The bottom lip of the net is twisted so that it makes a shallower angle with the pool bottom, making it easier to pick up stubborn debris. The pole attachment mechanism is well made and never gave any trouble in attaching it or detaching from a pole. The red/black plastic and black netting is a refreshing aesthetic upgrade from the typical bland and faded blue and white of most pool equipment.The CompanyAfter over 4 years of regular use multiple times a week, near constant direct exposure to the sun, and some rather rough handling by my niece and nephew, the net developed a small tear near the rim. After a very quick email to ProTuff, a brand new net arrived two days later, no questions asked. I’ve never had a customer support/warranty experience that was this easy.
Amazon Customer5 year Review – Solid net that works well. Warranty is honored.I had reservations about spending so much on a new compared with others available but the warranty got me. So far i am very happy with the net, and the quality seems great. They also send multiple communications about the warranty. IF IT BREAKS WE FIX IT which is assuring. as to the use, ut is a net and it get leaves. I will say that it does seem to scoop items in easier than my others and i spend less time chasing what i have stirred up as a result which is nice. Hope i do not ever need to use the warranty, but will update if i do.UPDATE: after 5 years of HEAVY leaf extractrion from my older (read rough plaster) pool i did wear out the plastic ring and requested a new one. The warranty process was efficent and a new one is on the way. I will say i have tested filling this net to the brim with leave on a regular basis to the point its uncomfortably heavy to lift and i have bent my pool pole but the new held strong. For me this net outlasted 3 or so cheaper 20$ nets and has a warranty that was actually honored. Just ordered another one for my folks place.
twin momSeems like it would be hard to get genuinely excited about …Seems like it would be hard to get genuinely excited about a freakin Pool Leaf Net. Well, I am ecstatic about this product. This think is about twice the price of my prior nets, BUT I thought to myself, with a lifetime guarantee, why not pay the extra, and if it breaks, like the many others I have purchased, I simply get a new one at no charge. SO, cheaper in the long run……. wish I had bought this a long time ago. The minute I took it out of the box, a simple inspection immediately let me know about the superior design, and the exact flaw of all the others I had purchased prior. THEN, upon using it the first time, that very design improvement actually makes it work SO much better when you push it along the bottom, due to it’s superior strength/stiffness, in it’s ability to scoop up debris on the bottom of the pool. Sounds silly, but this thing is fantastic! I only wish this company made a lot more products; I’d be glad to purchase them all !! Thanks for the great product, and superior design………keep up the good work!
PechsWarranty tested and passed!I originally purchased my net back in May 2017, and recently discovered a tear near the top of the net. I contacted customer service on a Friday to submit a warranty claim. Jais, from customer service, responded back to me on Saturday with some simple follow up questions (home owner or commercial, needed replacement right away or wait about a week, and shipping address). I received my new net on Wednesday. Totally awesome warranty and customer service.Prior to needing the warranty, the net performed better than expected. It was effective at getting leaves off the bottom of the pool, and was able to handle quite a bit of debris before it became difficult to drag around the pool.
Sam7Top Quality and Real Guarantee!I bought this leaf rake three years ago and highly recommend it. I live in Phoenix, AZ and even our punishing sun has had no impact other than some color fading. The net is strong and the rake works equally well skimming the water top or skimming the bottom of the pool for fallen debris. The lip on the front edge is very effective for one pass sweeping of debris from the pool bottom. While this is a top quality product, it is not completely indestructible, as my dog set out to prove one day. She chewed a bunch of holes in the net. I sent ProTuff Products an email, to inquire if I could purchase a replacement net, as it looked simple to repair. They wouldn’t even hear of me paying. They were so friendly, and I received my new net a couple of days later. I have never written a product review before this, but this is such an outstanding company and product that it is my pleasure.
MDQuality product, stood by their warrantyI purchased this pool net a couple years ago and use it extensively during the ~4 month pool season in the New England area. It is a far sturdier product than any other I have used in the past.After the 2nd season of using the net, I noticed a small tear in the netting and reached out to ProTuff to request a replacement, per their lifetime guarantee policy. This was an easy process and I was able to get a new net delivered to my house within a week. I am extremely happy that I made the choice to go with this net years ago. I will be a customer for life!
MariannWow!! Unbelievably Strong and Lifetime GuaranteedI’ve gone through several leaf nets over the past 8 years. I have tall trees all around the yard and leaves are constantly in the pool. Knowing the plastic ones wouldn’t last one season here, I always get the metal ones with the big net. They’ll typically last 2-3 years. Since I needed a new one, I started searching and came across the ProTuff Pool Leaf Rake Net. The first thing that got my attention was the 100% Lifetime Guarantee. Wow!!! Then after reading about the quality of the leaf net, I decided to give it a try. When it arrived, I was really impressed. It’s built extremely well and the net is so strong. It picks up much smaller particles that would flow right through other nets. As for the weight, it’s about the same as other metal nets I’ve used. I honestly can’t see this tearing or breaking any time soon but it’s great to know that if it ever does, I’ll get a free “no hassle” replacement. Sure, it cost a little more than regular metal nets but for the quality and lifetime guarantee, it’s totally worth it.
Allen StatonGreat pool netHad it for 6 months and the quality is definitely built into the product. Not sorry in the least for purchasing this pool net. Hopefully in two or three years, if anything tears in the net, it will be replaced under the guarantee that comes with the unit.As a follow up to my original purchase 2 years ago, it has remained in the same condition as when originally purchased. Apparently, it retains its quality even though exposed to the elements. No rips, tears or disintegration of the fabric. Normally, I would have gone through 3 nets by now.Update – 3 years later and still in the same condition as when I bought it. The pole and net sit on the fence in the sun for years without any adverse effects. Thank you for a great product.Update – 5 years later and still in the same condition as when I bought it. 5 stars
L G SalasLifetime warranty is LEGIT!Let me start off by stating this review is being written by someone who is obsessed with a clean pool. With that being said, I will clean out leaves everyday in the winter, so I have put this rake through some abuse. I have had it for almost 2yrs, and I just received a warranty replacement with no hassle from ProTuff. My pool is saltwater with a pebbletec bottom, and surrounded by trees!. I mention that because after receiving my new one yesterday, I realize that I have worn off the whole front beveled edge of the rake, which makes it not as great anymore at picking up some of the smaller things. It also sprung a couple of holes, and not sure how that happened. I’m not sure there’s a rake out there that I can’t wear out, but at least ProTuff is true to it’s word about a lifetime warranty. Thanks ProTuff!
SoFlo GrillerGreat Product, Great Customer ServiceI purchased in April 2015 and was immediately impressed. This pool net removed both large and fine particle pool debris. It also removed leaves easily from the bottom. By far the best pool net I have used and a real time saver.After 2.5 years of use, the plastic around the frame of net broke. While I remember the lifetime guarantee being offered, I truly didn’t think ProTuff would stand behind the offer. I actually went to reorder the product and again saw the guarantee. I wrote ProTuff on Sunday afternoon and received reply within 1 hour. Much to my surprise ProTuff offered me a replacement at no charge. I received the new net Wednesday even though I had said I did not need expedited shipping. What a pleasure to buy from a company with a great product and great customer service. Can’t wait to use the new net today!
Bill FGreatest warranty service!Amazing service. I bought this for our condominium community pool, so it got lots of use. Lasted about a year, and ripped. They replaced it free of charge without even asking to see a picture, description or any proof of the damage. Even though it was used for commercial purposes, which the warranty says is half price replacement, they went ahead and sent a new one for free. Can’t ask for more than that!Update: A year later, the net developed a couple of holes from normal wear and they’re sending me another free replacement. This is a great company!
MOThe guarantee works for meDoes this leaf slimmer wear out? Certainly.Does Protuff back their lifetime replacement guarantee? So far so good.I recently received the third replacement net with zero hassle. One email sent with the information the company requests, the next day I received confirmation that they had what they needed and a new next was underway. I’m so pleased with the customer service and that they stand by their products that I shelled out a [ridiculous] amount of money for a new pole from them. But given their excellent warranty, I’m sure it will be worth the money in the long run! Thanks Pro Tuff!With three large trees around our pool, this is a huge sturdy help in the fall (for leaves) and spring (for pollen threads).
Michael C.The Company backs up their product 100%!I had purchased this pool rake because of the size and the lifetime warranty. I have been very happy with this product. I use it the pool rake quite often to clean and skim my pool. I recently had a problem with it where the net came off the frame. I contacted the company and was able to get a new replacement very quickly. I received professional support and customer service. This company backs up their product 100%. The pool rake is of excellent quality!
Amazon CustomerUnlimited warranty and very easy to claim. Responsive customer service.Best item I have ever purchased on Amazon. The item was purchased December 2017. After 1 year and a half of extensive personal use, the net appears to have some holes. I was worried that the warranty claim process will take a long time and require a lot of documentations. To my surpised the process took less than 1 day with only 4 questions to answer and I got the replacement net in 2 days. Wow!!!! Talking about responsive and top notch customer service!! They accommodated my situation with expedited shipping because we just had a few storms and tornados recently in texas. This is the most pleasant experience I have ever had with customer service. I’m impressed !!! Well done protuff. You have won a lifelong customer.
J W MooreBest leaf skimmer ever used.I never write reviews but love this leaf skimmer. Living in Arizona I have used numerous skimmers over the last 40 years. From the soft small holed cheese cloth style to the cheap large holed versions. Most last a season before they fall apart in the heat. I’ve only had this skimmer for this season but it has made my life easier. Small holes but stiff construction makes it much easier to fast-skim the pool. It’s heavy duty and should last several seasons. The warranty had me purchase, but without a doubt the best skimmer I have ever used. My pool is crystal clean and it only takes me a few minutes to skim it in the morning. Great product.
Kindle CustomerCan’t beat the warranty!Great product! I’ve used this product at my home for 3 years now. We keep our pool open all year round so this rake is easily able to handle heavy fall and spring tree litter. The black mesh netting still looks as good as the day I bought it. The plastic frame did break recently, but this was after 3 years of being kept outside in the sun and cold. If you have any concerns about that, the warranty is legit. They replaced my rake no questions asked, the hardest part was finding my Amazon order number. My replacement arrived within a week. I typically don’t write product reviews, but I was so impressed with the warranty process, I had to let others know.
CaseB33The Lifetime Guarantee is Real!I had this pool net for 2 years and it worked extremely well. At the end of this season, I noticed some tears in the net and contacted the company via Amazon. I received a short questionnaire and then an immediate reply. So after 2 years of using the product, I received a brand new replacement within 2 days and they waived the shipping costs. They totally stand by their lifetime guarantee!
Larissa B.You NEED this product!My pool sits just in front of a tree line. You can imagine how many leaves I get, especially in the fall. This net makes pool cleaning twice as fast! I have used this product for over a year and it is just as sturdy as the day I got it.The fact that is has a lifetime guarantee sold it for me, but I’m not sure how often they actually need to replace them because of the quality. Great job ProTuff!
DougWow! An engineer’s perspective…..Yes, I’m a mechanical engineer – so I research the many details of pretty much every purchase. This skimmer was slightly less expensive than what was in my local store – but based on the reviews I figured I’d give it a shot. All I can is wow – it’s slightly less expensive, BUT it is significnatly a higher quality, more durable skimmer. I have a ton of trees around my concrete pool and so I use this every few days. It’s awesome at scraping the pool bottom for sticks and rocks. It’s solid.Highly recommended – you will not be disappointed.
Robert AdasGreat Warranty – Great ProductFour years ago I was hesitant to purchase the Leaf Skimmer Rake (19″) due to the cost and uncertain reliability of the product. I typically would buy at least 1 leaf skimmer a year from either Walmart or a pool supply store and they would break within the year. After reading the positive review, I decided to try it. Well, after 4 years the net finally started to rip and I decided to try out the warranty. It worked as advertised and I received my replacement within the week! In hindsight, I questioned why I was so hesitant to buy one in the first place. Great product, great customer service!
Paul SBest pool rake. Unbelievable warrantyPurchased the 19.5 inch rake in 2015. Worked great for 5 years. The netting became loose on side of the rake this summer.I contacted the company for a warranty claim. Quick and easy process and received a new rake within a few days at no cost.Great product, terrific customer service, and an incredible warranty.Highly recommend this product and the business that manufactures the product.
Brian J. QuadeGreat lifetime warranty!!!!We purchased this product in 2014 primarily due to the Unlimited Free Replacement Guarantee. Historically, the Net Leaf Skimmer rakes that we purchased from other providers would last maybe one year. As a result we decided to try one with the lifetime guarantee. Here we are over 5 years later and we had a problem with the Net Leaf Skimmer Rake. The warranty process with very simple to navigate. I completed the process on line. And in a few short days, I had a brand new product. What a great warranty and great service. I highly recommend products from ProTuff!!!!
Angry SteveJust what I was looking for and just like the name suggestsJust what I was looking for and just like the name suggests, suitable for professional use and it’s tuff. The netting is tight enough to catch small debris but not too tight to make it difficult to drag through the water. It’s been in daily use for over a month now and still appears as though it was just delivered. All seems are double stitched and the red rim has a nice angled lip on the bottom for getting debris off the bottom of the pool. The netting is thick enough to allow it to hold it’s shape out of the water which helps when dumping out the debris. So far looks like it will stand the test of time and at less than double the price of the ones that barely last a couple of months it looks like a good investment plus it does have a lifetime guarantee.
Camron NelsonGreat Product! Excellent Customer Service.I have owned the ProTuff Pool Net for 5 years. Normal wear and tear and UV exposure had caused some minor tears to the net fabric and wear of the plastic edging. I submitted a warranty claim and they promptly sent me a new Net (no hassle or endless questioning)! They mean what they say: “Unlimited Lifetime Replacements.” There are not many companies that honor this type of warranty anymore…hats off to ProTuff!
JATAfter several years still waiting to test the guaranteeBefore I purchased the Pro Tuff skimmer rake I would have to replace them every year. It was part of the “pool opening” purchases every year. Then I purchased the Pro Tuff skimmer rake. I don’t remember how many years I’ve had it, but I think its about 5 pool seasons (I live outside of Washington, DC). I haven’t had any problems with it. No rips on the netting, no bending of the frame…It Works! The only thing I can’t speak about is about the lifetime replacement guaranty…because it has worked as promised.
FFSuperior Customer Service Delivered!After using my leaf skinner for three plus years the skinner developed a small tear. I contacted the Company because when I purchased the product I was compelled to buy it because they boasted of a life time guarantee.To my delight the Company honored my request and replaced my leaf skinner with absolutely no…ZERO…hassle!In today’s dog eat dog world it is so refreshing and encouraging to experience a Company that honors its word and satisfies its guarantee.I want everyone to know about these guys and their superior products and Excellance in customer care and support!
Jeff IovinoExcellent product, warranty, and customer serviceI purchased this leaf rake after reading reviews indicating that many less expensive versions last only one season or less. After 3 years the net is fine but the red plastic cover is worn and cracking. I called to see if that was covered under the lifetime warranty and got a recorded message saying that anything and everything is covered! No return required. No photos required. I followed the instructions and indicated that rush delivery was not required so I was pleasantly surprised when a new one showed up a couple of days later! I am very impressed and wish they had more products, like pool brushes.
CelestiqueSimply ExcellentHaving used (and destroyed) lesser quality leaf rakes and skimming nets in the past, I found myself extremely pleased with the Pro-Tuff unit. Mine is now nearly three years old and not a defect to be found anywhere. Having a vinyl pool liner I was a bit concerned about using the device to pick up leaves from the pool bottom, but the rake works perfectly with no issues and actually seems to push the leaves up and into the net. I highly recommend this product to anyone seeking a high-quality, well-built leaf rake.
prjVendor stands behind their 100% warrantyI am not one that generally writes reviews seeing just how questionable many reviews have become, but I will write one for this particular product. I bought this pool leaf rake based upon the promised lifetime warranty, so after my leaf rake failed after about 2 years I contacted the company and without any hesitation they sent me a new replacement pool leaf rake. So, if you want a company that stands behind their product as promised, this is your company.
ManishVery satisfied with the product, service and Warranty!!!Bought it originally in 2017 and used it for last three years pretty regularly. Last month found the net had started to rip. Contacted the vendor by sending an email from Amazon’s product page. They emailed back promptly and asked to confirm shipping address. Within a week I received the new replacement net. They stood behind their free replacement warranty. Highly recommend this product.
RayMThis thing is Great!I love this thing! It is a little expensive. My wife even gave me an ugly stare when I told her the cost. She even snarled at me saying I wouldn’t mind buying the $100+ pole they sell when the time came for ours needing replaced. Then she used this and she understood too that it was a good buy. Plus it has a Lifetime warranty. Definitely recommend if you have a big pool and especially if you are surrounded by trees like us. Last one you will need!
Luv’n me some AmazonThe BEST leaf REMOVAL tool for an inground pool & removing floating debris!This is the perfect leaf removal for both heavy duty leaf removal jobs (as in an inground pool with about 18 inches of leaves in the bottom) plus excellent for daily use to skim the top of pool for floating debris, insects, etc. This is a finer but heavy duty mesh which makes it a little longer to empty BUT does the job better than any leaf removal aid that we have ever purchased. The price may seem a little steep at first BUT when you receive it and see the high quality construction and durability–was well-worth the price.I will update this review if it doesn’t last as well as it should or any issues develop. BUT as of now–after 2 weeks of use –it’s AWESOME!!
Ken DiprimaGreat Leaf rake and even better customer service!This leaf rake is awesome. Bought it in 2017 and used it weekly. It works very well. Developed an issue with mesh stitching coming loose. Sent company an email and they replied immediately. Asked me a few questions and sent me a replacement. The interesting part is I opted for “normal” delivery; no need to expedite. Got the new one in 3 days. All over Memorial Day weekend!Pretty amazing customer service. Even the rep on email (Jais) was great in answering questions.
Ivette G.Durable, well made, and lifetime warranty is REALI loved the quality of this net. It has lasted way longer than others I bought at like Home Dep for instance.I bought it a little over 3 years ago and has a small rip, so I contacted them about their lifetime warranty, and I already received a brand new one…!! They really stand by their product…!! I absolutely recommend it..!!
Kurt F.This product has a lifetime guaranteeThis product costs a little more than the competitors, however it is well worth it. I have used it for approx 5yrs and although it is still useable it does have a couple of cracks in the rim of the rake. No problem, it comes with a lifetime guarantee that has been honored by the company and I will soon be receiving a replacement free of charge. Outstanding product and support. Well worth the money.
GARYWorth the Money! Just follow directions. Guaranteed for life.Bought a house with a pool. Didnt know the first thing about owning a pool, 32’ x 16’. An old leaf net came with the house and that’s what used. It was falling apart but I tried to Rube Goldberg it to continue using this free net that came with the house.Well, I finally broke down and went on Amazon to search for a new net. I forgot what I paid for it because it just cleans the pool much quicker than I imagined. Just follow the directions.
PDRGreat for tiny mosquitoes to huge leavesA world of difference from the cheap ones – the screen picks up those tiny mosquitoes that used to go right through the other nets and it’s sturdy enough to fill with wet leaves that fall to the bottom late in the season. Highly recommend. It is a little heavier to drag around at the bottom than the others but not as issue. Our pool is 25×50, 8 ft in the deep end.
GrandmaTExcellent Customer ServiceI originally purchased this rake in 2015. It was no match for the hot desert sun. The outer plastic cracked. I contacted ProTuff & as advertised, no questions asked replacement. I did not need to return it or submit a photo. Since I didn’t need expedited shipping, I expected to receive it in a week or so. I received it in 2 days! The rake itself is great! In fact the mesh was still intact! So glad I spent a little extra for this rake! I would highly recommend it.
Justin PaynterAble to handle heavy amounts of wet leaves easily!I am a first time pool owner (it was already at our new house) who screwed up bad. I had all the leaves on the pool cover sink into the pool while opening it this spring. This net scooped up heavy loads of leaves and made the job much faster. The net was strong and durable and looks perfect. Loved knowing it was covered by a lifetime warranty. Definitely worth every penny. Hopefully next year I’ll be smarter!
GregGreat product with an amazing warrantyThis is a great product sold by an absolutely first rate company. When they say that it is guaranteed for life, they mean it. We use this skimmer rake daily for at least a couple of years, and the net and plastic ribbing have worn. We asked for a replacement and it was granted, no questions asked. How often does that happen? Amazing. The rake itself is pretty heavy duty and lasted longer than previously owned rakes and it is very well=designed for removing leaves and small debris. Highly recommended.
JSAmazing customer serviceFrustrated with leaf rakes that only lasted 2-3 months in my South Florida pool with an overhanging oak tree, I read the favorable reviews and lifetime guarantee and took the plunge. Eight months later, only 4 stars for durability as it finally developed a small hole in the netting, but 5 stars for the warranty! A simple email through Amazon to the seller and one week later I have a new leaf rake. I am quite impressed.
Peter J. KormanProfessional Quality Equipment for Pool Owners…at a great price.I am tired of buying poorly made pool equipment.This leaf rake is the best constructed and sturdiest I’ve found…and the company backs it up with a replacement warranty.Professional quality, durability and design from the manufacturer for the price of residential junk I’ve needed to replace every few years.
Ravenlynexpensive, and worth itI bought this to clear out a revolting bathtub pond that hadn’t been cleaned out in (ahem) at least two years. It was strong enough to handle the thick debris and mud, easy to dump, and the mesh was small enough to filter but big enough to let the water through. I’m glad I spent the extra money. However, I hadn’t noticed a pole didn’t come with it, and didn’t want to spend another $20-30 on it. Freecycle to the rescue!
MOSSMANGood DealI just got this product, but you can tell that it is made of high quality durable mesh and handle connection materials. Backed by a no hassle replacement guarantee how can you go wrong.I’ve had this for a couple months now and couldn’t be happier so far, awesome product and would recommend to anyone.
Kindle CustomerBest pool rake ever!!!!! Protuff products rock!!!I purchased this rake 1-2-2015, over 4 years ago. So it finally bit the dust. I decided to look into the lifetime warranty I just got a brand new replacement a little over four years later with free expedited shipping. I will never buy anything else but protuff products!!!! So today 5-28-22 I put in a warranty request for replacement. And lucky me it will be here in a few days.
SATX Road RunnerWarranty is excellentI originally purchased this net in 2015 and by 2019 it needed replacing. I was skeptical about the “lifetime” warranty but figured that after 4 years I had gotten my money’s worth anyway. I emailed the company, provided them with my original Amazon order number and to my surprise they sent a replacement without any hassle – and no shipping costs! I am extremely pleased with this product and the company.
Daniel StauberBest customer service EVERThe product is absolutely fantastic the only reason I gave it a four-star on durability is really my fault I left it in the sun and I think that caused it to dry and crack a small area but the company stood by 1000% sent them one email they handled it very professionally and I had a new rake in my hand in 3 days best customer service I’ve ever experienced in my life
JWarranty replacement was a breeze.I purchased this net 4 years ago and it was by far the best pool net i’ve owned. It has held up great. I was extremely satisified when i recently contacted ProTuff about warranty replacement because the plastic around the edge came loose and cracked, so the netting would fall away. With out any issues i was shipped a brand new replacement free of change. I would definately reccomend to anyone with a pool.
Dustin WarrenExpensive, but totally worth it!Expensive, but totally worth it with the lifetime warranty. I usually have to buy one of these at least every other summer, so the payoff will not take long.The frame in this thing is very well built, so much nicer than any other net I’ve owned, and I have bought almost every brand you can find. The net seems thicker, but I haven’t measured the thickness to compare against others. But again, with the warranty this is really a moot point!I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and could not be any happier, unless it raked leaves all my itself!
HonezPretty awesome netIt seems to be well constructed, has some heft, but isn’t heavy.. I don’t feel that I’m going to break it. The cool thing is that this net was ha lifetime warranty and although I haven’t had to use the warranty I believe they are going to stand behind their product. How do I know? They sent me at least three emails detailing the product and warrant. Pretty cool.
Hanqi zhuangThe best product and serviceI have used many pool rakes. Until I found this one, I need to change pool rakes every couple of months. I bought this rake about 4 years ago. It lasted until a couple of weeks ago. I requested to ProTuff a free replacement. They immediately sent me a new one. That is why I claimed that the pool rake is most durable and effective and the company ProTuff has the best costumer service.
cap5258Second one in 14 yearsThis is my second one… I got my first one 14 years ago and I have always had a large leafy debris problem… the part that finally fell apart was the red clip that hold the net on the rim. I was looking for the new clip because I thought you could buy it separate but didn’t find one but for the cost of a new one it really is a good investment
Amazon CustomerWhich way to hold the rake.I like it. Just starting up the pool for the season and have collected several scoops of small leaves that sometimes make it to the drain or get stuck in the corners. The scoop rake works great and you don’t have to worry about the contents falling out as you pick up more debris. The new net is a little stiff, but the more use, the more stretching of the net.
RedrichHeavy dutyWe just got the rake from Amazon/UPS. It was easy to attach to my pole. I tried it, was very impressed!!! Before I ordered this net, I checked out Home Depot and Lowes,their rakes/nets were very cheaply made and flimsey. This product is very sturdy, should last a long time.
B. Waters3 Years and still going strong!I bought this leaf rake 3 years ago. It has lasted wonderfully!! It has faded a bit, but can not complain on that as it is outside all the time! The stitching and net are still solid and strong! The clip/connector to the pole has not even broken yet!Just waiting on their new pool pole now to go with it!!
MJDVery well builtVery good quality. Works well to get things off the bottom. Lifetime warranty is comforting. I would have gotten a bigger one, if I’d known they have them. Not that this one is small, but I’m reasonably strong, and I get a lot of leaves in my pool, so a bigger one would be incrementally better.
GregorMy House Didn’t Blow UpContrary to other reviews, the pool net did not make my house blow up. This is the most sturdy pool leaf rake that I have ever had. Used to go through the cheap plastic ones at least once per season, but no more. Really wish it wasn’t red, however, as that stands out like a sore thumb compared to everything else around my pool.
Richard WinterhalterDoes a great job skimming stuffThis net does a super job skimming stuff off the top of the pool. It does a great job also of getting stuff off the bottom but you must be cautious of how you move the net when underwater of a lot of the stuff in the net floats out. Once you get the hang of it you can do a very good job keep debris out of your pool.
JSWell madeYou get what you pay for and so far this net is the best I’ve seen or used. I hope they stand behind like many have said they do. I would definitely recommend for your pool. Stay away from the cheap nets …not worth the aggravation for a few dollars more. It’s been a year since purchase and the net is still the best and shows no signs of ware. Great Net!
WestechFINALLY, a quality product.After 37 years of pool ownership and at least 3 dozen Chinese-built, cheap-a**, miserably-made pool nets we were delighted to see an American made pool net with a lifetime guarantee. (Example: bought a Chinese-made net from a big-box home improvement store. Net had a 90 day warranty…….net lasted 120 days. Store said “too bad—-so sad” when we returned the net.)Based on what we’ve seen of this product, we have a winner!! Out of the box this net is seriously impressive. Florida summers and chlorinated pools are torture chambers for pool products so I’ll be curious how long the net lasts before we need the Lifetime Guarantee.Will keep you posted.
M. ThomasLike New after 5 years of use!This rake is working as good as new, after 5 years of solid use! After going through so many rakes and poles, I finally got this ProTuff rake and couldn’t be happier. Great customer service too!
David Hill3.5 Years and it still worksThey asked me for a review so I went out to look it over. It looks fine and works great. When I went to my orders I was amazed that it has be 3.5 years. We keep our pool uncovered all year and we have a number of trees so it gets a lot of use and no special care.
GIANLUCATop notch company and productThis is a five stars company without a doubt. Their warranty is absolutely outstanding. I’ve purchased this awesome rake back in 2014 and I’ve used it ever since. I’ve had great results with the unique large mouth to scoop leaves on the surface and under water. I’ve experienced some outer ring damage due to element exposure and plastic rim started to bridle and loosened the net. After all this time I’ve contacted the company and they sent me a replacement right away. Zero questions asked. This is what customer service is supposed to be like. Highly recommend the product for its functionality and most definitely the company for its pristine level of service.
BondGreat pool rakeI like this pool net, it is very well constructed. I haven’t had it long enough to see how long it will last, but it has a lifetime warranty. It is heavy compared to most cheap pool nets so it does take a lot more muscle to use it. So far I am very pleased with it.
HonestReviewsAwesome!!Awesome rake…very strong. Stiff net takes a little getting used to but easy trade off for not worrying about breaking anything. Still have to test it this fall but from what I see it will have no problem…yes the “turned down” edges give this “perfectionist” mechanical engineer pause, but you can’t argue with results…hands down best pool rake ever owned…and I usually go through 2 a season…don’t know why I had not found these before!!! Thanks ProTuff!!
CumulusMakes my life easierThis net is great! It’s very sturdy and well made. The shape works really well skimming the surface and also picking up stuff on the bottom of the pool. It’s big (but not too heavy) so it’s much faster than anything I’ve used previously. I would buy it again (if this one ever wears out).
Debra BGreat ValueYou do get what you pay for! This arrived exactly as described. We’ve used it all summer and it still looks brand new. I can tell this leaf rake will be with us for the long haul. So tough, substantial – high quality manufacturing still can happen. It’s just not “cheap.”
The KizardReally sturdy pool cleaning netI bought this net to replace a flimsy, worn-out net that started to get some extra holes in the sides. This thing is really sturdy and feels strong enough to pick up a net-full of debris without bending.
SteveFantastic netSturdy built and great customer service. I have loved the companies tips/tricks feed on Facebook too. The net feels like it will last a very very long time (I’ve been using it for a whole season now with no issues).
juliecat4Best ever!This is one fantastic net! So sturdy and holds so much that you really only need to empty it when you’re completely done! For women or those who don’t have really good upper body strength, I’d recommend the smallest one. I got the middle sized one & it can get pretty heavy.
RJRDurabilityThe ProTuff Pool Net works great we have tried several other nets before this one and they all broke. I would highly recommend this – the only net you will need.
Richard WagonerGood catcher. Hope it lasts.Very well made; hope it lasts. Works well as a leaf catcher and does indeed get things off the bottom better than typical rakes (this aspect is similar to my old one of another brand which unfortunately lasted only two years). If this is made with the quality even close to the description, the materials should allow it to last a long time.I like the pool hints the company sends out. They seem to be interested in a total customer experience and want you to be a happy pool owner. More companies should be like this.
Amazon CustomerI’m glad I went ahead and paid more for this oneAfter hooking it up and started using it I could immediately tell the difference between this one and my previous cheaper and flimsy net. I’m glad I got this one even if it did cost 40% more than the other one I saw on Amazon. I expect this to last a few years but will update this review if that changes.
KTRFinally!!I cant tell you how many cheap pool nets we have gone through. Finally – one that is made to last! And guaranteed!! Well worth the price.I need to buy the pole to go with it – to replace the five bent ones in my basement…
MattAmazing!Amazing! So rugged! A little heavy. This one only picks up larger debris like leaves! Buy the silt one from them if you want that extra filtration! I have both. 🙂
GSA2kVERY STURDY!!!Use for our pond in the Fall, after our regular nets bent, split and broke. This is a VERY sturdy net and have used over several seasons now! Couldn’t be happier.
CoopBEST LEAF RAKE OWNED OVER LAST 16 YEARSStrong and durable. With best warranty in the business. Would recommend to all and would definitely buy again. Only had pool for 16 years – this rake has outperformed/outlasted all others.
Joe P100% Forever guaranteeThis is a great product. Very strong and performs as described. After many uses It did start to come apart were the netting meets the framing. I exercised the 100% Forever guarantee and the company replaced it within 3 days. I love a company that backs there product like PRO STUFF! Will definitely purchase other products from them in the future. Thanks PRO STUFF for being a stand up, A+ company.
naingPool sweeperIt’s a great product. I love it. I tried to put it in pool side storage box when I remember after use. I suspect the sun and heat can damage in a long run.
MSCGreat Product, quality far exceeded my expectationsGreat Product, quality far exceeded my expectations.Update: After two years of hard use the net began to deteriorate (from exposure to sun and chlorine.) I contacted ProTuff to see if a repair kit was available. To my surprise, they informed me the net came with a lifetime guarantee and they shipped a replacement the same day. Wow!!! This is customer service to the highest degree. These are the definitely the kind folks to support and do business with!!!
semperfikwbBetter than my past brandsVery tough mesh yet easy to use. A+ value for the money. Followup comment. Outstanding customer service and warranty. My dog, a Pitbull, torn the net. My fault. I was willing to pay to have the net replaced but they sent an entire unit at no cost. Unbelievable and appreciated.
SeaCra20Most reasonable of the “heavy duties”Like everything about it, especially the unconditional life time warranty replacement claim…everything else in this quality range is $75 or higher…and so tired of the cheaper ones lasting only a season…
Ashley WaterhouseGreat pool rake.I have been super happy with my pool rake. It has healed up very well against my saltwater pool. I like the fact the net does not collapse on itself.
Slvr5Great Quality, Company Appears to CareVery nice quality, much better than basic net sold everywhere. Prompted me to buy their pole as well. should last a long time as the netting material is thicker as is the frame.
JahanSolid stuff, I think the best you can buy.Solid stuff, I think the best you can buy, I have seen bunch of pool net rakes, this one even feels good when you touch the net and aluminum frame, I mean it really makes my Leslie rake look like super cheap plastic crap.
Tommy S.Great skimmer!!This skimmer works really good. I wish I bought the 17” one. I think the 19” one is little too big. There’s a lot of trees around my house and our pool gets small and large leafs. This skimmer picks up everything. Very strong frame. It’s worth every penny.
pookalooAwesomeI love it. I have had to vacuum my pool way less this summer due to this rake it is heavy but hey it works my arm muscles. I have this one and the silt one they are perfect I am so glad I bought them!
AnonymousProTuff 19″ Swimming Pool Leaf Rake–AWESOME PRODUCT!My original pool skimmer was made of pretty flimsy material and tore very easy. This one is made very well with a heavy duty screen type material. The mesh is finer and so it’s good at picking up even the finer debris. While I ordered it through Amazon, this company has been awesome. This skimmer came with a lifetime guarantee and I was emailed the guarantee very promptly. It is a little more expensive but well worth the extra couple of dollars. I highly recommend this product and also the company that it originate from.
AdamThis is a super nice net that makes it simple to get everything …UPDATE: Somehow our net got a hole in it and we contacted the company with questions on the guarantee…WOW they were awesome and quickly shipped us a new new right away! This is for sure the pool net to purchase!!This is a super nice net that makes it simple to get anything off the bottom of your pool. It’s nice and sturdy and connection easily to our existing pole too.
James MorrisGreat pool netThis product is the best pool net we’ve ever had. Extremely sturdy and durable. Also love the fact that it has a lifetime guarantee.
Amazon CustomerHolds lots of leaves!This net is a great size for straining leaves from our too-big pool. It has been a wonderful addition to our arsenal of cleaning tools.
Jack L. HooperMuch nicer and thicker mesh than any other net I have purchasedI have had this for a few weeks now and I am very pleased with the performance. The mesh is very thick so hopefully it will last for years, instead of a couple of seasons like all the others I have bought before.
Mike T.Pool skimmerI really like this product compared to the others I have used over the years. It is heavy duty, scoops the bottom of the pool very well due to the design. II use it daily and pleased with this purchase.
BrianHeavy duty!This is the best pool net I have ever bought. The net is very sturdy and appears very well made.
John MarchicaBest net I’ve seenThe ProTuff net is as good — possibly even better — than the commercial-grade net our pool person uses. I highly recommend it. The lifetime guarantee is also a game-changer compared to the competition.
Karen K.Best Leaf Net!This is a great leaf net. The company is wonderful too and they stand behind their product.
SubZero23Top notch quality!Love it, does what it’s supposed to do. A little hard to put on the pole sometimes because the push down tabs are stiff. Other than that it is a great all around product.
S HReally nice product.Using this product for 4 years, and its still in good shape. Its really sturdy.
THGood leaf bagOne of the best leaf nets ever, fine mesh gets all the junk.
Amazon CustomerGreat leaf netBest leaf net I have used in 20 years!
Bob ZolczerSolid, well builtIt works well
JCWGreat product!!!Great product and awesome company!!!Net is sturdy and picks up a ton of leaves without any bending or fear of breakage. Can’t beat lifetime guarantee!!!
Blueyzes55Super product and Company to buy from!This is a wonderful product for the price you pay and to get a lifetime warranty to boot is a no brainer! Why would you buy anything else. The shipping was fast and the Seller is A++++
ChrisandShannonThe BestThe best net I’ve worked with – solid and firm but not excessively heavy and unwieldy. Built to last and does the job perfectly.
KosokuBetter than store-bought versionsI like that this net has a large surface area – it makes cleaning a 30,000 gallon pool much easier than with the smaller versions sold in home improvement stores.
Roger RoseBest lifetime warranty guarantee ever!We love our Pro Tuff pool silt net, and when we needed a replacement, we were able to easily prove our purchase and received the net in less than a week.
Stephanie B.They stand by their warrantyI purchased this product in 2017. Last week I noticed a hole began forming along the seam. I went to their website, clicked on warranty claim, put in my email, and the order came right up. I clicked submit claim and I was done!!! Took about 30 seconds. The replacement shipped the next day! Super happy with this purchase, considering we used to replace these pool skimming tools every summer. This one lasted 6 years! Last summer I also purchased a chlorine floater, made by the same company. Still going strong! Highly recommend their products, you won’t be disappointed!!!
James E PorterBest leaf net everI bought this product because we have our pool right next to a tree (we didn’t put it there, the previous owners did) and our pool gets a lot of leaves. This is especially true in the fall when we are closing the pool. This net with its size and design has cut the time of this by 75% over a normal pool net. Not only can you get all the leaves off the top in short order but it makes it easy to get the ones off the bottom as well. Thank you for a great product.
SEPWorth the moneyWe bought a house with a pool in 2006, and I quickly learned how much junk is passed off as pool care products. So many times I said , “If SOMEBODY would make high quality pool products I’d gladly pay good money for them.”I’m happy to say ProTuff has stepped up. This pool net is sturdy, functions well and I love how deep the net is. And with the lifetime guarantee, this will be the last pool net you ever need to buy. How much is that worth? A lot.I’m going to buy the ProTuff pool pole next…
Mitchell A StearnsNow This is a Pool Skimmer!!!I really needed to get the fall leaves off my pool cover which was also filled with rain water. I tried with my plastic rake, not much luck with that. Yes, it worked, somewhat, but I needed something that could bring them out and off the cover without losing half of them each time I pulled them near the edge.I searched Amazon and came across the 20″ Fine Mesh Pool Skimmer Net. I really didn’t want to purchase the poll which I’m sure was worth the money, but I just couldn’t afford it. So, I purchase the ProTuff skimmer and wow, I haven’t been disappointed! I even connected it to my aluminum pool extension pole and it worked flawlessly! I was able to scoop up a large helping of heavy wet leaves from the bottom of my pool cover, dump them and go back for more. I can’t wait to use this when it’s swimming time.!This thing is as “tuff” as they say it is and I know should anything happen to my skimmer, ProTuff has my back! Don’t settle for cheap imitations when you can buy from a company that stands behind their product. Thank you ProTuff, you have a very satisfied customer!
adrian diazadrian diazWarranty time 🤞The media could not be loaded.  I bought in April of 2019 and it’s now falling apart. Let’s see if the life time warranty is true. Will follow up later and tell you how it goes. This Company is True to their word . They replaced my pool skimmer without a hassle. It was very easy to do and the respond time was awesome. Would definitely recommend this product to friends and family 🙂👍 Thank you so much for my replacement 😀 😊
KSellNo Hassle guarantee is no joke!I purchased this net 3 years ago and it recently developed a couple of holes. Although it was probably a little more than some of the others, they offered a lifetime guarantee. This was by FAR the easiest replacement guarantee I’ve ever experienced! You simply fill out their form, no questions asked. You can even choose expedited delivery for FREE. I received my new net today. I will order supplies from them in the future based on their excellent customer service. Just be sure to register your purchase when you buy.
David H.David H.Lifetime Guarantee!I have purchased 3 ProTuff products over past 2 yrs. First, the silt net in March ’18 for my pool. Based on the positive experiencese of this over 6 months, I bought a leaf rake (23.5″) for my parents pool (that I usually clean) in Nov. ’18. And recently (May ’20), I upgraded my pool leaf rake (19.5″) from a local pool store brand as it was already deteriorating after 18 months of use. My parents 23.5″ is still in great shape. Based on that background, here’s my review:Leaf rakes: these are built much better than the “higher quality” (more expensive!) ones I got here at Leslie’s in TX. Seems every year or every other year, I was replacing my pool nets. My poles and nets hang on a wall and these get full sun, so the environment can take a toll on them. But my parents leaf rake is in great condition still and I expect mine to also last for long time. Only caution: if you get the largest net like I did, just know it can weigh a lot come fall when full of leaves. I prefer the 19.5″ for a faster clean than the 23.5″. I clean my pool daily (or my kids do!) as the live oaks here seem to drop leaves daily all year round.Silt rake: I purchased this to get the sand / pollen out of the pool. We have a waterfall and either by wind or erosion of our flagstone rock, sand is regularly in our catch basin. My kids hate cleaning with the silt net as its much harder to clean. But given what you are trying to do (pull sand off the bottom floor into the net), it makes sense this has a higher drag and thus harder to move around in the water. I love it! It’s satisfying to have the pool crystal clean in areas the Polaris doesn’t reach. I did place a warranty claim on the silt net after 2 yrs of regular use given I experienced a small hole in the silt net. Customer Service was outstanding. Simple call, explained my silt net had a small hole, and they sent me a replacement. Received new net in short order and like the leaf nets, the quality of the silt net is much higher than the previous types of silt nets I had purchased in past years.Bottom line: Both silt and leaf nets are solidly built and have held up well. But what separates this company as my go to source going forward is the guarantee. They stand behind what they sell and have proven that to me. If you want a quality net and a guarantee to go with it, look no further.Attached picture is my newest leaf net (19’5″) and the 18 mo old (local pool store) net that already had a few holes (one of which you can see in the picture).
MustangWarranty is Awesome!My Protuff 20″ Fine Mesh Pool Skimmer Net lasted almost 4 years when it developed a few small holes in the net and the plastic on the metal ring began to wear off; it was time to activate the free lifetime warranty. So I got on the Protuff website, and to my great surprise, the process was unbelievably simple and quick; I’m talking less than a couple of minutes! They even offered an expedited replacement (also for free). This is a great company with great products and an unbelievable warranty.
Hubie GrahamThe last pool net/rake you will ever need to buyIf you are tired of spending $50 every 6 months on a pool leaf net this is your answer.Finally a leaf net made to last with a REPLACEMENT SATISFACTION GUARANTEE!I have waited 6 months before writing this review to make sure the quality was as stated and can truthfully say this is the best product in the market and the ONLY one I have found with a money back guarantee.* I did not receive any free or discounted items for writing this review. I hope this will help you in making the right buying choice when shopping for your swimming pool accessories.
PHYLLIS WILCOXI feel a little ripped off?I bought this pool net in 2019 with the idea that I could repeatedly use the free replacement advertised because every year I end up buying a new pool net. However, I haven’t had the opportunity to use that “Free replacement” promise because this one has actually lasted all this time (2023 now). Absolutely never had a pool net last this long yet this one still looks brand new. I expected to have at least 2 free replacements by now :).
David HumenanskyUnbelievable WarrantyI bought the wide stiff nylon net rake from ProTuff to clean my pool and I finally understood why my pool service uses nets like this. Skimming the pool service became so much easier and faster with the net and it was a simple inside out flick to empty it. After having it about a year, I discovered that a bird had decided to make’s its nest in the net and used part of the net as building materials resulting in a hole of sufficient size to make the net useless in the pool. I went online to order a new net but found the ProTuff warranty on the Amazon website so gave it a shot. It’s true. For something ProTuff had absolutely no control over, they quickly and courteously sent me a replacement in about 6 days. I did everything online through an automated and helpful online tool that did not require human intervention to answer questions or make it work. That, in itself, is a rare occurrence. I received my new net today and installed it. They have a loyal customer for life.
DoubleLLifetime guarantee.Let me first open by saying that I purchased this product for a cost that most would balk at. Why spend more for something you buy again the next year? Well, I took the chance with the lifetime guarantee putting me over the top. I live in Florida, where everything made of any type plastic will crumble and fail in a short period of time, leaf rakes included. I purchased this leaf rake and after it being in use for sometime, noticed that the plastic holding the net in place was becoming brittle and was breaking off. After checking when I purchased it, I was amazed to see that I did so in July of 2016, a full 5 1/2 years strong in the Florida sun. That is astounding! Florida ruins most anything, indoors or out. The net never failed me, and I was quite happy with it’s performance. Now, how would the guarantee hold up?I emailed the ProTuff company, and in less than a day, they responded. I gave them my order number and when I purchased it, just to make it easier. To my shock, they thanked me and advised me that I’d have a replacement within 2 weeks or sooner. That email was sent 5 days ago, I just received my replacement today! Their word, as their product, good as gold!You want to continue to buy junk, there’s plenty out there. You want outstanding quality with a guarantee to match, do yourself a favor…….buy ProTuff, you’ll be very happy you did!
Amazon Customeroutstanding product and customer serviceI bought this skimmer the spring of 2016. I live in Tucson and the skimmer stays on the pole year round in the elements. After 6 years of use the netting started to come away from the attachments on the frame of the skimmer. I remembered that the skimmer had a lifetime warranty. I went to ProTuff’s web-site and filled out the chat-bot information and was informed that indeed it is a lifetime replacement. No fine print on the warranty, no asking questions about maybe I was too hard on the equipment. Just that they would send a new skimmer in a week or so. I received it in 3 days. This is above and beyond any customer service I have experienced ever! It really is a great product and well worth the purchase.
Kindle CustomerBest pool leaf bag out there.I have had the ProTuff pool leaf rake/bag for over 7 years, and I can honestly say it is the best product on the market.It is sturdy, strong, reliable, and excellent at picking up items off the pool floor.I have had 2 minor issues with it that needed replacing, and just by providing the order number, I was sent a replacement bag within 1-2 weeks without any hassle or questions raised. And free as the guarantee states.So much better than having to go back and order a replacement bag and pay the cost through another company.I also have their pool pole and it too is excellent.This company is unlike some others I have dealt with.They are prompt at answering questions and they are responsible for their products. A LifeTime Guarantee that is truly….Guaranteed.Give them a try.Jaime Ramirez MD.
Dan X. HannaLifetime warranty worked for me!!The pool net is very sturdy and well constructed. However, after a little more than a year of daily use it did develop a couple of small rips where the net material attaches to the rim. I emailed the company regarding the lifetime warranty and they got back to me within an hour. After answering 3 non-gotcha questions (i.e. order number, commercial vs personal use, and my address) they immediately sent the new net to me and I received it a few days later. Like many of you, I was suspicious of the Lifetime Warranty claim as I’ve had bad experiences in the past. Usually the company becomes impossible to contact or ignores you or there’s a gotcha somewhere. Not in this case. ProTuff should probably add some additional reinforcement to the stress points of the net but in the end, I’m very happy with my original purchase and was pleasantly surprised by the quick response of ProTuff to my Lifetime Warranty claim.
Jeff ParkhurstThey are good on their warrantiesI bought mine in April 2019. Finally (likely due to the fact that I left it out year round), the plastic around the outside of the next started cracking and finally broke not holding the net anymore. I figured they would not replace it, but they did without me even sending a picture. I plan to treat this one more carefully as companies like this are rare. Yes…the cost is higher than other nets, but the company stands behind their product as far as a lifetime warranty. Thanks ProTfuff!!
R. BeckerGreat product, amazing warrantyI have a 45′ x 30′ pool and the 19.5″ net gets the job done. It scoops up very small insects and particles off the top and with a bit of the bounce technique, scoops leaves and dust from the bottom with ease. I’m amazed how clean I can get my pool with this net. Bought it a year ago and was so impressed, I bought the pole, too, which is another great product. A few weeks ago, I noticed a small tear in my net. This has to be a fluke because the Protuff net is obviously well constructed and made to be extremely durable. I contacted the manufacturer expecting to have to argue and document my case for a replacement. To my amazement, they responded that another net was already on its way to me. It arrived a few days later. Incredible! So, in my opinion, there is simply no reason NOT to buy this pool net. It’s the best one on the market and it comes with an incredible warranty.
K. S.Awesome Net–Awesome Customer Service!Ok. Read all the reviews and company info. I order it and immediately got an email from the company with all kinds of info on their lifetime warrany and useful tips about this net. It arrived on time and intacked. Company emailed me every step of the way from order, to “it’s on it’s way”, to how to inspect it when you get it. I was very impressed with the concern the company had with my satisfaction with their product. Just a quick note…this product is designed to have a “twist” in the front of the net frame in order to help leaves on the bottom of the pool come up and into the net. It may look like it is twisted or damaged, but it is designed that way. Please read the emails they send you about this product to ease your concerns. They stand behind their product and it’s durability. I believe them.I got to use the net today after a mean wind storm last night. The net was easy to install on my pole and is worked great. It is fine enough for the small and tiny things that get into your pool too. The net is tough. It’s not like what you get at a pool store or Lowes. It’s tough.I finished the job and when I came in and checked my email…sure enough…the company emailed me again and gave me tips on caring for the net and storing it. Amazing. They really care about their product and their customers. I like that. Get it. You will not be disappointed. You will never have to buy another one because they will replace it if it fails.
JessWorks as advertisedI bought the Pool Net Skimmer Fine Mesh net, the Ultra Fine Mesh Pool Skimmer Net and the 8/16′ Telescopic Pool Pole in 2020, after going through other nets and poles on the yearly basis. I can’t remember how I came across ProTuff. This is a company and product that live up to the hype, all three working like new!! Especially love, the ultra fine mesh it picks up everything!! The net skimmer scrapes clean the bottom, no need to vacuum. The pole is a bit heavier, for me, then pool supply store aluminum poles. But it lasts and works. Haven’t needed to try the lifetime guarantee. 🙂
L.B.Top quality and great warranty.After 5 years of year round 3-4 times a week use, a piece of the red plastic guard broke off allowing the net to loosen and begin to gap open. After a very simple online contact and answers to a few basic questions, a replacement was quickly sent at no cost. I’m back to efficiently skimming with a brand new 19.5 black net model. Quality product, great service with warranty! Proof you get what you pay for!
Donald P BizzellDonald P Bizzell4 Years LaterI have the worst pool when it comes to nets. I have 5 pecan trees and 60 foot tall Oak tree all around my pool. I use this net nearly every day all year long. In the past I have just had to buy a new net twice a year, as other brands would not last. This one has made it all year, and is still going strong! I can see it may wear out sometime next year, but then I can use the lifetime warranty. Great product, great company, highly recommend this product!Update: 1.5 years . After a very rough winter/spring I finally wore out the net. Other nets only last about one month at my pool, but this one made it through 9 of the worst months I’ve ever had. I sent an email to the warranty department, they asked me a few simple questions, and about a week later a brand new net just arrives at my door! What a great experience!Update Year 4. I just received my third Net (see picture of old vs New). It was time, I use these hard, and after a couple of years they get a few small holes, and the plastic starts to wear. I had to contact ProTuff on my to list to start the warranty process, when I got an email from them! It has been so easy and fun working with them on the warranty replacements! They have a customer for Life in me!
Dee RQuality product with a real product guarantee!We originally purchased this item in 2017. After going through a pool net every year or two, I decided to spend the extra money to get a product with a lifetime guarantee (if used appropriately). It cleaned better than any pool net we had used previously; it was easier to maneuver in the water and did a better job of harvesting leaves on the pool bottom. Alas, in March of 2021 (almost 4 years later), the plastic rim net guard deteriorated and broke off. We contacted Pro Tuff Products through Amazon and filed a replacement claim. After verifying the original purchase information and that it was not used commercially, we were sent a replacement. The process was easy and the new net received in a few days. We have been pleased with the pool net and its longevity and were very happy with the consideration of the ProTuff vendor and the simplicity of the replacement process. Highly recommend.
TommyExcellent Product and Exceptional Customer ServiceI am fairly new to taking care of my own pool but found that pool rakes did not last very long. So, did some research looking for a more sturdy rake. I came up with the ProTuff 19.5 inch rake and decided to give it a try. I was a bit skeptical as it related to their lifetime warranty. I have really enjoyed the rake and it lasted FAR LONGER that any that I have tried before but eventually had an issue as I am apparently pretty hard on pool rakes. lol We had a ton of trees around the pool so the rake is used quite often. I used Facebook Messenger to inquire warranty information. I was blown away with the simplicity and promptness of the entire warranty experience. It really was amazing! No questions asked. No required photos, etc. Based on my experience with the product AND their customer service… I recommend ProTuff 100%. Give them a try. I believe that you will be glad and as satisfied as we have with the decision. Top notch!
Vance GulicksonVance GulicksonProTuff definitely stands behind their products!I bought this this net in November ’18 and works great and holds a ton of leaves. I live on a greenbelt with lots of leaves falling for about a month every fall so it’s used multiple times daily.I unpacked my pool stuff this March and the net had been ripped somehow. A couple of days later I received an mail from ProTuff reminding me of my lifetime warranty. I registered the net when I bought it so I was in their database.I sent them a picture of the damage, even though they said I did not need to. They trust their customers but I felt better about myself knowing that I was legit and 4 days later the replacement arrived. I have never done business with anyone so reputable that they actually reminded me that I was covered for life.Rest assured when my poles need replacing they will be ProTuff poles.
StacyThe Tuffest net!I did a lot of research before purchasing this net and this was the best purchase I made. For 1, the 100% guarantee is real– no hassle, easy peasy. You can contact them through their official website or via Amazon. The net itself is very durable, the frame is also very sturdy– its a solid product. If you do not have a screen enclosure for you pool this net is a must, it will get all the leaves and debris in a single scoop. Its very deep and wide. Also picking up toys or tiny items from the bottom of the pool is easy with this net, the way the frame is designed with a slight bent makes that possible. I also own the Silt net from Tuff– that can pickup small particles such as sand! So, if you have a screen enclosure then the Slit net will be sufficient. I highly recommend both products to help with cleaning your pool. I’ve had both my nets for a year now, still strong!
Russell WoodsWorks great; “no question” replacement is truePurchased mine about 15 months ago, so it’s seen two seasons of service in home pool near Boston. Pool seasons here are short (three months, of June through August). This summer past, in the time of coronavirus, I’ve been working from home, so actually got to use the pool regularly (yippee), and I’ve been scooping three or four times a day. The ProTuff scoop fit my existing aluminium pole no problems and has been great.A few weeks ago, I noticed a tiny tear, and contacted ProTuff. I received a quick response, confirmed that I was not using the scoop in a business (just home owner), provided the Amazon order number, and they sent a replacement that arrived in less than a week. Not just of the netting, but the whole device. They really lived up to their promise.I’d buy it again, but I’ve only got one pool, and now I have a life time warranty. 🙂
Charles C.Warranty is the Real Deal! (But you probably won’t need it unless….raccoons!)I ordered a sand/silt net from Pro Tuff that I realized later was ripped by a raccoon clawing into the net. I had apparently left some drowned earthworms in the net which were skimmed from the pool earlier in the week. However, I had already asked for a replacement net under the warranty before the raccoon attack dawned on me. They honored their warranty no questions asked! I received the new silt net immediately. I felt pretty bad because I actually do not think they should have to cover raccoon clawing! So I bought this 19.5″ leaf net from them. I’ve owned pools for 15 years. I have never found such a quality leaf net as this – much better than the flimsy pool store nets. I will have these for many seasons – and will clean and store them safely away from any raccoons in the future!
John L.Great Pool NetI have had the leaf rake for about a month or so and have basically had to use it everyday because of the trees around and by my pool. This is an extremely sturdy net and stands up to the strain of pine cones and pine needles either on the surface of the pool or on the bottom. Love this net and the warranty. Would definitely get again! UPDATE 3/24/2021 – rec’d note from ProTuff asking about my net and did I need a replacement under the warranty! Wow! I actually was considering it because I have used the HECK out of this net and it has held up better than any other net I have owned. Plus the warranty is great. ProTuff initiated it and I received the net within 5 days! Great product and great service! And a company who backs up their product. I am impressed and will recommend ProTuff products!
BillNo screwing around, they stand behind this product.Often firms state they stand behind their product, warranty it etc. Only to find out they find a loop hole or ghost you. Not with these guys. You have an issue…POW! Problem solved. These are the goto guys for pool products. Period. And I am not some phony promoter getting paid or whatever. Incredible product, and the people behind it are even better.
RichExcellent customer service and replacement guarantee.Update: Eventually, after heavy use (my pool sits next to a large oak tree), the plastic sheath that covers the rake’s metal frame wore through. I sent an email to Protuff explaining the problem and, just as advertised, they sent me a new leaf rake no questions asked. I continue to be happy with this product and am very happy with the quick and accommodating customer service provided.—– Every six months or so I end up spending 20 bucks or more at the pool store for a new tool rake because the ones that I get never seem to last very long without getting holes in the net or the plastic ring breaking.It took me a while but I finally figured out that it would be better to spend more money on a higher-quality rake which has a lifetime guarantee. It should pay for itself many times over by reducing the cost of constantly replacing cheaper pool breaks.I am glad that I did. This is a very nice pool rake and it is built rock solid. It works great, just like the description said that it would.This is a very nice pool rake. I recommend it. I would say that I would eventually buy one again, but because of the lifetime guarantee I won’t ever have to!
Debbie J.Quality Product / Outstanding WarrantyThis net surpassed all my expectations. It is easy to attach to my pool pole and extremely durable. I used it regularly for almost 3 years until recently it developed a small tear. It still works for the larger debris but smaller stuff leaked out. The net probably had the problem because I always stored it outside in the sun. The amazing thing is the warranty. I emailed the manufacturer and without question the sent me a new net within 4 days. I am very impressed with the product and the stand behind the quality. I would highly recommend this for anyone.
J. DelgadoPro tuff pool netI had this pool net by pro tuff products for 2 years when my son propped the net/ pole against the tree and a branch ripped through the net. I went to purchase a new net and then remembered this net had a lifetime guarantee. Sure enough, I contacted the company through fb messenger as the amazon instructions say to do, and within a week I had a brand new pool net! No pictures were needed, no explanation about why the net ripped- it was a very simple process. I’m so glad that this is the net I chose to purchase 2 years ago ! I have no doubts that I will be happy with this purchase for years to come!
j.l.Great for quick cleaning touch ups.I would rate this item between a 4 and a 5. First, I find it to be nicely made in that the stitching is uniform and binding parts and netting look, and feel sturdy and seem to be of better quality materials. Functionally, compared to the common paddles, removal of debris, dog hair, leaves is much easier than trying to remove with a mesh paddle style saving lots of time and float away frustration. It works wonderfully to remove what floats on the water surface. This item would be a solid 5 for me, if as described “rake” it could be more easily used in a raking motion. It has a rounded, not flat edge at the bottom end of it’s hoop, so it is not effective used in a raking motion to catch and remove debris from a bottom of a pool. It still requires pushing the debris to float off the bottom in order to use a netting motion to catch it within the net. Still It is the best tool I’ve tried so far for quick cleaning touch ups when it is not opportune to use a pool robot that has a 6 hour or extended 12 hour cleaning cycle.
JSV1Great DEAL and net!I originally bought this “wonderful” net in December 2018. Almost exactly 2YEARS later I had to file a warranty claim. It was fast, and efficient, and my new net just showed up!!!! *It’s worth mentioning this net gets a major workout 10 months out of the year! This is due to a COTTONWOOD one of my neighbors planted many years ago, and it hangs almost over our pool. If you’re not familiar with a cottonwood they drop either seeds, cotton, branches and leaves almost year round. I very much dislike this tree!!! I mention this as I believe the tree shortened the nets life by many years. These nets a very sturdy, and made of quality materials.
RJaxPro Tuff- Best net and company. Period.The Pro Tuff net is far superior to standard pool nets. Holds a lot of leaves, too. A few weeks ago, I noticed the stitching in 2 places looked like it was starting to come loose. Coincidentally, Pro Tuff sent me an email last week REMINDING ME THEY HAVE AN EASY WARRANTY POLICY on this net. WOW! Who the heck does that? I told them about the stitching. No pictures, no questions, no hassle. Got my replacement net today. Pro Tuff is FIRST CLASS company with a FIRST RATE product and warranty.
mmmb77441Awesome Pool NetI bought this net as a replacement for a cheaper net bought at the local pool store. I saw these nets for sale in the local pool store for almost twice the cost as they were here on Amazon, so I bought it here. So glad I did, this net has changed the entire pool cleaning process for me. It has been simply amazing, it holds more leaves than previous net did, and allows for quicker cleaning of the pool. Another awesome this is you can run the bottom of your pool with this net without damaging the surface of the pool. When you sweep the bottom of the pool it actually collects the leaves instead of just moving them around, which also lessens the cleaning time. Overall I am very happy with this purchase, and would highly recommend this pool net to all pool owners.
Rose SMost excellent pool tool!Most excellent tool! my pool opening guy never came back to vacuum after opening..I have a big inground pool am heavily wooded and Imlike the pool compny to do the first vacuum as i have a salt system and they guarantee eveything if they clean it …but they .Left me hanging for two weeks…so I bought everything I needed on amazon to clean my pool myself…hands down this was by far the best think I got…I have a roll around garbage bag holder….a cart that i use for leaves…and the job was a breeze…i never thought this would get all the leaves and debris on the bottom of my pool before i vaccumed…but it did …this tool saved me from buying new filter cartridges…it also saved me time vacuuming…i love this i use it as my skimmer too…I love the rubber bottom..and how i skim my pool floor and the leaves just flip in…it got all my pine needled and sandy sediment,,,Was great,..I highly reccomend..I have had pools my whole life..It even saves me from having to get the vacuum out i just scoop everything out now..
D. NicholasLifetime Guarantee is legit!I have used this regularly over the past year. It is left outside under the Florida sun every day. I did have an issue with it where it appears that the stitching started to unravel. I used Messenger, per ProTuff’s suggestion, to file a warranty claim. I opted away from expedited shipping even though it would’ve been at no cost. I received the replacement net in 7 days after the warranty claim which I feel is very reasonable. I believe I will be purchasing the silt net as well.
Master_ReviewerGreat netI bought this net a few years ago, and it is still going strong. Being in Las Vegas, there isn’t any way for me to not have this net subjected to high heat and sun (it was 115+ a lot of this summer – dang global climate change) and it is still going strong. I do take consolation in the fact that it has a lifetime warranty – it has already lasted longer than my last net and it seems almost new.
tikifamThe last pool bet you’ll need to buy…..A+++Not only the best pool rake, but also the best company to buy from! The ProTuff Poool rake is extremely sturdy. Other brands have maybe lasted a few months before they inevitably get a tear, but the ProRuff truly stands up to its name. The unlimited warranty is truly hassle free and honestly, probably doesn’t have to get used very often because if the quality of their nets. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
TJProTuff stands by their warrenty… no questions askedThe ProTuff Pool Skimmer Net is an excellent net, very durable and does an excellent job cleaning leaves off the bottom of the pool. Recently, the net ripped slightly but enough for debris to escape the net. I informed ProTuff of the torn net and they immediately shipped me a new net. I received it in 2 days. This is outstanding customer service. Thank you ProTuff!!
JoeControl of debrisAfter 22 years of using a poly net rake and normal source of out stock I decided to give this net a whirl. I have never been so surprised as to the use of nylon. Being heavier and stiffer it stays where you want it to. No longer worry that the bag tends to float up releasing the fugitives, nor the bag wrapping around the frame. Yes I am pleased and for this few insignificant dollars more i get a lifetime warranty. If anyone ask I’ll tell them where to go.
BevTuff Enuff for My Unusual JobThey said it could be used to remove watermelons, so I used it to remove floating plants (water hyacinths) from my fishpond (50′ x 100′). 90% of the surface was covered by the plants with their extensive roots. Each time I lifted the net out, I brought out between 10-20 pounds of plants and water. What a job, but the ProTuff net got the job done. The job took about 15-20 days of 2 hrs each day! I’m gonna feed those fish less fish food next year!
Christa H.Don’t believe the bad reviews!Those one star reviews have to be fake. Like I said in another review, I own all three products. Every product is great quality and top notch. Also great warranty and customer service. I think this net was the first product I ordered then the silt net. I preordered the pole when I first received a notice of it coming out. It was worth the wait. It is very strong. We have had other poles before and everyone would bent or break. Not Protuff. Love their products.
B. MoretEverything it’s represented to beHave not tested the lifetime guarantee (just got it a week ago 😉 and it does not look like I will any time soon: seriously heavy-duty construction compared to most other products on the market. Takes some strength to move through the water at the end of a 12″ pole, but does the job really fast. Highly recommended!Update: a year later, except for scratches on the red plastic rim (from the gunite) and some discoloration, the tool is like new. It’s really changed how I skim the pool thanks to its size and strength: instead of constantly going back and forth between the pool and the compost pile, I can do just 2-3 passes. (I have a large, 80’000gals pool, with vegetation all around and trade winds, so that really matters!)
bklyn456A+ Customer serviceThere are companies that are a lot of talk but this company truly does go the extra mile and appreciates us as customers. Their response time is lightning fast and they stand behind the products they put out. This is an example of how all companies should be. Very happy to give business and hope they never change. It is the recipe for an honorable success. A+ all around.As for the product itself… high quality , designed to last , sturdy and gives peace of mind using.
Wes FenwickThe Net of ChoiceI’ve had an opportunity to use this leaf rake in the past when I worked for a pool company. They are durable, the net holds up the the roughest pool surfaces like the unglazed pebble tec type . I highly recommend this to self doers and companies. The price is right.I stand by my previous review. This net is very durable you’d have to be trying to break this net to get it to faulter. The net replacement instructions if followed properly, makes replacing easier.
RocketMonkeyGreat Company that stands by their product!!I’ve had this pool net for about 3 years, and the net tore. Other nets I’ve owned lasted about half that time. I contacted them and they sent me a new one a few days later. Nice to see a company that really stands behind their product!!
MarkRBeyond the expectedAfter nearly 3 years of ownership, my net developed a hole (created by an Iguana that I fished out of my pool). Almost reluctantly, feeling a bit guilty, I requested a replacement as the guarantee stated that it would be replaced for ANY reason. Sure enough, I got the email today that the replacement has been shipped. No questions, no hassle, just great service. This is the way to treat a customer. Many thanks
coinrWorks great and not just for a pool.Works great and not just for a pool. I actually bought this for a koi pond. It replaces a pool rake that cost half as much. After reading the reviews and considering the warranty I bought it.I’ve been using this for a couple of months now. On the positive side the overall quality seems very good. It should hold up for a very long time. Also, it does a great job of netting very small particles (better than I thought based on the description). On the negative side it’s pricey and because it nets so much it needs to be emptied more often (really not a problem).In regards to the price it’s more expensive upfront but will be much cheaper in the long run. If I don’t have to buy a new one every couple of years than really it’s cheaper.
Dr JLike it very much so farDefinitely sturdy and very well made. Should, indeed, outlast any of the prior leafrakes I have had to buy either every year or every other year. The company has been very interested in receiving any concerns or complaints I might have (I have none) and I believe them when they say they would replace any of their products if requested. I am a happy customer and pleased with my purchase. Dr. J
Chris HBest Pool Products and Customer Service Anywhere!ProTuff makes the finest pool cleaning rakes and poles I’ve ever used, bar none. They’re sturdy, perform well, and they last. And their customer service is second to none. Don’t believe the negative reviews. Apparently some people don’t ever check their junk mail when a company responds to their requests. And beware of competitors trying to promote negative reviews for their own purposes. ProTuff is simply the best.
Amazon CustomerWarranty ReplacementI had to contact ProTuff regarding my pool net that I purchase a year ago. ProTuff replaced my pool net without any hesitation and I received the new one within the week. It was great knowing that they stand behind the promise of free replacements. Due to my experience with the rep over email, I decided to purchase the pool net for fine sediment and sand.
Braden CopelandSerious Pool Equipment, Great ValueYou can tell the minute you start to use this rake that it is a serious rake. If that is what you are after and you have had your pool long enough to know how much garbage is out there on the market in terms of equipment, well, you will buy this rake. And, if you haven’t? Well, then you will buy this rake next time. 😉
specialkTHE Best Buy, EVER!You can stop looking now! This is the only skimmer to buy. I purchased this skimmer in 2014. It’s very sturdy. Fast forward to 2019, I got my skimmer out to open my pool for the summer. Once I started using it, I noticed several holes. I went back to Amazon to find a new skimmer. My new ProTuff was just delivered. When this company says, lifetime guarantee, they mean it! No hassles, period! They are prompt and actually want happy customers. I am very happy!! Super fast delivery and no cost. What more can I say?
tcThese are the best pool tools everThe only flaw I’ve found is that the red plastic rim collar is attractive to the agressive squirrels in my area and they immediately began to chew on the red plastic rim when I left it poolside. I keep it indoors now and the problem is solved. I have a Bill Murray/Caddyshack/Gopher relationship with the squirrels around here.
#1BearsFan#1BearsFanGreat Warranty great ProductTruth be told I should have never left this in the Arizona sun, but when I contacted the company about a replacement no questions asked the new one showed up 4 days later no charge
C-manProducts and warranty are exceptional!This is a great net and the warranty can’t be beat. I can say with experience Pro Tuff stands by their warranty 100%! I also own the Pro Tuff Pole which is also a superior quality. In today’s world it is a true pleasure to purchase and deal with a great company like Pro Tuff!
Kindle CustomerThe product is as what is described.I just recently purchased this product and so far it has done what it claims that it rakes the leaves at the bottom of the pool. It looks sturdy and I selected this product because of the lifetime warranty. I have not done any claim yet so this is something I cannot comment yet.
J. VesselsFar above the quality of other productsIn 6 years, I have been through 4 pool cleaning nets. This is so far above those others in Quality that they can hardly be compared. Twice as sturdy and it has a polymer blade to help pick up leaves from bottom. And guaranteed for life
Old SoulSuper Scooper!I’ve had a large koi pond for about 20 years. During that period of time, I’ve purchased three skimmer rakes. Every one of them fell apart after a season or two, forcing me to make ongoing repairs. I wish I’d found this one sooner. It is head and shoulders above any I’ve owned so far. Excellent quality, very sturdy, and it will pick up more debris than I can lift out of the pond. I am extremely pleased with my purchase.
Scott UroffBelieve that lifetime warrantyI just had my five year old net have some of the plastic holding the net on to the ring come off. I contacted the seller by email, and two emails and four days later I had a brand new replacement net. Believe that lifetime warranty!
Mr. BBest netHave had net for three years, love how well made it is. Still looks new with no wear on netting. Gets lots of use because of winds we get almost daily, along with our normal Santa Ana winds which blow everything within miles into pool. Great product!
Thatcher R.Amazing cutomer serviceThis pool skimmer is sturdy and looks great. It didn’t work out for the method I use in scraping my pool; a long, lightly sloped lap pool. But the company stood behind their refund policy and sent me a full refund. Not many companies around with this level of commitment. I have to give them 5 stars.
Andrew RDurable pool netOur first pool net only lasted about 18 months. Even before that my wife had to fix a few holes that showed up in the first 6 months we were using it. I’m very pleased with the value of this new net and the durability.
Mr BSuper Cleaner!Lately we have had a lot of family over (I have a pool and it’s hot outside) and our pool has been used A LOT! We have had some very windy nights as well as spring foliage blowing around and getting in the pool. Our old leaf rake didn’t make it past week one of this early heat wave, so we bought the ProTuff. I was skeptical at first, but after using it daily and putting it through the paces I am completely satisfied with my new pool leaf rake! I have already recommended it to a few neighbors (they have had to borrow mine a few times), and would definitely recommend to all of you!
JON A.JON A.Sturdy pool skimmerThis net dwarf the one I bought at the box store by every comparison. I used it for the first time today and it does everything it needed to do. Great company for offering lifetime guarantee.
HusamVery sturdy and very largeI was very skeptical first because there are cheaper options but after using it, I was glad I got it. It’s very sturdy and then the net is very large so it can take a lot of leaves in one dip.
DRancourtBest pool net madeI couldn’t be happier with this net. It is well made and smartly designed. I have to clean a lot of leaves out of my pool and this makes the job much easier. I wish I had found this years ago.
Amazon CustomerPerfect size for getting leaves out of the poolGreat product. Sturdy. Large net that is very well made. Love that the handle can be made extra long to grab the leaves floating in the middle. I believe it will last a very long time!
Jimmy G.Simply the best product and warranty around.Absolutely love the product and it is durable. The most outstanding thing about this company is the warranty. Mine got messed up on the net and they promptly replaced. How is that for service and warranty.
Mr. BlackWe have purchased “cheap” although not inexpensive pool nets for …We have purchased “cheap” although not inexpensive pool nets for many years. They usually last one season, if we are lucky. This net is about the same price, but is an extremely high quality product. It works well, has an extra large catch area, and has proven to be very durable. Shortly after ordering the product we received an email from the manufacturer with instructions and contact information should we have any problems. We have purchased over a dozen nets in our 22 years of pool ownership; this is by far the highest quality net we’ve owned.
Michael BaughExcellent productHave owned this for several years and have tried several other nets. This is by far the most sturdy and does the best job of both skimming and handling the biomass after opening in the spring
daveJust what I needed!I needed finer net to pick up smaller particles in my pool. This did the trick! Its very sturdy and Im not worried about it breaking. even if it does, It comes with a lifetime warranty!
akleinGreat Warranty ExperienceI can’t say enough good things about their warranty replacement program. I’ve had to replace at least 3 or 4 pool nets over the years. The reason behind the replacement had nothing to do with the quality of the net. The replacement generally occurred because my dog ate the net or my kids broke it. Each and every time the pool net was replaced no questions asked. These guys are legit.
Mayank SHRINGIGreat Product, Awesome leaf rake pool net debris collectorGreat Product, Awesome leaf rake pool net debris collector.Collect debris superbly, promptly, flawlessly and unfold the debris nicely in one shot!Excellent product and will buy again. Another cool thing is ProTuff has sent super tips which makes even the cleaning even more handy and reliable without any errors introduced. No more frustration. Also, last but not least, ProTuff shall replace another swimming pool net for free shall any problems comes along with the current skimmer net. One can not ask for more…What a great reliable and robust product.Thanks,Mayank
Bernie BluesDurable and great for the big stuffThis net has proven to be durable and after using it for several months, it has proven reliable. Had a problem with my original net and these guys replaced it for free, no questions asked. I’d recommend their products and buy from them again.
LenNice net.Product seems perfectly fine but I decided the warranty registration was not worth being on another spam mailing list which always seems easier to get on than to get off.
DEBWorks s claimed, maybe betterThe rake is everything I needed to get the leaves off the bottom and floating ones on the surface. Sturdy and strong, should last a long time
E. N. WatsonThis is a heavy duty product that needs to be used for heavy duty jobs.Like very much how past reviews say company stands behind product. After dealing with company I definitely see why folks are satisfied with the Customer Services
Coby W. JonesBetter than I could get locally.I had a net I got from Leslie’s. This was much more sturdy and all around better made. Wish I would have found this one first.
Dave HAwesome Pool Net and Amazing WarrantyThis net does everything it advertises to do! Big, strong easy to use. After about 6 years of residential use, it showed some wear and tear. The pebble tech on the pool bottom starting to wear down the net rim. I submitted a warranty claim through Amazon and a Pro-Tuff rep contacted me within a day. Within several days, they delivered a new net at no charge. Great product and company. I’m going to buy the silt net version from the now to get even the finer particles out of the pool.
S LeeGreat lifetime guarantee!I just called on ProTuff’s lifetime guarantee after buying their net 2 yrs ago. They promptly sent a new replacement. Grateful for their excellent customer service.
John LaderThe Perfect Pool CleanerGreat purchase. I’m a first time pool owner and this piece of equipment is just what I needed. Our pool is surrounded by trees and bushes and tends to get filled with leaves and other assorted debris during the day. With my trusty leaf skimmer rack I can have the entire 12,000 gallon pool cleaned in about 15 minutes.
Christobol culombWell designed pool rake with a lifetime warranty – you can’t go wrongThis rake is very well made and the netting is going to last, I was able to see and feel that right off the bat. The head is actually quite light compared to rakes I have used in the past, and it is no trouble at all getting it to glide through the water; manoeuvering the head to get at leaves and debris at the bottom of the deeper parts of my pool is quite easy with this rake, too. Overall, solid design. The delivery was prompt and the customer service seems great with this company.
ShahrouzAbsolute best one yet!!!Blows away any I’ve bought or seen before! The size, sturdiness and ease of catching debris with shape of rim off of sides and bottom.
ddYou get what you pay for.Great quality!! Great customer service!! Pricey but will pay for itself when you consider how many cheaper yet inferior nets you would go through.
Cath SGreat pool netNot the first pool net we’ve replaced, but the best we’ve had. We have a large and deep pool so we need a net that is heavy duty and still easy to move thru all that water. It’s very nicely made, very sturdy. And the information that comes with it shows that the company works hard and takes pride in making quality products. We also appreciated the helpful hints that came with the net as well.
Michael D. AndersonStrong, sturdy and backed by excellent seller communicationArrived timely, the company corresponds frequently and phenomenally well. Easy to use although some people refer to it being heavy, it is a sturdy pool net being moved through water–not difficult to use for anyone able to hold the pole it’s attached to in the first place. Love it and have been able to help keep the pool clean for frequent use as the weather has been warming up.
SBBLUEWATERGreat Pool Net and Customer ServiceGreat pool net. Net started to unravel and the vendor replaced it ASAP. Great service. Will buy more of their products.
carole d. edwardsQuality productsOwned for 4 years now leave it out in the sun always, still the top quality as the day it arrived
Kindle CustomerExcellent ProductLove this product, works great at picking up debris in the pool and is very sturdy. Would buy again in a second.
NFBest Net I’ve GotVery sturdy leaf net. Bought it 3 years ago and still good as new. Highly recommend it.
LemonPeppersturdy producti love the warranty. I was buying a new $20 net every year, so this is a bargain
DutchGreat Product / Great Customer ServiceThe product is awesome and worth every bit of the money for such a quality product. We had one issue after years of use and the seller responded immediately and replaces with a new product right away. If your thinking of getting a pool leaf rake Pro Tuff is the way to go.
Rose EHuge capacity and super strong!Great net for getting leaves. The capacity is amazing and makes cleaning in the fall a breeze.
Denise StakesBest Net EVER !!!This net is amazing !!!! I wish I could take a picture of our happy faces cleaning our pool so you can see – but just trust me … stop spending money buying the cheap stuff !!! Spend just a little more and get crazy results and easy peasy cleaning pool time – we will never go back to cheap pool tools again !!! Totally awesome !!!!
JeffBest pool rakeFantastic pool take.Very sturdy and work well.Much better than other cheaper options.
KMSNo complaintsBought this two months ago. Use it at least every other day and not complaints.
Raydon J.awesome price and warrantyThis is a great pool rake for price, plus it has a lifetime warranty.
GeneGreat product!Pool net came on time. Works great and you can’t beat a lifetime replacement warranty!
MaryGreat productProduct is durable and great customer service. No negatives on product or company
Thomas J. BurkeGreat product and warrantyWell made and does what it supposed to do. What else can I say.
Richard MelvilleA Quality Product with an unbeatable WarranteeI am using the net to clean algae from a Koi pond. In the fall, I will be removing leaves from the pond because some nitwit planted deciduous trees nearby. I’m sure the net will be excellent for this task. This product is clearly superior to anything else I have seen. It is very rigid and seems to be made for the long haul.
K. PriceGreat Pool RakeWorks perfectly with my existing pole, easy to use, large capacity, and fantastic warranty.
Amazon CustomerGREAT NETI’ve had this net for 2yrs + it still works great.
Jon KiserSolid pool leaf rake works very wellSeems very durable and easily captures items on the bottom of the pool.
Amazon CustomerGreat productGreat product
Amazon CustomerExceeds expectations -Pproduct & Customer serviceWonderful product that exceeded my expectations. What is equally (if not more) important is the customer support. Outstanding, prompt and courteous support and follow up. We need more companies to aspire to this level. Thank you Pro Tuff !!
JAMES G. CONRADIt WORKS!Excellent product .. very sturdy .. fair price!
Michael DunnWill you be my last leaf rake?Have gone thru countless leaf rakes so expectations were pretty low to begin with. It is really, really well made. It holds a ton of leaves, makes scraping the bottom (sticky cottonwood leaves) easy, and has a lifetime warranty. Hard to beat that. I’m guessing I’ll not need to test that for a long time. Besides,with pools, having one less thing to worry about is almost priceless.
kokomoLooks strong and well designedHaven’t used it yet, but the design and material look excellent.
xorioWorks as expectedSo far so good will update the end of this season.
Joanne W.Works greatBest basket ever to get trash off the bottom of the pool.
K. WicksGreat product and Great Company!Great product and Great Company!Have been using this for a little a year and the plastic neck had broke. I contacted ProTuff and they quickly responded to let me know it was covered by the Lifetime warranty! They shipped a replacement and I had it in two days, it does not get any better than that!
Amazon CustomerGood product!Heavy duty, tried it out the next day…. works great!
Amazon CustomerWarranty is Honored!I have owned my ProTuff Pool Rake for almost 3 yrs. It has worked great. I recently observed the stitched seam coming loose and contacted ProTuff about the lifetime warranty. They totally honored the warranty and I now have a new Pool Rake at no charge to me. I highly recommend this product.
Michael D. AmosGreat product and fast delivery!Great quality and built to last!! Totally satisfied with my purchase
ZabeDnice product heavy builtthe product speaks for itlself. Sturdy design and heavy net
RoyGHard to believe, Guarantee for life, WORKS!!!Had the rake for over six years (purchased it in September 2014)Mesh came undone at bottom of net.I called ProTuff products and a new one was on its way immediately, no questions asked. I was even asked if I needed it immediately because they would expedite the shipment, at their own expense, AND THEY DID!!!THAT’S UNHEARD OF!!!!!!YOU CAN’T BEAT THAT.Needless to say, I am very happy.The Product is great.
Dayn H.Great product!The best pool net I’ve owned and I’ve owned many.
mark m.great productsolid and strong. should last a long time. very pleased.
Whitney R InceBest Net AvailableGreat support and product. Best pool net available
James StoverQuality ProductCleaning leaves from our pool. Did an super job.
Paul SchwartzWell madeDoes what it is supposed to. Well made.
cpGreat QualityGreat product, so far is the best net!
emzacscoGreat netVery sturdy, will probably last a long time…
Joseph BallAwesome WarrantyExcellent customer service ….. truly offer lifetime warranty.
Joyce BirdFive Stars FOR ANOTHER 25 YEARSIt is just what I needed for de-leafing my pool! I have an older version of this pool rake and have been using it for 25 years. While the edging is cracking, and I have mended (stapled) parts of the netting, it still is in use. I bought this new one as a replacement in case the original ever becomes non-usable. GREAT pool rakes.
A millerValueWorks great nice and sturdy
AmazonDonStrong, flexible and durable.Very good quality. Definitely stronger than any of my previous “pool store” nets.Durability and replacement guarantee add to peace of mind that this was a good choice.
MikePerfectAwesome product
820rhsWorks great!!!I have a pool rout with 37 customers I have been using the net for 3 weeks now and it is working great. It is showing very minimal wear I am thinking of ordering a second one so my kids can help in the summer.
Sam HuffGreat pool rakeGreat pool rake
Steve DeornellasThese people stand behind their product and are great at helping you get the most out of their …These people stand behind their product and are great at helping you get the most out of their leaf rake. They send a copy of the lifetime guarantee and care guide to ensure the best results. Easy to use with good capacity for those days after high winds brings lots of debris into the pool
fred husserlTwo years into weekly use a corner tore slightly – …Two years into weekly use a corner tore slightly – bummer! BUT 1 phone call, no hassle and 5 days later the new skimmer showed up, Seamless service – lots of merchants could learn from ProTuff. Highly recomendable
Maui markGreat rakeFantastic product.
JoanGood productGreat
RazorbackBest CompanyBest pool net ! Great company , Great Waranty! When my net needed to be replaced, all I did was call and within the week it appeared. Look no further if you need a pool net.
AMWell constructedI have only used it once and it performed as well as any other similarly designed pool leaf rake. The big difference is this ProTuff looks much better made than the ones you buy at local pool supply store. The net, frame and connector should hold up for years.
azboarderIf you own a pool you owe it to yourself to get this skimmer.Great product recommend to anyone with a pool. Best pool skimmer I ever used and Lifetime warranty so you will never have to buy another.
Amazon CustomerWork greatClears the pool very quickly….
James BaronGreat leaf netGreat leaf net!! Can’t believe it took me so many years to get one and this may be the last! I imagine this lasting at least 2-3 seasons where most others barely make it 1.
InfinitimanThis is one of the best pool nets that we’ve ever hadThis is one of the best pool nets that we’ve ever had. Very strong and durable. I HIGHLY recommend it!!
SachinGood product !!Good heavy stuff looks like will last long timeBest part is it picks up Evan small debries 😀
brian c.Five Starsgetting them out
Teri ElliottFive StarsWorks great. Have had no problems with it at all.
Vel RobertsFive StarsReal heavy duty product, strong construction and durability.
Douglas PFive StarsBest pool leaf rake I’ve ever owned.
Derrick MillerFive Starsworks well and very sturdy..
James S. DeFalcoFive StarsExcellent product, highly recommend
KellyLKellyLNet is Durable, Thick and Deep. Holds lots of leaves. Fantastic Quality!The media could not be loaded.  Well, it’s that time of year again. Spring has sprung and summer is fast approaching. We don’t cover our pool in the winter since we live in the South East milder climate. As a result, we do get leaves and debris piling up at the bottom of the pool over the fall and winter months that our robot vacuum could not vacuum up.We keep our pool skimmers outside year round. We usually replace them every year because the net is usually thin and disintegrates or tears due to the elements of the weather.I started looking for a better quality net and found this ProTuff Pool Net on Amazon with the advertisement that it is heavy duty with a thick netting. I liked that it comes in multiple sizes. From 13” all the way up to 23″. I purchased the 19” since we have a pool with a deep end that the leaves can really accumulate in. I wanted the mouth to be wide enough to be able to scoop up plenty of leaves in one shot. When it arrived, I was quite pleased with how thick the netting is. I have never seen a net this thick in all the years we have been using various skimmers. I also like how deep the net is. Cleanup was much faster. My husband was able to scoop more leaves without them floating off into the pool while bringing the net back to the surface. We have had that trouble with other nets in the past.I have to say my husband is quite pleased with this net. It fits our standard pole. The wide mouth of the rim combined with the thick durable netting shows me it will last a long, long time. In fact, this net is 100% Lifetime Warranty against damage and even if it is lost, they will replace it no questions asked. I love that I never have to pay a yearly replacement cost again. You can’t beat that.
grumpy grandpaGreat net, material is stronger than my puppy’s teeth!We have had many Leaf nets over the course of our pool life and most are made out of plastic frames and netting and last about 2 years on average. So when I need a new one, because the 2 year old net had holes in the netting caused by our puppy who loves to chew and toss the net around as a toy, I decided to research a better option hoping to get one that would last. I found pro tuff and thought it was a little more expensive than the normal nets I purchased but the warranty intrigued me. So I bought it. The net is great the netting is slightly wider than the last one we had and therefore does not drag as much when maneuvering in the water. The wider lip seems to scrape along the bottom when I fully submerged it to capture the leaves on the bottom and that was much better than previous nets I had. The best thing I found is that when my puppy dragged it around he did not tear the netting. He made what appeared to be a hole but on further inspection I was able to maneuver the thread back to their place and no tears or wearing. All in all this is a better option in my opinion and if the frame or the net gets damaged there is the warranty for a full replacement. Based on my results I also purchased the sand version
Liam StarrTop Notch Pool Leaf Rake and Replacement PolicyProTuff make great skimmer rakes, and they offer a lifetime replacement policy that they honor easily and quickly. I purchased mine in early 2017. After a couple of years of serious use, raking bags full of leaves and pine needles from my pool surface and floor, I managed to tear a couple of holes in the netting. I contacted ProTuff by e-mail, and after answering a couple of easy questions, they immediately sent me a replacement, and it arrived much sooner than expected. I am very pleased with the company and their product, and highly recommend it.
Kathy L. JohnsonBest leaf rake ever.This leaf rake is the best. Great quality. The company is very helpful and will replace if it breaks. Don’t be fooled by imitations. Be sure you are purchasing ProTuff brand only to get the lifetime warranty.
Emily JohnstonVery strong material, unlikely to tear!This is a heavy duty pool net! So far had it a couple months, and normally by now my previous nets have gained holes. Not this one! I look forward to not replacing it every season!
E. J. Derocherworth every penny- great product! Works fine! Long lasting!No complaints!
Gayle McAlisterVery strongThis is the best leaf rake I’ve ever bought. Still in perfect condition with no tears and I’ve bought many of these.Worth every penny!
cwintersExcellent qualityThis is much better quality than my last pool net. it is worth the extra $ to get something high quality and sturdy…
len hochbergIt keeps on goingThey say they’ll replace it at any time. So far, two years, no need. Not even a little tear. Very impressive.
Mr SmithWorks very well.So far this thing is awesome, I wish I would ordered the bigger one. Time will tell.
Melissa SimmonsLife time warrantyLove the product and And the warranty is fir real
Shelley JaimeWorth every penny!This product is well made! I live in the Arizona desert and it withstood the beatings of the sun for over 3 years! As for the warranty, just like it says, “No questions asked”. My rake broke, I called, and I received a replacement. As for the price, you get what you pay for!
Amazon CustomerCustomer serviceGreat products and awesome customer service
Dustin SmithWorks greatOrdered this product because I needed a replacement net as my old one had ripped. This one works really well and is able to get the debris from the deep end of the pool great. Would definitely recommend.
JJ AmaroWorks As IntendedThis leaf takes works as intended. It feels heavy duty and looks like it’s built to last.
Jeffrey K.Wide mouth – works great so far.An improvement over the one that came with the pool. works great picking up leaves etc from the bottom.
RN/ParamedicThe BEST…..You will never need to buy another net. Strong, durable….. the only negative thing I can think of is its heavier than the cheap aluminum ones.
Gerard H.Quality productGood and sturdy. Big mouth to catch leaves.
Jackie R. HarperSatisfedVery effective at collecting the very smallest of debris. I attached mine to the side of the pool for 24 hour use.
DHMakes pool cleaning a dream!Our pool is under oak trees, so we are always dealing with leaves. This sturdy net grabs them well, and is sturdy as you are pulling them from the pool and dumping them. The warranty they offer is wonderful, but it has been flawless so we have not had to use it.
EdwardAs advertised and MOREProduct was as advertised and More. This Pool net was so much better than the ones I bought at the local store.
Loo-Sar ChiaThe reviews of the product by other buyers!Love the product! Used it for cleaning swimming pool!
DaveDaveAwesome!I purchased this item in 2018. It was more than most of the skimmers offered but I had been through those cheaper ones that would last one year at best before ripping and no longer being usable. This looked well built, had good reviews, and claimed to have a 100% warranty.5yrs later the plastic trim finally gave out after blistering Las Vegas summers. The netting was still going strong. Fantastic run and I was happy to buy a new one. When I went on Amazon I was reminded there was a warranty. I assumed it wouldn’t be covered but you dont know until you try. The registration and claim process was extremely easy and then bingo, it was accepted. They even offered expedited shipping which I declined since I wasnt in a hurry. Cant give enough praise for this product and the customer service. These guys deserve 6 stars!
Lynda K. BarrVery well built & AWESOME warrentyThis is by far the toughest, longest lasting pool net I have ever had. After 5-1/2 years of daily use in the Florida sun it finally developed a crack on the plastic net retainer. Called customer service, and within 5 days a brand new net was delivered at NO charge. Bam! Great company.
HarryGreat skimmer, great warrantyI bought this skimmer 3 years ago and has worked perfectly. I noticed a small tear in the net at the seam. I went on their website, did a warranty claim and in about 30 seconds a new one was on the way.
RichSExcellant product and excellant service as well..Purchased this pool skimmer net back in 2016. Product works great skimming leaves, grass clippings, and other debris. Product was replaced with minimal effort at no charge. Also arrived within 3 business days All I can say is awesome!!!!
J BerryAmazing customer service and product!Bought this in 2017. After several years of use I noticed there was a hole developing in net. I chatted with customer service, they found my order from six years ago and three days later I had a brand new net! For this price and lifetime warranty there is no better product or customer service. Highly recommend.
Julie W.Best one so farWe’ve had a lot of leaves in our pool, and pine needles. This scoop is sturdy and gets a good amount out compared to the flat skimmer tool.
Brenda F.Works Better Than The Last Leaf Skimmer I HadThis product is outstanding!! And the warranty of free lifetime replacement is phenomenal. It’s heavy-duty, and I hang it on the fence when I’m not using it. It holds lots of leaves without having to empty.
Amazon CustomerGood Pool NetI live in the hot Southwest, have a ton of Japanese Blueberry for privacy. The downfall of the Japanese Blueberry is it dumps a ton of stiff leaves in the pool, especially when it’s windy, which is often. So, my net gets used nearly everyday and in harsh conditions. The net is very well made. Much better than the same priced ones at the box stores. Mine developed a small tear after 2 years. I filled out a quick form on their website and I had a new net in 3 days. I highly recommend these nets and I appreciate the customer service.
Mike WGreat skimmer so farSkimmer seems well made and durable. My last skimmer didn’t last a year. I haven’t had this one very long but I’ll be surprised if it gets holes in it any time soon.
BDWow!Bought in June of 2015. It finally started to develop rips after being outside and well used for 7 seasons. The company honored the warranty and sent a new one right away. I highly respect this company’s integrity and will purchase all pool supplies from them.
KLevandowskiThis sturdy, quality net is amazing.Our pool has lots of tree droppings in it and this net is incredible in scooping it up. The red lip/rim gently lifts the sediment so I’m able to easily scoop up the junk. A little lifting of the net once you’ve scooped your leaves, etc. and you can keep going. I love that the contents of the net don’t spill out bc the net is so deep.I highly recommend this net. I hope it’s available when this one wears out….which will likely be years from now.
Mom of fiveQuality and Warranty – Best out thereAfter 5+ years of heavy use mesh and outer plastic started to get worn out. Emailed warranty and within a week they provided new one with ZERO HASSLE. Thanks!
Matt WallingLove the wide opening!I love this net! It is easy to use and with the wide opening, it makes skimming the surface of the pool a quick and easy job!
Mingo72ImpressedI purchased this net in 2021, it is used year round to help maintain our pool. It collects the debris from the surface and bottom with ease. It does a great job collecting leaves and larger debris.
SpikeWider opening makes quicker cleanup.This leaf bag has a 20″ mouth and works equally well as a leaf bag and a skimmer. In fact it works better than the skimmer because it keeps whatever you sweep off the top instead of having to empty it quiteoften. In addition it has a lifetime warranty, hence the higher price.
J.M.Well Made ProductYou can buy cheap or you can buy quality that has the added benefit of being sold by an American company. We chose quality.
Dwayne CBest net I have purchasedHave had several nets from pool stores & none compare to this one. I have a lined inground pool and this slides across the bottom with ease. Debris flows right into the net.
jfCleaned out leaves and debris in much less time.Made the task of cleaning out leaves in much less time.
rdseals1So farSo far so good. I will say more once I get everything
david binnsso far so goodworks well
Michael W.Legit warrantyIt took 4 years but my pool net finally wore out. Followed the instructions on the Pro Tuff website and filed a product claim. Couldn’t have been easier and replacement is on it’s way. This type of customer service is hard to find. Highly recommend the product and the company.
Amazon CustomerBest skimmer and WARRANTY in the business!I have been using my ProTuff Skimmer for 2 years worked flawlessly until and accident happened and there was a tear in the net. I contacted ProTuff to file a warranty claim. I thought they were gonna be like all the other warranty departments that never correspond and give you the run around but I was completely wrong! They made the process painless and very easy! With in 4 days I had a new skimmer at my doorstep! I will buy all of my pool cleaning products from them! Outstanding company!
JJGreat product, better service.Worked excellent. After about 4 years it became worn down from lots of use. Submitted my warranty claim and they replaced it no questions asked. Great product, better service.
Amazon CustomerFantastic productVery durable and the warranty is fantastic. Far beyond the typical pool net. After 5 seasons when the plastic cracked, I scanned the QR on the product, clicked a few buttons and they sent aReplacement in a week. Great service.
Mark DePonzibelieve the hype it worksglade I spent the extra money for this one it works very good
Amazon CustomerQualityThis product is best in class!
Amazon CustomerThe very best.Hands down the best pool tool available. It gobbles leaves on the surface and shovels debris off the bottom.
aimGreat Service Stand Up CompanyHad a skimmer for seven years and the netting was getting holes. Contacted the company about the warranty through e-mail. Five minutes later warranty completed and approved. Received the new skimmer 5 days later. 👍🏼👍🏼
Jason ButtonBest Pool Net Ever!This is the best pool net I have ever owned. I have been using it for three years. Still in excellent shape. I can hardly believe it myself. Compared to my past experience with pool nets they usually wear out after a season or so. This net is still going strong. And it has a guarantee if you actually ever need to use it.
24601Very high quality – worth the investmentAfter burning through the typical options out there, I tried this and wow, it’s really a big difference in quality, strength.
AmxtitikoDurable meshSeems strong and heavy duty net.Unlike other nets I’ve purchased in the past. Hopefully this could last awhile.
B1960Solid, great companyVery sturdy. Works great and it’s very durable. The company is pretty cool as well. Iron clad no hassle warranty!
Mickey T.Lifetime Warranty Means Lifetime WarranyThis net has been great but after 5 years I wore a hole in it…and ProTuff sent me a replacement without hesitation…just don’t see this kind of customer service everyday. Thanks and I will continue to purchase from this company.
N. LesterGreat product even better warrantyThis pool net is excellent. It hold a lot of leaves and debris. We ended up needing to use the warranty and it was really easy and fast shipping. We won’t use another net.
David BingerDurable Product, No Hassle ReplacementI bought this leaf rake in 2016, and has worked well, butit is now pretty worn out after 7 years in the Arizona desert sun.I submitted the form to request a replacement, and it is on the way. Easy.I’m impressed with the quality of the product and with the company.
StevenGreat productDurable product and sturdy.
George GlassGeorge GlassDurableUsed it today for the first time and had to scoop out this chunk of concrete. I thought for sure it would rip, but it handled it like a champ!
Derek FujiiGreat ProductGreat net. No signs of wear. I’ve replaced a net every year so the warranty on this one is a no brainer.
jcboogersbest skimmer I’ve hadsturdy and great for getting stuff off the bottom
S.leisureIncredible net for pool work!!!This pool net is the best I have ever used. It is sturdy and picks up debris very easily, even from the bottom of the pool! On top of that, this company has the very best warranty program out there, for ANY product. They stand by their product with a LIFETIME warranty and will replace the net if it tears, breaks or fails to perform. AWESOME, only in AMERICA!!
CPFantastic Customer ServiceExcellent Quality
J. CalkinsWorks better than others in getting leaves off the pool bottomThe lip on the bottom works better than the net we already have, in scooping leaves on the pool bottom into the net.
Brooke PeterDefinition of no hassle warranty!!!Had my skimmer for over a year and one of the tabs broke that holds it to the pole. Filled out warranty form without having to explain and 2 days later a replacement on the way! Amazing!!! They cost more but it’s totally worth it. As I replace other items around my pool, you better believe they get first crack at it!! Great company!!
RealConsumerLike a Swifter for the poolI never realized how much I like to clean the pool…until now. This “rake” is more like a swifter for the pool. I just push it along the bottom of the pool away from my body, and the flow (hydrodynamics) of the water as the rake moves along, makes leaves and worms etc, just go up and into the net. It’s extremely satisfying.I also bought the fine mesh net for the season when my filter is winterized, yet there is plenty of pompass grass seeds on top of the water.And with their warranty service, I will only buy Protuff products ever again. Yes I thought it was pricey, but well worth it.
GSHOCK75Solid Choice for Pool maintenanceWorks exceptionally well on my gunite surface pool, built sturdy like a Lifetime product should be built. Well worth the expense, just like every other Pro-Tuff product I own for my pool.
Hi HeidiVery sturdy skimmerWe like this pool skimmer a lot. It’s lightweight yet very strong.
RichkevGood quality.I needed a skimmer that could collect more than just a few leaves, at a time. I have bought the pole and pool brush from this company and am impressed with the quality. I haven’t had to replace anything, but you can’t go wrong with a lifetime warranty.
Brad NoackThe Minute You Take It Out Of The Box You Will See…Wow – the second I picked it up I knew it was 100x better than my last pool net. Works like a charm and it’s built to last. Stop shopping – buy this one.
Kindle CustomerWow! THE simplest and quickest return I have ever done!!!The netting on my 19.5” net tore. Few months ago and I dread going back to deal with the “Lifetime” warranty! But as one review read it was THE simplest and quickest return I have ever had!!! No questions asked, no reception needs! That’s a company I want to give my future business to!!!!!
DingbertGood productGood for removing leaves from the bottom of my pool. Also good for skimming floating leaves off the water’s surface. Guaranteed for life.
GigiFANTASTIC PRODUCT AND WARRANTYWe purchased this net on 12/10/19 and the net’s always been in perfect condition. When not in use, it’s stored in the pool locker, so it’s out of sunlight and the elements. After returning from vacation, I noticed several small rips in the fabric, enough of a rip that small particles could float back out and into the pool. I do ALL of my own pool maintenance but I entrusted a neighbor to take care of the pool, in our absence. I don’t know what she did but the net was ripped (and I wasn’t about to ask).We remembered the reason for this purchase, was the outstanding warranty and like many other reviewers, thought this might be a scam. I mean really, it’s the only seller I’ve ever seen that makes this kind of statement and even if they did honor the warranty, it probably comes tons of “gotcha” catches, or they want all kinds of private info and contact numbers, etc. Nope, just a couple of easy questions and a request to not have them expedite the net, if you can hold on to your sea horses! So, it’s on the way. I’m so impressed, our 16′ pro pool pole just arrived an hour ago! That also comes with the same warranty. Keep up the good work and thanks for having the best warranty in the industry, I do believe, these will be our last purchases for this type of equipment…….WELL DONE!UPDATE 1/10/22: Not only did they replace the net, they sent the whole package (brand new) frame and all! I wanted to ask for the frame too but thought that would be bad form. Nice to see they took it upon themselves to replace the ENTIRE purchase……wow! I’m not a review writer but this company has exceptional warranty service and I know a good warranty when I see one. I like their products so much, I purchased the Ultimate Series 16′ Pool Pole, while waiting for the net replacement. You can read my post there, as well. My only regret, they need to sell more products so I can keep buying them! Keep up the fantastic work ProTuff……..GiGi
Tatiana TorresBest pool skimmer net everI am a home owner, i have bought numerous pool net skimmers, and this one is the best by far. Fast shipping, easy as can be product registration. Thank You
Alan DanzSuperior Customer ServiceTwo years ago I purchased the ProTuff telescopic pole and 20 inch net. Best I ever had. Recently, the net tore at the bottom. I called customer service and spoke with Pam. She and the company are awesome! They were apologetic about my experiencing a problem and arranged to ship out a replacement net at no cost right away. Truly a pleasure to deal with a first class company that values their customers.
CeruleandrmsOutstanding ProductIn pool service, u need your equipment to hold up and and do the job it’s meant to do. This pool net is everything I need to do my job and keep my pools clean. The product speaks for itself and the customer service is second to none. Anyone who says different or disagrees that this is a solid product, probably is known in their inner circle as a power bottom with no gag reflex
Sean KorbSean KorbIf only ALL companies were like ProTuff!!!I have just one wish in life… that all companies would act and give the type of customer service that these guys do. I mean we all have been there before. You were promised a warranty and told “no problem” but then when it comes time to use that coverage they then have all kinds of stipulations on why your warrantied product isn’t covered. “You didn’t file your registration on a Tuesday” “you sent us a .bmp instead of a .jpg” “your first name begins with an S so we can’t cover you” I’ve fought with countless companies and forced them to read their warranty policy to me and still not cover it. Not these guys. They 100% stand behind their products, with no questions asked. I purchased the pole and net for my new pool build. Well needless to say the pool builders ruined my net with what I’m guessing was a cigarette burn and I don’t even know what they did to the pole. I was ready for a fight with ProTuff, assuming I was gonna need to take the blame myself or try to convince them that my newly purchased items were already failing (as no part of their fault) but negligent pool builders. Nope. They didn’t even care. Sent me all new stuff without even as much as a question. No pictures, no begging, no pleading, no arguments. They just did what they promised from the start.I also want to talk briefly about the quality of product. I’ve owned pools my entire life and have bought probably hundreds of nets and poles in my life. These are by far the top of the line in quality and functionality. I was a bit skeptical at first with the higher then standard prices but the quality of these products are well worth the price even if they didn’t warranty them. They have a customer for life now with me. Whatever they make I’ll be sure to buy it because I know it’s going to be the top of the line with outstanding service behind it.ProTuff, keep doing what you are doing and you will continue to make the masses happy.
Baby SharifUnlimited Free ReplacementWhen I ordered this skimmer 6 years ago, I did not believe the claim of “Unlimited Free Replacement”. I thought the seller would pick on something to refuse replacing the product that failed under normal use, just as all other companies do. I went ahead with the purchase anyway because the product seemed to be the best in its class offered at a very reasonable price. Even without a replacement in the future, I thought the product will last several years compared to similarly priced products that never lasted a year.Recently my Pro Grade skimmer started showing signs of deterioration. Last week, after six years and a few months, the plastic rim that holds the net on the aluminum ring failed. I decided to go ahead and buy another one. I was happy with the product and I would pay to buy another one gladly. Then I thought I should give it a try and ask for a replacement. I have to be honest, I was a bit embarrassed to ask for a replacement after 6 years of use. But the warranty allowed it. So, I asked for a replacement by sending a photo of the failed part.The day after my request on October 20 I received a confirmation email that they would replace the skimmer. I asked for a non-expedited shipment; I thought it was only fair. I did not want them to spend too much money on the shipment. Today, October 24, I received my skimmer. I did not spend a penny to get a replacement.I am amazed by their honesty and customer service. They could easily claim that the failure could be from improper use. They never tried to get out of replacing a product after 6 years of constant use. What a company; what a great bunch of people! I recommend their product without any reservation.A very satisfied customer!
DennisGreat product, great companyI’ve had my pool for over 25 years and have gone through a lot of skimmer nets, poles, etc. Basically, it was all low-quality and had to be replaced regularly. I tried this net and absolutely love it, and recommend it without reservation. The mesh is perfect for my pool which has a palo verde tree on the other side of the fence, and which drops a ton of tiny leaves right into my pool. Until I got this net it was almost impossible to skim them out before running the pumps, which I had to do to avoid clogging the skimmer basket, etc. This net is a little larger than normal which holds a lot (meaning less emptying while in use), and a ‘lip’ on the front of the plastic which by pushing it lightly on the pool surface I use to ‘scoop’ debris up off the bottom of the pool and into the net. I love this net!Here’s the kicker: a small hole appeared in the net about a year+ after I got it. I called ProTuff and they immediately sent out a replacement – no debate and no problem. So, bottom line, it’s an excellent product backed by a company with excellent customer service. Sure, you can spend a little less, but then replace it more often – and generally forget about any kind of customer service. No more of that for me! Count me as a loyal ProTuff customer from now on. My next purchase will be their pool pole when mine (before too much longer) needs replacement.
PjLifetime warrantyI gave ProTuff a try after multiple other brand skimmer nets that failed within a year. ProTuff was made well and held up for twice as long. When the net started to develop holes, I reached out to ProTuff and they immediately sent me an identical replacement – no questions, no hassle, no shipping charges, etc. ProTuff truly stands behind their lifetime warranty commitment and they’re made in USA!
Joseph F.Works great, wish I found this sooner.I have a lot of trees around my pool and it is a task trying to keep up with all the leaves. This net is awesome. I can nearly fill the bag with one scoop and it doesnt break.
SannyPool netItem working well in picking up the leaves and debris in my pool. Highly recommended.
Amazon CustomerWorth every penny!! Heavy duty!Last pool net I’ll ever have to buy. No more buying cheaper inferior products. This one is solid, heavy duty and really holds up. The lifetime warranty is just icing on the cake in the event you do wear one out.
gottagetitbackGREAT COMPANY!!!! GREAT PRODUCTS!!!!A little about this ProTuff company. I purchased a pool net about 3 1/2 years ago. The frame looked a little weathered and the net was coming apart a little (it does stay outside in the elements 365 days a year). I thought to myself “hmmm, I have a lifetime guarantee, I should take pictures and get a new one”. But you know how that is, where is my paperwork for the net? Which company did I buy it from? Is it really worth all that trouble?Then one day I get an email from ProTuff. They were saying don’t forget to take advantage of the lifetime guarantee if your pool net is not satisfactory. I have never had a company contact me to take advantage of their lifetime guarantee. ProTuff made it super simple too. They had an Amazon link and that told me exactly when I purchased the pool net and what size pool net. No pictures needed, just fill out a few questions and within 7 days my pool net was there.I wish I took purchased their adjustable pool pole too, but I currently have 3 other ones. I will support ProTuff and I will recommend them to all my friends that have pools.ProTuff is the best company on Amazon!!!!
Donico GodinezPool rake is greatGreat pool rake
David and Kimberly ZGreat product, even better customer service3 years ago I purchased a home with my first pool. Learning how to care for the pool myself, I found the previous leaf rake left for me torn to shreds, so I decided to purchase this Pro Tuff product. Fast forward 3 years, and this thing has spent its whole life, 24/7, under the California Sun, wind, rain, and whatever else was thrown at it. Recently, I went to use it and after using noticed something had somehow managed to get back in the pool. Upon inspecting the netting, I found a hole slightly smaller than a penny. I reached out to customer service for the warranty and had a replacement at my door step in less than 2 days, no extra cost to me, and no crazy questions about how this may have been my fault or misuse of the product. No reason on their end to deny my warranty. They were happy to replace it.Being a realistic person, you know that your pool tools and equipment won’t last a life time, especially with the conditions they live in, and abuse they are put through. The fact that this item lasted 3 years was already a great feat, but to have it replaced for free for a lifetime just made it that much better. Would definitely recommend this companies products for any pool owner looking.
GBGBStrong net and hassle-free warranty!UPDATE 3/24/23:A hole eventually developed in the replacement net but, again this net has lasted longer than all others that I’ve tried. Having previously been sent a replacement, I wasn’t sure whether I could/should ask for another, but the product was listed as unlimited lifetime replacement warranty. So I submitted a replacement request using their easy online site and got confirmation within 24hrs that a new one would be sent out. Didn’t request expedited mail because, coming, I want this company to survive!If you’re on the fence about spending a little extra on this product, I recommend clicking “buy”.ORIGINAL REVIEW:My net developed some holes after about 1 1/2 years of use. But I should add that (a) we have a large pool (20K+), (b) there’s a large overhanging Texas Oak tree that drops a mass of acorns, leaves, and “fluff” across many months of the year and (c) our pool surface is a bit old/rough. When weighed down with acorns, cheap leaf nets get torn up after a month or two. This net has outlasted all others and would even have been worth the extra cost without the lifetime warranty. When it did eventually fail, I contacted the company via Amazon to ask about the lifetime warranty (a few tedious stages in order to send a message, but that’s Amazon’s platform). I received a prompt response and an immediate offer to replace the net.I plan to do more business with this company and encourage others to support them. If people don’t abuse their generous lifetime warranty, it’s a win-win for everyone!
PeterInCrosbyThey stand behind their warranty.I ordered ProTuff net in December of 2015, and I’ve been very happy with it.A couple of weeks ago, I noticed the top of the net where it meets the “handle” was bending and I was having to bend it back. I figured it was time to replace it, and decided to buy the same net from ProTuff.When I went to order a new one, I realized it had a lifetime guarantee. Actually, I had just forgotten about it.I contacted them wondering if shipping and handling, including sending the old one back and getting the replacement, would be worth it.Well, not only did they not make me jump through hoops or pay a cent, but they offered me expedited shipping for free. I declined the expedited shipping, and the replacement arrived a week later. It was so easy.My “blue pole”, which I’ve always hated, had seized up for the final time permanently. I had looked at the ProTuff pole, but the price had given me pause. However, now knowing they certainly do stand behind their warranty, I decided the cost was worth it.My pole arrived 2 days ago, and now I understand the cost. It is high quality, and that type of quality carries a higher price. It’s extremely easy to adjust, and I’ll never again be walking to the garage to get a pair of pliers to adjust a blue pole again. I wish I purchased it years ago.ProTuff not only makes great products, but they live up to their warranty and promise of quality.Pool companies, please charge your customers a couple hundred bucks more and provide them with ProTuff accessories. I wish my installer had done that instead of providing me with the cheapo crap accessories.
scott sandersPerfectly adequate net. Guarantee is legitThis net is a bit finer than the ones I am used to from the local pool store. Therefore it collects more debris from the pool, but makes it more difficult to pull through the water. This company also makes a silt net which I don’t have, but I think would be too fine for daily use.The net design makes it somewhat difficult to pick up leaves from the bottom of the pool. As the instructions point out, you need to do a sweeping motion to first kick the leaves up, and then scoop them on the next sweep. That works well but adds time and effort compared to other net designs.I bought this net because of the lifetime guarantee. Like pretty much everyone, I leave the nets/poles on hooks outside, in my case in the Texas sun. After a couple seasons of exposure to the elements any net is going to need to be replaced. This one probably lasts longer than typical budget nets. I get two years out of one of these nets before I need to contact the seller for a replacement. And that’s the primary reason I wanted to leave this review. The top review on here claims that they could not get a response from the seller. That has not been the case for me. I have contacted the seller twice now over the last few years, and both times they very quickly shipped a replacement net to me, direct from Amazon, with no questions asked. If you plan to have a pool for more than a couple years, this net is a bargain just for the warranty.
pomeraniansExtremely well madeSturdy. Super fast shipping. Great customer service. Thank you!
D.Well worth the price!!! Fantastic product!!This leaf rake is is one of the best money can buy, It is very durable and last a long time!! Plus it has a lifetime warranty! I would highly recommend this leaf rake to everyone.Here is an update to my prior review:I want to say that Michael and his team at ProTuff live up to their lifetime warranty on their products!!! A big THANK YOU to them!!We purchase one of their 19″ leaf rakes in February of 2021. I is one of the items that we used daily if not multiple times a day. The rake frame is rock solid and the netting is strong and last too! We finally started seeing some wear on the net and I submitted a claim via Facebook Messenger. The team got back to me quickly and the new net arrived in just a few days!! OUTSTANDING Service and Customer support!!I am also glad that I bought the 18′ pool pole and silt rake too!! The pole works great!!! No more collapsing/sliding of the pole trying to the leaves a the bottom in the corners!!I highly recommend their pool products!!!
Michael M.One of the best products I’ve ever boughtI’ve had a pool for almost 40 years, and gone through a lot of pool equipment. Anyone who’s had a pool knows that the equipment takes a beating between the heavy use, always being in the weather and for nets, that you use it for whatever you have to get out of the pool unless you can get in the water to get it. I had a good net from the local pool supply store, but it finally gave out and i checked this one out on Amazon for comparison shopping. The “lifetime guarantee” stood out….too good to be true??? IT’s NOT too good to be true!! I got a small tear in the net at the end of year one, and the leaves I skimmed would escape, so I contacted them on Friday night. They responded with an on-line virtual agent. Asked me for my amazon order number, next thing I know they were replacing it – no conditions, no issues, no delays, and no other questions! This company is outstanding, has a great product and stands behind it….awesome!
BuckwheatThis net is fantastic and the customer service is even betterMay 20, 2019I bought this net on May 20, 2019, based on the reviews. I was not disappointed in the net’s ability to pick up pool debris. It does a fantastic job, much better than those generic pool nets.UPDATE August 29, 2019I used this net the entire summer of 2019 without issue. On August 29, 2019 I noticed a tear in the net. I submitted a warranty claim and was promptly sent a replacement without question.Near the end of summer, 2020. I noticed a tear in the replacement net. I was hesitant to ask for a warranty claim a second time. My net and pole hang outside on the pool house wall. I started to wonder if birds or some other animal were trying to get through the net at the debris I would pull out of the pool (lots of leaves and some acorns).UPDATE March 2021Fast forward to March 2021 when I received an unsolicited email from ProTuff titled “Need a Free Pool Rake Replacement?”. Well yes, I probably do I thought. While I won’t post the contents of the email here, it was very detailed and insistent that their customers take advantage of their “lenient warranty”. I contacted them once more and was shipped a replacement net without question or the need for pictures (even though I sent some pictures).I can’t encourage people enough to BUY this net asap. Companies like ProTuff, who stand behind their products like this, are hard to come by these days.I’m going to keep my net inside the pool house this season and see if my torn net issues go away.
LeslieLeslieAmazing Guarantee and customer service for a superior productWe bought the Pro Tuff pool net close to 5 years ago. We have found it to be the best we’ve owned. It works like a great skimmer, but also has an ingenious design with a slanted scoop to enable it to work like a scoop or a dust pan and get all the debris on the bottom of the pool. Our pool is surrounded by palm trees that look nice but shed tons of flowers and acorns, so the Pro Tiff net helps us clean the pool bottom before we brush or vacuum. Our net developed a small tear after 5 years. I went on Amazon and searched my orders because I really wanted to buy the same net again. I noticed the lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer and the request to context them for a replacement. I did so, and got a reply within 24 hours and a request for my address to ship me a brand new net. It arrived within the week and it is perfect. I thought I’d won when I got one that worked well and lasted 5 years. Now, I really won because it was just replaced for free with a new product. Great company, wonderful product, sincere guarantee, and outstanding customer service. Now, I’m waiting for our extension poll to break so I can buy a new one from Pro Tuff. Top notch across the board and the highest recommendation for this company and their pool products.
drfitmindandbodyDoes the job quickly.This skimmer is serious stuff. Not like the flimsy others I have bought in the past. Quickly catches fine to large debris in one swoop. Pricey but definitely worth it especially with the lifetime warranty.
Emilyeasy to useEasy to use, catches easily
Jon SpaugyBest pool netThe cost is a little more than what I usually pay for a pool net but it is well worth the money. Great product and durable.
Larold J.The best pool rake I’ve found in 25 yearsI am the proud owner of a ProTuff pool net leaf skimmer rake – 19.5″. This is by far the best pool rake that I have ever used. It has lasted the longest (3 years and counting), scoops effortlessly, has a large bag, and is the best quality rake I’ve used in 25 years.For 25 years I have owned a large concrete pool in Southern CA. There is a large tree next to it that dumps a ton of leaves into it every winter. I have had at least 10 different pool rakes over the years, and the ProTuff one is clearly the best. I won’t ever be shopping for another brand.It has performed great for me for 3 years, and the frame, buttons, handle are all still in great shape. The shape of the scooper is really good. Leaves branches, etc. scoop right in leaving a clean pool bottom behind. You can even use in in two directions by dragging in back. The wear of this product in my rough concrete pool over the last 3 years if fantastic. The plastic on the frame is still in great shape. The bag seams had started to wear out, so I e-mailed ProTuff, and the’re sending me a new net at no cost, easy-peasy.Buy one, or you are denying yourself one of the true pleasures in life.
B HallHardcore!This is one sturdy pool sweeping net. I am the guardian of a playful, extremely aggressive, pit bull. He loves the water and he loves to chase the net. He once caught the net. He only managed to tear the net about 2 inches from the frame while he hung from it by his teeth while thrashing in the water and refusing to let go. The ProTuff rep said he would replace the net regardless of the reason for the damage but I didn’t take them up on the offer because the damage was totally my fault. Also, NO NEED TO REPLACE because it still totally works even though it’s a little torn from the frame. The net wasn’t even damaged even though this jerk dog was hanging from it until I could get him to let go. This is a badass piece of kit. Seriously. I’ve had it for almost three years and still going strong. Totally worth the money.
nice pieceReplaced – all you have to do is ask!We skimmed treacherous coastal pin oak and sycamore leaves with this net for two and half years before the netting tore. Before enacting the lifetime warranty we bought another different brand skimmer. My husband kept telling me how much better the ProTuff net was than any other skimmers we’ve had for the past twenty years. So, I inquired about the warranty – it was so easy to get a no-cost replacement, quick helpful instructions, and the new skimmer net arrived in four days without expedited shipping!This is the one to buy once and you’ll never need to buy one again. Plus it works the best – gets job done!
Mike L.Never so excited about a pool net- great qualityOut of the package this thing screams quality. Using it, it feels solid and sturdy, moreso than any net I have used in 15 years. They back it with a lifetime warranty probably because it is so well built they never have to worry. In a world of over- priced crap that most people sell you, this equipment os a breath of fresh air. Thank you!
elliot berkwittBest there isLast long time, good quality, great customer service
Island-SlackerOutstanding Warranty ServiceThe front edge of the plastic rim (“Easy Glide” Scoop) was damaged / deteriorated by my StoneScapes surface after only 8 months of use. I have a 28,000 gallon pool that is not protected by a screen enclosure. As such, the 3 oak trees next to the pool guarantee that I’m using the net approximately 30 – 45 minutes just about everyday.Day 1 (Tuesday) – registered my product then submitted a claim for replacement of the plastic rim.Day 2 (Wednesday) – received an email from Jais at ProTuff asking me a few basic questions to validate my claim and outlined their shipping policy. Sent reply back to him with my answers.Day 3 (Thursday) – received a 2nd email from Jais indicating that a replacement would be sent. As indicated on the warranty web page and in his email the day before, nomal shipping time for warranty items takes 10 – 14 days. This time frame can be truncated greatly if you meet certain criteria. Unfortunately, neither my purchase nor I met any of the requirements for expedited shipping. Nevertheless, I asked nicely that whatever he decides for shipping will be fine with me.Day 4 – nullDay 5 – nullDay 6 (Sunday at 730 pm) – courier drops off the 4th package of the day at my front door. Nobody knew what it was, as all my renters already received everything they expected that day. When I opened the box, it was an entirely new replacement net, not just the part that was damaged.
Frederick M. MurphyGreat productWorks great.
VickiGreat product with excellent warranty!I originally purchased the 19″ Heavy Duty Pool Net in January of 2015. The product lasted until a few months ago (2022)…7 years! I contacted customer service and without any questions at all they sent me a replacement. The warranty process was very easy and only took a few moments on FB Messenger. I wish more companies would follow their lead. Excellent job ProTuff! I will continue to use their products.
J. LindstromBest skimmer net I have ever hadI purchased this back in 2019 for our new home with a pool. Our old home had a pool as well, but our skimmer was worn out so we left it for the new owners to get them started. I have used this one several times a week since then, during the season of course, and it has been great. Nice wide opening, catches the debris and, best of all, has not worn out until this year. That has to be the longest lasting pool skimmer net I have ever had.Brining me to my most recent EXCELLENT experience. I got an email from ProTuff at the beginning of the season asking if we needed a replacement and reminding me of the lifetime warranty. I thought, how nice, I’ll have to look. Sure enough, the frame was starting to fray and split and I figured this is the last season I’m going to have with this one. So I reached out and no fuss no muss, new one is on the way.What a GREAT company, ProTuff, is to not only advertise a great product; stand behind it with a great warranty; but then truly produce and deliver on both. I was so impressed, I just bought 2 of their poles. Now, just make some wire brushes and I’ll be 100% ProTuff owner.
William F.Great product and warrantyWe bought this in 2017 and it is the best we have ever had. We just had a problem with it and they respond in less then 2 hours and they are sending a new one out right away . They stand behind there products I give them 10 plus stars . Friendly customer service and they are right there to help you nice to see the lifetime warranty is just that . This is the only net I will buy for my pool it works great and it does a great job less time I have to spend cleaning it. Picks up great well designed . Thank you for a great product and the lifetime warranty on our products 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
bethBest rake ever ownedLooking at the pool rake, the net is much sturdier more like a fine metal mesh than the nylon stuff that rips and deteriorates.The pool rake easily slipped on to our long handle. It’s large enough opening makes skimming the top of the water easy. The lip design makes a very easy to scrape leaves and debris off the bottom of the pool. Using slow strokes initially just to get water under the debris and the second one to scoop it up works well for us. Drake going straight down the side easily contours to the edge of the pool unlike some of the cheaper round ones that only have a metal edge or those with a plastic edge.Emptying the net is easier than those nylon nets that flop and close when you turn them upside down. I have found this net to be sturdy enough that when you flip it upside down and wiggle it back and forth it’s still manages usually to stay upright allowing the debris to fall out.
Amazon CustomerAn awesome product with an awesome warrantyBought it in 2014 and with the shaped plastic at the bottom it was so much more effective than the basic skimmer I had before in picking up dirt from the bottom of the pool. Now, in 2022, after 8 years in the harsh Miami environment, the plastic rim had given up (net still in great shape). Called for the lifelong warranty, not expecting much, and without questions got a brand new one shipped free!The second my pool pole gives out (I am on my 4th in 16 years), I will buy the Protuff one!
PLGPLGPro Tuff Products Stands by its GuaranteeWe purchased our ProTuff Product (Black, Stiff Nylon Net Pool Rake) to replace our old one in 2018.I utilized this product everyday until 7/10/2022 when it sepearted as the hard plastic around the rake finally started breaking down. Yes it used to be red. We contacted ProTuff and they honored the warranty to replace it.First off this is one tough product and well worth the additional cost from a normal rake. Mine still functions even though it is slowley wearing down. The net is itact but the surrounding red plastic is now white and failing. The connecting press button is still working like new, I have never had better service or a better pool product. Highley recommend the purchase of ProTuff Products!
Michael KhawThe lifetime guarantee is for real!The lifetime guarantee is for real!I purchased my initial pool net back in 2018. I have a pretty large pool and it is surrounded by trees so there’s always a lot of leaves and branches to scoop out. I had gone through many pool nets and I was looking for one that was sturdy durable and had a warranty. This one checked all the boxes. I used it for four years before it started to show some signs of damage. There was a hole at the bottom and it started to get bigger. I remembered that this product had a lifetime warranty so I went to their website and ordered a new one. Because I had had it for such a long time I wasn’t very optimistic that I was going to get a replacement but less than a week later I had a new net on my doorstep. I am very impressed with this product!
EstherGreat Mesh BagWe’ve had our original ProTuff Fine Mesh bag for several years and it’s been a great product. It easily picks up both the big stuff (leaves, bugs, etc.) and also does a great job with the tiny leaf particles and silt that settle on the bottom of the pool. And when the bag began to separate late this pool season from the red rim, we got in touch with ProTuff to let them know and they immediately sent us out a new one – no hassles whatsoever. Great product and great company that really does stand behind their lifetime warranty!
Jose EspinoGreat product, even greater warranty!I’ve had the ProTuff 19.5 inch black pool leaf rake net for going on two years and use it on a daily basis because my back yard has lots of trees and my pool just seems to collect their leaves. This net is very sturdy/durable and has worked very well. It’s a little stiff, but that’s what makes it so strong. It will definitely stand up to daily use. This net has a LIFETIME warranty, which makes the product even better. When I bought this net, I figured the warranty was just a marketing glimick and when the time came, the company would not honor the warranty or make it such a hassle that it wouldn’t be worth my time to get a replacement. I WAS WRONG. Just recently, my net developed a small hole and the plastic frame started getting worn through normal daily use, not because of any deficiency. When I reached out to the company to get a replacement, they immediately responded and sent me a new net with no hassles whatsoever. I was shocked. The customer service this company displayed was outstanding. I could not be happier. If nothing else, get this pool net because of the warranty (even though the product itself is very good too). I will definitely be buying my pool products through this company from now on. They made a loyal customer out of me.
Alan SGreat large debris rakeLiving here in Florida with a pool exposed to all of the elements, when heavy storms come through or hurricanes blowing all kinds of debris into my pool, this is the first tool I will grab in my pool clean up process. A much sturdier version compared to what you find at your local pool store. All of the heavy large debris will be gotten out of the pool in no time with this item. I follow it up with the finer silt skimmer to get all the smaller debris. This product has a great warranty should you need it.
DanThey stand by their warrantyAfter going through at least 1 each season, I finally decided to invest in a quality rake. I’ve had the 19.5″ Pro Tuff for 2 years now. The thing is certainly high quality. Unlike previous rakes, I really can load this thing up with 20 pounds of wet leaves without it bending or twisting. The netting itself is also considerably thicker than any from the big box stores.While I fully expected to get a few more years out of this rake, it somehow developed a hole. I suspect it was a rodent because the rest of the netting is still in great shape. I sent the manufacturer a message through Amazon and they responded within a couple of hours requesting my address so they could send a replacement. They didn’t question how it was damaged or ask for pictures. The warranty claim really couldn’t have been much easier.I also have their telescoping pole and while it hurt a bit to cough up so much for a pool pole, the thing is so sturdy and the latching mechanism has remained so smooth that it would have been worth it even without their lifetime warranty.
C. Van Den HandelHigh-quality productPerhaps the best leaf rake I’ve tried – a massive step up from the cheap crap at Leslie’s. I suspect this one will last quite a while. It does a great job scooping up twigs and leaves from the pool’s bottom surface.
ccharmatzccharmatzI did not believe the no hastle warrantyI needed a new net and pole in 2019. I decided to give the ProTuff equipment a try as I had run across a promotion at the time. I did not really give much thought to the no BS warranty they allegedly have until I broke my net last weekend. I almost just ran to the local pool store and got another net, then remembered the lifetime warranty.I followed their directions and sent a warranty request via FB Messenger. Said I did not need expedited delivery and poof the message bot asked a few questions and my new net arrived today.No pictures, not questions about how I broke, no hassles, and no BS. I just searched their products on Amazon to see what other items they have that I may buy to replace other vendors junk without a warranty.The Net and Pole I have are of great quality and honestly the net should not have broken. I knew what I had in it was way too heavy.Thanks ProTuff. Great products, and I was very pleasantly surprised how easy the warranty replacement was.
SFBeachThis company stands behind their warranty 100% No questions asked !This ProTuff net is a commercial grade quality construction that I would recommend to anyone. After two & 1/2 yrs. the net to pool adaptor cracked. I filed a warranty claim and with no questions asked I was sent a new one. This net is also priced right for its quality let alone its warranty.
debbie neumannPurchase this net! It will be the last net you will have to buy.I ordered this net in 2018 because we kept going through nets a couple times a year. I was skeptical about the warranty so I made sure to keep the warranty card. Well, 3 1/2 years later our net got a slight tear in it and part of the frame was beginning to wear down. I took a picture of it and sent it to the company. I received a response that day. An entirely new net was in its way. Just like they advertised not a single question was asked other than for my address. I got the shipping notice later that afternoon. When it comes to integrity ProTuff has it.
YmjhWell worth the moneyFor years I’ve been buying brand name leaf rakes, but at a lower price. It wasn’t long until the net would rip, and I had to repeat the process.In April 2016 I decided to spend a little more and take chance on one with a lifetime guarantee.It did the best job of picking up oak leaves on the bottom of the pool of any rakes I’ve had, and would hold as many wet leaves as I could lift.I’ve had lots of “lifetime waranties” in my life that were worthless, but I was pleasantly surprised by ProTuff’s.I have a concrete pool, and after 4 years the plastic on the front edge had worn down to the aluminum frame. I was a little concerned about scratching or gouging the surface, but still satisfied it lasted that long. However, the net looked and felt good as new, with no rips or tears. The worst thing was that the bright red plastic frame had changed to light pink from the chlorine and sun.A quick call to costumer support and they said they’d send out a new, and better, rake.I haven’t had it long enough to tell if it is better, or lasts longer, but it appears to sweep up more leaves, easier, than the old one.I give it 7 stars.
toy4runtoy4runGreat Product, Great Customer Services. Product warranty is REAL!!!I purchased the Pro-Tuff pool net back in Spring of 2017. This was after going through 3 other brands before the end of the Summer of 2016. I say this because here we are in the Spring of 2021 and the pool net has finally shown significant wear. So I figured I’d check out this “Lifetime” warranty… I e-mailed Pro-Tuff and provided the Amazon order information and received a reply back from Pro-Tuff the very next day stating that my replacement net was ON THE WAY and to expect it within a week or so. I received the replacement within 3 days. GREAT JOB Pro-Tuff. I love this net because its 2in1 you do not have to change it out to skim small particles. Oh by the way Pro-Tuff also has a great telescopic pool pole that is “THE BEST” one we have ever had, easy to adjust wonderful locking mechanism, durable and sturdy. This too has a “Lifetime Warranty” it’s hardly showing any wear and tear and we are definitely happy with it. No I just need from them to come up with a pool brush as good if not better than the pole and net. (Wink) Good Company Good Products.
BirdyBoyBest pool skimmer yetJust got this after I had to toss the last cheap one away, it was junk, would have returned it to the store if I had the receipt. We had a huge storm and I had a ton of leaves in the pool, right out of the box I could tell this one was sturdy and well built. Better then any pool skimmer/net I’ve had. Used it to clean all the leaves out of the pool, worked like a champ. So far I’m super impressed. If you are tired of all the cheap junk that breaks after just a few uses, go with this one. Now the true test is durability, so we shall see as I use it more and time goes on. For now though it was a great purchase. When my pole breaks I’ll be trying one of theirs.
Patricia B. GottengerPatricia B. GottengerGreat product with even better warranty and supportI bought this a few years ago and had been working flawlessly until recently when I noticed that the mesh was broken. I contacted support and they were great. They granted their lifetime warranty without any issues and I got a brand new replacement unit within 5 days. Highly recommended. You won’t be disappointed
CNote3030So far living up to it’s hype!I would say it’s above average in full nets as far as that goes and if this lifetime replacement thing really stands test of time then it’s totally worth money. The mesh seems pretty strong so I don’t think I’ll have to take use of the warranty this year but I’ve never had one make it two to three years so we’ll see how this goes…. If it’s on normal pool equipment and has a rather large and kind of stiff bag on the back of it but I like it!
Kelly ThomasBest Ive hadBeats the previous ones that only lasted a year, maybe 2. With the way this works and the lifetime replacement guarantee, how can you go wrong?
JohnGreat Net – Great CompanyGreat net that skims well with the red lip and also holds a lot of debris.Lost mine after Hurricane Ian. They quickly sent me a new one at no cost.Buying these is worth it for the peace of mind alone, knowing it’s one of the few items I’ll never have to pay multiple times for.
JasonGreat quality and even better warrantyI bought this product about 3 1/2 years ago and it held up nicely until a tear occurred in the net. I reached out for the lifetime warranty and the response was quick and easy.I would highly recommend spending the extra money to get this product since I have bought cheaper ones in the past and besides the lack of warranty they last half the time.
George NorenGeorge NorenExcellent product from a positively pro-active companyI bought this product in April of 2019 and it is still working excellently! Now I treat my tools with respect, but this has been hanging by the pool in the Texas sun for 3 years and it is no where near needing replacement (which is much more than I can say for any of my previous pool leaf skimmers). Even the netting is still strong with no holes or breaks. ProTuff keeps in touch and offers to replace it from time-to-time, but aside from a little sun fading it is as good as new. Note that after 3 years the company still offers to replace the tool free of charge. Amazing! Just buy it and be happy. You DO get what you pay for!
BJGHeavy but strongIt is very heavy dragging through water with debris. It works great and built strong. I would definitely recommend.
Jerry FrymanRecommended, I Love these Nets.I purchased my Original 19″ pool net in 2015. I Love the Thickness of the net. I’m pretty hard on my nets because I have a Neighbors Huge Old Birch tree that hangs over 1/2 of my inground pool. It sheds its bark, huge leaves and branches all summer long whenever the wind blows or rains. Storms are the worse. Dropping them in my pool non-stop. So I’m using my net to fish out sharp sticks, leaves and branches a few hours or more per day on the bad windy days . As I mentioned, my nets have to be as heavy duty as possible and this net is. As for their Unlimited Free Replacement Policy, I just received my 2nd replacement since 2015. Both times that I emailed the ProTuff Products Store to request my replacement, I attached a photo showing the issue {starting to rip from the frame after 3 years of heavy use}. ProTuff replied immediately, stating my new net was on the way. So I’m very happy with the product and ProTuff honoring their stated Unlimited Free Replacement Policy.
BsargeLook no further. Outstanding company to do business with, they actually care about the customer.When I first bought the ProTuff net I was not used to such a sturdy net, you could literally pick bowling balls out of your pool with this powerful tool, but I am a retired Marine, over 60, and truthfully kind of hard to please! I gave a less than stellar review, but kept the ProTuff because it was so sturdy and I do have a lot of pine trees near my pool. It works great after I got used to it and am using it to this day. Months later, I was surprised to get an email from the President of the company asking about why I never requested a refund for the ProTuff. Of course being nearly a professional curmudgeon I ignored the email, but recieved a second email and decided to respond. The President of the ProTuff company asked me about what improvements I wanted to see and I told him what I thought, but what I really thought was “what a stand-up company and what superior customer interaction”. The President offered me a full refund, but I don’t want it. This company is awesome and has now earned yet another customer for life, or at least as much life as I have left. lol
YirgacheffeLifetime Warranty! It’s True with Free Shipping!I originally purchased the Pool Net to replace our frayed and disintegrating leaf rake with the expectation that it would last a year. The Pool Net is more durable than the usual consumer model with thicker plastic guards and securing material for the netting. Two years later after use several times per week, the net began to fray and the plastic guard was beginning to separate due to repeated scraping along the pool bottom and walls.I contacted Pro Tuff with the expectation that I would need to send the old, worn out Pool Net to them for a replacement along with a shipping payment. Pool Tuff responded to my email request on a Saturday, and sent the replacement within 5 days, free shipping too!I have their Pool Pole which is sturdy and allows me to maneuver the pool vacuum and pool net without bending! Also, the locking mechanism is superior to the twist cam of competitor models that slip or become “locked.”Pro Tuff – please also sell other pool products such as a pool vacuum and brushes.
Amazon CustomerWarranty is fantastic!Originally purchased pool leaf rake in November 2019. After almost 3 years of constant use in Florida, the plastic holding the netting started to deteriorate so I sent a message to seller on Labor Day 2022. Received a reply the next day and the free replacement in less than 7 days with free shipping! Worth paying a little more for both the quality and warranty.
JayneWorks greatDefinitely feels much more sturdy then previous pool nets. It’s a little pricey but if it lasts well worth it.
Dan wellsThe best!Over the years I have had to purchase several pool nets. Sorry to say it took me three times to get it right! This net is by far the best I have ever purchased and have used it daily during pool season (3rd year)and it looks as good as the day purchased it. My son was given one for he’s pool five years ago and grandson stepped on handle and it broke. ProTuff wanted to give him a free replacement but we would not take it because we broke it. He purchased a new one for his pool as well. GREAT PRODUCT from a great customer service company!!! Dan W
ssMasonBest net and legit warranty!This has been hands down the best net we have had in nearly 20 years of having a pool! It picks up everything, super sturdy and well crafted. We had our net over two years and the net started to come apart and we’re able to get a new one no problem – quick, painless process for warranty claim. They gave the option of getting it expressed shipped at no charge – which I didn’t do because it wasn’t an emergency and we still got the net within a week. Great product and fabulous warranty- love these guys!! Looking for something else to buy from them !
LeftyGreat product, great companyI was skeptical about the lifetime warranty claim since most companies leave a loophole or some other catch, like, no coverage for coastal properties, no coverage for “improper use”, etc. That is not the case with this company and their products. They stand behind their products and the warranty claim process was quick and simple after I finally wore out the net. A+ rating for these guys!
Gary NechvatalBest Pool Cleaning Net and Great Service/WarrantyHave had this pool cleaning net for 3 years and it does a fantastic job cleaning the bottom and top of the pool. It easily picks up anything you need to get. We use it on a pole or by hand when in the pool. It easily traps even small particles. We have 3 dogs and 2 of them go in the pool all the time. The ProTuff net captures all the dog hair floating in the pool. I have tried many other pool nets that were difficult to use or fell apart within 1 year. The net is used year round here in Arizona and is now finally starting to show some wear and tear. I was ready to order another one since it is the best pool net we have had when I found out about their lifetime warranty. I contacted them via email and within very very short period of time, I had a response. After answering a few questions, they are sending me a brand new pool net! This is after 3 years of use!Amazing warranty, Great customer service, and a great product all in one. Well worth purchasing. If you are considering a purchase — DO IT, you wont go wrong.
MarkReally is the best pool net ever, worth the price!Had it for an entire season and it’s far-and-away the best skimmer I’ve ever used or see – Highly recommended! It works really well as a pool net and because of it’s larger than other nets, you don’t have to empty it every 30 seconds. I’ve used it to scoop leaves out from the bottom (~9ft) and it works as advertised, no problem, though it does get heavy real quick with the amount of leaves you can haul out at once (tip: choke up on the handle as you pull it up from the bottom and let the water drain as you slowly lift it out). The head is made of metal with a nice plastic covering, and the angles make it very function for using along the sides, stairs, sloped walls etc. I haven’t needed to call in the warranty but it’s nice to know it’s there. My father-in-law asked about it one day (after seeing how much it could hold and the metal frame) so I gave him one for father’s day and he loves it! If you’re reading this, stop debating and BUY ONE!
db cooganGreat company and warranty. Replaced mine after 4 years of working greatWarranty is awsome
roni ryanBest customer service and great productI first bought this product in 2018. It worked very well, and lasted 2.5 years, (which I really think was a long time), when eventually the net got a small tear. I remembered that the net came with a lifetime warranty so contacted the company for replacement. I filled out the form they sent within a couple of minutes (just confirming the product and address) and in a few days received a brand new replacement, no questions asked! It truly is the last leaf rake you will ever buy! Definitely go with this product!!
Fernando RiveraExcellent product, outstanding warranty experience!Excellent product! Unfortunately the first came with a tear in the mesh but through the warranty I received a new one without any cost in a decent time frame. The new one is in very good conditions and works excellent! By far is the most robust product I have used for my pool maintenance, and the best warranty in the market!
Edgar WoodsonGreat warrantyWe bought the leaf skimmer version a few years ago because we were tired of the short life of the ones we used in the past. This unit is well made and very durable – and when it finally wears out it is replaced under warranty – no questions asked. We recently replaced ours after several years use – great product. AND – while we did not at the time, need one, we got an email from the manufacturer reminding us that we had a lifetime warranty should we ever need replacement. Can’t do better than that.
DBGreat equipment and warrantyProtuff stands behind its products; I’ve used several. When I contacted them about a product “lifetime warranty” it was immediate and hassle free. This company is the absolute BEST – great equipment and an unbeatable warranty.
BMDurable well constructed with a real warrantyThis is an extremely solid net… how solid? I probably shouldn’t admit to pulling a few giant turtles out of our swimming pool with this but one has to rescue the wildlife!The only time I had a problem (not related to turtle rescue) the company were good as their word.. no hassle replacement.I have purchased the pool store nets and it just gets old… they are not up to the requirements (of even normal swimming pool cleaning), they fade, the plastics warp.. junk.If I had to buy this again or gift it I wouldn’t hesitate. Can I rate it any higher? Amazon only allows 5 stars.
Les & LeeYou need this pool net – and they 100% stand behind their warrantythis net is stronger and better than any other net we’ve had. Our handsome pool cleaner (AKA my husband) says it’s stronger and more efficient than other pool nets. it picks up both large and small particles. it’s easy to empty. the handle attachment stays firmly attached to the pole. we purchased the net in August 2018 and contacted them today – 3 and a half years later – because after almost daily use the net had begun to detach from the frame. i sent them an email with the invoice and a picture of the net, and within an hour we had a reply saying our replacement net was on it’s way. can’t beat that. Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to this one. It’s better, and ultimately more cost effective.
IS1228LIFETIME GUARANTEED! THE BEST!They are true to their promise. My skimmer/rake started to show signs of wear and I requested a replacement. Easy and fast! And it’s a quality product which works as advertised. All my supplies will be Pro-Tuff!
ashley penalozaThe best net I’ve purchased in 20 yearsI am a pool and spa professional and this is by far the best net I have purchased. I have been cleaning pools for years and this will probably be the last net I buy. I have had it replaced once in 4 years but that was due to my own neglect not the fault of the net and they still sent me a free replacement. Looking forward to purchasing the pole next.
LiaMGreat company!Great product and warranty! Bought my 19.5 leaf rake in March last year. What I love most of my rake is the depth and sturdiness of the netting. Due to constant use of cleaning my pool of debris the netting was developing a tear by the rim. I contacted Pro Tuff by email on a Saturday thinking I would not get a response until the middle of the week. Surprisingly they responded hours after receipt of the email. They needed additional information and I sent it off the next day. Again not expecting to hear back on a Sunday they sent me another email of when I will receive my replacement! What superb customer service! A company that really stands behind their warranty guarantee! No hassles and no worries! No photos or proof of damage is needed (I included a photo to ensure proof of damage) I am truly impressed! I wish they carried more pool supplies as I would be a loyal customer! Kudos to a fine company!
Corey BaisleyGreat product that company stands behindI’m going on 3 years with this pool skimmer. Most pervious ones have broke at this point. My in ground pool absorbed a lot of leaves in the fall, so full nets in the spring. The box store ones can handle a season or two, but that’s about it. Not this one, it’s built to last. And the company stands behind there product, I get periodic e-mails reminding me of there replacement program should anything go wrong with it. We need more products and companies like this in our lives. Keep up the good work ProTuff.
TxTeacherGuarantee makes this the product to buy!I bought this net in 2019 and used it for two and a half years with no problems. It caches the small debris and holds onto it. The net started to tear after regular use and had a large hole that made it to where it could no longer be used. I reached out to the company via Facebook messenger and was able to get a replacement without any hassle at all. I was asked a few questions and was able to choose which shipping option worked for me. I chose regular shipping and still had my replacement very quickly. The net is wonderful and the guarantee makes it that much better!
Amazon CustomerGreat product. Great Warranty.Great product. And when the plastic coating on mine cracked after 3+ years in the South Fl sun, the warranty covered it at no cost! Very easy and smooth Warranty process took less than 5 minutes and my replacement was on the way.It’s a pleasure to do business with a company that backs their product and actually delivers on their promises…
HamidHamidBest Leaf Rake on the Market! Order yours todayWe just received our replacement leaf rake and are pleased to be able to give 5 stars in all categories for this product. We have a gunnite pool (concrete and tile) with lots of leaves, twigs and sticks from neighbors 100 foot tree.This ProTuff company stands by their warranty for a lifetime! Pro Tuff operates like All American Companies USED TO but that customer service has disappeared, sadly, from most businesses. Even when you check out the return policy, ProTuff states that even if your rake was damaged by aliens, they will replace it. I don’t know if my husband is from another galaxy, but I need not worry. If something happens again, Pro Tuff will be there with their amazing warranty.You people are amazing and we will never purchase another leaf rake from a box store that doesn’t make it thru the swim season. The rake is worth every dollar. You will save a lot of money in the long run.Order came promptly, as promised, delivered to our porch in South Carolina.
fast Freddy2 year still going strongI’ve held off on giving this product to review for two years. Which was about the average time my other net lasted. This net is fantastic. I normally don’t give lengthy reviews but to buy a product that actually works and stands up to use is great. I was tired of buying new ones every other year. I wanted something that would last forever and was willing to pay for it. This is it. My pool is constantly getting leaves from the wind in Southern California and there’s net does the job and has lasted two years with absolutely no problems
John RyanGreat leaf rake and wonderful customer service!My leaf rake lasted seven years before the Arizona heat and dry air finally caused the plastic to start breaking. The process for getting it replaced (it has a lifetime warranty) was very easy and painless, and after answering a few questions about it (the only thing I had to look up was the Amazon order #) a new one was shipped to me at no cost. The rake itself has worked with no issue (until I had to get it replaced, that is) and I am very happy with it!
christopher ronteyImpressive leaf rakeI’m a 16 year pool professional and this is hands down the best leaf rake I have ever used. It has a perfect lip for clearing debris from the bottom. The net itself is durable but flexible enough to empty quickly. Make my job so much easier. I have had it for just a few weeks but have probably put close to a year and a half of use on it.I did happen to get a hole in the bottom of it. Don’t know if some debris poked through or it got caught on something. So I filed a warranty claim and it was so very easy. Just answered a couple of questions and that was it. They didn’t care what happened beyond asking if the product failed so improvements could be made. No pictures required. I should get it in a week or so. Can’t recommend this company enough.
Monarch55Monarch55True lifetime warrantyLet’s update, the net recently broke after five long hot years of use in the Florida heat. Oh my, Protuff replaced it, no questions asked. It was so simple to go through the warranty process. No charge at all. I received the replacement in less then a week too!First pool net that has durability to last, here in Florida the sun is tough on pool tools. I have had my pool net since 2018 and not onetear or rip in the netting. I use it daily to skim the pool and scoop the leaves from the bottom. Well worth the money!
Amazon CustomerGreat customer serviceThis is a very sturdy pool net. Extremely impressed. And the lifetime warranty worked very well. Had no issues at all after having a tear in the net.
Rodney Carter WadfordGarranted for LIFE!!Garranted for LIFE!!Bought one of these back in 2015 and have had to replace it twice. No questions asked, and easy to setup warranty replacement.
Scott ShafferStill going strong after 4 yearsI use my skimmer about once a week, year round here in the southern US, and I’m super happy that my ProTuff is still looking good and performing well. It rests in a place that gets morning sun and I figured I’d need to order a new net by now (the cheaper once I used to get lasted about a year) but no, it’s working great still. Maybe there is a little sun fading? It’s hard to remember what it looked like new but I don’t care about the color – just the performance.
Lisa & Matthew ZiembaProTuff Pool Products Are The Best !!!!!Our first product from ProTuff was the Pro Grade Rake which we received in 2018. The rake is fantastic and makes skimming the pool easy and efficient. Our inventory of ProTuff products has continued to grow and includes the pole, the stainless pole holders and now most recently the fine mesh net. All of the items are outstanding and I could not imagine owning another brand.The first rake developed a hole in the net and needed to be replaced. The warranty process was seamless and easy to submit. Within only a few minutes, I had made a request and a new rake was on its way. Three days later, the new rake arrived and is being put to good use.I highly recommend all of the ProTuff products and say with complete certainty the company stands behind its lifetime replacement warranty.
CharlesProTuff Honors their Lifetime GuaranteeI have purchased multiple Leaf Rake Nets, Poles, and Silt Rake Nets from ProTuff in the last several years. All have worked great and held up well and I’ve been happy with the purchases. One silt net I purchased in May of 2020 developed a tear and some small holes recently (in March 2022). I remembered the lifetime guarantee and I wrote ProTuff an email explaining the problem and gave them my order information. They replied almost immediately and said the new net would arrive at my house within two weeks. It came in a few days. I couldn’t be happier with the ProTuff company. They stand by their products and their word!
ALISHAIt’s awesomeMuch bigger than Normal skimmers and you don’t let leaves back in pool while using
Harley FB_DudeBelieve the warranty…it’s good for life!I’ve been extremely happy with my ProTuff pool net now for 3+ years now. This fall I’ve recently noticed small holes that have developed at the bottom seam of the net. Started as small but have since gotten bigger and are now allowing a lot of small debris back into the pool. I notified ProTuff, explained the situation and promptly received notice that my new pool net is on the way. I’ve had a pool for 20+ years and it seems like every year I was buying a new net mainly because of poor quality / cheaply constructed materials that just fell apart in a short amount of time. ProTuff pool net will last! If it doesn’t, no worries, a replacement is on it’s way!Go getcha one! Note: I’m a real person and this is not in any way a fabricated review!
MattFine MeshIf you are looking for a pool net, look no further. Previous nets I had would not hold their shape in the water. It was a constant struggle trying to find one that would not go flat once in the water. I can think of countless times when I was cleaning my pool, trying to get the net to face the right way, only to have all of the debris I had already picked up all come out. This one, however, held its shape in, and out of water. The mesh itself was made of outstanding quality. The holes were small enough to where it would catch the smallest bugs and debris, but still big enough to where the water filters through. It is extremely easy to empty the net, mostly due to the fact that the mesh is more stiff than others. With just a few taps, the net becomes free of all the leaves, bugs, sticks, etc., you have picked up. If you are thinking of getting this net, don’t hesitate any longer. I would 100% recommend!
ETIndestructible! Highly recommend!I bought one of these over 5 years ago and except for a lil fading of the red it is in perfect shape. So when my daughter bought a home with a pool I got her one too. In the past we would buy a “heavy duty” “commercial” pool nets from the pool store, paying much more than this one. Every year the net would either have holes or come off the rim. This one works so much better, never spills debris back into the pool and picks up so so much. Just buy it!
S. RichersonUnbelievable warranty…believe it.I bought this net in Apr 2015. It works great. It holds a ton and keeps it in the net for fewer dumps. Scrapes stuff off the bottom too. Soooo fast forward to Jan 2021, the plastic around the rim started coming off last month and the net became loose. So I started looking on Amazon for a new one and once again looked at this one because of the warranty. Lo and behold Amazon showed me I bought this in 2015. So I went to their page and clicked on FB messenger ( their listed preferred method for a warranty claim) and within a matter of minutes my claim was entered and approved. Ll I needed was my order number,, nothing else. That was 2 days ago. I didn’t put in for expedited shipping ( which is free btw) however, my new net showed up today. Amazing customer service. Simply amazing. Great product and great service, can’t beat it.
Jean A KyteAmazing- please read reviewI went through pool slimmer like candy- finally in 2019 I decided to put some money into one and bought this one. Well it did break 2 years later so I thought I would laughingly try and use warranty and sent e-mail- they immediately responded that a new one is being shipped- no hassle at all. I couldn’t believe it- never does this happen- I will only update if replacement isn’t received cause I am busy looking for other products they make. Extremely impressed!!
KPCompany honor lifetime warrantyThe end connector broke; however, since I’m not sure how it broke, I went to the companies website to see how their lifetime warranty worked. I added a little information, and actually received a confirmation that a replacement would be sent. And within a couple of days, I in fact received the replacement net. I have nothing but praise for this company.
NDVNDVGreat Product! Great Warranty Policy!This pool rake is the best in the market. The original one purchased in 2019 lasted until June 2022. Contacted customet svc for replacement warranty and it was received in less than 7 days. The new one is made even better than the original one. Do not waste your time and money in anything else. You’ve reached the one you need.
Amazon CustomerGreat warranty!This is an amazing product. The mesh is really fine so it picks up everything. My pool is on the south side of my house so lots of sun, the plastic faded but didn’t break until just now. Why is this product worth the price then you ask? Because I submitted a request for a new one and Protuff sent me a replacement within a week! 4 years of good use and now I have another one. Great product. Great warranty. Don’t hesitate and buy one now
Dr. KatsPool NetA year ago we purchased this pool net and it wasn’t until recently that a tear had formed. The tear was likely caused by aggressive usage of the net. Contacted (emailed) the company–ProTuff–and was responded to very quickly…even on the 4th of July weekend! After another round of messaging I had my new pool net arrive in a matter of days. Wow! Their warranty is TOP NOTCH. Thank you guys for the incredible service~
southeast diverWell MadeWorks as expected. Very Sturdy, even when loaded with wet leaves and pine straw
JamesGreat customer serviceIt will wear out or break, as will all products, but getting replacements is easy. While it seems expensive, it is far cheaper over time than the cheap nets at the pool store that get replaced every year.
Lisa P.Their quarantee is for real!Bought this net a year ago and it was a game changer! Our pool has never been so clean. Its heavy duty so gives you a little workout, which never hurts. But really cleans the debri in pool nicely. Unfortunately, after a year of daily use i noticed rips in the net on the seams. So remembering that this has a lifetime warranty I simply ordered another. WOWZA! Getting a replacement net has NEVER BEEN EASIER! Just answered a few easy questions; like my name and what i bought, as well as how quickly i needed it delivered and thats about it. No questions as to what was wrong with it or anything like that. Then they sent my new replacement net within 2 days!! EXTREMELY IMPRESSED WITH THIS COMPANY AND ITS PRODUCTS. I highly recommend this net for your pool. Awesome product/excellent service!!
Molly F.Great product and great serviceGreat product! Worked really well with fairly heavy usage. After a hole developed a hole in the net, I used the replacement warranty, and was pleased with the easy process for replacement.
Julie MackGreat customer serviceThought I was getting a good quality net, but there are several wholes and I’ve had it less than a year. Not worth it, I should have gotten a cheap one. DisappointingUpdating my previous review: I reached out to ProTuff to request a replacement. They responded right away, even followed up when I was slow to answer their questions. I received my replacement very quickly and an a happy customer. Thank you ProTuff.
Mel S.Great Pool SkimmerAlthough I have only had this a short time, it is the best pool net skimmer I have ever had. I cannot attest to it durability because of the short time I have owned/used it. I took the advice of other reviewers and got the 19″ model instead of the larger 23″ model. That is good advice. It is easier to manipulate than the 21″ model I used to have. I don’t know anything about the complaint I have read about them not honoring the three year replacement warranty but this unit should last longer than any of the others I have used.
Ashley MOnly net you’ll ever needThis net is well worth the extra $$ and will easily pay for itself down the road. We had our net for a year when we noticed a small hole, so i decided to try the warranty guarantee. Unbelievably easy! Just provide your name, address and order number in an IM and they take it from there. I am happy to pay a little more for truly excellent customer service!
Mark ChaoGreat service! Great warranty service!This product is very well made, nothing last forever but ProTuff’s warranty is unbeatable and what’s even better than their warranty is their service. ProTuff keeps their promise for trouble free unlimited warranty. Don’t waste money buying other brands, you won’t regret buying ProTuff.
JGLGreat Product Great Customer ServiceI ordered this pool net skimmer 3 years ago, and ordered it because it came with a life time querentee. After 3 years using it almost every day here in Texas. It started to develop a hole in netting and the rim started cracking. I got on their web site clicked on warrenty claim button and it took me to Facebook messenger warranty questionnaire. I filled out a few questions and within 5 days I received my new skimmer. I’m so glad I bought this 3 years ago and hoping to get 3 more years out of this new one.
Simon Bar CynistarProTuff Products – solid products AND customer serviceProTuff Products builds a solid product AND they bend over backwards to please their customers.This is the best Pool Net Skimmer I have used… it is solidly built and well designed to remove debris.ProTuff Products seems to be truly interested in obtaining feedback from their customers and fixing/mitigating any perceived or real issues with their products.They also provide tips and tricks intended to improve the performance of their products and make them last longer.Although I have not needed it… they also offer a Free Warranty Replacement!
ViennaGreat skimmerHad a few skimmers before that would tear after a year or two. I have had this for 4 years and am still very impressed with it. It works great and I have yet to have any issues with it. I was initially nervous that this would not last like my previous ones but has done so much better and in addition, ProTuff has their lifetime warranty so even if I do have an issue, I know they will make it right. Another great ProTuff product!
DanAmazing time saverI have a lot tree materials that get blown into the pool and using a more traditional skimmer (one that’s shaped like a tennis racket) would take what seemed like an eternity. Easily 15-30 minutes just to get the pool clean. With this skimmer, I can zip back and forth quickly and have the entire pool cleaned and ready to go in 5 minutes.As to the downsides, it will feel heavy and difficult to move around. For larger debris, such as maple leaves in the fall it will be extremely heavy to the point where you could bend the pole. That’s also a positive as to how strong this is that it will bend a heavy duty pole before this skimmer breaks.Bottom line: While I don’t recommend it for the heavy cleanups (fall), it’s great for day to day cleanups.
Dr. IgorSolid product quality, no-hassle lifetime replacementI have used this product with excellent results for several years. When the time came to make a warranty claim, I was glad to see how easy and fast the process really was. Thank you
Jer HudFourth season and works like the day I bought it.I beat on this thing, dredging up huge clumps of soggy oaks leaves in the fall and spring. It never feels like it’s going to break. Furthermore, I leave this out on the deck all summer where it routinely hits 120+ and then it’s subjected to negative temps in the winter. The plastic has shown no indication of weakness. Don’t fret, buy this. The owner is easily accessible and will make things right if anything ever went wrong. Seems like he really gives a hoot.
Michael ButlerProTuff is the real deal!I’ve had my ProTuff 19″ pool rake for seven years. It works really really well and makes picking up debris on the bottom of the pool easy. Last week, I noticed some wear to the rake. I took pics and emailed them to ProTuff and received a response the same day (on a Saturday!). The only question: to confirm my mailing address. Within two weeks, they’d shipped me a brand new rake, at no charge!! Their lifetime warranty is the real deal, but more importantly to me, their product works so well!
CharlesHad for over a year now. still works like day 1! Highly recommend!Purchased Feb 2021 – the net is the best net I’ve purchased thus far! ALL of the others never lasted more than a year and this one is 1.5 years now. Absolutely cannot say enough about this! Every open pool owner needs this!
Amazon CustomerExcellent pool mesh productTaking in consideration the price and the warranty it’s excellent. I bought it in 2018 and the pool mesh is awesome, after a couple of year the mesh was deteriorating but continues working. Then come the best part the warranty, I contact the vendor and like they said no questions ask the pool mesh in less that a week was replaced.
J. CarterRock solid leaf rake for your poolThis product feels indestructible and the guarantee backs this up.
K. LangeA great product by a great company!After years using a flimsy skimmer, I watched a pool service guy use a robust net skimmer. I saw this one on Amazon and was impressed with the lifetime warranty. I have an old, rough cement pool, and though the netting was still in perfect shape, the front edge of the frame had gotten scraped so bad, it was starting to get to the net. When I contacted the manufacturer about the warranty, it was a very simple and easy process to get it replaced. Fantastic customer service, and these folks stand behind their products.
Amazon shopperGreat Product and WarrantyUnlike the flimsy nets I used to purchase at local home centers and on Amazon, which would tear and not last more than one year, this net lasted 3 years. Unbelievably, the net itself never tore, but the plastic top to it eventually cracked, then pieces broke off. I admit to never storing it inside or under cover from harsh summer sun or during wintertime. A simple email resulted in a replacement net being received in a couple of days! I was not asked to explain what the problem was, return the broken net, or even send a photo. The product, warranty, and service was outstanding. By the way, I also have their adjustable pole and it continues to work perfectly.
Amazon CustomerTheir warranty is for real.Got a hole in the mesh after two years, their warranty is for real they sent out a new one and covered the shipping charges with absolutely no hassle. Thank you
Bobby DavisWow! Truly a Lifetime Guarantee!!!!I purchased this product in 2017. I noticed a small pinhole in the netting. I received an email reminding me about my Lifetime Guarantee. I respond and within 3 days I had a NEW pool skimmer!!! I have bought many pool tools in the past and every couple of years I would be purchasing new ones. With this company (Protuff) rest assured your purchases will be guaranteed for life. Waiting on my “old” Pool Pole to break so I can get the Protuff Telescopic Pool Pole and put my worries behind me on Pool equipment. Thank you Protuff!!!
JOEBEST POOL RAKE/BEST GUARANTEEI bought the 19.5″ ProTuff Net 2 years ago and it’s still like new. I had to rake some broken tiles from the bottom of the pool yesterday and the sharp edges made a small hole in the net. ProTuff is sending me a new one with their unlimited free replacements guarantee. They got back to me right away. Great customer service. I am due for a new pole and thinking of buying theirs although it’s a bit pricey.
kfcBuy this net. It is very high quality and they stand behind it!I have a beautiful Mimosa tree that never should have been planted next to the pool. It flowers and drops literally pounds of leaves and flowers over a 4-5 week period that covers the surface of my large pool. I have tried other nets but they either don’t have much capacity or bend/break with this wet load. The ProTuff rake arrived and over the past 5 weeks it has been an amazing tool. I can do the entire pool and only have to dump it 1-2 times! The mesh is tough and looks like it will last a long time and if/when it fails I have the lifetime warranty. This rake was a bit more than others I have purchased but now I know why. I am not big on writing reviews and am receiving no compensation of any type but if you need a rake/net that will last a lifetime this is the one.Update Jan 2022. I bought this in 2018. After 4 years of heavy use (my pool has a rough surface and I never put the net away fromour brutal sun) it developed a small tear. I sent an email to the company over the weekend and they responded same day. Within a couple of days I had the replacement! No questions asked and no cost including express shipment. I am going to order their new pole.
Jan C.It’s the professional’s choiceSuperior in every way to anything else. Rake picks up debris easily. It’s very strong and durable. the mesh is incredibly strong and long lasting. It also comes with a 100% replacement guarantee. I got a small ripp in mine near the frame and they sent me an entire new unit…..frame, guard, netting…..everything….at no charge. It just doesn’t get any better. I don’t know how Pro Tuff can afford to give such a strong guarantee
Juliana DoughertyThis is gonna lastOver the years, I’ve bought several run of the mill pool skimmer nets. Eventually, they all either develop holes, or the frame just breaks. As soon as you hold this net, you can feel it’s much better constructed. Nothing lasts forever, but I can tell this will last a lot longer than those cheapos. It does cost more up front, but with the longer life I expect to get out of it, and the lifetime replacement warranty, it’s money well spent.
Robert WoodruffRobert WoodruffLooks well made and sturdy, however I am disappointed by stitching on both sides of frame.I just got it today so I can’t speak for more than a first impression. I think it is nicely balanced, well made heavy frame and looks like a durable net. The only problem I see upon first observation is that the stiching looks a little sloppy. It appears that some of the reenforced stitching on the netting material is not put where it is supposed to be. It will work, just won’t be as strong as it was designed to be.UPDATE 9/15/21. I reported the problem stated in previous review to company and just received a warranty replacement in perfect condition! The service was quick and painless, now I think this may be the perfect pool rake! I am changing to 5 stars because of the great warranty service.
Michael W. MelanconWarranty is the REAL DEAL!Had this net for 6 years. throughout that time we have pulled a pile of leaves every year. we have oak, pecan hackberry and magnolia trees that drop leaves into the pool. This net slides leaves easily in for pick up. Net handles weight very well. Quick and efficient at leaf removal.So now after 6 years, the net has deteriorated (probably due to UV exposure) and it was time for a new one.I was ready to order another one, but knew this was a lifetime product, so I wanted to give that a try. I followed the directions for a warranty replacement (through Messenger) and was sent my new net 4 days later. I am very pleased not only with the net, but to have excellent warranty customer service.Thanks ProTuff Products,, Mike
Tim MulliganThe Best Darn Pool Net. Period.This pool net is the best one I’ve ever owned, hands down. It is tough, super effective, and easy to use. It holds a lot of material and even handles prickly things (like redwood tree shedding) without tearing. Sure, it’s a little more expensive, but it’s completely with the premium. I don’t expect I’ll need to ever reorder one (unless someone steals mine) because this one will never wear out. That’s why they can offer a lifetime warranty with confidence!
AlfredThe best of the best ! Company is 1 in a million!!!!Long term use/harsh weather review, first of all I live in the AZ desert area . We get extreme heat / sun rays . I have tried all kinds of nets , yes even the $60 nets from leslies which only lasted me 1 year . This is by far the best , heavy use for 3 years before it gave way to two little holes in the net . I made a warrant claim through fb , and took a week and a half , they sent me a brand new one , they paid the shipping and everything, easy with no hassles . One of the best pool product companies I have had the pleasure of doing business with. I now recommend to everyone! Wow! Just Wow!!!!!! 2021 Update : still love this pool net and it just got a small tear in the net , I contacted the company and again the sent me a new one and it got here fast! This company is 1 in a million! I am truly so thankful for Protuff Products!!!
MaratThe warranty is superb as advertisedI bought the 19.5″ pool leaf rake in 2017 and it served me well for almost 4 years. It’s sturdy and frame was kept intact. In general – as good as other high quality pool rakes you can find in pool store for a similar or slightly higher price. However, what puts this rake on another level is it’s warranty. As advertised – lifetime warranty, worked as a charm when I called the company 4 years after initial purchase when I had a rip in the net. No questions asked, no pictures were necessary. They even tried to send me replacement with expedite shipping. The superb quality plus unparalleled warranty and the Amazon order archive doesn’t really make sense to buy a similar product at your local pool store.
Amazon CustomerBest Pool NetThis is the best pool net I have ever owned. The netting in the others I owned would have holes in them after 1 season. The ProTuff net I have used for 3 years and still no problem. If you ever wanted to buy a pool net that would really last, then buy the ProTuff pool net. You won’t regret it
Zac'sValid lifetime warrantyI have been buying leaf rakes for the pool every year. Usually the netting would go bad in a few months and I would stitch them up and then eventually have to buy another one. I bought the ProTuff Pool Net in 2018. I used it so much the plastic on the outer front edge wore off and split. The netting was still fine. This was after two years. I contacted ProTuff and they sent me a new one within 3 days completely standing by their lifetime warranty. I have a gunite pool with Diamond Brite that is uncovered in South Florida but next to a golf course with lots of trees. I need to clean the leaves from the pool at least daily and sometimes several times a day. This product is sturdy and worthy of the investment. I highly recommend it.
dhbearsBest SkimmerThis leaf skimmer is the best I have purchased. The first one I bought lasted 18 months, then a new skimmer was sent to me. That new skimmer developed a small tear in the netting, which I document and within a week I received another skimmer at no cost. Great company, great product. I live in Phoenix and the sun and heat is brutal,
AnthonyThe best – by far!This is something you use every day during pool season, so do yourself a favor and buy something that will LAST (and has free replacement). VERY sturdy construction and easy to use – top notch all around. My only complaint is that the netting is stiffer than on those stocked at HD – but that’s because it’s made of heavier gauge material. Buy this – you won’t regret it. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
JulieWarranty alone is worth itPurchased this last year, live in the Phoenix AZ area where it’s insanely hot in the summer. Always looking for outdoor products that will withstand this god awful heat. This net has worked like a champ but recently noticed a few holes in the mesh. I contacted the company, super fast response, friendly service, and sent a replacement within days! Days!! Unbelievable service and warranty!! Super impressed thank you Pro Tuff!
KimLove this product!I cannot tell you the vast quantity of cheaply made pool nets I’ve purchased over the years. The cheap ones are NOT made in USA & will last me one season at best and will rip apart very easily. I’m thrilled to finally find a well made net that holds lots of leaves & debris for less work AND comes with a great warranty. I’d highly recommend this net to everyone tired of buying one annually.
WBPMost impressive life time guarantee I have ever encountered!My pool net developed a hole in the netting. I emailed the company and within a very short time was told that they are honoring their life time guarantee and mailed a new net which arrived in just a few days. It was entirely free including free shipping to my home in hawaii. Most impressive guarantee policy I have ever encountered!
Ron Fas advertisedI can see why this product has a lifetime warranty. Perfect for the pool I have.
Aaron BaldwinDurable, warrantyWarranty
Michael ColemanGreat quality and best-in-class warranty and customer serviceI purchased this leaf net 8 years ago and have used it regularly (probably 100x/year) on my home pool. The net is very sturdy and functional. After 8 years, the net started to separate from the frame, so I contacted ProTuff regarding obtaining a replacement under the Lifetime Warranty. I was pleasantly surprised that ProTuff shipped out a replacement almost immediately. Even without the Lifetime Warranty I would give this product high ratings compared to nets and pricing at my local pool supply store. Great job ProTuff!
Jennifer GrothProduct QualityI live in Florida where pool maintenance goes on all year. Standard pool store nets rarely last more than 4-6 months. I purchased this Pro Tuff net to see if I could avoid this headache. It has lasted me 4 year, and finally wore out. I felt bad about taking advantage of the lifetime warranty, but that was one of the reasons I paid a little more for this product. They are honoring the warranty and even expedited the shipment of the replacement. I can’t say enough about the quality of the product and their customer service!
GregGreat net!What can I say? Built very well and easy to use once you get the technique down. Probably last net I will have to buy, this was built so well, I purchased one of their poles also!
DDkingExcellent product, Amazing warranty!I love in Las Vegas Nevada and the sun here is absolutely brutal on any outdoor products. Pool nets are no exception and I used to burn through them yearly. The heat basically breaks down the plastic netting making them fall apart. This Protuff rake has been amazing. I bought one back in the spring of 2019 and it has held up like a champ for 2 years now. This year I noticed a couple small holes starting in the net in an area that is always creased when it lays down. I simply took a photo of the damage and emailed it to protuff customer service and no questions asked they promptly mailed me a new one! This lifetime unconditional warranty is no joke. They really do stand behind their products. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!
JimBevLIFETIME REPLACEMENT REALLY WORKSI purchased this pool net about 2 years ago and recently noticed a small tear in the net. I contacted Pro Tuff (via Facebook messenger) and within minutes I was approved for a replacement net. No question or pictures required about the “defect”, just verification that the purchase took place. Less than a week later a new net showed up on my doorstep. They truly honor their warranty claims……Would buy their products anytime.
BobThe real deal. Yes it’s more expensive. Yes it is absolutely worth it.Used it very hard for years. High quality. Final the net tore and plastic rim piece would not hold on securely. Contacted the company (via website as sometimes Amazon messaging does not seem 100%). They immediately replied and are sending a new one. First class. Spend the real $ to get the real deal.
Kindle CustomerGREAT NET! WONDERFUL WARRANTY!!!I purchased this net in spring of 2019, it lasted in the Texas sun until last week, scooping up a very heavy load of oak tree pollen worms and finally tore. I emailed the company on a Saturday and received an reply within an hour stating they will be sending a new one immediately. It arrived 4 days later. What a wonderful experience!!!! Also, the net is very efficient, very easy to use, and a must buy. AAAAA+++++++
Darren HillGreat Product and they stand behind it!!I purchased this pool net in 2016 and used every summer. This summer (5 years later) it develop a rip in the net. I went back on Amazon to order another one, because this one works so great and better than any other I have used in the past, when I found my order from 2016 I noticed it had a Lifetime Warranty. I sent an email asking if this could be replace expecting what you think.. a thousand questions and the company finds someway to not back their warranty. Not this time.. no questions asked, just verified I purchased this via Amazon and send one expedited in the mail next day. Not only is this a very good product they back it with a lifetime warranty with no hassle.
NKanDo yourself a favor…If you’re wondering which pool net to buy, stop and make the decision right here and you won’t regret it. Heavy duty, lightweight, and the best warranty available. Truly a no brainer!
Rene CFinally found the best pool skimmer!For more than a decade, I’ve bought pool skimmers that easily break… I thought they were all the same, but it turns out that the ProTuff Pool Net Skimmer is the best pool skimmer possible!!! I’m extremely happy with my product, and I even requested free replacement after 5 years, which I got without a problem! Truly the best product, customer service, and warranty you’ll find. It’s worth the few extra bucks.
HowieThere is no better net or warranty!I have never encountered a company so great and willing to back their lifetime warranty! I emailed when a small problem occurred, and within a couple of days, I received a brand new one. Amazing! I not only think this is the best net I’ve ever purchased in over 22 years of doing my own pool maintenance, but the warranty exceeds any and all expectations that I had. It really is quite durable for all the use it gets (not perfect, of course) but a replacement will definately be sent if there are any problems at all over time. What a deal. It is very sturdy and has nice easy to use features!If I ever needed a second net, which is quite unlikely, this is for sure the one I would get!
britlitbrenGreat Company to work with that sticks by is warrantyI bought a net and paid a little more because of the lifetime warranty. The net is great but ended up with some of the seams coming out. The company stood by the warranty and quickly sent me another net. Five stars.
Wayne B.Great rake and great customer serviceI purchased this rake nearly two years ago. I registered the purchase in regard to the lifetime warranty. After nearly two years of use the netting began to tear.I logged on to the vendors website and requested a replacement rake as per the warranty. The process was very simple and hassle free. I received my replacement rake yesterday. Very pleased with the product and customer service.
T. J. F.They live up to their warrantyI purchased this a couple years ago and the frame started breaking. I remembered getting an email about their warranty last year. I went to their website and filed a claim on Saturday night. I had a replacement by Thursday, no questions asked. A super company and I will definitely buy their new pool pole.
Virginia CareyFantastic lifetime warranty!I recently had my 8 year old ProTuff pool skimmer net replaced using the lifetime warranty. The company definitely lives up to their promise. Getting the replacement was easy and pleasant. The skimmer net works well skimming the top of the pool and getting debris on the bottom. It is durable and does the job.
T GThis product is great qualityWhen you pay for something better that’s what you should get. In this case it is true. I have 50 large trees surrounding my property and pool area. Leaves and sticks are a daily thing in my pool. Other pool skimmers/nets get holes or fail within 1 year. This one lasted 3 and then I got a new one free to replace it. Great quality product and great company.
CES911Stop Looking and Buy itI did lots of research, read all the reviews, and bought this skimmer. It works! My pool service company uses the same skinner and they swear by it also. Super easy to scoop leaves out of the pool bottom and anything on the surface. The pole is sturdy and makes it easy to reach across the pool. The replacement guarantee is proof of the company’s strength.
Amazon CustomerExcellent productI inherited a pool with about 6-10 inches of sludge at the bottom. I don’t know for sure as the pool is completely murky. I’ve used this net to scoop up sludge that is almost too heavy to carry, many times, and it is holding up great. Highly recommend.
cbhuffTheir warranty is no joke!After a year of consistent use and storage outside in the North Texas weather, this net developed a hole. I contacted ProTuff and all they asked was “do you use it residential or commercial (residential) and do you need expedited shipping (yes, please)?”. I don’t think I even ever went to their website to “register” the warranty. They shipped a replacement expedited, no cost. Will 100% do business with them again. You can believe it when they say it’s warranted for life. Nope, they didn’t pay me to type this review. It’s rare these days to have someone have a warranty like theirs and even more rare for them to stand by it. Awesome! Thank you!
JP80Great warrantyI’ve had this skimmer for almost three years and the plastic surround finally gave. It sits in the sun all day so that probably affected the durability. Reached out to the company via Facebook messenger and they made it so easy to send a replacement. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 Awesome to see a company standing by its products
4x4sWarranty ExperienceI wanted to provide information regarding exercising their warranty process. It was such a pleasure to deal with a company who truly stands behind their products and provides such exceptional customer service. We would give them 10 stars if we could. Two years ago we purchased the 19” ProTuff pool net for cleaning. The item worked great and was used year round with no problem, however we recently noted a tear had developed In the corner of the net. I contacted the company via email regarding replacement and received back that day an email. They asked I answer a few basic questions, including if I needed expedited shipping, and to verify the address to send the replacement to. Within a few hours of my response they initiated action to send a replacement, I noted expedited shipping was not necessary. However, much to our surprise the replacement was received in 2 days!
James D RudolfBest on the market!Got one after seeing my pool man using his and tiring of constantly replacing cheaper but inferior products. Now 4 years in and still going strong without evidence of wear and tear. Although lifetime guarantee is great, the true value is the great product. Sturdy and durable. It’s worth the price. Just ordered their pool pole and a skimmer.
Kevin BazazzadehCompany Is Serious About Their GuaranteeI bought this net 6 years ago and paid extra for a nicer one as I have had quite of few nets over the years that come apart pretty quick. This one held up great until just recently formed a hole in the net. I reached out to customer support with a photo of the hole and my order number and they asked me what address to send the replacement to. Really impressed with this product and company.
KakuinutUsed EverydayBeen using for months on a daily basis to scoop leaves out of pool. The bottom rim of net is designed to lift debris off the pool bottom. Someone had to bring that to my attention, so don’t miss this feature. Sturdy build. Better than the flat net because it holds debris without always having pull out and empty. Very satisfied.
Amazon CustomerTough and great warrantyI got my rake in January 2020 and has worked well for over two years. It is well constructed and made out of durable material. After about two and half years of weekly use some wear and tear. The leading plastic covering scoop edge of the rake has worn through to the aluminum frame and separated and the heavy collection netting has developed a couple of small tears. However, I did get exceptional service during this period. Regular pool rakes from the pool and big box stores have never provided such great service, usually lasting less than a year, without a warranty like ProTuff.I had forgotten about ProTuff’s replacement policy until an email from the President of the company mentioned it. I followed their instructions and without a hitch, I had my new rake and back to my chores. Hard to go wrong. Original price reasonable, product construction and materials great and warranty unbeatable.
amamamCLEANED UP HURRICANE MARIA DEBRIS & STILL GOING STRONG 2 YEARS LATER!!! LOVE IT.I never write reviews, but have to say that this pool net is just incredible. For years, I had been going through net after net after net of the other brands – they kept ripping & breaking so often just during regular pool maintenance…..but not this one! I got it over 2 years ago and it is still in fantastic condition. I live in Puerto Rico & after Hurricane Maria tore through the island in 2017, I used this net to clean out the pool. You cannot imagine the debris that ended up in there, the pool was completely full of it — chunks of concrete, big tree limbs, spiky bougainvillea branches (and whole bushes), all the wood & 3″ screws and nails from the gazebo, etc, etc, etc. 3 pickup trucks full when all was said & done. I would have been very impressed with this net if it had held together long enough to clean out that disaster. The fact that it is still in excellent condition almost 2 years later boggles my mind. We use it every single day of the year!!
DennisGreat product, amazing customer service, and a warranty you can trust.I rarely write reviews, but ProTuff earned this one.This is a huge, quality, and extremely sturdy pool net. The net is a great design and almost always has sufficient capacity to clear my entire pool out in one pass before dumping. Worked perfectly for 5 years (sitting out in the California sun) before the red band around the net cracked. Sent an email to ProTuff’s Customer Support on a Sunday afternoon around noon, received a response within 10 minutes asking 3 general questions, and then received a brand new net on my doorstep less than 48 hours after my initial email.The product is great, but ProTuff’s customer service is even better. Believe the warranty, it is fast, easy, and worked just as described above. ProTuff will be my first stop for future pool products.
SteveinLASteveinLADurable, effective and worry free!I purchased my ProTuff net 3 years ago, and even though I had to think twice about paying twice what I normally would I was sick and tired of buying an inferior product that only lasted one season or less. So after three years, the net finally began to rip at one of the stress points. Getting my free replacement was easy and hassle free. No questions, no pictures, just professional follow through. I turned down the expedited shipping they offered but my net still came in a matter of days. This is truly a quality product, and a company that does what they say, I am impressed and would highly recommend ProTuff and their products to anyone. The picture shows the new net on the left. My 3 year old net is on the right, and aside from the fading from the sun it is still strong and useful. This is a good investment.
IraA Real Lifetime Warranty!I purchased the 19″ leaf skimmer in 2018. After a couple years of use the net did develop a few holes. I registered the product and reached out via email to ProTuff to ask about a warranty replacement. They replied right back (on a Saturday evening, no less) to ask for my address to send a new one. Very impressed at the ease of making a warranty claim!Great product too. No. complaints on use and can’t complain about it tearing after a few years when it is warrantied for life as well! May be the last pool skimmer I ever have to buy.
Bill Bonnet1st rate companyHad this pool net for about a year when it developed a dime size hole in the bottom, no doubt from live oak debris from the spring when they dump all their leaves. Emailed the company of the problem along with my address and Amazon purchase order number on a Wednesday and by Monday had a replacement delivered to me. They say what they mean and they mean what they say. Couldn’t ask for more.
Just some guyBag is a little stiff, otherwise greatAs some said, the bag is a little stiffer than most but it definitely looks and feels like it will last several years. My only complaint is the lip of the frame is not made for scooping up the occasional rock that finds it way into the pool, but otherwise, great product.
RJFThe warranty is reliableOne of the principal reasons I selected this item is because of the lifetime warranty, but I was skeptical that it would be honored easily if I had a problem. Ten months after buying the skimmer, a tear developed along the seam of the basket. I went to my Amazon order and sent a message to Pro Tuff on a Sunday afternoon and received a reply THAT SAME EVENING telling me that a replacement would be shipped to me and I would receive it in 10 days or less. Four days later it arrived. I was very impressed with how easy and professionally it was handled. I will definitely purchase from this company again.
Brandy WeaverGreat product for swimming poolsThe company is very easy to deal with. There 100% guarantee is worth it. I’ve only had to reach out to them one time and they replaced the item that ripped. The new item I’ve had not issues with. All three items I bought are working after a couple years of use. Love the company and customer service.
Jasmin W.durableThe skimmer does a great job, the fine mesh screen gets a lot of little debris, so much so that we turn ours inside out and rinse it with a hose much like a filter! starting our 3rd year with it and it still looks like new, even though it is left outside hanging on hooks
Troy RichardsGreat product & unbeatable warrantyWe have a larger pool that attracts leaves from oaks, crepe myrtles and needles from a huge cedar tree. Other skimmer nets would start to wear out after a couple of seasons. I’ve had this one for 2 years, and it’s still like new. Plus, the rigid frame works better in the 10’ deep end than previous skimmers.
Thomas A.Super tough pool net – and outstanding customer service!!!I’ve had this net for over two years now and it’s holding up well – it has many years left in it. But the customer service is what I’m most impressed with. I had a small problem recently (one of the screws on the neck of the net came out and was lost). I contacted the company to get a replacement screw and without question or delay they sent me new replacement net. This was above and beyond great customer service as a five cent screw would have made the old net good as new. These folks stand behind their promise!!!
C. FowlarIn service since 2016This net has been working hard since 2016. Incredibly sturdy and can pick up a lot of debris with ease. Never any issue with the net disconnecting or tearing. Hard summer sun after so many years started to wear down the plastic holding the net to the frame. Plastic finally gave way on a corner, so I followed the instructions for replacement due to lifetime warranty. A few quick questions, no pictures needed and no questions asked, my replacement is on it’s way at no additional cost to me. A follow up message letting me know when to expect delivery and thanking me for my business proves to me they stand by what they promise. I can’t ask for anything more from these folks. I am extremely impressed.
ItsmejpGuaranteed for life!Originally purchased this in 2015, used it and it worked great. Now that its 2022, and the net has ripped and the plastic rim has seen better days. I remember that it had a lifetime guarantee, so I messaged the seller. I got a brand new one 3 days later at no cost. Its not often a company stays in business long enough to honor their no-questions-asked guarantee. I highly recommend this pool skimmer.
DeweyThese guys truly stand behind their products!I have been using a ProTuff pool net for about 2 years now. So far it has more than exceeded my expectations. About 2 weeks ago I noticed that a tear had appeared in the net. I remembered that when I purchased it, it came with a lifetime warranty, including tears in the netting. I contacted ProTuff and they responded quickly, stating that a replacement net would be sent to me right away. In fact, I received it within a couple days! I was, and still am, astonished at how quickly they took care of it. What an excellent company to do busy with! These guys truly stand behind their products! Thanks ProTuff!!!
Darryl D.Darryl D.They Really Mean 100% Lifetime GuaranteeI have been using a ProTuff Pool Net and Pool Pole for some years and believe they are the best that I have purchased in over 20 years of cleaning our household pool. I have never had a problem with either item until a few weeks ago when the Pool Net developed a small hole and then I wondered how good was their 100% “No Questions Asked” Lifetime Guarantee. Well I sent ProTuff an email detailing the issue and within two hours I received a reply from Jais stating a free replacement was being sent immediately and “no questions were asked”! The replacement arrived a few days later so a big thanks to ProTuff and their Lifetime Guarantee.
Kindle Customerfantastic warranty even after almost 5 years12-2019 update: now the leaf net is just short of 5 years old and the net separated from the frame. I emailed ProTuff and they wrote back in a couple hours. They only needed to know where to send the whole new leaf rake and if we used it commercially or just at home. That was Sunday and the new rake came today! (Wednesday!) Oh, and by the way, the netting was still in great shape: no holes and the stitching was intact. It had just come away from the frame. But no problem, we now have a brand new one for free! Our pool is over 20 years old and this is by far the best leaf rake (even if it didn’t have the lifetime warranty) We also have two poles from this company and I LOVE them too!Spring 2017: We purchased this pool net 2 years ago and it still works great. The red plastic frame is faded but no cracks or chips and the netting still looks new. This gets stored in the sun, so I am impressed in how long it has lasted and still looks great compared to previous nets over the last 20 years. I will purchase from them again when I need new pool products. It’s money well spent!
rcg917MUCH Better than a Standard Pool NetI’ve been using this Pool Net for two seasons now and I’m very impressed with its sturdiness! I especially like the leading edge on it so you can actually push it across the bottom of the pool to gather sunken leaves as opposed to having to pull/drag it across the bottom. I’ll buy another one just like it when/if this one wears out.
MattGood buy.After trying two different pool cleaning companies (who both skipped services multiple times) we started doing it ourselves. We’ve been using this net for most of this season and it’s held up really well. It’s easy to empty and easy to install/remove. I noticed the pool guy had the exact same one so I’m thinking it’s a good choice.Note that the bag gets pretty heavy when it’s full of wet leaves, but if you hold it out of the water for around 10 seconds it drains and becomes a lot more manageable. I’d rather do this than make more trips with a smaller bag.
IgForever guaranty works!!It is a really a good product compared to everything what we have had. We used it for several years, and probably forgot to remove from the sun or so, and the net slightly cracked under a heavy leaf load. It was not really a big deal, but I so the crack was increasing in time. And I recalled that they had a lifetime warranty. I emailed them, and got a replacement with almost no questions asked! I read a review about the difficulty to contact the seller. Maybe it was in the past.. But these days the answer was almost instant and positive!I definitely recommend this seller! And we also plan to buy other stuff from them.
Michelle Jograj-TownsendReplacementWe bought this because it looked the most durable and came with an unlimited warranty. Little did we know the replacement warranty would come in handy. Well 2.5 years later it just was done broken, my husband reminded me it had lifetime warranty and when I figured out how to contact them the instructions were so effortless and they are replacing my item no problem no pictures needed, it was an easy process and we should get the replacement in the next 3-4 business days. I highly recommend this product it’s definitely worth it and the replacement warranty is an added bonus.
MarcProTuff Products Lifetime Warranty alone is worth every penny.The main reason I bought the ProTuff Leaf Rake was due to their Industry Leading warranty. One is always skeptical when you see the ‘lifetime warranty’. I used this skimmer net almost daily for 3 years, the aluminum curved frame cracked and finally broke at the base, on one side. I emailed in my warranty claim and they responded within 24 hrs. My new Leaf Rake skimmer net replacement is on its way. Thank you ProTuff for keeping your word.
Chris PiscitelliBest pool net by farI have had to replace two pool nets in the past, and I was just grabbing whatever was on the shelf at the hardware store. After the netting ripped in the most recent one, I decided it was time to step it up and go with something better, stronger, and would last longer, and so far the ProTuff is great. It popped right into the pole I already had. It’s obviously well-built with stronger, better quality materials, and it has been no problem using it, though it is heavier than my previous nets so I have had to adjust for the extra weight. I’m sure it will last longer than my previous nets, but it’s good to know that I can get free lifetime replacements if it wears out or breaks.
Amazon CustomerNew concept in swimming pool leaf nets.I have had a swimming pool for decades. I get plenty of leaves and pine needle floating on the water. They must be scooped up before they sink which takes two or three days. I have had many, many leaf nets in my time. The ProTuff is basically different from the standard leaf net: it does not “fall through itself” as you attempt to empty the net. The ProTuff “netting” is a lot stiffer and tougher; the net stays as it was as the debris falls out. So, which is better? I took me a while to get used to the ProTuff, but now I like it, and I find I’m doing a better job of scooping up the pine needles and leaves.
UCF Knightsbut this pool net is amazing. When I bought itI don’t leave reviews too often, but this pool net is amazing. When I bought it, I saw it was well reviewed, and the company seemed a little too proud of their product, but its flat out well deserved. This pool nets design makes it easier to skim the pool saving time. Its tough and sturdy, you don’t need a backup. When i saw the lifetime warranty claim, I figured it was BS, as almost every lifetime warranty seems to expire after a few years when I try to claim it. “We don’t make that product anymore”, “it failed due to wear and tear, thats not part of the warranty”, etc.. And no pool net will last forever, especially when used daily on a commercial basis. Sure enough, after 2 years of daily use it failed, but when I contacted them, it was NO BS “we’ll get you the new one out today, do you need us to expedite the shipping at no cost or is ground ok?” No sitting around waiting on hold, no paperwork, no nonsense. This product has a legit lifetime warranty (at least >2 years so far) and is the best designed pool net I’ve ever had. I understand why they are so proud of their product, as simple as a pool net.
William C, ArizonaGreat Product and Great Warranty ServiceThis is a high-quality product that did a great job for cleaning of my underground pool. When it developed a tear, I contacted the company by email. They responded quickly and sent me a new pool net to replace this one and it arrived in less than a week. Best warranty service I have ever experienced in buying a product from amazon.
UserSolid product and very satisfied with warrantyBought this skimmer rake in 2019 and it stood up well for two-plus years of heavy use in Phoenix, which was a year longer than most of the other products I’ve used. I was impressed when I got an email in the spring of 2021 from ProTuff as reminder of the lifetime warranty and how to contact the company to request a free replacement. Some tears in the netting appeared this summer and the frame was cracking, so I emailed the company with the requested information (didn’t need to include a picture) and got a response in two hours. A brand new replacement arrived two days later. Simple process and fast service.
Gary m.A pool mans qualityGreat
LisaOnly Pool Net to Buy – Durable and Easier to Use!Yes it cost more, but the net holds it shape makes it so much easier to scoop stuff out.On 3 years of use and still looks great.
Rhys Carson100% Stands by WarrantyThis is a company that stands by their warranty. We had the leaf rake for about a year and a sizeable hole developed. The process to get it replaced was one of the easiest I’ve experienced. The net is, without a doubt, sturdy and the best I’ve used.
Habsimmediate replacement!I ordered a ProTuff Leaf Rake about 2 1/2 years ago. It worked great and was very sturdy…much better than the one that I had used before. Over time, I had probably used it upside down and began to scrape off a little of the red plastic from the frame. Otherwise happy, but concerned that plastic “filings” would go to my pool filter, I replaced the Leaf Rake. When I got my new one I noticed the ProTuff LifeTime Replacement Warranty that I had forgotten about. I emailed a photo of the slightly shredded but still intact frame from my over 2 1/2 year old basket. Ouila! They immediately replaced it. Now, I have two.
NickDangerThis Pool Rake Changed My LifeI have 2 neighbors trees in close proximity to my pool. An oak and a sycamore. These trees drop about a gazillion leaves into my pool in the fall. I would have to clean out my skimmers several times a day. I decided to buy the pro-tuff pool rake from Amazon. Changed my life. Attached the pool rake to the end of my pole and skimmed tons of leaves on the surface and on the floor of my pool in just a couple of minutes. The bag is very sturdy and holds a lot of wet leaves. I no longer curse the trees every fall. I just pull out my pro-tuff poll rake and voila!! I’m done. if you have my situation – do not think twice about buying one of these.Thanks guys – nice job.
Amazon CustomerGet this pool leaf rake!I am beyond pleased with this pool net/rake! I originally purchased this net in 2015. It has been outside in the sun, in Texas, for all 6 years and I’m just now having problems. I contacted Pro Tuff to see if their lifetime guarantee actually worked (I’m a born sceptic when it comes to “lifetime” guarantees). Guess what? They are sending me a new net which I should receive in the next day or two! Absolutely no cost to me!! Prior to my purchase of this ProTuff net I routinely replaced our net every 9 months to 1 year. I got 6 years out of this one AND am getting a new one per their guarantee! Highly recommend!!
steve hamptonQuaity companyWarranty service is excellent. So is the product.
Amazon CustomerBest Skimmer Ever3+ year review: This pool skimmer has been hanging on it’s outside rack in the hot southwest sun for over three years and it is as serviceable as the day I bought it; no more cheap skimmers that barely last one swim season for me. Lesson learnt: “Buy cheap, buy twice”
Peter BeahanVery DurableI have used this product for almost one year. It is still in perfect condition. I use it as a skimmer and a leaf rake to pick up leaves on the bottom of the pool. This product is much better than any others that I have purchased at a pool store.
BozwelCompany sticks by it’s productsI purchased had this net in 2028, it always worked great. Last year I noticed a small tear on the top. I contacted the company and they sent me a new net. Great customer service. Would highly recommend. Not like most of the junk you get from Amazon. They stand behind their products.
Favored1The Best Net your money can Buy!!I honestly was sold by this net because of the 100% Lifetime warranty. I have bought my first net 2018 and they definitely stand by what they say about their warranty. I’m a Pool Pro and service pools all day. This product is durable, sturdy, the net itself is strong and can fill up the whole net with leaves without worrying can it handle it the weight. The customer service is Great! Super friendly, follows through on emails, and gets the product out As soon as they can knowing we need it! The Best net your money can buy!!
Amzn ShopperStill going strong after 4+ yrsGreat pool net that has held up nicely. I use it weekly and it’s stored outside (shaded). Wide enough to gather big and small leaves. Bottom lip of net enables scooping of debris that’s settled to bottom of pool. Would buy again, … but I don’t have to with the forever guarantee!
BethWorld’s Best Pool RakeI’m so pleased with this pool rake. It easily removes leaves, sticks, and dirt from the pool floor and easily skims the surface. Put the pool rake on the ProTuff pool pole and you have two great items both with a lifetime guarantee. Buy both of these and you won’t regret it!!
Craigfree replacement warranty honored timely and with minimal effortA good quality net that lasted roughly 2 years (in the hot Las Vegas climate) before starting to fray. Company sent a replacement within days. Process was fast, simply thru either Facebook Messenger, Amazon or email … although Facebook Messenger had the replacement in route the same day claim submitted.
SkilletWarranty To Good To Be TrueExcellent product, much better quality than the net that I replaced. Hopefully the net will last many years and if not, I will take advantage of the lifetime warranty. I would recommend this net to others.Update: I puchased the net in October 2014. Now it is Aprl 2016 and I noticed there is a hole in the bottom of the net about the size of a dime. I have called ProTuff for a free replacement in accordance with their lifetime warranty. When I called ProTuff I got an answering machine and I left a message for them to call me back. We will see how that goes. Update to follow2nd Update. ProTuff called me and after sending them a photo of the net with a hole in it they sent me a brand new net. Great service.3rd Update: In June 2022, after six years since the first replacement, the plastic rim of the net started to deteriorate and fall apart. I had already received one free replacement under the warranty and I was a bit skeptical about getting a second replacement but I contacted ProTuff and explained the situation. Within one week I received a brand new replacement net. No questions, no send me photos, just wonderful customer service. This company is great, buy their products.
T. ChuSturdy as hellI broke two other “durable” skimmers bought on Amazon. What a god damn waste. Not this one. I think the reason why is that there is a thick aluminum frame underneath the heavy plastic frame. Net is durable not like the other ones bought. It’s been a month now and I never take the skimmer inside. Just been outside in the hot Texas sun all day and been holding up like a champ. I clean my pool fast so I don’t mess around with the skimming. I am fast and a bit rough on the skimmer. Holding up like a complete champ.
Martin IvanovSO WORTH IT; LIFETIME WARRANTY IS NO LIEThe net was super easy to install and made scooping leaves and debris from the pool bottom much easier with the raised lip. Definitely worth the money. I do not understand what people are talking about, concerning the warranty replacement process. My net finally gave in after 3 years of use (I live in the desert so most nets usually fail within 1.5 to 2 years). I contacted the seller and had a response in less than 24 hours (standard is 24 to 72 hours, sometimes more). The process is painless. I will soon be enjoying the replacement. If you contact the seller, remember to check your email, including the SPAM folder.
NolatechGreat pool rakeI purchased this back in January of 2017. After Hurricane IDA came through my neck of the woods, my pool was left with pine tree branches and LOTS of other debris. This net held up right up to the end and finally got a small hole as the last of the smaller branches were getting out. Filed a warranty claim through FB Messenger and was already prepared with pictures and all that, but it wasn’t needed. No explanation necessary. Would I recommend this for anyone with a pool, 100 percent yes. Even if they didn’t offer a lifetime replacement!
Todd StorkersenWarranty ExperienceMy pool net lasted nearly 3 years of use in the desert. The plastic finally became brittle and broke. The lifetime warranty was 100% as they said. So simple, so efficient on-line via Facebook and a new replacement net was sent to me within 3 days. No questions asked, no need for digging up the old receipt, just an immediate replacement. In addition, they sent a 20% off coupon for my next purchase. I was so impressed!
Aaron Z.Still like new 5 yrs laterI’ve had my skimmer for almost 5 yrs. no problems at all. Like new other than it has faded a bit from being in direct sun all the time. How can you beat a lifetime no questions asked warranty. Stop buying cheap China crap online. This thing will last a lifetime.
ConnieHonored lifetime warrantyWe purchased our first ProTuff 19.5” net in 2017. We love how effective it works but a few holes occurred this year (2022) so I contacted the company to honor their lifetime warranty. True to their word they sent us a new net within one week! We are thrilled a company honored their promise and we will be customers for life.
Ben RileyBest pool net I have ever boughtThis is such a durable pool net. With a lot of trees near my pool, I move a lot of leaves and the pole and net from pro tuff do not disappoint. One of their products outlasts 10 of the competitors. I will never buy another brand.
KIPSRed/Black Pool net-skimmerI love this pool net! I have Muscular Dystrophy and even with reduced motion I can easily skim the bottom of the pool so the leaves lift off the bottom surface and bestle in the net. I do this in stages so it takes me time, but task is eventually completed with kess strain on my arms. The small front blade helps to scoop leaves off the v
DIY MechanicTop qualityThis pool net works really well, it is easy to use, picks up leaves off the pool bottom and has proven to hold up to abuse. We have a magnolia tree overhanging our pool, which means large leaves and seed pods with stickers. This net has held to all of it. When a small hole did appear on the net, ProTuff replaced it, free of charge. This will be the last pool net you will buy.
jennifer s.Great Product and Customer ServiceThis is the best pool net I’ve ever used. I use it for my in ground, gunnite 30,000 gallon pool, and it glides with ease along the bottom of the pool. I push it along the bottom like a vacuum and the slanted plastic rim is perfect for creating that angle for sucking up the leaves and other debris.Also, after a couple of summers, the plastic edge wore through, exposing thet net and loosening it (friction along the concrete bottom). I contacted customer service and without any hassle, I had a new replacement net at my door in just a few days.Buy this and don’t look back!
Amazon CustomerGreat products all aroundI have used a couple of this company’s products for several years. They have outlasted anything I used in the past. I am no where near needing to use their warranties but I have confidence that it will be a pleasant experience if i every need to.
TLKDon’t believe any 1-star reviewThis product is a huge time saver over the cheap skimmer you get from the pool installer. Wish I had made this purchase earlier. The product is sturdy and worth the investment. I don’t have time for poor quality and this fits the bill as a high quality tool.
KevinGreat ValueLifetime Warranty, Fantastic!
T. J. QuigleySolid product all AroundThis thing is just as good over 2 years later. I love how durable the net is makes it much easier during those Santa Ana winds. My pole is on its last legs and will upgrade to their product when it breaks probably this season.
Rebecca McMahanThe last leaf rake you will ever buy!I have had this for a few years, when the first one finally began to show some wear and tear, Pro Tuff quickly sent a new replacement. No more throwing away money on short lived cheap products, this will be the last one I ever need.
I. BuyTooMuchOnAmazonGreat Skimmer – A Must Have!I love the large net and how you can get stuff from the bottom of the pool which is a breeze (watch the video or follow instruction provided). Unfortunately, I didn’t purchase until a few days after we opened the pool, but I got to imagine this net would have been a huge timesaver over the million scoop & dumps of our standard pool skimmer (which couldn’t even come close to getting stuff on the bottom of the pool). The pool was about 80% clean before I ordered this leaf rake, but even with the little bit left, it was sooooo much quicker (and easier) to use the leaf rake. It is also very good at getting (very) small items, but not made for sand or particles that size – but I think there is also a silt net version available for that. I will update the review on how it holds up throughout this season, but it looks very sturdy and well made. From what I have seen so far, I have nothing but high expectations. Oh, and the lifetime warranty is just another great thing about this skimmer.
dolly scantlingBest net I’ve ever owned,I bought this net in 2019. Still has no holes or tears. I’ve had my pool for 20 years and this is by far the best net I’ve ever owned. Usually have to replace every other summer. If I could give 10 stars I would.
Jorge MedranoBest customer service!Great product, I have the 19.5 leaf skimmer and I had an issue with it, I wasn’t harassed about what happen they just sent me a new one, I bought it in 2018! Warranty works great, fast and easy!
Draza O.Lifetime Guarantee for RealI purchased this pool net last May after a previous net from another company failed and the company gave me the run around with their supposed lifetime warranty. The Pro Tuff net developed 3 small holes so I contacted the company and they promptly replaced the net with no photos needed. Amazing customer service and though I don’t write many reviews, I felt it important to let consumers know they make great products and truly stand behind their lifetime warranty. I am a Pro Tuff customer for life. Enough said.
azandeEasy replacement per lifetime warrantyOur pool net was 4 yrs old and developed a tear. Contacted company for free replacement and received promptly. Wonderful that the company stands behind its products!
Kevin S.This net was the best!!I have had this net for 3 years. Sun, heat freeze, repeat. It has lasted longer than any other of our pool skimming nets, so we bought the brush too. Again awesomeness. No plastic bristles shedding into the pool like other brushes. The net started to fray off the red rim, so I emailed got a response same day! Got a whole new skimmer net within the week even with no expedited shipping! Great, quick and delightfully surpised on how quick and easy the warranty is. So much we sre going to the pole next!!
Jimmy the WeaselThe BestUsed others that were cheaper in price, and they break after a while. This one has a life time warranty, and its Super Sturdy. Same as what the pros use. Can not go wrong. Everything on this is heavy duty.
Emily J.Awesome quality and amazing warranty.This product is really strong and lasted me several seasons until a worker doing landscaping rolled over it and snapped it. ProTuff replaced it right away with no questions asked and the second one is just as great as the first one. Thanks ProTuff!!
PleasantsurpriseHighest Quality ProductWaited 3 years before posting but I’m here now and can give an honest 5 star review. Everything claimed about this pool net has been absolutely true. It has lasted in the Arizona heat and is designed for very easy use. Highly recommend ProTuff products.
SteveGreat ProductI purchased this almost four years ago and the end is starting to get a little worn on the edge. Have to tell you that they are fully replacing the unit with their warranty. This net is great for our use and I recommend that you buy one. The warranty alone stands as proof they respect their customers.
RNWGreat product, great company!Any product that survives the Texas heat and endless summer months is worth the money… add a company that respects its hassle less warranty if something happens… you can’t go wrong! This is a purchase worth every cent! And made in America!!!
Amazon CustomerReplacement Arrived Quickly With No Questions askedWe really like the bag and it works well. I would like a slightly larger lip in order to pick things up from the bottom of the deep end of the pool. So this is a couple of years of use and the bag developed a tear and I contacted Amazon Customer service and they forwarded my request for a replacement to this company and I received a prompt reply notice in Amazon from the ProTuff company asking several pertinent questions which I answered and a replacement was soon on the way. Thanks ProTuff for standing by your guarantee and promises.
Richard AndersonLifetime Warranty Golden!I used the ProTuff: 3X Faster Pro Grade Skimmer Rake on my pool frequently as its is surrounded by trees with tiny leaves that pass the systems leaf catchers. I couldn’t be happier. It did crack, and knowing the challenges small businesses endure to compete I wanted to save them their generous warranty promise and continued to use it.Until it finally snapped off. I filed a claim and they were right on top of it, honoring their promise politely and timely. I only wish they made more things I needed… Two thumbs up!
Mar MBest warranty out there!!!Price is well worth the kind of warranty it comes with. I had mine for one year and the tabs that lock in to the pole broke. The net was starting to rip. Replacement was sent fast and with no questions asked.
Jaclyn HGreat net. Excellent warranty.It’s a sturdy net that does a great job. Our pool is uncovered and gets suns most of the day. We keep the net by the pool, so it’s exposed to the elements. After 3 1/2 years, it was starting to wear down. So we decided to try to lifetime warranty that’s advertised. Wow! It was simple process to submit a claim for a warranty (they used facebook messenger). I answered a couple brief questions, provided my order #, and about a week later our brand new net showed up. Providing the information for the warranty took about a minute. Super happy with the product and the company!
MorganVery Happy!!I really like this skimmer. It fit perfectly and easily in my ancient pole. I really like the plastic edge. I have problems with frayed palm tree shedding and it is very fine and sticks to the pool tiles. This net picks it up beautifully and catches ALL of the debri. I can easily drag it along the tiles and it captures everything without damaging the tiles. Very good product. I think this will last a long time especially if it is properly cared for i.e. emptied each use and not left in the sun.Some of the negative reviewers on here have also posted pics of the equipment and it looks like it has had the hell beat out of it.I thinks it’s an excellent product and would definitely buy again.
William K. BrownThey stand by the warrantyContacted seller almost 6 years after purchase, made warranty claim on Thursday and have new replacement net in hand on Sunday!
corey cobbSimply the bestI’ve been a pool owner for 20 years now and have owned a various assortment of leaf nets. This one has been the best in terms of design and build. What’s even better is as mine has aged through seasons of heavy use (live oaks and no pool screen yikes), they’re now sending their latest replacement at no cost to me! Truly a lifetime warranty. Thanks Protuff!
Mrs. JeterWarrantyAfter several years of heavy use, the net ripped. I contacted the sellers and they immediately replied. I received a new replacement net very quickly! Seller stayed in communication during process and I couldn’t be happier with the way they quickly honored the warranty.
ScottWill honor their lifetime warrantyInitial skimmer lasted a little over three years and started getting a little tear in the net, still usable but I remembered them talking about their lifetime warranty so I sent in an email with my info and a few days later had a brand new skimmer. Would definitely by products from them again.
M. C.Unlimited free replacements are worth the purchase price!Bought the Protuff Pool Net August, 2018. It worked well for removing debris from surface and bottom of pool. It survived heavy use, frequently rubbing pool surface while cleaning. Finally, in 2021, net developed a hole. We had completed warranty card when it was purchased. Sent email to Protuff,expecting some requirement for documentation of purchase, evidence of damage, or “fee for shipping and handling”. Got an immediate response that new net would be sent “soon”. It arrived within one week. Am looking forward to several more years of use. When I need to replace the pole for my net, it will be from ProTuff- same guarantee!!
Bat6Great product, great customer service!I didn’t know how bad my pool net was untill I bought the 19.5 inch net from ProTuff. The ProTuff net has a leading edge that lifts debris up off the bottom of the pool without scratching the pool surface. The netting is fine enough to hold tiny seeds, but not too fine that it won’t move easily through the water.Mine lasted 2 years. I used it more than twice a week and it withstood our intense Arizona sunshine.Lifetime warrenty!After a simple email, with basic information, I recieved a replacement within a week.Could not be any easier!
GarrettsonAmazing company!I adore this product, cleaning my pool (18,000 gallons) takes about 4 minutes to clean with this wide net! The fine mesh on the net collects alot of the very fine particles and seeds from this large tree across the street. The plastic on the net is sturdy, even skimming the walls of a pebble pool only leaves slight scratches on the edge of this tuff tool!! The quality of the built in clip seems to be very stout too, rounded tips for easy assembly.Pro tuff if you are reading this please make a battery powered pool vacuum with super fine mesh screens/bags I’ll give you my wallet!
Kirk ChandlerBest pool leaf net ever – and warranty is the real dealAfter many years of use, my ProTuff pool leaf net gave up the ghost. I contacted ProTuff about that lifetime guarantee and a few days later I had a brand new one. E-Z-P-Z Outstanding product and outstanding customer service. I could never ask for more than that.I highly recommend their pool leaf net!
Elise apgarLong lasting and well made Pool skimmer netI have had this skimmer net since 2020. It is every bit as good as the day I bought it. There is no sign of deterioration of the net. The lifetime warranty is also a plus. Definitely an excellent product.
Shelagh G.Great product and warrantyBest pool net I’ve ever used, it did end up cracking after two or three years, and they replaced it!
Derick WilliamsGreat company! Stands behind their products!We had a problem with the product but they were super fast to get it replaced!! Recommend using this company! The products are great but if there is a problem they will take care of it! Thank you!!
Marc ELast pool net I’ll ever ownIt’s not often that an item that you don’t give a lot of credit changes your opinion. It’s a pool net. Big deal right? Seen one, you’ve seen them all. That’s what I thought and boy was I wrong. This is THE pool net. It is built to last and darned if it doesn’t pick up any and everything in my pool from the biggest leaves to the tiniest particles of calcium or dirt. You truly get what you pay for in this bad boy.
Amazon CustomerBest warranty you will find.Ok, first off I love this product, bit I was a bit skeptical regarding the warranty claimed on the page. To my surprise, after 2 years it wear off s it, I e-mailed them and I got an answer less than 24 hours later and I received a new one a couple of days after. This company is seriously the best I have seen in terms of backing up their product. 100% recommended.
KimberlyBest net everI would have to say this net is awesome, we bought so many nets over the years and they constantly broke. So we decided to try this one and I would highly recommend it to everyone, we some how got a hole in ours and I can’t explain how it happened cause I really don’t know but I emailed the company and ” no questions asked” they sent me a replacement. Very satisfied 😌 customer. Also want to add the the durability of this net is great we’ve used ours for over a year now and I’m sold on this one!! Great product guys!!!!
Eve SadaGreat purchase !!!I am so satisfied with the lifetime warranty, I received my new one in three days.
Amazon CustomerBEST COMPANY and Most reliable PRODUCT of its kind!!!Love the product, has always been very reliable and when anything does happen the customer service is phenomenal. They weren’t kidding when they said LIFETIME Warranty. Definitely a FAN and will continue to Support PROTUFF. 👍👍
Amazon CustomerThe ultimate workhorse of pool netsI bought this about a year ago because my pool was a horrible mess, but the problem is by the time I found it, we had already worked ourselves ragged cleaning the pool mostly out. I bought it anyway, price tag and all, since by then I just wanted the best I could get my hands on, but since I didn’t get a chance to really try the net out I didn’t review it. When we opened again for the summer we had another job on our hands. Not as big as before but still a pain. So I pulled this out. And then we were done. At least that was sort of how it felt. I was able to get large scooping bags full of leaves and twigs and toss them out without any hassle and the entire time this thing acted like it was bored! No sagging or tearing or problems of any kind. I have to admit I leave it outside all the time and even with the abuse of being left in the sun most of the year and then asked to work like a beast of burden, it is still going strong. Thank you for this small miracle!
Anthony F. LimiteTrue 100% Warranty !So I’ve had my ProTuff since march 2020 and it was showing some wear, especially around the stitching holding the inside of the net together. It was coming undone and just a matter of time until there would be a hole. So I contacted Protuff and true to their word, they have a new one exactly like I purchased on the way. They didn’t ask for a picture or an explanation, just to complete their questions and submit. That easy, so yes their 100% warranty is for real.
Lisy SaavedraLisy SaavedraAmazingly Tuff product and ServiceAfter purchasing numerous nets and poles we came across the ProTuff brand. It outlasted every other net we had. Our pool is outside as well as the equipment so we have to sweep it daily. Our 2016 net frame just now started to crack. I vaguely remembered the warranty and thought it’s not worth the hassle to go through the steps so instead we ordered another ProTuff. Yesterday I had a few minutes and thought I’d try. Unbelievable! Painless, quick and now we have a backup on the way! We will never order anything else but ProTuff products. Exceptional Service
Larry LProTuff is an excellent net and has a simple easy to use guaranteeI buy a lot of items on Amazon but have never seen customer service like this. After going through many cheaply made nets I bought this one in 2015. It has been perfect for six years until the net started to pull away from the frame. I forgot it had a lifetime warranty until I went to Amazon to reorder a new one. ProTuff had a link for warranty claims. I answered a couple questions and walla my new net has arrived. Truly the easiest claim and process I have ever seen. Hats off to ProTuff and thank you!
BradyEvery positive in the book!Amazing tool! Extremely easy to use, awesomely strong!We had a product malfunction where the retaining clip broke that holds the rake into the pole during the Thanksgiving holiday. I emailed the company on Friday after thanksgiving and had a brand new pool rake on Monday morning with a photo and 2 emails! It was as simple and painless as that!!! This company is for real ant their products are out of this World good. I’ve been a professional fabrication contractor for over 45 years. The highest quantity tools is what helps me build my highest quality one off products. Pro-tuff is the best and easiest to use tools I’ve ever purchased.
Vernon LeslieVery durable pool net with EXCELLENT warranty serviceI’ve been using this pool net for more than four years in South Florida and it has worked great. I used to replace these things within two years, but this one has held up much better, and it works better. The curved plastic lip makes is easy to skim debris of the bottom. Though the net itself has held up well, UV has deteriorated the plastic protective frame. So I sent ProTuff a message through Amazon together with a photo, and that was all it took. A couple hours latter, ProTuff sent me a reply informing me that they were shipping me a replacement. I got it today, and I could not be happier with the service or product.
Daryle V. ScottAWESOME!!!I purchased my net in 2016. Yesterday, April 28, 2022, it finally failed. I emailed the company telling them what happened and within hours I had a reply that my new net was on the way! AMAZING!!! I’ll buy ONLY ProTuff going forward!
mike phillipsCustomer service is outstandingBought this net in 2014, bracket broke probably due to heavy use and/or playful children. Net is still like new, sent a picture and order number, within two hours problem resolved with a new net on the way. This was all done on Easter Sunday
DefTechFanExcellent quality product and customer serviceAt first, I wondered why the net would cost as much as it does but would highly recommend it after using it for years now. They stand behind the warranty promise as well which is rare these days. My only wish is that they offered it in blue but would otherwise not change a thing.
william bullLifetime warrantyI purchased this this pool net two years ago and use it just about every day after two years it finally wore out. I contacted ProTuff And they replace the net no questions asked their lifetime warranty actually works thank you
Daniel D.Best Leaf Rake i’ve ever ownedThis is a very durable and heavy duty leaf rake. Works great and backed by a great warranty. i was skeptical about the lifetime warranty. i purchased in 2017 and after 4 years the plastic retainer around the metal frame cracked and the net began to pull out of the frame. i contacted Pro Tuff and they immediately started the ball in motion to send a replacement. very satisfied customer.
mark mastersFinally, a net that lasts!Love this net. We’ve used it for going on 3 years and it’s still like new. The lifetime warranty is great, but greater still is that it doesn’t need to be replaced, in spite of the constant use. Love it!
Gwen BroylesPool net skimmerThis is a great pool net and lasted through hot Florida summers, salty air, and chlorine from the pool during almost daily skimming. We ended up needing to file a warranty claim and the process could not have been easier. Highly recommend the product and the company!
ShaakbhaajiGreat net for my pondStill going strong after 4 years. Sat through winters and summers with only the color fading slightly. I have not seen any issues with the net itself. Primarily used to scoop out heavy debris and algae from the pond.
PMNSo far so good.This net has held up longer than any other net I have purchased in the last 20 years. I have had it replaced onse due to a tear in the corner but it was replace hassle free.
Amazon CustomerGreat product and they stand behind the warrantyLongest lasting and best pool net I have ever used by far. Lasted 7 years and when it finally broke down I made a request for a replacement under the lifetime warranty and they took care of it and sent a replacement right away.
Robert ClaytonA+ transaction; Sturdy product.Shipping and pricing was reasonable. The product is very sturdy and I’m very happy with it.
TexStill working as advertisedI purchased my ProTuff pool net over a year ago, and it’s still in great shape. If you’re looking for something durable— something that you won’t have to replace again and again— then I recommend ProTuff products.
michael h.Best you can get!!!!Pro Tuff makes great stuff and this skimmer net is a perfect companion for their pool pole. Don’t be tempted to buy a different brand because of the price. You truly do get what you pay for.
Amazon CustomerBest Net I have ever used . Unbelievable warranty.Heavy duty use never a problem. Most have gone through 10 nets before this net. I accidentally cracked the red plastic. My own fault. Was going to order new one. Contacted company and they sent me a new one under the warranty right Away. Waited a while to write review to make sure that the net was same quality. 100 percent satisfied. Quite the work horse.
MyrmNO PROBLEMS after 2 yearsPurchased because would use the typical store product at a retailer. Saw this one and haven’t had any regrets at all. The net and quality after 2 years in the hot Texas sun have been great.
Molson CDNProTuff stands by their warrantyIf you skim your pool a couple times a week like I do this net is a must. It’s sturdy and picks up debris like a vacuum. Easy to scoop up stuff on the bottom of the pool. So far it’s holding up really well. Definitely recommend!Update: 04/19/2021I’m updating my review after owning this net for 2 yrs now. It recently got a tear in the net, not sure how as I store my pool equipment properly so I reached out to ProTuff for the warranty on it. Without hesitation they quickly shipped me a new one and I couldn’t be happier with the excellent customer service I received. Not only did they make the warranty claim hassle free, they were also very quick to respond to my emails and they quickly delivered a replacement net. I will definitely buy more products from ProTuff after this experience. I was thinking about their extension pole so that’s my next purchase now.
C and SSolid pool net… great warranty!This pool net is unbeatable. Very well made and sturdy. My only issue after a few years of use was the red plastic band that secures the netting to the metal ring had deteriorated from sun and chlorine exposure, and the netting came loose. I submitted a warranty claim and received my new net within a week. No questions asked! Great customer service for an outstanding product and warranty! I’ve recommended this net to my friends and family.
undine56undine56Great Durability and WarrantyI bought this in March 2019 so it has lasted over two years before it the plastic finally began to fade and crack off. I decided to try out the lifetime warranty. I emailed the company on Labor Day weekend and received a reply within 24 hours. Two days later the new net arrived. For those of you who have any doubts, do not worry, this warranty is legit. Best $39 I’ve spent when it comes to my pool.
Randy ArmsJust as promisedThe lifetime warranty is a big plus as I’ve owned several skimmer nets before this one. But this has held up better than any other I’ve owned that I’m not sure I’ll ever need the warranty
K. CummingsWarranty makes it a 5 star productI bought this net in September 2019, and since I have 3 large trees in my backyard that drop debris in my pool constantly, have used it almost on a daily basis. The bottom of the netting developed a hole that allowed some of the smaller stuff to escape from the net. I sent an email to ProTuff asking for a replacement on 4-13-2021, got a positive response the next day, and had my new skimmer net delivered on my front porch yesterday, 4-19-2021. Probably the best warranty service I have ever received. Simply tremendous.
Richard VaughanFantastic Product and GuaranteeThis ProTuff net lasted for seven years. Our previous nets only lasted about 2-3 years. After the plastic frame started to crack, I called on the Lifetime Guarantee and was told that I would have a new net in three days. The only information that I needed to provide was the 2014 Amazon order number. Three days later I had a brand new net. Fantastic product and service. Keep a copy of your order number.
F J RichmondRobust enough to fulfill its lifetime guaranteeI bought this 3 years ago to replace skimmers with mesh that rapidly deteriorated in sunlight. It’s still good as new. You can find cheaper products but over time, this looks like a more efficient solution.
Tom GuerreroGreat product!I purchased this pool net because it said lifetime warranty. I used this for almost 3 years when it finally tore open. I contacted the company and they had a new net sent within 2 days. They now have a customer for life.
LubaruBest rake I’ve tried out of many!Sturdy, scoops leaves, durable thus far, and easy to use.
CaliTherapeuticShopperSturdy netGreat net. Clicks into pole easily and very sturdy. Had mine for 3 years and the net and frame have worked great. The tapered edge lifts debris from the ground of the pool easily and leaves and branches don’t stick to the net as much as with other nets.A small hole developed in the net recently, so I contacted the company to use my warranty. They sent a replacement immediately. Amazing service!
Teresa A MartinEXCELLENT PRODUCTThis is the sturdiest net I’ve ever purchased! I have the 19″ net. I’m on my 2ne one due to longevity…THEY contacted me to remind me of my lifetime guarantee!! EXTREMELY PLEASED!
Randal McFaddenStill going strongBought this leaf skimmer 4 years ago and it’s still works great. It’s stored outside and the plastic has minimal fading and the netting is still in great condition. This product is one I definitely recommend!
C. JohnsonExcellent purchaseThis has been a great purchase. Great design for getting leaves off the bottom of the pool. Functions exactly as it should. We have used this a ton over the last two years and this past week a little connector piece broke. I called in the “lifetime warranty” and with no questions asked they sent me a brand new one! I did it all online through Amazon and it arrived in a few days. I’m always happy to find a company that stands behind its’ products and will be purchasing more from ProTuff in the future. Excellent service.
W. JohnsonPro Tuff backs up their WarranteePurchased in February, 2018, I’ve used this pool net for four seasons. Let’s face it, in California pool season lasts all year. This month a small tear showed up in the net. I looked up my original invoice to order a new one. Then I noticed the Lifetime Warrantee. I emailed Pro Tuff and received a response within a few hours. They absolutely stand behind their Warrantee.*UPDATE*Received replacement July 26, 2021 just three days after contacting the company.
John WeldonOnly thing better than the warranty is the product itselfThe net is fantastic quality, easy to use, easy to install, rugged, and durable.After 2 years of constant use on an abrasive concrete pool, and being stored in direct Arizona sunlight all day, the net was still in excellent shape. I noticed a tiny hole in the net, and the edge was pretty worn down by constant use, so I decided to see if the “Lifetime Warranty” was good. ProTuff immediately honored their warranty; all I had to do was provide the amazon order number, and they quickly and cheerfully replaced my net, even shipping it to me expedited. Thank you Jais and the ProTuff team.
K. E. ReedPro tuff lived up to its lifetime warranty policy.Couldn’t believe how easy it was to submit a warranty claim using Facebook and also commend them on their awesome customer service.
IlovedogsSturdyNew pool owner here and we needed a skimmer. After reading a ton of reviews we chose this one and it doesn’t disappoint. It’s a sturdy and thick mesh with a deep pocket to catch a lot of debris. Also the unlimited free replacements is a huge plus!
EldestcoondogLifetime Warranty Not a Joke!!!I am on my 3rd rake. The lifetime warranty is not a joke. Very easy to get a replacement! Buy American and buy safe. Excellent product, and they stand by them.
Monica French DotsonAwesome product even BETTER WARRANTYHoly cow… a lifetime warranty. I was skeptical, but about the time I was to check into if the lifetime warranty had clauses and exceptions, I actually received a message from ProTuff stating it is about time top replace my Pool Net and confirm I want a replacement…. WHAT, a proactive lifetime warranty… WOW. So I stated I needed a replacement. No questions, no pictures, no proof required. A few days later my replacement net arrived!! This product is awesome even without the warranty. Lasted 4 years.
Richie VWarrantyNot sure what the bad reviews are about the warranty because I’ve utilized the warranty twice in three years. I send a message via Amazon app then I received an email from customer service asking simple questions. No pictures needed and replacement was sent out in a week or so. No pool rake will last forever so I don’t mind the net tearing after a year, as long as they continue to honor their lifetime guarantee as advertised, I’ll be a happy customer.
TroubleshooterSturdy and great warrantyI gave a pool with a white bottom. Thus means I have to clean it virtually every day. Tree stuff shows up real easy. This net has held up very well to my use. After 10 months, the rough pool bottom began to rub holes in the mesh. I thought I would try the warranty to see if they would replace without a hassle. No problem, filled out their warranty form online and received my replacement within a week.
C RHeavy Duty Pool SkimmerExtremely heavy duty skimmer. Deep bag which gives space to scoop lots of debris before emptying. Like the life time warranty.After having used it for some time, product works well and is ver strong. I’d recommend to my friends.
Angelagreat mesh netThis company has all the best pool products. We have two nets and a pole and they are all very sturdy and stand up to our daily use. Don’t look anywhere else!
Steve YoungWarranty fulfilledLove this pool net. It’s durable and holds a large volume of leaves. After 4 years of regular use the plastic around the net failed so I filed a warranty claim and they sent a new net free of charge, as promised!Awesome support!
VanThis is the best! If you buy from someone else, you are making a big mistake.this is a well-made product, don’t buy anything else. And you cannot beat their warranty. My fine net mesh tore from my carelessness, but no questions asked, they just sent me another one.
Donna K.Lifetime warranty is legitimateI purchased my ProTuff 19 ” net in June of 2020. Very happy with it . I like the fact that the net stays open and doesn’t collapse when using it to clean debris from the pool. I can honestly say I don’t know what happened to the net and why it ripped. I went to use it and it was damaged. I can say their No Questions Asked Guarantee has a new net on the way.Thanks ProTuff
Amazon CustomerAwesome customer service and product.Product was exactly as advertised. When necessary, the product was replaced free under the lifetime warranty without hesitation. Would definitely buy from ProTuff again. I’m a very happy customer.
1stGMaProduct is great and so was service.Net is sturdy yet light enough to be easy to handle. Well pleased with product. Tired of buying new net each summer. Also pleased with service. Company did follow-ups to be sure we were satisfied.Follow up 4 years later: pool net actually shattered when bumped this week (October 2020). The replacement guarantee was for real! I contacted the seller and answered a few questions and received a new pool net in less than a week. Company representatives were great! Very courteous and efficient. Couldn’t believe they actually did what they said they would. Would highly recommend this product and the ProTuff company!
VANWOOTENGood DealI paid a little more for this net than for other nets. The quality is outstanding. The lifetime replacement makes it a no brainer.
Christina Semien2 years since purchase and still in great shapeI’ve had this for over 2 years, and I also leave it out in the elements/weather for the majority of the year. Still in same shape as when I bought it. Highly recommended:)
Sue C.Super sturdy!!My pool cover was not on last fall so my pool was full of leaves and debris. I went through 2 other skimmers before I bought this. This one got the job DONE.
MikeFHands down the best pool netThis pool net has been my favorite out of several that I have purchased. While it does cost more than other cheap pool nets, this one lasts much longer. I have had mine for 5 years while the others I have tried lasted one maybe two years. I did recently have a problem with it. The plastic piece that holds the net to the frame has broken. I emailed the company and included a copy of my invoice and within two hours they responded and sent me a new net. Excellent customer service and warranty.
Ian’s DaddyBelieve the Forever Guarantee!!!I bought this pool back in 2020. A few weeks ago, I noticed that the clip that holds the net in place on the pole was missing. I contacted the seller and notified them about the missing clip. They told me that they did not have that extra part but would send me a brand new net. Fast forward 5 days later, I received a BRAND NEW NET. I am extremely satisfied with this net and seller!!!
FJKMust have for bottom of pool!The flat nets work great on top of the water. But they suck trying to scoop multiple leaves and larger debris off the bottom. That’s where this “pool rake” net excels. I highly recommend this product.
Phil77Best one on the marketProduct is extremely sturdy and does a great job picking up debris that’s sitting on the floor of the pool. Best one I’ve ever owned!
Amazon CustomerThis is a really good pool net!I’ve gone through several different brands of pool nets over the past 15 years and this one is by far, the best. It is well built, very sturdy and works like it’s supposed to. I’ve been using this for several months so I don’t know about it’s durability yet, but it feels more substantial than my previous nets. It’s large and shaped perfectly to get leaves off the bottom of the pool and easy to skim the surface as well.
Mother of 7Work’s GreatI have purchased several other brands and they break after a year or 2. This one is very sturdy and the warranty, how can you go wrong with this purchase.
Peter DoponaAwesome- liked so much bought some for my in-lawsThis is the real deal – have left outside in the TX summer sun- hasn’t cracked, bent. I liked so much I’ve bought for my in-lawsGreat product would recommend
ROROProtuff pool leaf netA very good sturdy pool net. with a 100% lifetime warranty. After a period of time the net developed a hole in it. I contacted Protuff, and Amazon, about the issue and the warranty. Without any questions Protuff sent me a replacement net within a few days. Protuff Productss stood by their warranty. I am pleased with the net and even more pleased with the way the company stood by it’s work.
AndyThis is the real deal!Fantastic customer service, just as advertized this is the best pool Net Skimmer and Leaf Rake I have owned.
2mdsailorsDoes a great job, well made and durableWell made, durable skimmer. I’ve used the life time replacement warranty when the first skimmer mesh split. Second one is holding up great for the start of its’ third year.
Melaniegreat experiencegreat communication, very quick response to my warranty need and quick replacement, So easy no jumping through hoops like some companies. Highly recommend!
Chris ParkerGreat fine net.This works great especially for pollen and small particles. Hopefully the warranty will be good too in case I have to replace.
Amazon CustomerGreat pool skimmerThis skimmer lasts a lot longer than what I can buy around my local swimming supplies stores. Also great service when you need a replacement, easy process no hustles, and fast delivery.
Richard BornsteinQuality Pool NetWorks great on fine floating debris as well as larger leafs and debris
Kimberly/Joel PrineBest Skimmer I have foundThis thing is strong and sturdy. It is a product that is made to last the pool exposure and sun. A great product that I would recommend to anyone.
MWGreat product and Great companyPool products that are actually engineered for people that know pools. This net is excellent quality, and functions effectively. Don’t believe the negative reviews. This company is customer centric.
Amazon fanGreat pool netWe like the size of the net and it does a great job getting things off the bottom of the pool with the angled edge of the net frame.
GmamaGreat CompanyI ordered this pool net after using many of the cheaper pool nets from the big box stores. Most of the big box pool nets lasts maybe one season. This new Pro Tuff net is awesome. So much better. After a bit my net got a small hole that would allow pine straw to come through. I contacted them explained the problem and they sent me a new one. No questions asked. Great company. I will buy from them again.
TomLong lastingBest skimmer I have ever purchased. Has lasted longer than any other skimmer I have purchased. Still going strong after 2 1/2 years. Should last many more years
Eric C. AllenProtuff leaf rake a fantastic time saver!I have an oak tree close to my pool which is not screened and the pool gets quite messy at times. It was a nightmare at times until I got this leaf rake. It is fantastic! The rake reduces my time in half. The rake is sturdy and easy to use. The past two years I used it so many times I got a hole in the net. I texted protuff and received a new rake within 3 days at no charge. Protuff stands behind their products.
RCCC18Impressive warranty process – great productThe warranty process is very impressive. I owned a pool rake, and used it for 3 years. After continual service for 3 years, it finally developed some holes in the net. I was skeptical of any company that would warranty against normal wear and tear, but I went through the simple claim process anyway. I received immediate communication about my claim, and within two weeks I had a replacement. ProTuff lived up to its lifetime warranty claim, and exceeded my expectations during the process.
JLHSturdy, well built Pool Net SkimmerWe have used this product for over a year and it performs as well as the day it was purchased. Thank you, ProTuff for a quality product!
JosephVery well builtI had a previous net in the same price category made by (G) that has lasted 8 years and still useable. This net appears every bit as well built. I will say however the mesh seems a little finer than my old net. This makes it have a little more drag pulling it through the water. I don’t mind this but thought I should point it out.Longevity, if I get 8 or 9 years like my old net I’ll be very happy. Time will tell
PatsyThis pool net is excellent in every respectThis pool net is excellent in every respect! I originally bought the pool net on July 5, 2014. Two years later, after much use in easily picking up floating pool debris, I discovered that one edge of the net had frayed apart from the frame. It was NOT the manufacturer’s fault as we weren’t real careful about keeping the net out of the blistering sun here in Corona, CA and so it caused some damage. Upon seeing the damage this summer I contacted the seller and they said they stand behind their 100% Lifetime Guarantee. Really??? Two days later at my doorstep was a brand new pool net! I was pleasantly blown away. So, major kudos to the manufacturer!!! They are an excellent company and I will definitely continue to buy ProTuff Products. And in all honesty, I also learned to respect the sun and not leave certain items out where damage can occur again as it’s not in my heart to take advantage of anyone. Thank you ProTuff Products!
WHDGreat productI purchased this skimmer looking for something that will be functional and durable. It seems to be doing the job. I’ll update shops the need arise. Thanks
Shane B.Shane B.2 Years and still goingWe bought this because we were going through nets about every summer. This has held up well. Holds a lot. It’s a stiffer net but that’s what makes it durable.I have had no problems with it.
MstokerGreat qualityPurchased this pool leaf rake after reading the many rave customer reviews to replace two from other manufacturers that quickly broke . This Protuff rake is very sturdy and well made, and no doubt will prove far more durable than the others I’ve purchased. My advice – don’t waste your money on (slightly) lower priced rakes. Buy right the first time. I wish I had.
Gregg SQuality product with a great warrantyWe have a large backyard pool that is surrounded by trees, so I am regularly having to skim the pool to remove leaves, pine needles, redwood frawns etc. Thus, the 19”Leaf rake takes a beating and I need to replace it almost annually.. ProTuff always stands behind their product and has made the warranty claim quick and easy for the last 5 years.
Charles KellyGreat Customer ServiceWarranty claim process was fast and easy. Great customer service
Debbie FraderaThe last pool net you will need.This is the sturdiest pool net skimmer on the market. To top it off it comes with a lifetime warranty. It just doesn’t get any better.
Ryan P.Ryan P.THe Best Pool Skimmer I’ve Ever Owned – Hope It LastsThis is the best pool rake I have ever owned. It was a little pricey but the design and function is superior to the rakes I’ve been buying at the pool store for the past 20-yrs. It looks and feels durable and I see no reason why it shouldn’t last for a long time…but only time will tell.1-yr Update: The pool rake is still used every day and works like a dream. I live in a complete tree canopy so leaves, seeds, cotton fluff, and general tree garbage is a daily reality…but this rake does the job. The rake did have a small tear that developed almost immediately but ProTuff lived up to the Guarantee and i had a replacement sent to me when i finally decided it needed to be replaced. Fantastic Pro-Tuff!
BofoBest lifetime warrantyLifetime warranty is exactly that. No questions asked, everyone I’ve dealt with at Protuff is outstanding
TFBVery well madeI’ve been using this pool net skimmer to remove leaves from my 1/4 acre pond for about a year, and it is holding up very well.
MarkGreat ProductThis is a Great Product. Very Heavy Duty, nicely made. Will now seek out more products by this company.
Kathy H.Perfecto!!Just right to remove smaller pool debris but strong enough for heavier debris. Love that is USA made, and lifetime guaranteed.
teresa sporerPool netLove this pool net. It’s the best one we have ever bought. And am really impressed with the replacement guarantee. Highly recommend this product
Christian CarvelhoHonor Warranty!!!I loved this net and to my dismay, the net developed a hole within one year of use. I e-mailed the company and within 20 minutes, on a Sunday, they indicated they were sending a replacement! Very surprised at their speed of service and quality of service!!
MWarrenExcellent qualityI’ve had my lead net for 4 1/2 years, it has outlasted and outperformed all previous nets. I have a 24×40 inground pool that I don’t cover. So when winter is over there are a lot of leaves for me to scoop. I just know developed a tear in the mesh. I was amazed at how easy and fast it was to file a warranty claim. After the experience I just know ordered their silt net.
Darrel NystromGreat rake, lives up to their reputationAs so many others have said better than me, this is a well engineered sturdy rake. It does an excellent job of picking up debris on the bottom and skimming the surface. I purchased mine 5 years ago and the plastic rim just failed after all those years in the hot Palm Springs sun. I sent the company a message requesting replacement under the lifetime warranty and was very pleased to get a quick response and a new rake within a few days. Buy with confidence.
ShorelySturdy pool rakeSeems like a good quality pool rake. Will see if the warranty is true as I have it for some time longer.
R. mcHeavy Duty cleaning netAfter purchasing their hooks, telescoping pole and net; and seeing how well these are constructed; will buy only pro tuff products for my pool.
GtownThe bestIt really does last a long time. I can’t remember when I bought it, and I use it year round. It’s just great!
Jamie HSPSolid pool netI bought this after our old pool net broke. Very sturdy and helps get leaves even after they sink to the bottom. Great product!
JnetHonors warrantyI did have trouble with the net but I emailed the company and got an immediate response and a new net arrived in less than two weeks. It is so refreshing to find a company that really honors its claims!!!
Diana AcostaBuy nothing elseWell made, made in the USA and lifetime warranty. What more can anyone want!!!
Mike H.2 Years old and looks and works like newI purchased this product because it looked tough and appeared to have better construction materials than the ones purchased at my local pool supply store. I usually get two seasons out of my pool net as I used it regularly to remove coconuts and other debris. The frame usually bends then the net tears apart from use or dry-rot.The ProTuff Pool Net is left outside in the Florida sun and weather and it looks great and works fine after the first two years of use.I’ve recommended this product to friends and neighbors because it works so well.
Melinda EllisThe lifetime warranty is real!!This is a great leaf net…and the lifetime warranty is real!! I ordered this net in August 2017, and in January 2021 the black t-shaped part that attaches the net to the pole broke (it had been cracked for a bit, but was still fully functional). I sent a photo of the broken part and my Amazon order invoice (from my online past-purchase history) to the warranty email. I had a reply in about 36hrs and a new net delivered to me free of any charges in about 7 days!
JRLove this pool skimmerLove this pool rake. It’s deep, so you can skim a lot of leaves and algae in it before you need to empty it.Makes cleaning the pool/pond so easy.Also their lifetime free replacement is amazing. After a year of constant use ours got a hole in it (stillusable but let little things escape). They immediately replaced it.I highly recommend.
L960Excellent quality! No more dealing with cheap China nets!Been using 3 months and love it! Best of all its not heav!
Stewart.Excellent productVery pleased. Excellent product .
The AncibleBetter than Gold-No Questions Asked Warranty Replacements!This is the Gold Standard for which most consumers seek and companies everywhere should try emulating. Make a product that does what it says it will do, believe in it enough to back it with a Lifetime Replacement warranty and follow thru on that commitment-NO MATTER WHAT! I mean, in my case after a couple of years of use, the basket part is still in good shape, but the handle cracked and then completely broke-and ProTuff still backed up the product and sent me a new one. 100% satisfaction guarantee is just lip service to most companies, but ProTuff is doing just that. I’m a believer! I highly recommend the company and the net rake product.
Amazon CustomerTuff Product Leaf RakeI purchased the ProTuff 21″ Leaf Rake and was skeptical about the life warranty. Almost a year and a half later the net started to wear thin and eventually developed a hole. I reached out to TuffProducts and they sent me a whole replacement Leaf Rake with no questions or hassle. I thought they would send me a replacement net but was surprised to receive a totally new product. I am a believer of their product and the outstanding guarantee. I will now look at their other products.
BrookeAwesome lifetime guarantee!!!We have loved our ProTuff pool net! We purchased in 2018 and have used it year round. Our net was a bit separated at the beginning of this year, so we contacted the company regarding the lifetime guarantee. They promptly responded and shipped out our replacement net within just a few days…and were kind enough to expedite shipping! So grateful to know we can count on ProTuff to stand behind their guarantee! We will be lifetime customers!!
Richard BlasierGreat quality productThis is a great net. I have only been using for a few months, but so far it has been good very strong net.
Robert GGreat Net!The net works well and appears that it should hold up over time. I have had it for a year and half.
DonnaDurable. One of the best we’ve found.Very durable and easy to use. Well made and holds up well. Ours had an issue with the net stitching and they easily replaced it for free. No questions asked. Service was outstanding and it was all done via FB messenger. Loyal customer because of this product and their service!
kevin goggansOnly Pool Rake I will ever own.This pool rake is exceptional. This is the only one I will ever own. Customer Service is better than excellent. Needed a replacement due to the mesh net had a hole. Emailed customer service and Jacob was eager to help. After 2 emails the new rake is on its way free of charge. Great product and great customer service.
james kingLifetime Guarantee: ProTuff Means It!Just received a new pool leaf skimmer from ProTuff to replace the one purchased six years ago through Amazon. sHere’s what is important: The ProTuff Lifetime warranty is the real deal. ProTuff means what they say, and they do what they guarantee they will do! 100% satisfied’ And thank you Amazon!
Online ShopperOutstanding product and customer serviceProTuff products are durable. And if there is any problem, customer service is easy and quick.Thank you for a fabulous pool product, with very strong netting and excellent construction of the non-marking rim.
SEJIN KIMExcellent warranty service!I purchased this product on April 2016 and recently found there was a broken portion on the net.Since I’ve been happy to use this product, I was going to reorder the same product. However, I realized that there was a lifetime warranty for the free replacement when I purchased this product. I contacted the seller to request the replacement under the warranty and received the new net yesterday (within a week).Excellent customer service and trustable lifetime warranty service. Not enough even with 5 stars!
Johnny DWorth the money! Awesome product & companyI bought the leaf rake and it worked great for about 2 years. Very well built and good quality. Much Better than the lower priced rakes /nets. Eventually the net tore away from the frame. I found them online and followed their warranty guidelines. They replaced my net hassle free. Probably the easiest warranty process I’ve ever experienced. We need more companies like this who stand behind their product. I will only buy pool products from them moving forward. 100% worth the extra dollars.
Amazon CustomerDurableEasy to use still holds up after 2 minnesota winters and summers outside! Definitely will buy again if it ever wears out!
D. Via-TexasGreat product and company that stands by their warrantyFirst, the product is very well-made and rugged. I bought it years ago and had a tear in the net, and they are replacing two and a half years later! Great to see a company that backs their warranty and make it easy to replace the product. Other pool nets have torn months after use. This was one of the best purchases I have ever made.
Adrian ChaconAwesome company and productsVery sturdy and well-made. My pool rake started to develop a tear and was letting trash thru the net.I placed a warranty claim. It was easy and hassle free. They even sent a new pool rake expedited @ no fee…
Jack DuPontvery sturdyvery sturdy net, much better than anything at the pool store.
Catherine Carter2 years old- still works and looks great!Bought this in 2020. Great product- lasted past 2 years and looks like we will get many more years use out of it.
Terry Ferrerathey stand behind the guaranteewell made pool nets, lasts twice as long or more than other pool nets i’ve bought.i tell everyone how good they are.
Jeffery K.Best Net Ever ! Warranty is the real dealPurchased in 2018. Chuckled to myself about the life time warranty. Year round use in SW Florida. Remembered I had saved the Amazon order number when the net started deteriorating and filed a warranty claim. A few days later a brand new net was on the door step. PruTuff stands by their warranty with no hassle. Last net I will ever have to buy…
BakeSkims bottom of pool perfectly.If you have large trees around your pool this is the tool you need. Best skimmer on the market by far, skims the bottom of the pool like a knife edge holding 20 to 30 pounds of debris at One time. After a big storm in the uncovered large pool cuts clean up down to 1/10 The time. Made with commercial type construction made for Pool cleaning professionals to use 8 hours/day for Years. No brainer, little expensive but lasts forever
D.M.3years and still going strong!The nets and poles are. wry sturdy. 3 years and still going strong!! Quality and price are a great combo!
Ray GGreat productProduct works great for skim debris from my pool,especially on the bottom. This is my second one first one lasted 5+ years
Ryan HuntLife saverThis net was the best pool purchase I made in 2020. We just installed the pool this summer and have yet to get a robot cleaner. Fall came and dumped tons of leaves in the pool. Cleaned them up with no problems. Then my son dropped a paver in the pool. And then two more the next day were at the bottom. The water was 50 degrees…. And this net scooped them up no problem. It is strong. I really can’t say enough… Buy it.
James CoxThis is a well designed productThis is not your typical pool net. It is better constructed than anything else I’ve seen!
flmomflmomLifetime Warranty? They MEAN it!After almost 3 years of daily use and brutal Florida weather, our net started to fall apart. I sent a picture of it to ProTuff and they responded within an hour – on a Sunday of a holiday weekend!A week later…we received a new net in the mail. This is the best leaf rake for our climate and they customer service is incredible. Don’t hesitate – it’s worth the money!
GremlichThis is the one to get!We are new pool owners, and the skimmers that we got from our local pool company were terrible. It was very difficult to use to get anything out of the pool. After a little research, I found this one and ordered it. It is great at doing what it is supposed to do. We can use it to get leaves on top of the water or settled on the floor with ease.
karen f.Holds up to sun and harsh chemicalsThree years in and no problems with this pool rake. It does a great job with leaves and other large debris.
RobcTop notch net for picking up leaves in the pool.Paid extra for this net based on reviews and the lifetime warranty.It is a great pool net. The best I have ever owned. Wide mouth with deep netting to collect big items and stay in the net while scooping up leaves, etc.Very durable material with extra tight stitching.After a couple of months use, this net has done an outstanding job picking up leaves on she surface and on the bottom of the pool.So far so good.I would recommend this net highly for others.
Yuzhang WuProtuff is the most reliable Pool equipment I have ever usedI have never had a protuff pool net fail on me and their fine mesh picks up all particles as claimed
RyanExcellent productVery happy with this product I ordered two poles and net and skimmer.
N.J. PIerceBest pool sweep I have used in my 20 years of having a poolWe have a lot of trees around our pool and so we are continually trying to get the leaves and flowers and stuff out of the pool. I wear out pool nets-the ProTuff net has lasted longer than any other brand I have tried. And, if i do wear it out, there is a guarantee! What more could I want?Following up on the above, my ProTuff net developed a hole in it 2 years after I bought it, and I sent ProTuff an email and my new ProTuff net showed up a few days later. This is a great deal!
Mad MaxGreat skimmer!Ive owned and used the skimmer for over a year. Great product…would recommend ProTuff to anyone looking for quality equipment.
Patrick MWould definitely purchase this skimmer!Not happy about this. I expected it to last alot longer. I hate having to now deal with the return and wasted time. I could have bought one for a third the price and thrown it out at the end of the summer. Hoping this is corrected with minimal effort on my part!It was! Contacted by Michael Kaufman from the company. Offered refund or new net and I took the new net. Very few companies these days with this type of proactive customer service. Will gladly purchase from them in the future. Thanks Michael!
Laurie OrtegaCompany stands by its productI purchased this net 8 months ago over that time I used it almost daily. My pool is under a willow tree so we get alot of leaves and dirt. The net is super tough but it did develop a hole at the seam. I notified the companyand they sent me a whole new replacement in less than a week. They stand by their product and I woud not hesitate to buy from this company again. Fantastic service.
Novel2Great product and very sturdyMy pool is happy again. I’ve had this for over a year and it has scratches but still works just like new. Using it in Arizona summer 3 times a day, this thing has lasted way over what I expected.What’s awesome is the guarantee this company give and their customer service is the best I’ve ever had on Amazon.
China LewisGreat Pool RakePool rake is sturdy, large, and easy to use. It is well worth the costs plus a lifetime warranty.
Timothy ClarkBest pool skimmer I’ve ever owned! The warranty is incredible!!Love this skimmer! The replacement warranty is great, I received a new one with no questions asked. It shipped immediately!
kathryn h.Better than described !This was just what I needed to get rid of all the smaller particles on the bottom of the pool!. This has a tighter mesh on it and traps all the smaller particles inside it. Easy to flip it inside out and dump all the dirt out. Easy to use and I love the flat edge doe ease of use. Fit onto my pool poles perfectly.
Dr. Napoli Fiatro St. CroixThis magnificent product is lifetime warrantyPool Net for Cleaning – ProTuff: Unlimited Free Replacements is the very best in cleaning our pool. My grandson is enjoying the cleaning the pool and does not need to vacuum simply rake the leaves with ease. This is an excellent product so far that I have seen and the family has used. The best of all it is with unlimited free replacement if it needs to be. Thank you and God bless thee !
rebecca gorman davisExcellent customer serviceWe have bought two of these in the last few years. With a lot of trees around the pool, we use ours often and wore out the plastic around that secures the net and had some tears in the net. I sent them a message and they replaced both them quickly. It is rare these days to have that kind of customer service. I would recommend these to anyone.
PoppaGWorth the added costAfter buying several bargain nets which were always a disappointment I decide to spend more for a better product.I had no issues using my existing pole(s) as some others had reported. Very pleased with the quality and usability of the net. My positive experience made me purchase a “fine mesh” net from them to capture pollen and I have been very pleased with that as well. Great products and warranty !
On-the-road-Again!WorksWorks as advertised.
BAKCBHigh Quality Product with Lifetime WarrantyExcellent net, very strong and reliable. Excellent lifetime warranty. I actually had to use it due to net damage and they were absolutely helpful in the process which was very easy and quick. Got my new net and it has the same great quality. Ordering their other products as I don’t see anyone offering lifetime warranty that actually lifetime warranty for pool equipment of this kind. Thank you ProTuff for great products and amazing customer service!
ADExcellent skimmer and warranty!Excellent product and perfect warranty. No question asked if replacement is needed. Would recommend to anyone with a pool.
Jones AnalogVery efficient and sturdy leaf netOur large net broke and decided to try the smaller net. While it is a great net for small jobs and skimming it wasn’t suited for large jobs. Fast forward to this one. This product is the real deal for larger jobs. it works well at shallow 3ft section as well as 8ft section for deep submerged debris. While it has a life-time warranty, I don’t expect to have any issues anytime soon. I will check after fall season ends before my winter shut-down.
m4avantiA Cool Pool ToolI’m very happy with this well designed and high quality pool net after using it for the past few days. It actually made my pool clean up time more enjoyable (less frustration) but I’m also saving time since it holds more debris. It is important to note that the front lip of the net is twisted forward (on purpose) to help pick up more items on the bottom of the pool — very smart! I didn’t realize this in the product specs when I bought it but rather the company sent me an email before I received the product. They clearly have passion for their product and stand behind it with the lifetime guarantee. Yes, it costs a few more dollars than the cheap pool nets but you get what you pay for. And this is one excellent pool net that is worth every penny!
Amazon CustomerProfessional Quality warrantied for life!Heavy duty netting yet smooth flow through the water. Picks up most all leaves , bugs and debris. I used this to replace a professional net from our pool man and this is even better with its deeper bag, holding much more. Fit that pole perfectly. With the lifetime warranty this is a no brainer. My only problem with this is the color red fading quicker, with sun and chlorine, but time will tell. It seems very well built.
LRSolid construction. Built to lastI was a little skeptical to spend more money on a skimmer than I had too. but after trying this one out I’m very happy that I did. It seems very solidly built, not like the last one I had. The netting is so large I can fit so much leaves and debris in it. I have no problems skimming the small bugs at the top of the pool either. I highly recommend this product.
Connie GumineyWarranty is real!These are the best, look no further unless you want to keep buying the cheap stuff every season.
Robert EhlerWork’s like charm. Customer service is top notch.Works great picking up leaves in my pool and fishing out all the toys my kids leave in there. I got it caught on itself when I was being careless and accidentally tore the net. Contacted the company through FB messenger and they replaced it immediately. No questions asked, no trouble at all. Quick and easy. Great company to deal with that makes a quality product and stands by it. Very happy customer here.
Amazon CustomerThe Best SkimmerAs a pool owner for over 10 years I have purchased several skimmers. This by far, is the best skimmer I have ever owned. Highly recommend!
Cactus PhotoJust as advertised… THE BEST!Just as advertised, these products are sturdy and a notch above the rest. Buy once, cry once.
Jerome ZoellickThey live up to their promiseThey have a very good net. Was very happy with it was sad when I saw I had gotten a hole in it but very happy with the ease of getting my replacement. I just notified them and I received my replacement in less then three days. They truly stand by their warranty. I am happy to do more business with them.
Constance GoodwinFull replacement warrantyVery sturdy and durable. Don’t waste your money on cheaper items that don’t have a replacement warranty.
Nathaniel E.Great pool rakeThis has been a great pool rake for the past 3 years. Unfortunately, I recently noticed some cracks so I reached out to the company and received a quick reply and confirmation that they would replace this rake. They have earned a lifelong customer and as my pool needs go I will only buy their products.
J. DeuelWell built.Tough, sturdy net. They give the free replacement guarantee, but I don’t think it’ll ever wear out.
ROBERT MCMILLANWorth every penny!Excellent product and excellent customer service. Replaced a broken unit no questions asked and very quick shipping.
Mis AlaniousFive StarsWonderful pool rake. Very sturdy. Larger then expected so it holds more then my pole can handle!Update: bought this item 7 years ago and it was still going strong. Only signs of wear was the red plastic supporting net bleached out from so much use (trees by the pool)! I had no idea I had bought it back in 2015!Dog got mad at me and decided to chew out the corners making it useless. I went to see about filing a claim but had not registered it and the site literaly told me they did not sell it prior to such and such date. Called customer service not only did they register it for they also filed a claim and put a new one in the mail the next day! I only asked if I could buy a replacement net it was my fault!Going to suck it up and buy their pole and brush. I am expecting greatness!Very rare company warranty! FOREVER!
Joe MangineTruly quality productAfter a couple of flimsy products from other vendors, I finally found one that is quality!
amy yatesGreat product and companySeriously the best pool product I have ever bought! This net works great for getting leaves from the bottom of the pool and it holds a lot. I also received an email from the company reminding me that it has a warranty if I ever need it. I don’t need it at this time but it’s great to know it is there if I ever do. Great product and I would definitely recommend.
V.B.M.Great productI have this net for years and it is still in great shape. Worth the money
BillMSeems to be as good as the ones the pros useThis is built well. Its heavy and it does a great job picking up leaves off the bottom of the pool. Have used it for several months and its the best one I have ever used. Much heavier duty bag than my old one. Extremely happy with purchase. 20 year pool owner
Pam HodorGreat Product – Lifetime Guarantee is no Joke!I purchased this ProTuff Pool Net Rake in 2015. It is a very solid product that is well made. I used it for 4.5 years in Texas. My pool is surrounded by trees so I get tons of leaves and debris in the pool. The net began to rip in 2019. I registered the product and then emailed the company for a replacement since they offer a lifetime guarantee. They sent me a new one, no questions asked! All I had to do was answer a few questions via email. No pictures required or anything else! Great product, great customer service. I would say I would definitely buy this product again but I guess I won’t have to!
Amazon CustomerBest Skimmer/Leaf Rake I have ever owned!Great Product very durable and a Lifetime Guarantee. Awesome Product well worth the premium price.
Cheryl in IowaVery pleased with the skimmerI am very pleased with this leaf and debris skimmer. It easily attached to a pole we had left from another skimmer and I was able to stand outside of the pool and remove most of the leaves and debris before we winterized it. We had some smaller debris which it readily caught and stored. I’m a bit sad to put our pool away for the winter as this looks like a grand tool but I am anticipating an easier job cleaning the pool next year.
Jeremy BrownStill in excellent shape after 3.5 years of useHave had no issues with this product at all and would absolutely recommend its purchase.
DeniseWill handle more debris than any other skimmer basket I’ve used.MAKES PICKING LEAVES AND WORMS OFF THE BOTTOM MUCH EAISER. PRODUCT IS CONSTRUCTED WITH QUALITY.
Erin FGreat product and great customer serviceHad net for several years now , it is still going strong with no issues.
SHAwesome product, better warranty!I purchased a pool net in 2017, and have been very happy with it. Worked like a champ. Unfortunately my son thought it should do more than it should and broke it. I planned to and did buy a new one as it wasn’t the company’s fault my son broke it. They stood by their warranty and sent us a new one anyway. Not many companies do that anymore. Highly recommend their products!
JeffA fantastic product!I used the Pro Tuff Pool Rake to remove a ton of leaves off of my 16 by 32ft pool cover. Each scoop weighed a ton and it held up remarkably. I use to use a flat mesh pool skimmer to do it and it took forever to remove them now it takes a fraction of the time. After doing it a few minutes I learned to fill it half full and slide it up higher on the pool cover where it slopes and leave the water drain out of it for a few seconds and then lift it out. Much easier and lighter that way. One of my best purchases yet this year! Buy it you won’t be disappointed 😊
JOFEasy to use. Great product.Great product and works extremely well getting leaves off of the pool floor. I watched the video and mimicked the hopping motion and it actually works very well. I also followed the advice to drag the pool net towards me for easy lifting out of the water. The net is easy to clean out all of the debris. I highly recommend this product. It certainly makes my job easier to clean the pool.
XaydaXaydaThe 100% Forever Guarantee is RealI purchased this pool net in 2018. It is one of the best nets I have ever owned. It sustained 2+ years of exposure. It recently broke. I emailed the seller. I received a quick response with instructions on how to receive the new pool net. Within the week I received a brand new replacement. I’m very pleased they stood by their guarantee.
Zen1Well made and great warranty!I’m very pleased with this net. It’s light yet sturdy and moves on the bottom very well. The netting is rigid and some folks might not like this but I do. I just turn it over above the waste bin and give it a a slight shake and all the stuff easily fall out. My pool guy likes it too.
ScottLifetime Guarantee is Amazing!I bought this product 5 years ago. I recently noticed that the net started to tear so I sent an email to ProTuff to see if I could get a replacement. In less than a week, I had a brand new net – no charge and no questions asked! It’s rare these days that companies will stand behind their products, so I was pleasantly surprised to discover that ProTuff honored their lifetime guarantee. I would definitely recommend this product!
KitKitBest Skimmer Net ever!!! Super Warranty!!!We have used this product for five years and it finally got a hole in it. Best Skimmer Rake we have had. It picks up everything from the bottom of the pool and is great for skimming leafs from the top. It is sturdy and lasted very well. The quality far exceeds others that we have had. I went on Amazon looking for a replacement, discovered that this Pool net has a lifetime warranty. I went on the ProTuff website and filed for warranty replacement. They didn’t require anything except the Amazon order number, and we received a replacement net today–only five days later, even with a weekend and holiday!! We had used an old rake in the interim, and it was difficult to pick up anything on the bottom. This one glides along the bottom of the pool, cleaning everything easily. We love it and recommend it.
Laura B. TuckerAwesome productVery durable and large enough to collect whatever is not wanted in your pool.
J.ZGood Quality Great WarrantyWorked great for two years, eventually the netting cracked and started getting holes. Contacted them about the warranty, simple yes/no questions in the email, and got a new one in about a week (they said up to two weeks). The quality is good, I’ve never had a net last more than a year or two out by the pool, so I highly recommend this one.
LAGregAmazingly built!Amazing!!! This is truly a no brainer. Fantastic quality. The Maserati Of leaf nets. Very very satisfied customer.
marktrimarcThe Ultimate in Customer Service!I originally bought this pool net in 2018 and a small portion of the plastic rim failed. I filed a warranty claim with ProTuff via Facebook Messenger. The company’s interaction with me was automated and they shipped out a replacement immediately. I got it three days later. I then ordered one of their telescoping poles (haven’t received it yet) and look forward to the same great quality and customer service!
FabioI like the product very muchThe product is well worth it
Amazon CustomerGreat customer serviceThe clip that holds the net to the pole busted on 2 use. Easy to replace but certainly hope that’s not how the rest of the net holds up.Update to my review. Michael and team picked up my review and promptly made it right by sending me two new clips. I appreciated their quick handling of my issue and a solution. Thank you Pro Tuff Products
Misty BowmanVery durable pool netThe pool net is very durable. The company is very reliable with their warranty and they have great customer service.
DanielGreat Product and Great Service !!!I got a few products from ProTuff and they have great quality. After two years I had to replace one of them (pool net rake) had an issue and ProTuff replaced right away. No burocracy at all. Great and Fast. I strongly recommend the products from ProTuff.
MN_MikeLong service life, quick replacement down the line if neededExcellent product, lasted 3 years (previous skimmers were only good for 1 year). Finally developed small hole in the mesh, quick message to the seller and I have received replacement net! No questions asked. Great product, great service.
Paul Conway, Sr.Replacement warrantyI’ve had this product a little over 2 years, it recently split in the bag. I contacted them this morning about the “Lifetime Replacement Warranty” and this evening I recieved a message saying a replacement will be received within 3-4 days. This is impressive service.
Happy ConsumerBest Pool Net I Ever OwnedThis is a great product. Built to last and handle any job you are face with in skimming your pool or picking up debris from the bottom of your pool. Light weight but very sturdy. I have been a pool owner for 45 years and this is the best Pool Net/Leaf Skimmer I have ever purchased. Far better than any product I have bought at Leslie’s Pool Supply.
Michael JoynerGot a Free replacement after 3 yearsBest pool net I’ve ever used. I had to have it replaced after 3 years(probably my fault for forgetting to put it up and leaving it in sun too much). Every other net I’ve ever bought broke within a year and there was no free replacement. Highly recommend
Frank J.Great products. Great serviceTheir products are great and they stand by their word. I have the black nylon net pool rake and the white nylon mesh silt rake. I have a large open air pool surrounded by mature Live Oaks and palm trees. I no longer use a vacuum. I wore out my silt rake and ProTuff replaced it promptly without question.
Amazon CustomerGreat pool skimmerSeems to be what the pros use and has held up well.
kamGreat pool rakeAfter a year, still looks brand new and in great shape.
warrenThe best value for my moneyThe best value for my money
BagzBest Customer Service – Free ReplacementSuch a great net. Very durable, excellent quality. I unfortunately had a small tear happen due to scooping out a lot of small twigs from a recent windy day. Without a hassle they lived up to their free replacement warranty. I have a new one coming out to me. Thank you so much!!!!
Stephen KAs advertised.Great product. Just as advertised.
Steve B.Good QualityVery heavy duty
Tara JohnsonQualityVery stiff at first but this is a strong product. If you need easy get cheaper but this will last and is durable.
StettlerLifetime warranty is for realAfter 5 years in the Southern California sun, the plastic rim went the way of all plastic, and the net was starting to unravel around the edge. I like the function of this skimmer so well, I went to re-order on Amazon and noticed the warranty. After a quick exchange of emails, the seller promised to make good on the warranty but did not promise expedited shipping. 2 days later, I have a whole new skimmer!
Laury PendergrassVery sturdy!I bought this to remove decomposing organic matter from the shore of our little lake. Grass clippings and weeds end up along our shore and can get quite heavy since they are water logged. The basket is huge and holds so much! I can clean our shore in a fraction of the time now!
joseph montoyaGreat product, better customer service!Definitely worth purchasing, you will never need another pool net!
ColbyExtremely tough netLove this net, especially for branches and large bunches of leaves.
james Wilsonclears Leafs from poleproduct is in good shape like the day I bought it
Kristen W.The best net I’ve ever owned!This net has been great for 3+years. Still in great condition.
MattWorks great and easy replacement as advertisedI purchased this leaf rake a few years ago and it works great. After a lot of use, the net was coming out of the frame. I emailed the company and received a replacement in a few days, just as they said.I’ve also bought their pole, also a fantastic product.
TheLucky1The best in the market!This pool net is the King of all pool nets. It’s made with superior quality and materials compared to anything else out there. The netting is finer stitched compared to my old one and now the little particles that float in my pool get picked up. Leaves at the bottom of my pool – easily picked up with the red plastic edge. Get it at the right angle and I can pick up just about all the leaves at the bottom. Makes the job for my automatic pool cleaner much faster and efficient.I am really pleased with this net. Just buy this one and forget about anything else on the market. It is 100% worth the price. I don’t think I’ll have to buy another for a long time.
MDHGreat product; easy to use; highly recommended.Very easy to use; very durable; great product. Highly recommended.
John HagerUpdate…Great pool rake…even better customer service!I purchased the ProTuff leaf rake approximately five years ago. It is an excellent rake for removing leaves from my open swimming pool that get’s dumped on by two large oak trees right next to the pool. After two years of heavy use, I noticed a small tear forming in the netting. I contacted ProTuff through Amazon on a Saturday afternoon, and by Sunday they had already emailed me back and processed a warranty claim. Three years later I contacted Pro Tuff about the plastic protection wearing out on the replacement rake, and once again, there was no hesitation on their part replacing the rake. Their customer service is quick and responsive. I recommend ProTuff products to everyone!
Elizabeth SBEST SKIMMER RAKE EVER!This is the BEST pool net/rake EVER! We have used it for a year. It got a hole in it recently and ProTuff replaced it within just a few days! We normally have to replace a typical pool net twice a year…We will never buy another brand!
CWBest skimmer net I have ever owned.Best skimmer net I have ever owned. Durable and long lasting.
ReneSolidly built, great size!This is by far the best pool net I’ve ever purchased. Very sturdy and well built. After 3 years, the netting ripped a little, I sent them a picture and they sent me a brand new one! Why pay for cheap ones that last a little. Pay a little more for the best one and it comes with lifetime warranty!!
Alvaro EspitiaStop looking and buy this one!!!This pool net is the best you can find on the market plus it comes with lifetime warranty. Very sturdy I’ve had it for 3yrs and a half and is still in perfect working order. I will be looking for othe ProTuff products for this company has impressed me with the quality of their product and the outstanding customer service that comes with it
VTXriderHolding up very well!After about a year this net is holding up extremely well, I’m impressed so far.Updated Edit: So it has now been almost 3 years since I first bought the pool rake and the frame is falling apart. I decided to see how the companies warranty process is and wow this was the simplest warranty process I’ve ever used. The company shipped me out a new one after a few short questions and even offered to expidite shipping which I declined since I saw no reason to add to their costs.Based on my experience so far, when my pool tools wear out I will be looking to see if this company sells a replacement first before looking anywhere else.
CovProTuff pool netGot this product in July 2020. Then i saw a small tear on the the net almost 18 months later. And just when i was thinking on purchasing a new one I got a email telling about my worry free warranty. I send them a email and just i few days hot a new delivery to my door. Great product and outstanding warranty.
Kindle CustomerSuper strong, long wearingExtremely strong net and frame. Will not tear for years
BBradleyBest net I’ve ever had!Great net! High build quality and a fantastic value! I’d knock off 1/2 a star due to the the plastic spring being a single-point release on top and bottom. I like springs that have a separate thumb and finger points instead of those hard nubs but this is very misleading no and just one small area they could improve. Again, it’s the best bet I’ve ever bought!
James AndersonGreat net and lifetime warrantyThis net almost made it thru 3 pool seasons for us before the net started to degrade along the seems. I contacted the company via email, provided my purchase details and the issue and they sent me a new net and received it a few days later.Great product and lifetime warranty!!!
Amazon CustomerGreat buy!To date the best pool rake I’ve ever owned.
Amazon CustomerGreat net!Great net, I love how large it is. Even bought one for my parents after using it a few weeks. ProTuff is great too, I had another silt net that was left by a previous homeowner that was broken and they replaced it!
A TAmazing customer serviceAfter about four years the net broke away from the frame. I email ProTuff (on a Sunday no less) and within a couple hours got a response to provide some basic information in order to send a replacement. Four days later I received the new net. The lifetime warranty is legit.
CQCoderCQCoderBest leaf net I have ever ownedWhy spend $20 on the usual cheap net when you can spend $40 for a WAY better net with WAY better warranty? This net just FEELS better. The net itself is stiff making dumping easier. It feels VERY solid unlike the plastic ones. I am extremely pleased.Follow up review: The net saw a lot of use in the beginning of the year and is still performing well. I have added pictures for it after use.Follow up review, many years later: It’s a little faded and a little worn but still going strong. The company has actually emailed me multiple times pointing out the life time warranty. These guys are for real.
Kindle CustomerA Great Pool NetBig, sturdy, deep, and it catches everything but the extremely smallest particles. With a lifetime guarantee, this net will pay for itself in a few years. I’ve not had a net last more than 3 or 4 years in a long time. You get what you pay for. I consider this to be a bargain.
Lanae Spellman-DouglasGreat product and outstanding warranty / customer serviceThis is a well made skimmer net which served me well in the Arizona heat and sun cleaning a pool with an abrasive surface. After 3 years, 2 holes developed in the net. Remembering the lifetime warranty, I sent an e-mail explaining the problem. Received a new net in less than a week without any hassle, questions or BS.This is an outstanding product and the lifetime warranty is the real deal. Great customer service!
Craig L. DuerlingGreat product!I use this for cleaning out a pond. Leaves and other debris build up on the bottom. My previous one of this type of product was plastic and broke from lifting the sometimes heavy weight of the wet debris. This one is very strong and doesn’t bend like the other one did. I am very pleased with this pool net.
Larry F.The best I’ve ever usedUsed this right out of the box and can’t believe how well it worked. Any net can skim the surface and this one is so big and firm that it misses nothing. But it’s best performance is sweeping up the debris on the floor of the pool. With it’s slanted lip and using a gentle lifting action as you scoop up leaves and such, it guides the debris into the net and forces it to the back of the huge net. This enables you to make multiple passes under the water without having to constantly lift and empty the net out of the pool. Great time saver. Add the lifetime warranty from a very responsive manufacturer and what else could you ask for? Pay the one time price and it will be the last pool net you will ever purchase.
darelitusQuality and Great WarrantyThis company is the BEST at making a quality product and standing behind their product with their warranty. I only wish they made additional products such as vacuum heads and brushes.
Rob BGreat productTerrific net, holds together even with the heaviest load!
EgbGreat warrantyWas skeptical about warranty but replaced product quickly. Took 5 min on Facebook messenger no pictures required. The original lasted about 4 years it failed due to plastic eventually become UV damaged. Still lasted longer then any other net ive had. Put tons of branches acorns stressed it with full of leaves. Net on the original still as good as the day I got it. Spend the money this product is well worth it.
Florida Amazon Shopper5 star warranty serviceGood product, but even better was that after almost 5 years, they responded immediately to a warranty inquiry and sent out a replacement.
Matthew RuppAmazing productI’m ordering a new one today after six YEARS of teenagers and lots and lots of use. Incredibly heavy duty.
RussQuality pool netWay better than cheap crap. Simply the best.
RonStand Behind Their ProductI purchased this product in 2018 and it is the best pool leaf rake I have ever owned. After using this product for over two years the plastic around the rim started wearing off from the constant use of sliding across the rough bottom of a gunite pool. I contacted the company and they sent me a new one under warranty without any questions. They definitely stand behind their product.
KathrynGreat pool netWhile I have only had this net for less than a week, it appears that it will last much longer than any of my previous pool nets. It is very sturdy and is well made. I look forward to using this net for many years to come! The lifetime guarantee makes this a no brainer.
Kirt woolseyKirt woolseyTrustworthy and seamless returnThis is the best product I have ever bought on Amazon!! They honored their lifetime warranty and it was the easiest process I have ever experienced!! Literally Just took a picture, emailed my scoop and the problem and I had my replacement in 4 days!! Way to go so impressed!
S. GentryFinally, a true heavy-duty netBeen using for almost a month and so far this is the best net I’ve had in over 15 years. First thing I noticed is how well built it was, doesn’t bend like so many other nets on here. We’ll see how it holds up to the chlorine and Texas summers but so far I’m impressed.
pkyy017Buy this pool skimmer and it will be the last one you ever pay forThere’s a reason this skimmer has 90% 5 star reviews.First of all, it’s durable. Unlike other skimmers I’ve used, this one lasted three and a half years before the mesh started to get holes. The skimmer was well taken care of, not used commercially, kept out of the sun when not in use. Still, mesh is fragile.I informed ProTuff that I needed new mesh, thinking that I’d have to figure out how to install it. Nope. They sent a whole new skimmer. No photos required, no shipping charge.The angled design and large basket make it great for picking up debris from the bottom of the pool. The pole clips on the old skimmer were still intact. Great performance. Buy it, you won’t regret it.
LynnGreat productPicks up bottom leaves and more with ease
Jeff MulderDurabilityGreat product. It’s surviving the Arizona sun.
Kerry RussellExtremely high qualityExtremely high quality and worth every penny
Kindle CustomerWorks wellSo much better than the flat leaf skimmer we were using before. Seems to be good quality but we didn’t use it very long before closing the pool for the sealant, so I can’t comment on its durability.
Tony LeftwichSturdySo been using a cheap pool net for the last two seasons. Finally broke. Never really worked that well had a lot of flex in it. Went to Amazon as usual and began to search. The ProTuff net caught my eye great reviews even better warranty. Net is amazing just don’t waste your time with anything else. No flex has some weight to it very nice product. Have preordered there Pool Pole. Cant wait to get rid of this cheap pole. If you own a pool might as well spend a little extra and get some quality stuff to make life a little easier..
Don C.Very good value – highly recommended.It’s well built and looks like it will last for a very long time. And if it doesn’t there’s a lifetime guarantee. I don’t expect to be buying another net ever. Soon as my current (somewhat expensive) pole wears out, I”m going to buy their pole as well. I’ve already spent too much on pool poles and I’d rather spend more and get something that’s really well built. The stuff you get in pool stores isn’t designed to last.
Franco LWorks GreatIf you have a lot of debris going in your pool, this net is the way to go. Works much better than the lighter grade ones that are usually cheaper. Picks up much more from the bottom of my gunite pool and skims the top quickly because it’s very sturdy. Also holds quite a bit between emptying. Highly recommend.
Mr. Christopher DayReplacement pool netI purchased this net after the one that we bought from the local pool store broke after around 16 months – the net had holes in it and the frame used to bend in use and eventually brokeThe new net is slightly bigger and clearly a lot stronger. The mesh is a much tougher material and the frame is rigid. The action in the pool also seems a lot better at scooping up debris from the pool floor. I can’t speak on the long term quality of the net but it comes with a lifetime warranty and the communications from the seller have been excellent. Hopefully I wont need to call on the warranty
Amazon CustomerBest quality pool product I’ve ever purchased!Scooper for the pool…. the best!
PLExcellent customer service & quality productsThis is leaf rake is superior to any other brand I’ve bought. It’s made to last. After almost 5 yrs of use & hanging in the hot AZ sun, the net let go a bit from the frame. (Our swim season here is at least 7 months of the year. Customer service was easy to contact, didn’t require any hoop jumping & promptly sent me a replacement at no cost!
ZaskarGood qualitySeems to be high quality. I really like it so far and hope to get a few years out of it.***Update***I’ve had this net for a couple years now and just started having the netting material begin to fray in areas. I contacted the ProTuff to try and warranty it and it was the easiest experience I’ve ever had in getting a replacement from a company.I’m very happy with the performance of the net and the same for their customer service!
KentKentYou won’t be disappointed! – I had exceptional customer service on warranty claim.I bought this pool net back in 2015. My pool has limestone steps, a limestone seating area and limestone walls around the perimeter liner of the pool. The only smooth surface is gunite portion on the bottom of the pool. As you can see by the photos, the limestone beats the living hell out of this net. Thinking I would have a long, drawn out warranty claim process, I took a bunch of pictures of the net and dug through my amazon records to find when I had purchased the net. I went to the sellers Amazon site and they had process to file a warranty claim… no pictures or explanation required! Just reference your Amazon purchase order number, answer a couple questions and boom within a week I had a new net! Easiest warranty claim I ever had… period! Highly recommend this net for that fact alone.
Pc Macdonaldwell madeAlthough I’ve not had mine long, this appears to be a quality product. It better be if it has a lifetime replacement policy?Awesome for fishing dead kangaroo rats out of the pool.I’m not rating any features as I’ve not had it long enough to say.
GaryLIfetime GuaranteeBought this net in 2016, got 4 years of service from it lifting heavy sycamore leaves out of the pool. The net tore the other day so I remembered the warranty and contacted ProTuff, two days later I received my new replacement net. This company stands behind their products, I will be buying more items from them. A+ old school customer service.
Lisa R.19” Pool NetGreat product and customer service. Will buy the locking pool pole next.
Cheryl SimpsonGood productI am quite happy with this net. It has picked up and kept the debris from the pool within perfectlyI have now had this pro tuff product for 4 yrs and am totally impressed with the quality and integrity of the tool and the company. They will occasionally get in touch with me to make sure I’m still satisfied with their product. Who does that now?
leonEase of using the productI was like a kid in the candy store could not wait to get and try out the leaf rake — all is I can say is “WOW” – this leaf rake is so easy to use and I don’t have debris falling out like my old leaf rake — It’s now a joy to clean my pool — Thanks ProTuff
greg mooreAnother great product from protuffAnother great product from protuff
Joel LopezVery High Quality Product and great Warranty!This is a very high quality product. While others have quickly deteriorated this product is still in good condition after almost two years of continuous use and exposure to the sun rays of the south of Texas. Also, the warranty is exceptional, I filed a claim and they sent me a replacement without asking any questions!
CA92807Got a second free replacement. Outstanding!I’ve had my 19″ rake for over two years and think it’s a great product. Our pool is open all year and I use the rake nearly every day & twice a day in the fall. Last week I noticed a small hole in the netting and that the bottom edge of the red plastic bumper has warn down to the metal from sliding it on the plaster. I contacted the factory, gave them my story, and a new replacement arrived a few days later. Great product, great company.Update 4/18/20:Two years later my free replacement rake developed a hole in the netting. I contacted the factory through the Amazon messenger, got a reply the same day and a another no-charge replacement a week later. All this while in COVID-19 lockdown.
DandyDO YOURSELF A FAVOR & LOOK NO FURTHER!!You are looking for a nice pool rake? Search no more! THIS IS “THE ONE”! I personally have spent hundreds of dollars in search of a long lasting pool skimmer, I just received this today and not only is the owner personable and kind, this product is truly AMAZING! I have been just throwing stuff into my pool so I can use this well crafted, super tuff , fine oiled machine! It is indeed a fine oiled machine! Very well made! I am looking forward to leaves falling from the trees into my pool just to have an excuse to utilize it! SERIOUSLY, trust me when I say, this is a remarkable product, backed by a lifetime guarantee, also the customer service is TOP NOTCH! I couldn’t be more happy! Cheers ! BUY THIS LEAF RAKE! IT IS A GREAT INVESTMENT!
ptrivDurable and EffectiveI just completed my third summer maintaining my pool with this pool net. Other than a little fading of the red plastic, the net is as good as new. I use this for daily clean up, but the large capacity is especially handy for cleaning after storms when a bunch of debris ends up in the pool. This net is worth every penny and highly recommended.
Christopher L. MyersBest pool skimmer out there!!!Lifetime guarantee is AWESOME!!!
pwn0205Buy it (at) once.Used three seasons and plastic began to wear due to UV and cleaning every day. Messaged ProTuff they sent a new net. I received it in about a week at no charge. Before my ProTuff purchase I would have to purchase a new net each year. Great products, great company.
HAKAs advertised, high quality strong netAfter going through low quality cheaper nets from the local pool store every 1-2 seasons, I decided to give this a shot. And so far, I’ve been very happy. It is noticeably stronger, sturdier, made to higher quality standards. I cannot speak to the lifetime warranty because my net is still going strong. But good to know the company stands behind its products.
Christopher SmithThey stand by their products!Registration really does have its benefits! They really do stand 100% behind their product!! The seam near the bottom separated and an easy email via Amazon system had a replacement at my door in days.Getting the fine mesh one for this season to compliment the one we have.
James WilliamsGreat productGreat product very Tuff
LvnintemGood ValueI’ve purchased two nets from this company (this and the fine mesh net) what drew me in was the warranty. I purchased the second net because I was impressed with the quality. They seem sturdy and well with the money.
PKExcellent product and warrantyVery happy with my purchase in April 2015. The net held up very well in the Florida heat until this spring. The plastic broke off and net separated. I reached out to the company regarding the warranty and received a quick response and replacement is on the way. Excellent service!
Mark A. SiscoOutstanding Quality and VERY Easy Warranty ReplacementWhen they say lifetime replacement they mean it. The replacement process is extremely easy to understand and it guides you quickly through it. Why would I need to replace this if it’s so good? Just normal wear and tear and I can get a new one, no questions asked. This is by far the best skimmer net I’ve ever used.
Jim in St LouisLooks Good and ToughProduct looks better than others I have owned. Since it is not yet pool season here I have not had a chance to use it. Appears to be very strong and better quality than I have previously purchased. I have spent more money and gotten something that did not last an entire season.
Bobbi L AdairWell Built & Worth ItRecently purchased the net to use with the pro tuff pole, (The pro tuff pole btw is well built and sturdy. The pole supplied by our pool contractor was flimsy and bent after only a few uses.), it is high quality and at this time seems to be well worth the money.
ggl1234Very happy with this productGreat! well-made skimmer!
Sarah GilleyWorth itI thought the Red Baron one I used to own was the best, until i used this to fish stuff off the bottom of the pool Wow, nice job Pro Tuff skimmer! It’s like a Mercedes cruising down a pebble tech autobahn!
rcvcGreat Purchase, awesome warranty.This is a great pool scoop. it is very sturdy and easily gets sticky leaves and things off the bottom of the pool. After 2+ years of daily use and being left out in the sun it developed a small hole in the sewn part of the net (We have a tree right above our pool and we very often overfill the scoop and it is very very heavy). I followed the warranty claim process on facebook and had a replacement in 3 days. Awesome product and terrific warranty.
John BirkWarranty Respected After Three Years of UseThis pool net lasted longer than the other nets I remember, but after three years a hole appeared near the bottom seam. My warranty claim was handled quickly after sending ProTuff email, even on a Saturday. All I did was answer some questions and no picture was needed. They even expedited the delivery and it came in two days from Amazon. I was so pleased with them that I ordered another product from them.
MattAwesome and Well Made!Wow, this is a quality product at a reasonable price! I was a bit hesitant to buy at first thinking the promises were too good to be true, but they aren’t! This is a sturdy pool net which appears to be able to last for years. And if it doesn’t then I am confident in the lifetime guarantee.
MonLGreat Customer Service with Lifetime Warranty on their ProductThank you “ProTuff” for replacing the pool net the I bought in 2016 (free of charge). Great customer service with great lifetime warranty on their product.
Amazon CustomerMust have pool toolI used the Pool Net Rake Sunday for the first time in closing the swimming pool for winter. Getting the leaves off the bottom of our 22 ft by 40 ft pool, the job I dread most. It normally takes about 4 hours getting the leaves and vacuuming . It took less than a hour the Net Rake pick up so much, vacuum took 15 minutes . I couldn’t believe it.I have purchased cheaper net leaf catchers and they break or tear in seasons or less. I know this will be last one I will need…. Thank-you Tom Cushing
Thomas LampLivetime warrantyI bought my 19″ ProTuff net rake 4 years ago. The net is still in perfect condition, but the handle developed an 1 inch crack. I contacted ProTuff via e-mail and started the warranty process. They got back to me the very next day and were friendly and professional. They didn’t need the old skimmer back and didn’t want to see a picture of the broken part. I received the new one in a week. Enough said. I might buy the pool pool next. Yes it is more expansive than most, but the warranty and quality makes up for it in my opinion.
Ryan F.A company that stands behind their warrantyThey quality of their product is excellent. It is very well made. I had my first net for almost a year and then the fabric ripped at one of the seams. It was always left outside on a fence and I think the damage may have been caused by one of my kids playing with it or one of the dogs may have pulled on it. Either way, I contacted ProTuff and they immediately sent me out a replacement at no cost. They even covered the shipping. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a good quality pool net. I wish they made pool brushes as well.
Amazon CustomerBest net everBest net ever!
HandyAndyAmazing net super niceWe have bought a couple nets and I have never seen this quality for a pool net at this price point. The net it self is super stiff and this is perfect for collecting leafs and not braking down with pool chemicals. I would tell all pool owners to buy this net.
Ol JimAbsolutely best customer service and great productAbsolutely best customer service and great product. I used this skimmer net for quite a long time (daily) and it took all the abuse I could throw at it. I’ve had many other skimmer nets but this one is by far the best. Developed a a slight tear in the mesh (most likely my fault) and contacted ProTuff as this is warrantied for life. They did not ask questions, did not ask for pictures or anything of that ilk. They simply acknowledged my inquiry then expedited a brand new one at ZERO charge. No restocking fees or shipping fees and no hassle. New net arrived within 2 days of my inquiry. Simply great people to deal with and super product.
Ron HStandby their WarranteeI had an issue with my net. Sent an email to ProTuff, they replaced the net no questions asked. Nice to find a company that fully honors it warrantee.
Glen A Ghirardi, Jr.Top of the line!I ordered this leaf rake because I’m tired of replacing them! Seems like I’m always having to buy a new rake because they break! I have oak trees close to the pool and don’t always remember to cover it! Between the leaves and flowers that drop, a good bit go in the pool. The Pro Tuff rake is heavy duty, and it makes a clean sweep & holds lots of leaves! This make it so much quicker to get the job done! So far I am very satisfied with my purchase. I think I’ll save time & money in the long run!
Todd BlueGREAT products and service…This is the best pool net I have used by far. Its very sturdy. After 3 years, the net sprung hole…I contacted seller and he backed up guarantee with no fuss. Now I am off to purchase the protuff pole.
Mrs. EckleyThe net is well made!Never had a black net but it’s much sturdier than all my previous white ones. Love the feel of the whole net. Not concerned with the plastic parts as the net has always been the problem but honestly seeing this one lasting for a long time!
westsidecarrieWorks well; large scoop; a bit stiff…but decided this is a good thingWe get a lot of “tree debris” in our pool (thanks to the city planting large, messy pine trees behind our house! grrrrrrrr) and this basket works great to help get rid of the mess. The ‘net” is a bit stiff, but because of this, it does stay OPEN while cleaning the pool (HUGE PLUS). The “softer” ones seem to break apart pretty easily. We are very pleased with this one. Stays on the handle well although I did have to buy a new/diff type of handle to accommodate the new “head.”
Robert TheisenLike magicIf you are cleaning leaves for m a green pool and you can see what you are scooping, this is the tool you need. You get excellent “feel” from this net and you can sense what is down there. Once you pull up your treasure, a simple inversion of the net will drop out the contents. No need to reach in a grab stuff out of the net. It is like magic.
DebBest net i have ever used!This is one fantastic pool net! I’ve been maintaining my pool for 19 years and have been through lots of poorly made products. This is an excellent product! Highly recommend.
Devonna ColemanLarge and sturdy for fast and efficient cleaning.I replaced a smaller pool net for this and found that this makes the cleaning faster. This is much stiffer than my other net so some may not like that aspect but it does not affect what I use it for. It is especially handy for the initial cleaning during opening. It is large and sturdy so it does hold more for faster pick up of leaves and other debris that gathers.
JaridGreat company, great productI had an issue with my net and no questions asked the company issued me a new one. Very good company that backs up their products. I’ll buy future pool supplies from them
Maura K. LebeauThis is the best net that I have ever ownedThis is the best net that I have ever owned! It is such a nice net that when it disappeared I had to have another one. I couldn’t go back to another cheap net, so I called the company to see if they could help me out with a discounted price on another one, but instead they sent me a brand-new one under the warranty including expedited shipping which I never dreamed would be covered! This company’s service is as good as their product. I can’t recommend it enough! My emails regarding my plight were answered within a few hours! I used to purchase a few skimmers a year that would always break or tear until this one. So the price is really a bargain!
EZshopDoes not pick up leavesVery disappointed. I had one of the white pick ups and it worked great. This one just pushes the leaves along the bottom. Not recommended.Follow up. The item did not work to my liking but Mike at ProTuff was very supportive and refunded all monies. I would try other items they sell in the future.
Steve E.Well made and like guaranteeThe basket materials look sturdy. I didn’t see any irregularities with the netting. Particularly like the replacement guarantee. That’s the main reason I purchased it. I haven’t used it yet little cool to open the pool. But will follow up later if I have issues. Don’t expect any.
Michael PWhy must I be forced to “add a headliner” ?I haven’t had the skimmer rake long enough to comment on it’s durability.
Divine G. AustinNo hassle guarantee. Great experience.Love the guarantee. No problems at all. No questions asked. Received a brand new one within the week. Thank you for honoring your commitment. Been very pleased with the quality and overall performance.
bcronWorks greatSo far working good. And according to sellers lifetime warranty, and anything you use in a pool will eventually fail. But after a year still good. And fast shipping
Steve W.As advertisedIt is everything everyone says it is, a very sturdy and effective leaf skimmer that I would expect to last a long time given its construction.
LindsayMost durable net in the market!So happy I purchased this net. This is the strongest net I have ever had. Definitely would recommend to anyone that has trees around their pool. This net has made it so much easier to get the leaves and any debris out of the deep end!!!
Amazon CustomerLifetime Warranty is LegitNot only is this product high quality and lasts many hot Florida summers, the warranty is the real-deal. I had to replace due to worn/ripped net and the replacement process is something to be modeled after. Thanks.
Mary Pat HoltschlagMade Well.Hoping this lasts. I buy a new net every year and happened to see this one. Well worth the price if the unlimited free replacements is true. It’s a nice size and seems to have strong netting. So far working really well. Happy with my purchase.
KevinThe product has a thick screen.The screen for the “basket” is made of thick material compared to other nets that I’ve purchased so it should last much longer than the typical 1-3 years. And if it doesn’t I’ll return it under warranty. Buy 3 cheap throw away nets or one warrantied net.
LeslieThey stand behind their productI have gone through many inferior pool rakes over the past 15 years. This rake is definitely much sturdier, no bending of the frame. After about a year of daily use, the netting began to separate from the rim. I contacted the company and received a new rake promptly. Their forever guarantee is just that. Very happy with the product and service.
Carlos RodriguezWarranty is realI’ve had this net for two years. The net finally started to show signs of wear and tear. I reached out to Protuff with my Amazon order and my replacement net arrived today. I was so impressed with their no-questions-asked warranty that I ordered their Pool pole as well.
Lynne UnverzagtYou get what you pay forLove the feature of lifetime warranty
TextWriterExceeds expectationsHow much difference can there be between one leaf net and another, right? I had one from the local pool store that worked well and had some innovative features, like a plastic weight at the bottom of the net to help keep the bag open. But I went with this one, and it has been excellent. I went for it because of the guarantee, but it will be some time before I need to use it, I’m sure. This is sturdy, solid, and big enough to avoid constant emptying of the net. I’m most pleased.
Steve HallNow this one is built to last!Best pool net I’ve ever owned. I’ve been through many of the cheap nets over the years. The ones that last one season a best before they get holy. But this one will be the last net I’ll ever buy. It is obviously build to last. Thanks ProTuff.
west403Outstanding CompanyI had my net for 3 months when I noticed a tear in the netting. I am not sure how it happened but I sent an email to Pro Tuff and they responded promptly. I explained the problem and they sent me a new net within 3 business days. This company stands behind their product 100%. This is the kind of company I want to do business with. I had already recommended this net to several of my friends and they also purchased one due to the quality but we all know things happen to the best of them. This company’s word is their bond, They really do guarantee their product and I will continue to recommend them.
Amazon CustomerAWESOME customer service!They are true to their word about their warranty! Amazingly fast replacement was received in three days. I would highly recommend this company! Love this pool rake!
BobberOutstanding customer serviceThe pool net is very well constructed. Unfortunately after several months use it developed a small hole. I contacted customer service and they immediately sent me a new net. Highly recommended this product.
Michael D. SimencThe leaf beastUnique construction makes scooping up leaves and debris on the pool bottom very efficient. I noticed the separation between the aluminum and the plastic first BUT the company include a brochure to explain that this is intentional. The netting is also very sturdy and thicker that my previous net of similar design. I think the plastic lock buttons could be just a bit longer but they still secure the net to the pole.
Carri C StruttonGreat lifetime warranty!This company is pretty great. I bought this in 2019 because of the lifetime warranty, it got a tear in it this year. I reported the issue and had my replacement in 1 week. It was so easy to file my claim.
EliseElisePurchased in July 2015 and still working great in the Phoenix sun!This is the most durable pool net I’ve owned in 30 years! I purchased the 19.5” pool net in July 2015 and it still works great! The Phoenix sun is brutal and although it’s faded a bit in the past 4 years, it still works great and has never been replaced! With the lifetime warranty, I know that when I do need to replace it, ProTuff will send me out a new one ASAP! I love my ProTuff Pool Net! Now all I need is a ProTuff Pool Brush!
PocoLocoA well made, high quality, commercial-grade skimmer netAppears to be a well made, high quality, commercial-grade product and priced as such (up to 3x the price of lesser grade and quality products that will not last past a couple of seasons before finding their way tot the trash can). While the lifetime guarantee was a selling point for me, one is paying for that in the price of the product, which is understandable. I like the company’s approach to customer service and am willing to pay for it so long as the guarantee is there a few years down the road in case of a mesh tear or other defect. I used it today to scrape some leaves from the bottom of the pool and it worked well.
Marie W.Product is great and warranty is real!I had my original ProTuff pool net for a few years with no problems. It recently started to fall apart and was not very easy to use anymore. As promised, it was replaced free of charge and was shipped within just a few days. I highly recommend this brand and their products!
Amazon CustomerSkimmerExcellent product
Connie CunninghamDurableFantastic Product
TTGreat company!I purchased a pool net which had a hole in it after 2 years. Protuff absolutely stands by their guaranty with no questions asked. And replace our net with haste. Great company. Great products! Great service!
cjsLifetime WarrentyJust finished making a claim for a purchase in 2018. Process was straight forward and easy on messenger chat. Since I bought through Amazon, process seemed even easier. They have indicated approval and replacement will arrive within a couple of weeks with standard shipping. Looking forward to receiving replacement.
Matthew C. HanleyAwesome pool rake!Customer service is fantastic. No pool tool will last forever, it’s the nature of the beast, but they replace any broken part no questions asked. Awesome company.
MikeBest net everThis is the best net I have used. It’s lip is great for getting items off the pool floor and the size of the net means I can walk around and get leaves out of the whole pool without stopping to empty the net. Very sturdy and well made.
Dave CarrGreat!Bought this a year ago and just got a hole. Contacted Customer service for our free replacement and had 1 sent, and received, few business days of the request. Great company!
rich76Works great and should last a long time!A little heavier than the normal nets- hopefully will last or at least be able to get a free replacement. Time will tell!
AmazonGunnarGreat productI am writing this review almost a year later. The product is as sturdy and new as the day it was delivered. What a great company to stand behind their product with a lifetime warranty. High quality item that I highly recommend purchasing. Does the job.
LouGreat quality netThis is a great net for the price. I have an open no screen pool and get a bunch of leaves around fall. My old $100 net ripped and I decided to give this a try. This net looks to be similar in qualify as my $100 one and hopefully it will last a long time.
Amazon CustomerBest pool net on the market with incredible customer service and warranty!!Large heavy duty net with solid metal frame covered with plastic.
GabeSoooo much better than the ones you can get at Wal-mart.This is about three times the price as the ones I’ve been getting at Wal-mart, but the durability makes it well worth the price. The plastic is fading a bit but at the end of a brutal summer, the netting is not tearing or fraying. Usually I go through one or more of the cheap ones every year. This one has already lasted longer the last cheap one I bought.In this case, it’s worth it to pay a bit more and get something that lasts.
JacobDurable!I never write reviews for anything. I am back reordering a second set so we can clean the pool faster. We live in an area with many many trees and this is the only net that has held up to the weight of their leaves. We have had a Pro Tuff net for several years with no issues. Previous to finding their nets we were replacing nets every summer.
Jerry BushonGreat quality, price and lifetime warranty!This is a great quality net for the price and it has a lifetime warranty. I wish that I had known about this net sooner. Much better than the cheap blue plastic nets that you have to replace every year or two.
scheidellUpdated review… 5*One of the most proactive customer service companies I know. I had my doubts about the higher price but after buying a piece of crap and trying to clean my koi pond it was like night and day. I damaged my original protuff net and was contacted by the president himself to give me a replacement. It’s been 20 years since I’ve experienced customer service this good. Saving my money for the silt net, buying it next.
MGreat pool net with an AMAZING warrantyPool net started started to come apart where the net connects to the main opening. Replaced under warranty. No questions asked. Super easy transaction with great communication. Will buy from them again!
Joseph VSturdy productAfter buying several poorly made cheap skimmers, I researched for a more durable product. I came across this from ProTuff. I have been using this for a couple years now and it has held up perfectly fine. It is not the best to get all the leaves from the bottom of the pool, but it does a good job handling the heavy stuff. I have used this to remove all the leaves and debris after the winter and it has not once showed signs of cracking plastic or torn netting.
Amazon CustomerA+Arrived on time. Used it several times and it works great. I tried to register the product using the information included in the folder/card sent by the manufacturer but could not do so. Probably more a reflection of my low tech skills than anything else. Thanks.
sobraGood quality and one less thing to worry aboutPool equipment, toys, supplies, etc take a beating from the elements a lot. I have vowed to stop getting cheap pool store junk and stick to quality. Less time dealing with things breaking down and more time to enjoy the pool! Yeah you can probably get a cheaper pool net that is good quality. I just hate shopping around every 3 or so years to find a replacement. The lifetime guarantee of this pool net will give me one less thing to worry about.
Vicki PhilpottWorth it!Looks like this one will be good for the long haul. Have used it for about a year now and it is as good as the day we received it. It doesn’t appear to have weathered at all. Very happy with its durability.
Gene NoviExcellent customer service, replacement was sent without questions asked.Item worked well for five years.Request for replacement was sent on Friday night, on Saturday I received email that replacement item will be sent on Monday.Excellent customer service.
Ricky RobinsonThe warranty is absolutely trueI purchased this this item 2 years ago and it developed a small hole in the net. I notified Pro Tuff and they sent a replacement immediately free of charge with no questions asked! Great company!
dwain mosswith an even better warranty. I bought the product in 2014 and …This is an outstanding Pool Leaf Net, with an even better warranty. I bought the product in 2014 and have used it almost daily. When I realized there were some small holes in the netting, I contacted Pro Tuff about the lifetime warranty. No question asked, they shipped me a new one and I am already using it. I told them expedited shipping was not necessary and they did it any way. Good company! One does not normally want to have to depend on the warranty, but with Pro Tuff it appears to be a sure thing. I have had to pay for my last leaf net! Thank you, Pro Tuff!
Bandit911Professional EquipmentSometimes the word excellent is not sufficient for quality. This is an OUTSTANDING product, with fantastic customer care.This is the first time i have ever received a letter from the owner, with full instructions and produce care prior to receiving the product. Please overlook any negative comments listed on the internet on this product, I am a mechanical engineer with 30 years experience and this product is excellent. The rim is heavy duty but slim enough to allow skimming against the pool wall. Well worth the cost and includes a outstanding warranty. Highly recommend.
Jerod PopejoyFantastic Pool NetI bought this pool net about 2 months ago. It is very sturdy and works great! Scrapes the walls and bottom with ease and performs better than anything I have bought before, Built very strong and also really looks cool. Glad I found this product and I can see it lasting many years!
KCI was a indecisive on spending that much for a Pool Net but after going through several in the years past I threw caution to theUnfortunately I’m still in the process of using it on a day to day basis and the only thing I can say is that it’s well made and so far it doing exactly what I expected. I was a indecisive on spending that much for a Pool Net but after going through several in the years past I threw caution to the wind and made the purchase and I’m pleased that I did, and it helped knowing ProTuff offers high quality and no question warranty, plus this should last me for a long time. I’m not in the pool business just a home owner who appreciates quality and a company that stands behind what they sell.
RNParkerThey honor the warrantyBought the first 19 inch net in 01/2018. A hole developed in the net recently so we wrote them about free replacement. They sent a new net in record time and paid shipping. Very good product and even better customer service!
Amazon CustomerGreat customer serviceThe product has worked well for me. The piece that secures it to the handle broke after about a year. I wrote to the company and they immediately sent me a replacement. Very satisfied.
Michael J. PatrickTHEY ABSOLUTLEY STAND BY THIER WARRANTY !!Great customer service. I purchased this net in 2016 and have been extremely happy with it. Unfortunately, the net got a tear in it that allowed small debris to escape. (I have a large pool that we skim twice a week). I contacted the seller and explained the issue. They shipped me a replacement net in 3 days, WOW!! No issues or hassles, they apologized for the inconvenience and replaced it within 3 days. I will purchase all my pool products from this company from now on. It is reassuring that there are companies like this that stand behind their products. When deciding to purchase I would highly recommend spending a few extra bucks to get that reassurance.
J HadjiandreouGreat product!!!Great product! I have had it for 5 years and worked perfectly! The net just started to come apart from the seams and will be replaced with no cost! Great company!
Donna AveryLifetime guarantee for realWe had this pool rake for 15 months, used it daily, several times a day on most days. It developed a small hole in the bottom of the net. I went to Protuff web site, followed the instructions to make a warranty claim, chose to use the “Facebook messenger “ method. It was a piece of cake. Simple, and super fast.
Adam BExcellent WarrantyGreat warranty and customer service. Just answered a few questions via FB messenger app and the new product appeared at my door days later. No return of old product or even pictures to mess with. I would highly recommend! I also have their extendable pole and its worth every penny!
Robhaggle free warantyGreat product, well made for years of pool cleaning, If by chance you have a problem, as did I the company will send out a NEW replacement. It takes three minutes on line, and your replacement will be shipped (free of charge) with in a few days. To bad more companies weren’t like this.
MickWorks great. Super easy replacement when it rippedWorks very well. It did get a small rip after about 10 months. I’m not sure how, but they sent me new one quickly, with no questions asked.
Alan TreeceThe last leaf rake you’ll needThis has held up better than any I have owned. After 6 years, I asked for a warranty replacement and it came immediately. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy from this company again.
MarioMarioWarrantyI’ve owned my original for six years and just got it warrantied for free. You just don’t get much better service from a company then that.Well done !
JamesGreat product that lastsHad this for three years, sits in the sun and looks like new. I really appreciate products that last.
Brian ThometzGreat product and great service.I purchased this screen after growing tired of replacing worn screens that would break or the nets would disintegrate after a short period of time. This screen is great and after using it for nearly 3 years, I noticed a 1 inch hole in the screen. I called the company and they sent me a whole new one in 2 days without any questions or return of item required. Then 4 years later I again noticed a hole in the screen so went through the same process and received another new screen. This is a great product with a company that provides great service.
CharlieKnowsVery high quality and great customer careThe ProTuff Pool Net looks very well constructed with high quality materials. The netting is much higher quality rugged material than other nets I’ve used or seen in stores on other products. And the company sends multiple communications on proper care and use and lets you know if you have any questions to contact them. Definitely want you to be 100% satisfied and back their product with a lifetime warranty. They definitely let you know that they stand by their customers. Overall very nice pool net that I’d definitely buy again without hesitation.
AnonymousGreat product, great warranty!I registered my purchase a few days after my 2016 purchase. I recently had to use the “Lifetime Warranty” for my skimmer bag. I contacted Protuff Prod, received a prompt reply and had a new skimmer at my door a few days later. Great product, great customer service. I don’t know why anyone would buy any where else!Excellent!!
ZuriCompany honored lifetime guarantee after 2 years.Just received a pro tuff leaf replacement net. Company responded within an hour of my request. Replacement was received within 3 to 4 days. Company stood by their lifetime guarantee.
Michael S AlexanderGreat product, great replacement programThis pool rake is well built with quality materials…easily lasted 3x the typical pool rakes you get at the pool store or big box stores. On top of that, they have a free replacement program that is truly “no-hassle”. I use this rake almost daily, since I have trees constantly dropping debris into the pool. Great product!
AnonymousOutstanding product and customer serviceThis is a fantastic, useful, and durable product and the customer service with ProTuff was very timely and appropriate. We got this leaf rake in May of 2015 and found it to be superior to any other rake or skimmer we have tried. For some reason, about 1 year later, the bottom of the net (at the seam) became a little frayed, which opened up the net, making it ineffective. We contacted ProTuff, given the 100% lifetime warantee, and heard back from the owner within several hours, who had a new product in the mail to us the next day. Impeccable, no-questions-asked customer service. Can’t recommend the product or company any more highly.
MLewGreat product, amazing warranty – high integrity company!This is the most durable pool net I have ever owned. I am in San Diego and use the net several times a week and often with heavy debris. The netting and edge of the net have held up great over 3+ years of use. Recently the metal at the neck began to flex from all of the use. I emailed the company and Mike responded immediately and processed a replacement with no hassles. It is truly a pleasure to deal with a company that makes such a high quality product AND stand behind it!
LarryMToughest rake on the market!The reviewer who gave it a 1-star and claimed it exploded in her home had to have been talking about a different product. How can a pool rake explode?I have this pool rake for over two years and it’s held up to daily use better than any rake I’ve ever owned. Proper care makes a difference. I clean it after the day is done and it’s never left in the sun. I can’t imagine a better pool rake at any price.
ChandanUnbelievable customer serviceI have not had this product for long, so cannot comment on durability, but it is definitely a solid built product and the amazing customer service has me sold. They meant it when they said ‘no questions asked’. My net got damaged and I sent them a message on FB messenger. It was no more than a few minutes and I was all set to receive a replacement. Definitely the only place i will buy another pool net if I need another one. Highly recommended
Amazon CustomerMade wellI have gone through so many of these types of nets for my pool-I have high hopes that this will be the last one I ever have to buy!
J. StubbsExcellent and Dependable Product!We purchased a ProTuff Pool Rake in 2017 after buying our new house with a pool. The old pool rake left by the previous homeowner fell apart immediately after moving in. This ProTuff Pool Rake has been an awesome product! we scrape it along the sides of the pool and tap it over the fence to empty it out and there are no scrapes and it doesn’t fall apart like rake we were left with. Buy this product! You will NOT be disappointed!!!
Linda L.efficient pool netThis is the best pool net that I have used. The depth of the net keeps the pool debris from escaping, so it takes me less time to clean the pool. It is sturdy and well made.
JerrySturdy/heavy duty/ hope it lastsEveryone wants and immediate response to a product and in this case I wanted to use it awhile… anyways so far good product and durable… I keep it cleaned and put up… I have a above ground pool and kids so I’ve gotta constantly keep up with the chore of cleaning it…I think you have to register the product for warranty but as in most smaller purchases I’ve not got Tito bother with all the red tape if it fails I’ll get another one
Amazon CustomerGreat netThis pool net was such an upgrade to my old net. This net is super sturdy and the mesh picks up the smallest of debris.
Dave LaCroixGreat Rake at a Great Price!So far I absolutely love this rake! Unfortunately, since it’s so early in the season, I’ll reserve judgement until later in the year, but honestly, I don’t see what could change my mind about it!
Reviewer42Rock SolidI bought the 23″ version. Unbelievably sturdy compared to any other leaf rake I’ve seen or used. A few people are complaining about the stiff mesh… In my opinion, that makes it so much easier to get debris to fall out of the net. A definite pro, not a con. I have zero complaints with this product. I’ve been doing some heavy leaf raking from the bottom of my pool, complete with large quantities of dead algae getting stuck in the bag (though the algae will slowly go through the medium mesh) and it’s been handling loads of 20lbs+ no sweat. I keep expecting it to bend or tear based on my experiences with other rakes, but of course it hasn’t. Easily a 5 star product.
J. BroilesImpressed!We had this net for two years and use it often due to oak trees. It works well. The rim was worn down due to our pebble tech surface. They replaced it! I’m impressed with this company! They stand by their word!
MG 1946A real lifetime replacement guarantee!Really as strong and tough as the ads. I use it nearly every day. No problems! I have used it for nearly a year and have never had even the smallest tear or loose seam.
ChipCame apart afterA yearStarted to come apart after a year but can’t beat the price. Will buy again
Valerie WLifetime guaranteeGreat product. After using other leaf skimmers for years, and them only lasting a couple of seasons the protuff skimmer is amazing. Sturdy, well built, and a lifetime guarantee. I’ll never use another brand.
David CFAR Superior in strength and quality to the last 5 leaf …This leaf rake/net is S-O-L-I-D !!! FAR Superior in strength and quality to the last 5 leaf nets I’ve gone through in the last 3 years!Wish I heard about this company sooner.2.25 year UPDATE!*******My net plastic wire through to the metal, and also the net formed some holes in it. I contacted ProTuff, and they immediately responded by asking for my Orginal Amazon Order info, and then they immediately shipped me a new leaf net. No questions asked. No photos required. They just shipped it, and I got the new one in a few days. Incredible customer service.The lifetime warranty is LEGIT and the product is high quality. These guys ROCK!
gcjaxGood capacity. Speeds up cleaning!I bought this to replace a flat, flimsy ‘spa skimmer’. Build quality is good. I’m able to scrape up leaves from the bottom of my pool as well as the surface. Don’t have to worry too much about contents escaping when changing direction. A few passes with this and I’m done. I turn the net inside out to dump the leaves. Works well. Don’t know why I put up with the little skimmer for so long. I expect to get good service from this tool.
Matthew GrossLifetime WarrantyHow can you go wrong with free replacement? This is the sturdiest net I have found in 15 years of owning a pool.
I’m not a alienBest pool netBest pool meet we’ve found. It’s a great product for the price. We’re in our second one so far. I might buy them in bulk. The shape is ideal and it gets used daily. Highly recommend.
Robert WeaverGood Solid ProductI like that the net has a fine mesh so it picks up smaller debris along with the big things like leaves. I like that it seems to be built better than flimsy ones I’ve had in the past. Hoping its as durable as it appears to be!
A.M.AGreat Product With Outstanding Lifetime Warranty – You Can’t Go Wrong!This is a great product. I purchased this pool leaf rake (ProTuff 19”) in May 2015. It has served its purpose beyond my expectations over last 5 years. Recently, I noticed the net was coming apart where plastic rim attaches the net to the aluminum frame. I emailed the customer service and requested a replacement. Less than 24 hours, I received a response from the customer service stating my replacement is on its way. Three days later, I received my brand new replacement pool leaf rake. So, this is a great product with an outstanding lifetime warranty. I have recommended this product to all my friends…..Don’t hesitate to purchase this product, if you are looking for a great pool leaf rake.
ThomasSolid, durable rakeBoth this net last year after my old one cracked after dropping it on my pool deck. This net is very solid and I haven’t had any problems with it. I keep it outside all the time and haven’t even noticed fading (dont really care about that tho). It’s a good net that is worth the money.
Amazon CustomerOutstanding product and customer service!Love this leaf skimmer. Incredible durability and ease of use. After years in hot Texas sun and very heavy use, the plastic at the neck cracked and was not able to support the weight of large amounts of leaves that needed to be removed from my pool. I contacted ProTuff and they immediately sent a replacement, free of charge. They even expedited the delivery . Incredible customer service. It doesn’t get any better than this! I highly recommend ProTuff.
Tracy BerkleyExactly as promisedProduct has held up and shows no sign of wear and tear. Plus with a life time warranty how could one go wrong.
V.UndeUPDATE Lifetime Warranty FulfilledIt’s picking up all the oak tree pollen buds so that makes me happy. Less work cleaning my filter.Update on my old review: Part of my original choice on purchasing was the lifetime warranty but I was a little skeptical. After 2 years of use, I contacted the seller to see if they would replace due to a hole in the net. It was super easy and the only questions asked was how fast do I want the replacement shipped. I am kinda shocked it was that easy.
Robin C.Excellent product and amazing customer service. Thank you!This is an excellent product! As soon as it arrived we could tell that the quality of the materials used was far superior. We have been using our rake for about 1 month and are really happy with our purchase. In addition and most impressive is their customer service. They wrote us immediately with helpful hints about our new purchase and personally wrote us to make sure we knew that they were there for us if we needed them. We are very happy and I wish there were more small businesses like this one that take pride in what they are selling! Thank you!
Kim C.Fantastic warranty!!!A+++We used this product for years and requested a replacement since we used it so much that we wore it out and ProTuff sent us a new one ASAP! This company truly honors their lifetime guarantee!
Deborah L YorkAwesome!!!I usually don’t write reviews but this product definitely deserves one! Our Pro Tuff pool rake had a small tear after 4 months. Nothing that got in the way of the rake being efficient but I figured the only reason I paid top dollars for a pool rake was the 100% guarantee. Thought it was going to be a pain for the warranty but exact opposite! No pictures needed, no questions asked! The new pool rake arrived 3 days later! On top of the awesome guarantee the rake is amazing! You can get everything from the bottom of your pool!
Salg007Lasted much longer than any net I’ve owned so far!After over 3 years of use I had to request a replacement and could not be more pleased with the total ease of doing so. Actually the company had sent a reminder via email about the Lifetime warranty a few months ago and I kept them email so when it was time all that was required was a simple reply stating that I needed a replacement. All I had to provide was where to ship my new net to. Can’t beat this company for their customer service PERIOD!
Amazon CustomerWell worth the few extra $$Needed a new rake as the ones that came with the house broke andi figured that these were the norm. Searched around and found the protuff skimmer net. A little more expensive but once i recieved it…WELL worth the few extra bucks. This thing is awesome. VERY well made and easy to use. If you use it the way it is designed to be used, i can rake my leaf infested pool in 10 minutes with ease…and thats on the surface AND the bottom of the pool. The warrant simply cannot be beat and you even get ongoing tips on pool care.
Chris RabkinThis is a super star pool netGreat stiff materials- large net are that traps leaves unlike the cheap flat nets. Cuts cleaning time drastically! Kicking myself for not purchasing this sooner. Free replacement net for life is a bonus!
Robert PGreat companyBought a Protuff pool net a couple of years ago and it developed a hole in the net. Contacted the company about the lifetime warranty. They sent a replacement free of charge and even paid the shipping. Not many companies stand behind their products like this! Would definitely purchase from this company again.
Robert Pagegreat product for the poolFair price and very good quality product – lifetime warranty – hope it works when I need it. UPDATE: lifetime warranty works as they are sending me a new one to replace the used ripped one.
Dennis J MerrellVery heavy dutyThis is undoubtedly the most heavy duty skimmer net I have had in my twenty years as a pool owner. And it picks up debris in the pool very effectively (a lot of leaves in one scoop). On top of that there is a wonderful warranty on the product. It might cost a little more but compared to the many big box store skimmer nets I’ve replaced over the years I could have saved money had I known about these.
Philip zangaraStrongNetting and border attachment seem very sturdy…large opening and lip make it pretty easy to scoop debris from the bottom of the pools
P. WalradThis thing earns the right to have TUFF in its name!This thing earns its name TUFF. If it didn’t have a Lifetime Warranty, I’d still recommend it to anyone who gets alot of leaves and debris blowing into their pool.
Glenn E. GallowayGreat product with legitimate warrantyThis is an exceptional pool net – large, resistant and durable. The service is excellent and the warranty is honored in a friendly, expeditious way.
Pat MurraySatisfactionDelivery of the ProTuff pool leaf rake was preceded with a couple of helpful emails as to warranty and what I could expect from the product. When it arrived, I was very pleased that the bag fit easily in place on my old leak rake handle. The mesh on the ProTuff is much finer than that on previous bags and picks up small pollen and pieces of short dry grass that passed through wider mesh. The material is less rigid and easy to maneuver in the water. As is recommended, I intend to rinse off the pool water and store it in the shade. It cost more than other similar products, but it appears to be superior in design, durability, and materials.
janelle kappesBig and beefy.This is a great leaf rake, a huge upgrade to my prior version. Note that all that size and strength comes as the cost of weight. It is much heavier than my old one. But, even so, I give it 5 stars and would give my old one 2 stars.
Kathy H.The net itself was vety well made and seems pretty strong.I like the net that we use for cleaning debris off of our Koi pond. I wish that it had come with the extendable pole. I wanted a light weight one but didn’t buy it as an accessory. We had to make a long pole work for now. It needed a certain pole with a certain size hole to fit the net handle. Was sort of forced to maybe buy the ProTuff pole.
Brenda LExcellent pool leaf netIt’s been almost 2 months. The pool leaf net is working very well. Leaves stay in the net while I bounce it on the pool floor and the net holds it’s form. Can’t beat the life time guarantee!!Update 03/25/2018. Believe it when ProTuff said 100% Forever Guarantee they keep their word. I found a 1/2” hole near the bottom of my net last week. I emailed the seller on Saturday and got a reply the same day! Even though I’ve indicated there’s no need for expedited shipping, I received a brand new pool rake 2 1/2 days later. How awesome is that!! 👍👍
D. SokolBest pond net I’ve hadI’ve gone through many pond nets. I live in the woods, surrounded by oak trees. With the old nets I had to be careful not to pick up too much debris. That would always damage the net. The quality of this Pro Tuff net is completely different. It’s made well & is strong. I was able to clean up the pond quickly because it can hold heavy loads, with no worry about the net breaking. Excellent product!
RiefkohlExcellent customer service. Unbeatable warranty.Originally bought on September 19,2015. After years of hard use, the nylon net began breaking along the attachment point to the frame. Emailed the company on June 8, 2020, and within a week a new replacement arrived. Excellent customer service and unbeatable warranty. Definitely saves you money on the long run.
Chris StimacWell constructedI like the product a lot. Seems to be well constructed. Holds more leaves than I can lift out of our pool. I live in Memphis and people here don’t cover their pools and I scoop fall leaves until the end of December. The tapered edge is helpful to get leaves off the bottom.
Gene CalderonStrong, sturdy and great product warranty.Product arrived very promptly in 3 days. Very sturdy rake. Bought it due to the company’s lifetime warranty. Not many companies back their product with such confidence. I got tired of buying leaf rakes at Leslie’s every 12 months. They give you a 3 month warranty I believe. Not much confidence there. If a leaf rake can’t last 3 months then it is useless. Great customer service also. Received an e-mail from the President of ProTuff Products thanking me for my purchase and giving me tips on how to effectively use the rake properly to help ensure my Pool stays clean and free of leafs and debris. I would strongly recommend this product to other pool owners.
Karen AhernFantastic customer service!This net has been by far the best we have owned. We get a lot of leaves in our pool in the fall and this net handled everything. The net got a tear in it. I sent in a warranty claim by email, and just received a new net. Fantastic customer service!!!! 10 star experience!!
Glenn Gesoff21st century leaf rake!After 1 use, I can already tell this leaf rake is different. The level of quality in manufacturing and material used is far superior to any I’ve had in the past.
ArmworksNetThe net and size are fine but the net itself is very stiff so it’s not the easiest thing to empty out but it does the job like it’s supposed to very well
Gary D HillUpdateAmazing net. Had many over the years and they’ve only lasted 2-3 years at most, usually less. With this product and its quality build, along with warranty, I expect future purchases to be minimal.Update. After 2 years I had a small hole in the net. I could have used it probably for a couple of more years but Protuff reached out and offered to replace it with no hassle.Great company, great service, great products.
MaxWorth the moneySo far this is the best one I have purchased.
SamThe lifetime warranty is real!It’s an amazing product, topped by the fact that it’s unlimited lifetime no-hassle warranty is actually real. Dropped them an email and received a reply within 24 hours informing me that the replacement will be delivered within 2 weeks. What else can you ask for? Wish more products were like this 🙂
Wild TurkeyGreat quality – love lifetime warranteeReceived this skimmer net a few weeks back. Seems good quality. I like the lifetime warrantee. Company has sent out numerous follow up e-mails to make sure I received it okay and asking for feedback. Time will tell. So far it seems like a great skimmer made of good materials. Will update at end of season. Would buy again.UPDATE, 4 years later: I’m amazed that this skimmer take is still in great shape. The red plastic is now more pinkish but it is holding up fantastically well for being in the sun and chlorine so much. By far way beyond any other skimmer take i’ve Ever had. So glad I found it! Love when things are made well.
Julie M.Quality productEasy to use to get to the bottom of our pool to remove debris that the pop ups miss.
danny p.Great product and outstanding customer service!Compared to other nets I’ve used, this has proven by far superior over the last year of use, and when I recently noticed a hole in the net, it was replaced with no issues, no photos nor product return needed, and free shipping…would definitely recommend to friends and family with pools.
jamieTuff ProductGreat product, very well made, a little on the heavier side, but then again, it’s made to last, AND i went with the 19″
HowesMy pool gets loads of pine needles and fine particles everydayI have been thoroughly impressed with the ProTuff Pool Rake. My pool gets loads of pine needles and fine particles everyday. Previous pool nets that I have used ripped apart after a few months and didn’t catch the fine particles. The ProTuff Rake works perfectly, it is extremely durable and is easy to use. It has saved cleaning time and wear and tear on my pump equipment. I am also very impressed with the quality service of the company and their emphasis on quality control. The training manual and video is one good example of this. They truly stand behind their satisfaction guarantee. I am looking forward to seeing new products from this company.
Joel LovelandBUY IT! It’s the best rake I’ve ever purchased.I love this rake. It is sturdy, big and light weight. The design is perfect to pick up items off the bottom of the pool. I have a very large and messy pool with a lot of pine debris and orange tree leaves and it does the trick. It gets a lot of use and it’s far better than any others I’ve purchased. I did have to replace it and the lifetime guarantee worked as promised. There’s no reason to purchase any other rake.
world travelerLifetime guarantee!ProTuff 19-in. swimming pool leaf net is easy to use for both me and my husband. We have 70 trees so there are lots of leaves in our pool! I bought mine 6 years ago. When the net had small tears, replacement was a breeze. They honored their lifetime guarantee!
Phillip VGreat ProductWe replaced our old-school screen that two holes in it. Love that this one can scoop leaves off the bottom of the pool and also not need to be emptied until finished cleaning.I’d like to purchase the fine mesh one next because the very fine stuff doesn’t stay in this net.
MarcyGreat netSo far so good. I replace nets every year. We will see how this one holds up. I do think it’s very sturdy. Works great!
CarlosSturdy. Easy to pick up debris.Sturdy construction. Glides easily over the water picking up debris, but could be easily submerged to pick up debris from the bottom also. Recommend.
MALLENIt’s very GOOD.The is a very good net, In fact it’s the best one I’ve ever owned. The cheap blue nets tear almost immediately. Not this one. I’m a fan.
Brianna TBest one you will ever buyThis has got to be the toughest & strongest pool net I have ever seen and purchased. Lifetime warranty in itself is amazing .
Alan YI really like this pool netI really like this pool net. At first it seemed a little awkward to use but once I got familiar with the best ways to use it (via the tips they sent) it has made it a lot easier to clean the pool. I have a tree close by and picking up twigs and debris is now easier (but still a pain ha ha). It’s a little pricey and I’m not sure about longevity yet but it seems to be well made and knowing that it has a lifetime warranty has given me some piece of mind.
BHProTuff Leaf Rake is Worth the MoneyUpdate- I just had the replacement replaced due to another hole developing in the net. No questions asked and the new net arrived in 4 days. Previous review- I was skeptical about the added cost, but ProTuff is a company that stands behind their product. Because of an apparent snag, the net developed a hole. I messaged the company and had a new leaf rake within a week, no questions asked.
Jeff A. in GeorgiaEasy Warranty Replacement ProcessAfter five years of use, the handle on my 19.5” leaf rake broke. As ProTuff recommended, I used Facebook Messenger to request a warranty replacement. The process was simple, and I got a replacement net in less than a week. Thank you, ProTuff!!!
Graham SharpPool NetThe fact it has a lifetime warrantee is amazing. Excellent quality. Much more substantial than any net I have had before.
Lester CummingsBetter packaging is needed.The product seems to be exactly what I’ve been looking for. The only downside was that the shipping box was in tatters and I was surprised that the pool net hadn’t been destroyed.
Amazon CustomerLo que mas impresiona es su garantiaLa garantia es exelente. Garantia de por vida
MJGBest warranty service hands downI have an uncovered pool surrounded by oak tress so I’m pulling out pounds of leaves at a time from my pool. I bought this product back in 2015 and after years of great service I noticed a small whole in the net. I reached out to the company and without hesitation they sent me a brand new replacement…after 5 years. You cannot go wrong with their products.Fast forward 2 years and two hurricane cleanups I noticed a small hole in the netting. I contacted ProTuff and without even asking me to send pictures they again sent me a new skimmer. This is the best warranty service I have ever recieved…you really cannot go wrong
Michael ChapmanGreat product, picks up leaves more effectively than any other product I have used.This rake works far better than the cheaper options available on Amazon. I had one of the cheap ones break during routine cleaning, so rather than buy another of the same type, I opted for this. The difference is huge. This rake is extremely effective at picking up the leaves off the bottom of the pool. The others tend to just kick up sediment and leaves off the bottom of the pool without capturing them in the bag. This one reduced the amount of time I have to spend raking the pool by a factor of at least 2.
MicheleExcellent pool netGreat customer service. Best pool net I’ve had so far. The net tore after 2 years and pro tuff sent a replacement, no questions asked. They definitely stand behind their products.
LINEMANRAYA Really Good Leaf Rake, Worth the Money.Works Great, only down side with it at all is , my wife cannot lift it out of the pool with it completely full of leaves, it is hard for me.But if you pull the handle straight up, out of the pool and let the water drain out, no problem. 👍👍👍
poseyA Good pool Skimmer NetOur pool net skimmer wore out, Our pool maintenance guy used one of these so we decided to buy one. It works beautifully.
wangbinjieBestThis is the best pool net I ever used. It is still good after one year use and no others stand longer than one year before.
Shari MatthewsThey replaced it super easy and politelyMine got a hole after 10 uses or so. They stand by their policy
PlaceholderBest of the bestBy far and away the best net and pole on the market. Customer service is outstanding. Highly recommended.
BCottonBuy it. You won’t regret it!This net is AMAZING. I always have issues with leaves gathering in the middle of my pool during the winter months and it’s always such a pain to try and get them out. This net is huge and the way it’s built makes it so easy to catch the leaves and huge amounts at one time. I’ll never use a different one!
Dennis BrasherVery well made. I would recommend this to everyoneSo far it is the most sturdy leaf skimmer I have had for my pool. My pool is clean and I didn’t have to vacuum it.
DeanIS IT REALLY A LIFETIME WARRANTYWorks great. Has a lifetime warranty but last one gave up the ghost in 5 years. StillWaiting on company to review for credit.
Blessed BearsWell made, heavyIt does the job… it’s pretty heavy so my only negative is that it’s super heavy to grab a lot leaves with! That part is annoying, but it seems really well made compared to the typical nets that are flatter.
Thomas L PasekQuality!I bought the ProTuff debris catcher because of the warrantee. I will continue to buy their products because of the quality.
Pop MarciVery nicely made seems durable well constructedWorks well in terms of grabbing leaves especially for bottom. Design is great for scooping
Mr. Ralph MagnusQuality constructionSuper heavy duty pool net. Designed to skim from the surface and bottom of the pool. Less debris will get into your pool filter. Lifetime warranty is a great plus. Need to look into this companies other equipment.
Beverly MillsProTuff Pool NetProTuff Net is awesome!! Very Large and holds a lot of debris such as leaves and whatever you have floating in your pool..
Richard MumperGreat Product and even better customer service!This is actually my first review I have ever written on Amazon. I felt I needed to as I really loved the first one of these rakes I purchased a few years ago. It works just as advertised. Unfortunately, I wore the plastic off the bottom. I then went ahead and purchased a new one. However, after it arrived I noted the lifetime unconditional guarantee on the rear edge. I let ProTuff Pool Net know of the situation and they promptly refunded the cost of the new one. Well done. ProTuff!
Joseph J JacksonBest pool rake out thereAwesome product, glides over the bottom of the pool. Forever warranty is great, but I don’t see this thing breaking any time soon.
Amazon CustomerGreat company, they stand behind their products.I just want to say that this company stands behind their product. The mesh tore off, we emailed them directly and they replaced it right away.
ScottKVery good product. Great Comapny!I am on my third net from Pro Tuff. My pool has very rough plaster that causes the plastic frame to wear thin. With the lifetime warranty, my net has been replaced with a simple email. No pics needed, no questions asked. I recommend this company 100%.
AnonymousGreat warranty and pool netGreat pool net. Catches really small debris too. Also a great, no questions asked warranty. My pool net broke after a couple years and they sent me a new one within days!
NealQuality and customer serviceI originally purchased this net in 2015. The net is quality and allows you to get debris off the pool floor. Recently my net began come apart, so I contacted ProTuff. After a few simple questions, they sent me a new replacement net. Highly recommend this product and the company.
kykyVery impressive quality!I used my new ProTuff 19″ leaf net/skimmer today. It was the first cleaning since the winter cover went on back in November. Needless to say, it’s always the most dreaded cleaning of the year! I was able to complete my 18 X 36 pool in about 30 minutes, the bag capacity and strength of the bag and frame are A1. This leaf net lives up to all the great reviews, and with good care should last many years for a residential pool owner.
n wThe product has an excellence warranty if needed.This item is extremely sturdy and durable. Highly recommended.
Amazon CustomerPerfectThis is exactly what it said it would be sturdy and strong
Ricardo S Guevarragood buy highly recommenddefinitely satisfied highly recommend
JNGFAwesome product!Definitely a sturdy and easy to use net! We had no issues attaching to our new pole. Highly recommend!
Kenneth FritchSturdy NetGreat net so far for its first summer. Net is sturdy and high quality, surrounding plastic is heavy duty.
Brian MasonCost $$$ but worth itIt was expensive, but seems like it will last .It will extend all the way across the pool with out bending or snapping . Very well made
Nadeem KhalidLifetime WarrantyMy ProTuff pool net sheared after 5 years of use. I got in touch with ProTuff and they send me my warranty replacement. I am very happy with their product and service.
Janet MurpheyGreat product and great customer service!This product held up much better than the pool net we owned before. After almost 2 years it did develop a few holes in the mesh. I wrote them through Facebook Messenger and received a new net within 5 days. Great product and great customer service!
MatthewIf you’re buying this, it means you have a lot of leaves…get the pole they recommend tooThis thing is AMAZING! So good… that the pole the pool company provided, bent after first use with this product it gets so many leaves so easily. I recommend getting their pole as well!
Jack PowellHow well it worksIt’s very sturdy. picks up better. With a lifetime warranty I’m not worried about how gentle I’ve had to be with the other skimmers.
Laurie AckmanBest pool net!Love this pool net! It’s the best one I’ve ever owned. It glides through the water so smooth from top to bottom while picking out debris without a problem! The pool water has never looked so clean! Thank you Pro Tuff for this great item! 😍
colincolinNet is stiff, but works wellIt fit my existing pole, but the net is super stiff. The old skimmer seemed to dump easier. This one stays is allot firmer. Still works great.
John BickhartExtremely solid unit. Performed far above expectations.I used this skimmer to remove an excessive amount of watermeal from my pond. When wet, the skimmer basket containede 40+lbs of material and I carried the watermeal in the skimmer basket 30′ away from the pond. I did this many, many times and removed several hundred pounds of material and was expecting the skimmer to break. No damage to the netting or handle occurred.
SallyGreat pool netWorth the money. Best pool net we have purchased. The warranty is awesome, no questions asked. You won’t be sorry if you purchase
3 Peas in a PodGreat Quality!High quality pool net. If you are on the fence about purchasing Just purchase it! No buyer’s remorse here. It’s study and made of a high quality material! The mesh is so fine that it picks up dirt that is blown into the pool after we’ve had our grass cut! The net if stiff and it maintains its shape. I am supremely happy with the quality of this product!
Amazon CustomerGreat product.. company stands by warrantyGreat net… held up for 3 years and when it did finally get a hole, customer service replaced it with no problems.
Henrietta AdamsGreatIt is definitely a stronger net. It creates a stronger resistance when pulling through the water. The lifetime warranty is worth the extra cost.
Scott BlairQuality productAs a pool owner and maintainer for several years now, I have went through several leaf rakes and this one tops them all. If you will follow the instructions to register your product promptly then this should be the LAST time you will have to pay!!!
Jerry JohnsonWell built and long lastingBest pool net I have owned, and I have owned lots. This thing is well built and will last more then one pool season.
chris schoenfeldnice skimmerThis is a well built skimmer net. It also will pickup very little nats as well.
Sugar Land DonBest Pool Net I have ever usedI am super pleased with this Pool Net. I have used several pool nets over the past 18 years that I have maintained my pool and this is by far the best one I have used. The size, weight, mesh size is all perfect.
Mcc532Great product!Great product and a even greater company standing behind their lifetime warranty claim. I’m getting the fine mesh net to go along with the leaf rake.
JustinBest Net EVER!The ultimate combo with the net and pole, best investment for your pool.The net and pole combo caught everything with little physical effort.
STREETFIGHTER50This has been the best pool rake! Third season so far so good!This is the best pool rake I’ve owned. 3 seasons with it now and hopefully many more! I know this costs more than the others, but it works great, very durable, and the lifetime no hassle warranty is huge plus just in case! Highly recommend this!
steveLast pool net you will ever buy.I bought a ProTuff pool net in Dec.2015.Last week I noticed the frame holding the net had broken.I make a claim today,which was really easy.Within 2 hrs. I received notice that a new net had been shipped.Doesn’t get any better than that. I also own a ProTuff pool pole and their new pool brush.If you only want to buy tools to clean your pool one time,then buy ProTuff.
Amazon CustomerLook no further-buy this oneI used to buy the cheaper rakes and they always fell apart. Bought this Protuff heavy duty rake 5 years ago and it works fantastic. Never worry about how full it might get. Just recently the plastic rim shattered. Protuff honored their lifetime warranty and sent me a brand new one. 5 stars.
dgrnet catches even very small debris in pool…. LOVE ITnet well made; good size; so tightly woven even catches much of the very small debris that our old did not and has a lifetime warranty….what’s not to like; very happy with and we have had a few nets…. Thank you for a good product.
Katiew7459Best Ever !Hands down the Best Pool Net I’ve ever used.I will be a customer for life ! Makes my pool cleaning job 10x easier and holds a ton !
Paul J. HavardWell Made ProductI ordered this pool net – arrived on time and it’s a great product. Nice wide mouth, plastic looks and so far is pretty tough so I don’t think it will wear out to quickly from scraping the pool bottom. I like it – Thanks.
honeyAmazon CustomerBest one I ever boughtAfter usage of full season, so far, so good. No complaints, five stars
Kari HagenowBest pool skimmer everThis is the best skimmer we have used. It has a beveled edge on the bottom to help guide debris into the net. It works extremely well for getting leaves off the bottom of the pool. Its size is just perfect for our pool size. Highly recommended.
lisa gibbonsGreat WarrantyProduct is top notch. Mesh got some holes in it. They replaced it immediately, no hassle.I purchase all my pool tools from ProTuff
chipper2002Great product. The width and shape allows it to …Review update: Still a great product! We do use it a lot though and the net started getting a few holes in it. However, I contacted ProTuff and they were great! They are serious about their warranty and could not have made the process any easier! The product is great but having a company that stands behind their product and keeps their word on their warranty is even better!Great product. The width and shape allows it to dump very easily.
Shana alexAmazing pool netI could not be more pleased with this net! Nothing comes out of the net while cleaning the pool & then when I do dump the net everything goes right in the garbage! Extremely light & does not weigh down the pole!
Debbie BuckinghamGreat quality, excellent warrantyMy husband needed to get a large amount of leaves out of the deep end of our pool after our cover tore during the winter. He said this was the best pool tool he’s ever used. The net is a little heavy, but it would have to be to be the large size that it is and to be durable as well. Works great!
UserThey stand behind their lifetime gurantee!Our leaf rake developed a hole after a little over a year. I decided to contact them for a replacement and they cheerfully sent a replacement. Great product, great service!
Anthony ParisiMakes cleaning easierI clean my lap pool, which is surrounded by trees, everyday before I swim. After 9 months daily use, the rake still looks new. It makes cleaning the bottom much easier too. The lifetime warranty is the icing on the cake.
Karen WilliamsGood but not yet fully tested.Haven’t used it yet but it appears to be as good quality or better than similar purchases and at a lower cost.
CarolPool net cleaner !One of the things you need, that beats taking the leaves out `one at a time !!!!
Noelle BerschGreat productGreat product and has held up over time! The warranty is the greatest part they just sent me a new one no questions asked!
SunshineSuperior QualityWow, absolutely everything about this net is superior to any other net we’ve owned in last 15 years. Solid frame, no bend or give, can scrape bottom of rock pond with out wearing out the fabric. Very fine net catches and keeps all debris or fish, even algae! Put it on a Jed Pool Tool pole and I don’t think we’ll ever need another net but if we do, it will be this one again. Worth every penny.
AnnieBWorks good so far.If it lasts, as they guarantee I’ll be more than happy.
Vallia MeseihaSo far so goodSo far this is working out great! I like the size and it catches all the small leaves in my pool
Sunil Mahatonot sure why i waited so long for thisawesome product. sturdy and does its job perfectly- scooping leaves from the pool floor as well the floating debris.
Amazon CustomerSimply the best!Works better than all other brands that we have purchased. The net is sturdy and does not flip. And very easy to shake out the accumulated debris.
Chester DavisGreat purchaseBest net I have ever had for the pool. Very sturdy. Good purchase.
Maryellen V. LittleLip on edge usefulThis works very well. There is a lip on the edge that helps catch gunk from the bottom of pool. I am very happy with this purchase. Very sturdy but not too heavy.
RobyncparksStrong and durableEven better than I thought it would be. The net is sturdy and holds so much. I highly recommend this pool net
BrendaExcellent product and sellerReally excellent product and seller. I had a minor issue with mine and their service and response was impeccable.The net is very sturdy and hold a lot of leaves without having to keep dumping like with the standard net that came with my pool. Look no further.
Bill HooverVery heavy-duty pool leaf netThis looks like this will be the last leaf net I will need to buy. I’ve gone through others, but this is much more sturdy. I don’t expect to ever need the replacement guarantee, but it is good to know it is there.
K. SmithPerfectOverall more sturdy than any other net I have ever owned. Netting is much thicker, like a screen door would have
Peggy ReilandGreat WarrantyGreat customer service & warranty . Submitted warranty on torn net and received new net by the next week.
Jacob HawkenHighly effective and high qualityI don’t know what black magic it does, but leaves seem to jump into it.
DanegeldPerfectionWorth every penny. I had a major pool cleanup this spring, after my cover ripped to shreds and a ton of leaves,dirt, pine needles, and amphibians got everywhere. Leak in the pool meant the water level was four feet down. This skimmer (along with the pole recommended with it) held up like a champ to ridiculous loads (just let some of the water drain out first!).Absolutely first rate product. Now, if only they made pool covers….
YodaManGreat productUpdates – August 2021Bought this rake back in 2018. Had the net rip recently and placed a request for replacement under their warranty replacement program. Was such an easy and seamless experience so wanted to update my review to support and confirm their warranty————2018 reviewFantastic rake once you get used to the unique design. I am able to pick up lots of debris from the bottom of the pool with ease.
RAmazing customer service!We had a minor warranty issue for a small crack after owning our net for about 2 years and it was the easiest process I’ve literally made in my life. Thank you for standing behind your products and for making life easy!
Amazon CustomerLove it!I bought this last year and it exceeds my expectations. It is easy to use for skimming and also picking up stuff from the bottom of the pool. I am extremely happy with this purchase and it compliments my new Pro Tuff pool pole!!
KGreat productHappy with product
Amazon CustomerWish I had bought sooner.Great product. When holding it you can tell it is built well.
rohan hoareGreat skimmer even better warrantyOkay after buying less durable pool skimmers I thought I’d take a chance on pro tuff. It lasted 2 years which was much better than the others. But here’s the amazing part. They have a lifetime guarantee. There were no questions asked, no photos etc. just great service. Am I happy I bought pro tufff. Oh yeah
macdragonfliesGREAT NET FOR POND CLEANING 😁Very sturdy with a tight weave of the net. Holds everything you’re cleaning from the pond bottom. The water seeps through net quickly enough for us. Helps us keep pond cleaner. You do need to make sure you have a pool pole with correct adapter to hook together the net to pole. NOTE… you only get net, no pole when ordering this!
Francisco NavarroIt took several uses for net to be more flexible and easy to empty leaves but that is why it can …NO BS, This product does what is suppose to do. Net is strong and appear to hold more than the ones I had before. It took several uses for net to be more flexible and easy to empty leaves but that is why it can resist and last longer so it doesn’t ware out . It is about time an American made product is well made and meet standards. I recommend this product.
NRSolid netWell built and feels like good quality. I use this to skim a pond surface and bottom for leaves and debris. I used to use a pool net I got at Home Depot and it tore up pretty quickly from heavy algae deposits. This one handles the job with ease. The net seems strong enough to handle branches and other heavy/pointy debris.
Amazon CustomerGreat product worth every pennyI was skeptical about spending so much for a pool rake. I realized that I was going through at least 2 a season of junkie ones so I took a leap of faith. It works like a charm and has held up well and still looks and performs as brand new after a couple of tough months removing leaves. So far, it has been worth every penny and should save me $ over the next few years.An added benefit, Pro Tuff sends some useful emails on how best to use the rake but also on pool care hints that are great.
donna gGreat Product and SupportGreat net with a great warranty!! Net performs as advertised and it gets a lot of use because my pool is covered by huge oak trees. Sweeps leaves off the bottom with ease and holds a good quantity of leaves. Squirrels attacked my net while laying on the deck and ate a hole in it. Company replaced it with no questions!!
Khalid K.Best pool leaves bagThe best that can be. Very sturdy. Very easy to use. Picks stuff from pool bottom. You can continue to use all over the pool and the leaves already inside don’t pop out when you are collecting new ones. Good design.
William CoteQuality pool netThis is the best pool net I have seen in the 40 years of being a pool owner. I highly recommend this product.
Amazon CustomerGreat serviceThese guys are phenomenal. No questions ask, they replaced my net without question. I would highly recommend them for any of your pool needs.Such a refreshing experience, I sent an email and they were back with me in a matter of hours, and sent a new product.
Bob MGreat product !Great product, terrific service ! And how many companies offer a Lifetime Warranty !? Thank You ProTuff !
Mark AExcellent Quality ConstructionDon’t hesitate, if you are looking for a pool net this company makes excellent products.
William G. WorleyGreat product. Great warrantyWorked well for almost 3 years before developing tear in net. Lifetime warranty is great. Got a new one 2 business days after reporting tear in netUPDATE: The replacement lasted a bit over 2 years before net tearing. But our pools gets a lot of leaves and they are sending another replacement. They stand by their product and warranty
Thomas P. OdomPerfect for collecting algae on a pondThe head is wide enough to scoop floating algae and the pouch allows you to trap the pads. I got this two days ago, In those 2 days, I cleared my pond’s annual buildup without a hitch.
OGGREAT CUSTOMER SERVICEMy net had a few small holes and beginning cracks and I was able to use their automated system and I got my new replacement net right away – no pictures needed (even though I took some just in case). I will only buy their brand for their incredible replacement guarantee!
chipis exactly as advertised a quality product that will hold upii have a pool with lots of leaves and debris. This is the first rake i have had in over ten years that is tuff enough to clean. I really do believe u could lift a bowling ball off the bottom of pool. Was very impressed the company contacted me and made sure i was happy with product. I will use them again
Dan StewartExcellent productIt’s everything they say it is. Works great on our inground fiberglass pool. Couldn’t ask for more.
Sarah KleeGreat customer serviceThis net is great and the “free replacement” is not a lie!
D JonesJust order it!Absolutely worth the extra money. You can immediately tell the quality when you get the rake. Furthermore, I called prior to ordering to act like a customer to see how well the warranty works… Perfectly! Got a live person on the phone immediately and he explained what he was going to do….I told him I was investigating to see how real it was and I hung up and ordered. It’s hard to describe the net material but it is much stronger without being thicker.
Billbuilt wellThe net seems very well built, but I guess I won’t know about the lifetime warranty until I need another one.
Richard L-MThis Pool Net Leaf Skimmer Rake really PERFORMS !!Very robust construction. Skims everything noted in the sales literature and holds it when lifting from the pool. Easy to dump, turn inside out and then reverses back ready for another shim. Can easily pick up worms on the first attempt, off the pool bed, when used as per the instructions. All of these performance characteristics combined with the life-long warranty makes it the best rake I have ever purchased
Dean BlasingameGreat Price with Fast Free ShippingDurability, Quality best net I’ve ever owned. I highly recommend this dip net.
Sue HarrisGreat net!We needed a strong, durable net to scoop duckweed out of our pond – this net works beautifully!
TomBoGood pool netBest pool net I’ve ever owned. I am hoping the last one too, with the lifetime warranty
JHopkinsExcellent QualityGreat product if you want a net that is going to last more than a season or two. Mine sits in the HOT Vegas sun 6 hours a day and after three years the color of the frame is fading but the net is as good as new! Strong, durable, long lasting product. Definitely recommend for the serious pool cleaner…
Ron PierceExceptional QualityBeen a pool owner for 13 years and probably been through a half dozen of these. This is by far the best quality rake I’ve owned. While the net is kind of rigid and you have to work the rake to empty it, I think a minor factor as this material will clearly last longer than a flimsy netting.
Rodney StephensTHE BEST Warranty, bar noneI bought this leaf Rake May 2015. It gave years of service, then disaster.The front edge of the rake finally wore thru Dec 2018, releasing the netting.I went to the Pro Tuff website and they immediately and without question sent me a new one. They also asked if I needed it expedited for no charge.Needless to say I am skimming like a banshee once again.
cynthia Antonicovery strong well madeframe is strong. using for pond cleaning and removal of heavy wet leaves.
Keith D. WilsonGreat durable product, stiffer netI like that the company is committed and stands behind the product. I like the durable construction. I wish I went with a more pliable/less rigid net so when I turn it upside down I can “snap” the leaves out of the net. I found myself using my hands to reverse the net. But that’s probably my fault this may be more taking leaves from the pool bottom instead of skimming it. Otherwise great product especially for handling large amounts of debris
Jan SchellGreat Quality and WarrantyGood quality lasted a long time and the warranty is for real… they sent me a replacement no questions asked.
Print repGreat Product & Great WarrantyI bought the ProTuff Pool Net Leaf Skimmer Rake almost 2 years ago and it works really well. Not too heavy for me and I’m a petite, active, woman. Recently the stitching started to fail, likely from rubbing against the rough pool bottom. There’s no way to avoid that from eventually happening. The customer service for warranty was excellent. Quick and painless. They shipped a new one to me right away.
Amazon CustomerDurable – Lifetime Guarantee.I’ve gone through a bunch of pool nets over the last 15 years. I bought the Pro Tiff Poo Net because off the reviews and lifetime guarantee. So far, it is extremely durable and sturdy and I am very pleased. It is well worth the money.
Steve Lissardmaster dippernow i can dip the bowling balls out of my pool. two at a time
Jscott12Great productGrest warranty
Johnny BWorks well for leaf removal from Fl poolSo far so good. Threw away 2 older nets. Hopefully these are the last addition to the land fill!
Roger R. Askin Jr.Awesome pool skimmer !Works great , collects a lot of leaves easily .
DonnaGREAT product!This Pool Leaf Rake is as great as the reviews promised. It’s easy to handle, but as with my regular pool leaf rake, I shorten the pool, and get inside the pool to manuever it. When pulling it across the floor of my above ground pool, it even holds in whatever sand it collects, unlike the regular pool leaf rakes that such tiny particles escape from the holes of the bag. I have sand on the ground around my pool, so that is important to me. I REALLY like this product! Anyone want my old regular pool leaf bag?
-BFSInitial impression – very high-quality and extremely well built.EDIT JULY 11, 2022: 4 years and six days later, I’m still using this very same leaf rake in the same commercial setting.—–Very- nice leaf rake. Strong construction, zero flex, head and shoulders above all the overpriced sub-homeowner-grade junk that masquerades as ‘commercial’ or ‘pro’. I use this in a commercial setting, and, based on my initial impression, would expect to get several seasons out of it.
YchLifetime warrantyThis works great. It’s by far the best skimmer we have ever had. Because of it’s sturdiness it is a little heavy for the 76 year old but younger (and stronger) family members have no issue.
Bryan S. TannerVery Pleased!Very pleased that the replacement net fit my existing pool skimmer pole as described in the product details; deeper net than I previously used which is a bonus! Looking forward to many years of use cleaning my pool.
Carol J BrownWarrantyI like the warranty on this product. I have gone through so many pool nets that don’t hold up.
E. LeExactly as advertised!This is the best pool raker we have ever owned! So glad I found the ProTuff. It is so sturdy and makes getting leaves on bottom of pool simple. The pool rakes sold at the pool stores aren’t worth the money. They also provide pool maintenance tips via Facebook messenger. Highly recommend this product.
Steve Athe best skimmer i have ever hadhad for 5 years great skimmer, they even replaced it because of wear and tear. great product great company
acrussell73Great product and warranty!This net worked great for four years on a pool that was long overdue for refinishing. The red plastic wore down due to the rough surface, but ProTuff promptly provided a replacement with no hassle. It’s nice to have a company stand behind their product. Highly recommended!
Angie AguilarHave had no issues with getting replacements.Removing leaves from my pool
RC SCUBAWorks Very WellEasily picks up leaves and small debris. The shape of the front rim allows the water to lift the debris in front of the rake, into the bag, as you push it. The bag is very sturdy too. I just bought this and used it several times before closing the pool for the winter. Wish I bought this earlier. Very good product.
Tim LandersWarranty was wonderful!They replaced my net quickly when I submitted a request!
LollieIt is univetsalIt fit kn the p ok le I had with no problem.
Mark McWilliamsVery sturdy leaf rake!Just got my rake and used it for the first time in my Koi pond. The netting is fairly stiff, and seems very sturdy. And I like that the mesh is not as fine as some other nets …much easier to scoop out leaves without filling up with tiny particles that will get pulled out by the filters anyway.
jose lopezbest pool leaf rakeThe best leaf rake i have ever had, use in the las vegas sun and still looks like new, i will now buy any thing i need for pool from proTuff from now on. it is worth the money use to have to buy 20.00-25.00 leaf rake every summer, now i am set for next summer.
Michelle CVery durable, highly recommendBest pool net on the market. Very durable. Warranty on this product is second to none!
Pat Kilkennyvery well the blade like shape on leading edge so it will scoop debris from pool bottom
matt dilauroheavy dutyGreat rake net. I use the net all year long. Stays out in the weather, gets kicked and slides on concrete pavers. Has not shown any signs defects. You will be happy when you purchase one for your pool.
Amazon Customerworth the priceFirst of all, it functions as described and in current times, that ranks 5 stars. It’s eady to use and very sturdy. Very good purchase. I hate pools. This product helps me hate them less.
JessicaThe warranty is easy and true!After four years of regular use the netting developed a tear. I contacted protuff and they immediately sent me a new one. All you need to do is bring up your Amazon order history and find the order number after putting “protuff” in the search bar. This net is the best and the warranty is honest and easy. I highly recommend this product and company.
John WIt was immediately apparent that both the materials and construction of the ProTuff are superior to the old oneThere’s a reason this product costs 2x-3x more than others. Simply put, it’s worth it! Our pool is constantly bombarded with live oak leaves so there’s lots of cleaning needed year round. The rake that came with the pool actually lasted seven years until the fabric gave out. It was immediately apparent that both the materials and construction of the ProTuff are superior to the old one. In use, the shape of the frame along its bottom edge actually helps get leaves on the bottom up and into the basket. It’s nice to know that this is the last rake we’ll ever have to buy.
GLENN VOORHEESA sturdy, high quality pool tool.The net is very sturdy for picking up leaves in my pool. It appears to be one that will be long lasting. One downside is that it is more difficult to shake all of those wet leaves and debris out of the net due to less flexibility, which may improve over time.
LbGreat product, great customer serviceGreat product! Great customer service!
Z WGood qualityIt fits my pole nicely. The net is a little stiff so it is easy to empty the net.
Amazon CustomerIf you’ve leaves too big to vacuum, buy this, you won’t be sorry!this is great! We had large sticky leaves on the bottom of the pool from a few oak trees we have around, and they were impossible to vacuum out without clogging the hose solid after only a few inches of pool bottom. This grabbed huge swaths of leaves out of my pool. A life saver, as otherwise I was going to have to climb in and scoop them out by hand, and it ain’t warm enough for that yet.
CCThe company honors their warranty very well.The net works great, but the best thing is that the company quickly replaces the net if needed. I use it a lot because there are trees that drop many leaves in my pool so the net eventually develops a hole. The company has replaced it three times for free per their warranty.
martyhikeGreat net for pool cleaningReplaced a 7 year old net from another brand that had broken plastic ring. Larger than my original one allowing to pick up more leaves etc. Love it.
Lakers1_xHeavy DutyHeavy duty. I don’t think this one will tear. If it does – lifetime guarantee!
Amazon CustomerWarranty process was quick and easy!I used and abused this thing for 3 years. Picking up 30lb loads of leaves out of my pool and pond. The net finally started coming off the frame. Sent them a picture of the damage and it was replaced immediately. If you own a large pool this is a no brainer. Cant go wrong with a lifetime warranty!
AlyssaBest Customer Service Ever!!We purchased this 3 years AAGI and it had started to tear. We contacted ProTuff and they sent out a brand new (improved) skimmer!!! So impressed!!
Kristina L MooreLove it!Great rake! Big enough to capture a lot in one pass, light enough for this grandma to handle it
J WollscheidGreat Quality RakeGood quality product that is easy to manevur and hopds a lot of debris. Easy to clean up leaves and dirt. Very sturdy compared to my old rake.
Katrina PahlmannQuality ProductThis is a sturdy product that replaces a lower quality net from a national supplier. Easy to attach, easy to use, just the right amount mesh to scoop all the palm pollen that blows into the pool.
Baba ganoojStokedHave had this net for about a year now and it feels brand new. Really glad I paid a bit more and bought this quality pool net.
Merc Long IslandBetter than expectedThis leaf net is the best I have purchased. Very good quality. I have owned an in ground pool for 35 years. As you may expect, I have had many nets over the years. I’ve just used it to get leafs and heavy pine needles off the pool cover and it performed the task better than any net I have used in the past. I had read some of the reviews stating it was hard to empty. Really?? Just turn it over, it’s not rocket science.
Candy E WedenLast Rake you’ll e ever have to buy. Great valueA bit heavier than most I’ve had, but then again, they broke. We have a ton of leaves in the fall to remove from the pool.. once they fall to the bottom they are heavy. This rake is built solid, runs smoothly across The bottom making cleanup quick. Based on the construction and durability I’m very happy.
Amy WoodSturdyMore sturdy and quality material than the ones I have had . 👍🏻
CarpioDefinetly worth the moneyWe have gone through a ton of pool nets over the years. Usually they break from the weight of the leaves. This one is very sturdy. It has a life time warranty but I don’t expect we will ever need to replace it!
Shane LongWarranty is real!My last net from them lasted almost 3-years, when I called for replacement it was ZERO hostile. Just sent me a new one! Client for life.
Tod AndersonGoodSeems good and sturdy. Should last a long time. Works well
DSBThis rake is as sturdy as they say and the depth of the bag …When this arrived I had to test it, despite the Feb cold. We’ve had a lot of wind lately and much debris had gotten in the water. This rake is as sturdy as they say and the depth of the bag held more debris and prevented it from floating out as I worked it. I saw comments about the net being stiff, which it is, but it caught and held smaller debris than others nets. We’ve been patching other nets routinely trying to get more use from them. I don’t expect this one will ever need repair. This is an awesome pool leaf rake.
Amazon CustomerHolds a lotHolds a lot of leaves.
BarbarellaNiceThe best pool screen scoop we have ever used. Well made.
Amazon Customerwe felt we made a good decision. The angled edge of this rake has …We purchased this rake as a replacement to the net that was left in the pool house when we bought our home. Coming highly rated and with a lifetime guarantee, we felt we made a good decision. The angled edge of this rake has been great for getting leaves off the bottom of the pool, and the thick mesh holds even the oak tree pollen strings that blow into the pool. We’ve even had a chance to see how easily it rescues frogs from the pool! We’re looking forward to many years of using our leaf rake!
Dale A EltoftTried 3 others before this one which is much betterFar more well made and durable than the previous 3 I bought.
billyPool netGreat product. Highly recommended
Tiffany L. DenkingerBut now!Sturdy and strong…nothing like the flimsy cheap ones I’ve purchased before! Highly recommend
MattHuge upgrade over existing pool netThis pool skimmer net was an easy replacement from our old net – and the build quality is so much better! You’ll definitely notice the higher quality molding and net. Just a couple laps around the pool and the huge back is full and the pool is all clean. No complaints at all.
ThiarigirlWell madeSeems well made, the net is stiff but thick and does the job. Good purchase.
KLDGreat Pool Net!UPDATE!! After 3 years of weekly use, the red edging on my net cracked. The Lifetime Warranty process was so simple and I got a brand new pool net in a couple of days. Awesome experience. Thank you, Pro Tuff!Great and tough pool net. You can scrap it along the bottom of the pool to pick up debris. It’s very strong and love that this has a lifetime warranty as I’ve been through several from the pool store that weren’t so great.
Tracy FreemanQuality Pool Net RakeReally like the sturdiness of this product. Used first day out of box. Very impressed and as advertised, the weight this net holds is amazing. Skimmed whirly birds off my pool in less than an hour, otherwise with a conventional skimmer, I would have been all day. Thank you for making such a great product.
VBBlueeyesWorks as it shouldI cannot rate durability because I have not had it that long. With that in mind, it is a very sturdy product. Use it a few times a week. The stiff net does not seem to bother the cleanability of moving it through the water.Registered and will see how the guarantee goes.
Trent AllenSeems expensive at first but will save money in long term..This is the standard that others wish they had heavy duty quality construction. this net is a lot heavier the others and with life time replacement I won’t have to purchase another pool net. Tje netting is notisabley heavy duty with an equally heavy frame.
Amazon CustomerHolding up wellCollects the debris, big and small. Holding up well.
CraigNet pulled away from frame within 5 minutes. Updated 3/7/14Recieve skimmer today and net pulled away from from within 5 minutes of initial use.Update: Mike from ProTuff emailed me back within 24 hours of my initial review to apologize for the issue and informed me that this was a manufacturing issue that was out of the norm. A new rake was shipped the very next day and on first inspection, everything look great. Customer service is A+ and I would 100% recommend this rake.
katStrong and sturdyGreat product the best pool net we have ever bought.
AndyExcellent warranty and customer supportI purchased the pool net last December and after 5 months of use, a retainer clip broke off. I contacted the seller and they immediately shipped a replacement net, no questions asked, shipping included! They sure stand behind their lifetime warranty and I couldn’t be more satisfied. I highly recommend this product and seller.
Amazon CustomerHighly recommend!I have been using the Protuff pool net/rake for a few months now, and have been nothing but pleased! Thinking about purchasing the Protuff extendable handle, as mine is getting old. Great product!!
T.DT.DWonder product with a lifetime warranty!Handle broke after just 2 months But with there life time warranty I received a new one after just a few questions with in 3 days of filing a warranty claim. The size and design with the scoop works well with getting debris of the bottom of our 18’ above ground pool.
David ConstancioWell builtSturdy net worth the money
AnnRichterTop Notch in all categoriesThis rake works better than any of those that I found in the local pool store. Plus, I can attest to the life-time warranty. We received a full replacement after two years of heavy use and found a small hole in the screen. Thank you ProTuff for your exemplary customer service. I recommend you to all of our neighbors with pools.
Camille T.5 star product and customer serviceTop of the line leaf net. That being said, with heavy use even the best break down over time. That’s where Pro Tuff comes in. My net started to get some holes in it. I called Pro Tuff and 3 days later, a brand new one arrived at my front door. Excelllet product and customer service. I wonder however if the replacement is a one time deal or if it can be replaced multiple times.
raymundAwesome customer support and replacement processNothing to dislike!!!
HawkI hate Swimming Pool CleaningFinally found a leaf rake that is easy to use on the end on a pole to collect leaves when opening the pool. I highly recommend this rake to all thaose pool owners who hate cleaning the debris out of the pool. After use as directed place out os the sun so the netting material lasts for many years. This one is much much better than what you can buy at Walmart…
John Cawesome quallitythis thing is BIG! I love it. super durable and cant beat the warranty the company offers. never buying from the pool store again.
clearwaterkidLove this productVery happy with my purchaseLove the lifetime warranty
WineGirl70Extremely durable and gets the job done!I have a huge oak tree over my pool and this time of year in TX it is the worst. The leaves are horrible and then there are these nasty pollen things that fall off after the leaves shed. This pool scoop is the best! My old net broke when I tried to scoop leaves off the floor. This net is extremely strong and scooping off the ground of the pool is incredibly easy. I love the huge opening as well. Nothing gets past it. They also have a lifetime warranty so really, why wouldn’t you purchase this one?
TiffanyGreat productI have bought multiple pool nets, this one, by far exceeds my expectations.
Amazon CustomerVery usableVery nice sturdy leaf and debris catcher for our 20×40 pool
lyndaJust what I needed!Not cheaply built at all! Easy work cleaning debris off bottom of pool
Amazon CustomerVery sturdyThis net is really nice. Best one I have ever owned. Quick shipping also!
DKmackBest leaf rake in the marketExcellent pool skimmer!! The design and construction make this a must-have pool rake. I’ve used other pool skimmers in the past and found this to be the most durable and well constructed one I’ve used to date. Very easy to Maneuver at the bottom of the pool to pick up debris and turn around and bring toward you without losing any leaves. This was a very good investment in my humble opinion! Well done Pro Tuff!
T. G.Sturdy BuiltSturdy enough to last a lifetime, will buy more from the Co.
FWP19″ Pool RakeUn-sreened residential pool surrounded by Oak trees. During heavy leaf drop, we often have to clean the pool 3 times a day. This is the best leaf rake we’ve ever owned!
Amazon CustomerFantastic Product and CompanyAwesome net and even better customer service!
CyIt seemed easy to use and more efficient than the suction hoseMy teens were able to clean up our pool full of leaves in no time. Our in ground pool was inches deep in leaves. It seemed easy to use and more efficient than the suction hose. I ordered it because our hose had somehow become clogged, probably with sticks or things a 3 year old tossed into the pool. I think it was easier to use than the cumbersome hose anyway. Very pleased.
Charles DodsonVery good pool netI was reluctant to purchase this after reading the reviews but decided to try it anyway. I have a pebble tech finish on my pool and this net works very well. No issues with net stiffness or gathering leaves from the bottom. I recommend this product.
GgmmbbGreat product.Great product and great warranty! What more could you ask for!
David M. SarfatyWorth itTwice as fast to clean my pool. Awesome.
onyxFive Stars, Unbelievable warrantyI already wrote a 5 star review stating that the product lasted 8 years in the Florida sun and being used frequently and heavy loads as I have many live oaks that dump a ton of debris. So when I emailed about the lifetime warranty I received a response that day!! They are sending me a new one!!!! In a day where so many companies do not stand behind their product, this company does! Great product, great customer service. 6 stars!!!
Indianamomof4Perfect for the jobPerfect for scooping leaves out of the pool! Highly recommend!
BusLuvSuperb quality!Haven’t used this much yet but I’m very hopeful that it will be a part of my pool maintenance for many years!
McodoxExcellent strong product with fantastic lifetime guarantee that actually does …Excellent strong product with fantastic lifetime guarantee that actually does what it says . After 2 years the bag started to tear and some holes appeared in the leaf rake that meant some dirt and debris escaped. Contacted seller and received a new rake no quibble at all. You just need to remember there is a guarantee which is now even easier as there are stickers with a QR code attached to the rake.
S.B.U.S. made is a huge plus!Worked just like it should. I could tell that thought actually went into the design and construction of this rake. Time will tell if it stays together, but at this point I don’t see why it wouldn’t.The construction is such that it can be re-built when parts wear out, so the “lifetime guarantee” seems credible. That said its solid and has some heft to it. Very pleased so far in its build and performance. Its worth the extra expense over a economy type net. U.S. made is a huge plus!
Cuong T.Lifetime warranty guarantee is REALBought the pool net in 2015 for home use. The netting tore off in March 2020.Received a brand new pool net a week later.This company/seller is awesome, and the pool net works really well.Thank you ProTuff
RLExcellent quality and warrantyI had my skimmer for almost two years and it’s worked flawlessly, until recently, the plastic piece on the skimmer that you press to release it from the pool pole broke. I contacted the company to let them know. Within 3 business days I had a new one in my hand at no charge. Excellent company that stands behind their product.
Greg KPro Tuff stood behind their replacement warranty with no hassles!Nice net but it developed some holes so I asked for a replacement. They replaced it with no hassles. You don’t need to ask for the expedited shipment as I got it in a few days the regular way. Nice job ! Thank you
Joan DavisEase of use.Truly amazing product. It makes cleaning the debris in the pool, which BTW is not covered, with very little work for me. 69 years old and I love this product it is one of the best purchases, both cost and efficiency, I have ever made.
J. SherwoodProfessional quality. Durable and lasting.I liked that this is very well made and will last. I also like that I can get a replacement net since that’s really the only thing that can tear after a few years. Especially when they get abused while catching frogs taking a swim in my pool.
Tony GoulartGreat productVery well built. Used it once, so far so good.
Thomas A BeckettWorth the little extra cost !Skim the pool of leaves glad that I got the best one, I believed at the time that it was a little too pricey, but now I know that it is worth the little extra now , this Is usually the case . Ha!
GGI LOVE IT! I used this leaf pool rake today …I LOVE IT!I used this leaf pool rake today for the 3rd time. Visualize a beautiful, flagstone, biological, koi pond squeezed between huge pine trees and a wisteria covered patio. Then we got a Newfoundland and the dog loved the pond. After converting the pond to chlorine like a swimming pool I was faced with a maintenance nightmare. All flagstone, square corners, poor circulation, no vacuum….. Bottom line, I could not get the leaves and needles out even after adding a vacuum. Now I can easily do so.
myopinionsturdy!wow, this one is a big strong net. we went through 2 smaller light blue ones this season. then got this bad boy. its holding up to a lot of leaves and dog hair. i am happy with this one. i will update too.
Amazon CustomerIt worksThis thing ROCKS. Couldn’t be any happier with the way this net works. My pool was full of leaves pine straw limbs. You name it it was in my pool. Took a little elbow grease but it held up as advertised. Wouldn’t buy any other.
DAFAmazing guarantee and customer service!!!Bought this leaf net in 2015. It has been a very good product, This past Sunday, I found the net had frayed and developed a hole.Contacted ProTuff on Sunday by email, thru Amazon, and had a response from the President within 3 hours. Amazing!!Received my free replacement net today.Best customer service ever!!!! I would recommend this product and company to anyone.
Al M.Top quality companyLeaf skimmer is probably best I’ve used of its size. I’ve been servicing pools and spas for 40 years. Used every one available over the years. This one is best. Returned for warranty and received highest quality service for replacement. Arrived in 3 days. Would recommend to everyone.
J. CampQuality Pool NetsMet all expectations. Called customer service. Couldn’t have been nicer and told me they would let me know when the silt pool net was back in stock. James
T. BierHigh Quality, Thick net, rigid, durable frameMuch better than expected. Worth the extra cost compared to our normal skimmer we bought from the pool store. Great for getting leaves and needles out of the bottom of the pool in no time!
Jared G.Great purchase!Tight mesh, catches almost everything.Good design for picking up on top of water and pool floor.They stand by their product: provided me free warranty replacement with zero hassle!
Mark7911Awesome the best I’ve ever ownedThis has to be the best pool rake ever mage.
KimThank youProduct is very Sturdy and I love that it has a LIFETIME WARRANTY because I am so tired of buying a new one every year. Thank you so much!!!
DSBest net!Super sturdy and grabs everything on the bottom of the pool!
PaulBest leaf rake ever!!I live in the desert and go through at least 1 leaf rake a year. Not with ProTuff. This built last and works great!!Would recommend to everyone.
Frank Morianit is very durableAs advertised and very durabile
RustyHow can you not get this net?Best pool net ever. What I really appreciate is their standing behind their products, a rarity in this day…. How can you not get this net? Very good net with an unconditional warranty…..
Dale HoldenWorks as described!The Pro Tuff pool net leaf skimmer does exactly as it claims. Very easy to use and picks up debris on the bottom of the pool effectively. I usually have to replace my pool net every year or two because of holes in the net.So happy this net has a guarantee!I will definitely buy more Pro Tuff pool products!
Donreplaced right away but register warranty to get fast delivery at no cost.This warranty is great. The net is so easy to use but I got a hole in it and they replaced in 3 days..The net is sturdy for emptying and so easy to use with its design on the bottom and top.Best net I have owned in my lifetime.
Ashley H.Excellent Customer ServiceSo I did have an issue with the product, however I feel like with that being said the customer service was AMAZING, they went above and beyond to reach out to me and make sure that i either received a replacement product or refund…
G. GoddardBest Pond Skimmer AvailableI’ve gone through a number of skimmers while cleaning my pond. The handles always fold and break under the weight. While this is only the head, it allows me to purchase a separate heavy duty pole handle. I’ve been very pleased with how they have held up.
MJKBest of the best!What a pleasure it is to finally find a top notch item.Immediately on opening you will know why this pool rake carries a lifetime guantee. It screams QUALITY.Thank you to ProTuff for a great tool.I have already preordered your new telescoping pole; as well.
Brandon RyanGreat leaf rakeHave had this rake for about 4 months now. It works as expected. I really like the lifetime warranty, it makes me feel good about using it.
Michael WeissQuality productLove this brand for how sturdy it is…won’t break in a year. I rely on the fact that I’ll be using this for many years to come.
Jennifer L. SmithWe have 2 of these – they are super sturdy and stand up to significant useWe have 2 of these – they are super sturdy and stand up to significant use. Our neighbor has a maple tree whose leaves fall into our pool every year. This results in very heavy leaf matter needing to be removed to start the swimming season. This job has shredded all our previous leaf rakes & the Pro Tuff pool net is the only one that can handle the workload. I highly recommend this leaf rake for cleaning out your pool.
Seanmha’thairGreatMuch better than the typical pool leaf bag. Can’t wait yo buy the pool handle.
David M.Replacement as advertised!!These guys back-up their product with a smile. I highly recommend this pool net.
Brandon J. BakerBrandon J. BakerSolid Net!Works great for leaves, twigs and snakes.. ha!
CjlinqAmazing!It just works amazingly, great at he bottom for soggy leaves, seeds and nuts. Great at the top with dry leaves and crepe myrtle flowers!Easy to install and sturdyVery happy with purchase!
ed keahLastsNo dislikes
911 OwnerSuperb warrantyI literally wore out my ProTuff Pool Net Leaf Skimmer Rake, emailed the company, and the owner himself replied. He sent me a new skimmer, no questions asked. Awesome. That NEVER happens in most warranty claims. Great product, customer service, and the best actual warranty replacement I have ever seen online. Thanks,!
EdgarBest net!!I love this net!!!!!! I can go all around the pool in one round
Daniel MorganSturdyIs what it is, it is a pool skimming net. BUT, she’s a monster compared to the ones you get with a pool. The net has smaller thatching so it gets the small bugs that like to die in my pool and big enough to get everything.
PBPerkinsBest made pool rake ever!So glad I ordered this! It is the best made pool rake ever! We have gone through several rakes through the years and got tired of them falling apart! I believe this is the last one I will ever buy! Thank You!
Michael L. WorkmanBuilt like a tank, and extremely functionalThe thing even pulls leaves off the bottom of my pond in ONE pass – amazing. I really like it – the only complaint is that it is a bit pricey – but hey I bought it knowing that!
agCongrats you created a better mousetrapI saw your product and decided to give it a try. It is April 8 and 46 degrees on Long Island New York and yes my pool is opened but 46 degrees as of now. I am so impressed by the quality of your product. I was outside skimming and clean leaves and your product is an absolute beast. Thanks
speedimomGreat for removing leaves!!Love the wide net It was easy to install and use
Music4MomMakes cleaning out the leaves a breeze.As promised, it makes getting leaves out of the pool a breeze. Even the leaves on the bottom seem to jump into the net as you move it along the bottom surface. Also, the net is stiff enough that it empties easily.
Amazon CustomerGreat productVery durable netting, and easy to install .
MichaelVery happy!Great product that still wore through over time, but the warranty was great. I got a replacement for free with no shipping charges in just a couple of days.
EcloeblGreat product, great warranty.I purchased this item four years ago, and was very pleased with it. I recently noticed that the mesh, after several years in the Arizona sun, was disintegrating. I emailed the seller, and two days later, I have a new ProTuff Pool Net Leaf Skimmer Rake. I can’t imagine better service than that!
Jeff YorksAmaze ballsAmaze balls! Just buy it already you won’t regret it 😉
titaniumcookerFantasticReally happy with quality of this rake. Clearly well ahead of typical pool stuff. The netting is nice and stiff which is desirable when flipping upside down to dump a scoop of leaves. Only used a few times before covering pool but will update review if any issues.
RICK SMITHPool SkimmerGreat skimmer. The best I’ve ever purchased.
MlwSo far so goodWe live in Vegas. We’ll see once the summer sun comes.
Sharla RiuttaGreat product!Sturdy and durable! Works fantastic!
JORExpensive but Excellent so FarExpensive but Excellent so Far
Tim In AZWhy Did I Wait So Long To Get ThisI love this net. It does an amazing.
brian arbuthnotPerfectPerfect, just how it was described
Matt GuestAWESOMEAwesome Awesome product.Works perfectly. Definitely worth every Penny
BrianGreat craftsmanshipTough, durable, flexible and you can’t beat the guarantee!
Rick TolisHighest Quality Product and Custoner ServiceExceptional pool net with unparalleled warranty and customer service support. I would not even consider using any other products…why use less than the best. Thank you.
Issam S.Great productThis is as advertised.
Eric WAfter I broke the plastic net I ordered the ProTuff a and was not disappointed. It is solid frame and didn’t have a …With a large tree next to the pool, I get a lot of leaves. After a couple of rainy windy days the pool was full. After I broke the plastic net I ordered the ProTuff a and was not disappointed. It is solid frame and didn’t have a problem with wet leaves. It has a large deep net. Well worth the price.
Valerie SquiresHeavy dutySuperior construction to other rakes I’ve owned. The mesh is also tighter which creates a little drag but its worth it to rake finer debris from the bottom of the pool.
KingkeyPro netThe pool net is sturdy and easy to install.
veganvery sturdyvery well made, sturdy and easy to use.
Richard fronheiserFantastic service!I was skeptical of a lifetime warranty promise but these guys delivered. My net had a hole in it after 3 weeks of use, I reached out to ProTuff and after 2 email exchanges I had a new net within 2 days. Great experience!
PatriciaWorks like video says.It works like video says.
Florida HousewifeReceived this and it looks every bit as good as all of the reviewsReceived this and it looks every bit as good as all of the reviews. Tough. Well made. Does the job. And…comes with a lifetime warranty. I have replaced my net many times in the past, so I am thrilled to know this is the last one I will ever have to buy. Price was good and got next day delivery. Win!
EamonHighly recommendI have birch trees by my pool so I get a ton of leaves in the pool. This does the job quite well. Just put it on the bottom of the pool and push and the leaves flip in to hit.
davidSturdyVery sturdy skimmer have used many times picks up leaves off the bottom of pool as well if you know how to use it properly have had others that have not lasted half as long
Charles A. HedlinMuch sturdier than the net my builder gave me.It’s a very sturdy pool net. Nothing wrong with it? What else can I say?
Paul BettsTuff EnoughSo far so good. Seems like a very high quality product but so did the others I wasted my money on so time will tell. Very impressed with the company’s follow-up, but one thing I hate almost as much as a pressure sales strategy is a pressure ‘post a product review strategy’. If your products are as good as you say they are, the great reviews will come so relax a bit.
Don JGood quality, good value, does the job.Purchased mainly for the warranty (which I haven’t had to use yet), but so far I’ve been very happy with the quality of this product.
MichelleExactly what we neededProduct is exactly as written. It’s the attachment only, no pole. We had a pole already so it’s what we needed, no more, no less.
TGGreat NetThe best pool net I have ever owned. They back it up with a lifetime warranty. After 4 years of use the bottom plastic rub strip wore out they send me a complete new net.
dougBuilt to lastFrame is Built to last for sure. Netting is thick and heavy duty. Pretty sure this item will not be a one year and done.
DonLGreat pool netBought this to replace my old net, works great.
Miguel G. ValdezGreat lifetime no question asked warranty.Great pool rake, net could be a bit deeper, just a suggestion, rake is exactly as described. Had a small problem with the rake and it was promptly replaced no questions asked! Excellent customer service!
AJWarranty just as promised!Great product but eventually netting ripped and they replaced no questions asked. Process was simple, quick and straight forward via Facebook messenger. Super satisfied here THANK YOU!!
RussGreat pool rakeBest pool rake I’ve ever owned. Does what it’s supposed to do and has a lifetime warranty. What more could you ask for.
Laura ColellaWell made and seems like it will last a long timeSeems like a very well made sturdy net.
Friendly_SoulVery solid toolThis skimmer rake is well built and really does the job. It scoops up all sorts of items from the bottom of the pool, from small leaves to gravel stones knocked into the water. Great deal for the price too.
Brittany LacyCustomer service is top notch.Mine blew out of my truck. Pro Tuff contacted me to ask how I liked their product. I told them mine blew away. They directed me through the warranty process through Messenger. Pro Tuff sent me a new replacement free of charge.
Michael Shelly BryantBEST pool net Ever!!Durable pool net!Sturdy and easy to use . Owned this net for 5 years and was used all the time for my pool in Florida .It finally got a hole in the net .. but the most awesome thing is the “no hassle “lifetime warranty and I have received my replacement net and I am so pleased with this company and the fab net of course!
CatDaddy & BiatchIncredible product and warranty!!BUY this pool net! The first one lasted me several years with a very large pool with excellent results. Only after several years of hard use did it finally fall apart and the SELLER stepped right up with a free replacement. Outstanding quality net and superb seller. BUY this pool net over any other!
John GoyetteAwesome ProductExcellent product. We use it to clean a pond that is hand dug and 4’ deep. This net can handle the weight of the leaves and move through the water without bending. We will be buying the silt attachment next.
Liz D.Excellent purchaseExcellent purchase
Dog JudgeVery well madeThis pool not does the job very well and is especially well made. I’m sure it will last much longer than my old net from a different company that broke after less than a year of use. Well worth the small extra cost.
Glenn as advertisedNice wide scoop for getting the debris out of the pool. The curved lip structure enables bottom debris to be easily scooped up.
Michael boronRAKE ITbest rake ever well designed sturdy
A PowellOutstanding NetGreat net, worth every penny.They replaced it, even though I poked a stick thru it!
Amazon CustomerWorth every pennyVery well built/engineered product. There were several that were less expensive but were also exponentially inferior. This one feels substantial, well made and seems like it will last much longer than any I have purchased in the past that only lasted a season or two at best
Matthew LottsAwesome WarrantyAwesome warranty, I was using this rake to pick up some sticks in pool (sticks were sharp and I tried to pick up too many) which put a hole in the netting. Emailed ProTuff and received a complete new rake in two days!
sskewedVery niceThank you for your convenient lifetime guaranteed replacement.
gregStury efficient netIt has made cleaning out the pool much easier
Exec. DirectorTuff Stuff Pool Rake and netGreat sturdy well- built product. Excellent service and a LifeTime warranty. I appreciated the brochure that came with the product explaining the actual head frame construction of the leaf rake.This company knows how to market and service customers.
Henry S.Works greatCame on time is sturdy and worked perfectly. Lifetime warranty is a plus
Sandra L. HengelsGreat Net!Love this net. I decided to pay a little more and I am glad I did. It is worth it!!
Peter PavTruly Lifetime WarrantyI bought this product in 2015. It failed on me in December of 2018. I filled out the online form and 2 days later I got a new one. No questions asked. This may be the best warranty I’ve ever encountered!!!Definitely recommend buying this product!!!
yeomanfloodIf you’re tired of cheezy rakes, get this oneI was tired of the manta rake I purchased from Leslie’s pools that kept breaking. Granted – you can just replace the frame or the net, but the frame broke twice. I haven’t used the Pro Tuff long but it’s clearly well made. Sometimes, it’s better to pay the premium than to suffer from some medium-brand item that is guaranteed to have issues – even if they are later than the cheap ones. We will see how this one lasts but so far so good!
Product PurchaserGreat Leaf SkimmerPro Tuff made a terrific leaf skimmer. They also honored their lifetime warranty when my original tore after four years of use. I am very impressed both with the product, and the company. I will buy from them again and highly recommend this product.
Jeffrey J JonesBelieve the hype!This product really works well and will save you lots of time at keeping you pool clean. I was very skeptical of the marketing but I am a believer now. Thank you for a great product.
Amazon CustomerPool netThis is a wide one and it gets everything in one pass works good at the bottom of the pool too.
Amazon CustomerLast net you’ll ever buy .Fast shipping, great quality.
Delon KwanExcellent and Fast Warranty ReplacementThey stood by their guarantee warranty replacement. I bought the net in 2015, and after 3 years of use, net developed a tear…I notified ProTuff and within 1 week, received the replacement. Excellent service…would highly recommend buying from ProTuff as they stand by their product.
Greg MacLeodGreat productThis was a great product!!! Cut my time of clean up of the pool significantly.
Todd StephensGreat pool sweep net. much better than one pool guy providedVery well built. Have used it for over a week and VERY happy with it.
Cat GuthrieBuilt to last a lifetime!Built to last a lifetime!
Reading AdvocateHigh quality rakeVery solid and looks like it won’t rot-out like some of the other pool rakes I have owned, which barely last one season.
DTStrong and seems to be well built. Very happyJust opened the pool for the year and grabbed this new net right away. Sturdy and well built. The net seems stronger than my last one and I think this will turn out to be a great purchase.
PATRICKGreat buy! Easy warranty process if needed. They are my only pool supply source!Skimmer works well, A+ warranty process. Will buy again.
AlGreat net!Finer mesh on net, great for picking up more junk but slower to move around the pool and causes more flex on poles. Lifetime warranty is great, they replaced mine 2 years in with no hassle.
Robert EasonAs advertizedGot what I e3xpected
Amazon CustomerHigh QualityThis protuff is a solid net! I think I could if needed catch sharks with it and it won’t break! I have bought 2 cheap ones ( new pool owner so what did I know?!?) anyways I purchase the protuff net and although a bit stif is know it’s gonna last!!
mark suttonGreat service and netGreat net and no questions asked warranty! My three year old loves to help me “clean” the pool… well he also loves destroying the net; protuff replaced the net in about two minutes with no questions asked!
vickieBest pool net!I love this net! Very strong and the best pool net I ever bought! It came very quickly after I ordered it also .
Vern RobersonWorks greatWorks great
CharlieSeems good so far.Seems good. Good price.
Ava A. TaymanGreat productI like it.
Jan GrahamBest net available…. hands downLook no further! This is the net for you. It’s guaranteed no questions asked……for life!!!I just got my second one. It came in 2 days. Unbelievable! Hands down the best ever!Don’t bother with any other nets. This is the best by far! It’s a 10👍🏿
Jeff Anthonythis is a quality productThis is a quality product with an excellent warranty of which I have not used yet.
M C KozlayHow to use the tool properlyI haven’t used it much since I have a pool boy that takes care of my pool most of the time. The few times that I’ve used your product it appears to be doing a great job.
rgsedonaProTuff Pro Grade Skimmerworks great. Heavy duty.
DROCKIESROBUST CONSTRUCTIONHave only had this a couple of weeks hence I cannot speak to its durability except to say it seems very well made and far different than the cheaper counterparts sold most places. It is a wee bit harder to maneuver through the water because of the weight and density of the mesh but this is, for me, a trivial price to pay for its promised lifetime, that is, MY lifetime.
FT JwOrg Volunteer 🙂Great Product! Warranty was honored on my last purchaseBought two, this one for leaves and the mesh for smaller particles. Both are incredible! Wouldn’t buy from any other company!!! ♥️
carolynGreat product so far. . .So far so good. I haven’t had much time to use it, but I am very happy with it. It seems strong and easy to use. The company that makes them are amazing. They send you links to videos that tell you how to use it and are very supportive. The biggest question with this type of product is will it hold up to the intense sunlight. I’ll let you know.
Amazon CustomerIts a sturdy netI used it on my salt pool for about a year and its still in good shape. Only superficial damage from scraping the side trying to get some leaves. If my net broke, I’d buy this again.
PaulMy pool is happy.Joy to use and tough as nails! Thought it might be too bulky but cuts through the water like a shark and scoops up debris like a whale eating plankton. Highly recommend!
Joshua Briesea most excellent pool netwe live in AZ and this is the best pool net you can get. Also lifetime warranty. You can’t beat that.
ArielysBest thing ever!!!Love it!
Eduardo E. ClarkBest pool net everSo far is working great, love it!
Amazon CustomerGreat customer serviceGreat product. Had issue with first item but seller quickly rectified the problem and sent out new net. Super customer service.
carlivarWorking great almost 9 months laterWorks great and seems tougher than other nets I’ve used. Have had it for almost 9 months now and no issues.
FriscoTXDadQuality productWorks great, it’s the best pool net/rake I’ve ever used. Easy to use and it lasts year after year. Very durable.
JDPGood Quality heavy duty net.Nice size..well made
JoannePool net leaf skimmerThis Skimmer has a fine mesh for skimming the pool surface and underwater. Picks up small particles well. It is very durable. And it has a lifetime guarantee replacement. Price is great.
Thomas G. StanleyOne Tough Pool Net!After using my ProTuff pool net for a while now I am finding it to be an excellent product. It’s tough and handles the job very well. I couldn’t be more pleased.
kevin berryGreat warrantyI clean pools professionally,, this is a sturdy well made net and the warranty and customer service are amazing
WallyBest pool skimmer ever!I bought this protuff pool skimmer or 4 years ago, and it is just now coming apart! I have never had another skimmer last more than 2 years here in Arizona. This is a well-made product!
Mitch WaltonGood strong productThis product looks to be very sturdy. It works well. Comes with a lifetime warranty. They send an actual company branded warranty certificate on thick cardboard stock. This is very reassuring about their integrity as well as their confidence in their product.
MGBig openingEasy to collect large quantity of leaves.
doreenQuality productGreat quality so far.
Judy FerranteWell built and appears to be holding up wellWorks great for the first season. Also used to scoop leaves the winter cover. We will see how long it lasts but so far so good.
SamQualityUpdate: The first rake that I got did not last, however the seller provided a free replacement that has worked well and I have had no issues. The rake works as advertised and the seller is very responsive. Positive experience!
Todd J. ScheelerGreat Product!So far it is the best net I have had.
J BailieLifetime guarantee is realThe net has been used many times and lasted 4 years. When it finally broke I remembered the lifetime guarantee. It was easy and they stood behind it. I wish other companies did the same. THANKS!
MurphHolds a bunch of leavesThis thing is awsome rake the bottom and fill her up. Made my clean up easy after the insane winds tore off my winter cover and filled my nice clean pool with leaves that were dumped into my water.
Tammie PalmertammiePool leaf cleanerLove this product very happy
Amazon CustomerDouble ToughnessExtremely sturdy, durable and 100% tough. Double toughness comes as high price meets the high quality.Including sales tax, it was $41.99.But I do 100% recommend it, buy with confidence.
SHAUNA P.I will never have to buy another pool net for the rest of my life!Love this pool net! I can tell by how well it is made that I will never have to buy another for the rest of my life! It is so tough and well-made like it boasts. I am extremely impressed with their design and how much information they offer on how to use their tool. Great product!
Kevin GardnerBest netGreat product andvuts guaranteed!!
NimerGreat product for life!!!Excellent product and service, have been getting free replacements on time and with no questions asked, I encourage everyone to buy this product.
Steven BVery goodBest leaf net I have ever used
L. GonzalezWell made pool skimmerGreat to keep your pool clean. Sturdy larger net compared to most other ones I have used in the past.
SteveExcellent productWorks great for spring cleaning
Ronald L. RaughDurable!The product arrived an is performing as expected – given it is rugged I expect it to last for years
A. FashbaughThe best out there!This is the best net we have had. Works really good, a little pricey but you get a lifetime warranty. I just used the warranty and they shipped me a new one with ease. It came in a couple days. Their customer service is the best I have ever encountered!! You won’t regret your purchase!
S Smithgood product – great customer service.Update – I’ve used this for 3 seasons and I finally wore it out, net developed a hole and the red plastic ring is ground away due to the rough pool bottom.I called and told them about it and they sent a free replacement with no questions asked, 4 years later, 3 years hard use and no questions asked, amazing customer service. I wish they sold more stuff, if buy it!Original review after 3 weeks. – Looks and works well so far
MaxdaddyDelivers on its lofty promises so far!“A pool net is a pool net. They’re all the same” which is what I thought until I tried the Pro Tuff net. It really is much easier to use than my prior net. I only just got it so I don’t know how it will hold up but the communication from the company is very reassuring and gives me confidence that they will stand behind their product.
DavidBest Net On MarketThis is the only leaf or silt net that you will ever need. I bought one in 2015 years ago and it lasted 6 years and still had some life left. I submitted a warranty claim a few weeks ago and answered a few questions and had a brand new replacement in less than a week. You cannot go wrong with this product . It’s a winner and works great.
AZ BobExcellent purchaseLifetime warranty is hard to argue with. Like the width and durability of the basket itself and plastic mesh. A bit heavy when on the end of an aluminum extension rod.
SydNice productProduct seem well built.
J. SteinbergThis company gets it.I’ve only owned this pool rake for a few weeks but it seems very sturdy and substantial, justifying the relatively high price. ProTuff seems to be very concerned that customers are satisfied with its product. I get maybe one email per week checking up to make sure I’m happy. They get it that customer dissatisfaction is much easier to communicate than in the past and that it can wreck sales.Keep it up, ProTuff.
chengyu guoFive StarsVery good product plus their life time warranty is so real ,easy and fast! I ordered the replacement through automated system as my original one worn out yesterday and I got it today! I used previous original one for almost daily three years and great product so far!
KenSolid productVery sturdy and durable
Lindsey OwensPool leaf rakeGood product durable
Neil K.Pool skimmerFirst time purchase with this product. Bet seems heavier then normal. Much sturdier then previous type purchase.
Amazon CustomerBest One EverThis is the best skimmer net I’ve ever owned. Quality construction and materials. Easy to attach to Pro Tuff pole. I can see why this is guaranteed forever. Well worth the money.
Kevin F. McCarthyOutstanding Product and After Sale SupportAfter 24 years of pool ownership, I’d say I found the perfect pool net. Excellent quality with outstanding support standing behind the product. Well worth the cost.
Paul R.High quality, very sturdy, worth the moneyI have purchased many leaf skimmer rake and it seems like I replace one every other season. This one seems really sturdy. Frame and netting are heavy duty and hopefully will last many seasons.
CatacalosGreat warrantyPurchased pool rake 1 year ago. After 1 full year of use, small hole in netting developed. They honored lifetime warranty and sent out brand new one no questions asked. Great customer service!!!!!!
MeotooleDurable, and Easy to clean pool!Picks up a large amount of heavy leaves in pool, and easy to scoop them up on the bottom of the pool. Basket is strong, and pole strong enough to handle the basket full of heavy, wet leaves.
Kindle Customervery good just as advertisedall good
Rick M.Worth the moneyWorks great!
TimHighly recommendI wish I had purchased this five years ago when I built the pool. This is excellent for cleaning out leaves and other debris.
Greene “PB”Just received it-will have to update laterReceived it and it looks very nice. Have not used it yet, so no opinion on that. Great warranty.Update august 2020.Still works as good as new.
KazAmazing customer service.Amazing customer service. I had a problem with a rake that was 3 years old. I emailed customer service and had a brand-new one at my house a few days later. A pleasure to do business with.Much better quality than the cheap-o ones. I went through 2 of those. Not only is it great quality, I received an email from the manufacturer with the “correct way” to clean a pool. It was really helpful.
braindrainI am happy with the lifetime guarantee. I have had several of these nets break on me so hopefully the higher cost upfront will bSeems well constructed. We have a lot of leaves in our pool so I’m interested to see how this will work over the upcoming fall. I am happy with the lifetime guarantee. I have had several of these nets break on me so hopefully the higher cost upfront will be justified.
Jaiva LarsenGreat net.Same one the professionals use!
Kindle CustomerWell BuiltBuilt strong and works great!
Phil C.I highly recommend this product to pick up debris stuck at the …I highly recommend this product to pick up debris stuck at the bottom of the pool as well as on top. I have old shoulder injuries that typically flare up when raking my pool but with this product I can rake the entire pool without any pain……
BellaGreat NetWhat I like most is it is sturdy. You can tell its good quality. Wide mouth to grab larger amount at one time.
Lester KWill last a long timeI love it so far. It works great and holds a lot. It scoopes off the bottom of the pool great.Lifetime guarantee. Made very well. I keep mine in a cabinet so it doesn’t get weathered.
Casey McBeanBig improvement over my first rakeThis product is clearly more durable and does a great job of capturing debris. Very happy I bought it.
MalcolmFive StarsThis is my second one of these. Bought original July 2015. It has lasted well for 4 years even with leaving out in the weather. I am beyond satisfied with this product. I didn’t bother with the lifetime warranty because I have had my moneys worth. Its a fine, rugged and well made product. Most of these don’t even last two seasons !!MalcolmHot Springs Village, AR.
zymoGood for the moneyExcellent
AllSportsLoverLifetime warranty is for real!!After 4 years of consistent use, my pro-tuff leaf bag broke (the meah separated from the frame). Since my product has a lifetime warranty, I contacted the manufacturer and was issued a new one within days. Great product, great service.
Marc JacobowitzGreat skimmer basketProduct seems very sturdy. Hopefully it will last a long time.
AndyGood net and good price !Great net for the price. I got this to replace my 5 year old net. Very satisfied.
gregMust haveOnly pool rake i will ever use if youre tired of trying to flip youre net inside out to empty it STOP this rake holds its form ! Turn it over & dump it out ! Skimmimg youre pool is not much fun especially in 100 + degree weather do yoreself a favor spend a few more bucks &get a real pool rake
Dan CohenVery sturdy net.Its heavy.
Leilla M ShultzGreat for cleaning my pondI use this leaf rake to clean muck (algae and such) out of my pond. It works great!!!ProTuf has great product and the best warranty program I have ever experienced.
J. SessionsSuper happy with my purchaseSuper happy with my purchase! Truth in advertising. The net works exactly like they said it would. I also love knowing I’m covered if it ever breaks! AZ summers can be brutal to pool equipment, even if it’s stored in the shade.
healthdogVery Sturdy construction. Life Time warrantyRake appears to be well made and has a fantastic warranty. We will use it to skim leaves and junk out of our pool, especially after a Santa Ana wind event.
LorsieGreat NetThis is a very nice and study net. Normally, I go through one a year because the crack around the rim. I think this one will last longer. My only dislike is that the net does not turn inside out when you dump it like the other ones do. That was a nice feature but I can live without it to have one that will hold up longer.
LeslieWorks great!So far 5 stars! It itls sturdy and works great! It attaches on my standard pole and scoops great from the pool 🙂
Timothy colemanGreat price and productsProduct is awesome
Dr. SmithGreat valueThis is better than the one my pool company uses!
Amazon CustomerProTuff Pool Net … 5 STARS100% FOREVER LIFETIME GUARANTEE REPLACEMENTOriginally ordered this PROTUFF Pool Net in June 2016. Since then, I’ve received 2 new replacement PROTUFF Pool Nets. This 19.5 pool net is well made and lasted about a year going through the heat and cold. If you’re in need of pool supplies, I strongly recommend ProTuff products, especially if they are backed up with a lifetime warranty.
CGGreat value for the money!This is a great leaf rake, it’s sturdy and can hold a lot of leaves/etc. Plus it’s guaranteed!
TheBorgYes I would recommend it.This is the best pool net that I have owned ever. Yes it cost more at least I know that I can count on it when I need it. The cheap ones only last me 2 years.
JCExcellent pool rakeSo glad I upgraded my previous pool rake. Great product and excellent warranty! Can’t go wrong.
Rogue ConsumerGreat netGreat net! Holds so much debris. This net is tough. And guaranteed. So far it’s worth the extra expense. Update: Ne
Gary SevenLeaf skimmer works great !the pool skimmer works great ! impressed by how well its put together. the test of time will tell, but I’m happy with it so far. And, it has a lifetime warranty.
Nancy H. BurtonFinally a high quality pool rakeThis thing is great, very durable and customer service (tried to buy a pole) is excellent. Would not buy any other brand, but given the quality, I won’t have to
Amazon CustomerWorks great.It is worth paying extra for a metal net that won’t break down quickly. The deep net keeps debris from escaping while you are moving the net around in the pool.
P MitchellPool NetJust received it a couple of days ago. I’ve only used it twice – but it is leaf season! Thus far, I am really please with my purchase!
Jeff MannGreat netThis net works great
Edna MartelQUALITYIf you need to replace your pool net, this is the net for you. It’s quality for sure, I have not had any issues with this product or seller.
Careful ShopperVery sturdy. . Heavy mesh materialIts tuff! The basket keeps outs shape even out of the water. Makes catching to floating material easy.. the ramp at the opening of the frame helps get debris on the pool bottom into the net.. the firm shape helps when dumping the net.
Greg KidwellDurability and WarrantyBest pool rake ever had. I did have a couple of holes in the netting however I contacted warranty division and within a week had a new one delivered. They brag on their warranty and it is good as gold. Great product! Great Service! Great Warranty!
SAMPorterPool net with lifetime warranty? Awesome!Great product and a lifetime warranty make this a must have for pool owners. In south Texas, the oak trees lose their leaves in the spring and then the pollen strings appear. The strings are extremely fragile and fine. The mesh on this net is perfect for skimming them on the water and underwater without breaking them up. I also like that the net keeps its shape making it easy to empty.
BoomdaddyLifetime warranty!!Seems like a very good leaf rake. I bought it because of the lifetime warranty. I have bought “pro” pool rakes and skimmers before, but they only last a couple years.
HoneyBeeTN2001Used it once & love it so farUsed it once & love it so far! I don’t understand why the warranty comes with a coupon, that is good for the item just purchased. But I’m going to call & see if I can use the $10 off, on a new pole…
Jonnyrr77Real lifetime warranty!Worked great for 2+ years. Net started wearing and plastic frame was worn down from concrete pool. They replaced it with no questions asked. Very solid lifetime warranty!
Andrew SmithLargeAwesome for leaves
RQGreat qualityThis ProTuff net is good quality and looks like it will work for years to come
David LBy far the best pool net I have had. Extremely durable and easy to use.Does a fantastic job cleaning the leaves in the pool and can hold alot of leaves. I highly recommend this product.
DocTurkExcellent qualityI have been using a ProTuff Pool Net Leaf Skimmer for several months and find it very good at getting leaves, etc., off the bottom our our in-ground gunite pool.
Mario FerroniLifetime warrantyI got a tear in the screen portion of my net and ProTuff sent me a whole new basket under warranty , no problems, now that is good service !
Joe C Oroville, CAreplacement warrantyable to clean leaves off top of pool very fast. the large opening is exceptionally nice.
Anthony SmithWarranty is First Class.I love the rake. Unfortunately, I had a small branch create a tear in the net. With no questions asked, they honored the warranty and I had a replacement in three days.
T. Stofangood qualityworks well. Much sturdier than our previous lighter weight net which disintegrated after a year. Have had this over a year now and is holding up. Will use warranty if and when needed which is why I bought this net!
sara21One of the best pool nets I have ownedOne of the best pool nets I have owned! It picks up a lot of debris even debris on the floor of the pool. It even helped me steer my water turtle to the stairs of the pool so he could get out. Little guy decided to escape his pond enclosure to take a swim in the pool. I highly recommend!!
Paul netexcellent leaf rake
Caroline BeanVery durable!Perfect for my outdoor fish pond, had a bunch of lilies that I needed to scoop out and it held up to the job. Would recommend!!
Average guyGreat Product Fantastic companyI bought this two years ago and it developed holes in the net. The company sent me an email to check up on the performance of their product. I had forgotten how to take advantage of the lifetime warranty and I replied to email they sent me a new net two days later awesome.
David R.Push easySturdy, working great
GLENN DALEYGreat netBest net I’ve used for leaves.
Laurie WeberSolidSturdy. Efficient.
Bryan RussellDurable construction, built to last. No more cheap …Durable construction, built to last. No more cheap versions for me that fail after one Fall use. This tough leaf net makes getting the Fall leaves pain free. Plus with a lifetime warranty how can you go wrong by buying it?
Jeremy DicksonWORTH YOUR TIME AND MONEYPurchased one of these in October. Great product. One seam busted and ProTuff replaced within 3 days! Great customer service and I’ll keep buying their stuff!
Maria McDonaldMost amazing and sturdy leaf netJust love this net- quality is terrific- even has warranty. Size is very manageable to scoop large amounts of wet leaves out of pool and it doesn’t bend all over the place.
Steve JPro tuff pool slimmer/rakeBought Protuff pool skimmer and it’s great. Very durable. Also, owner, Mike had been helpful with other pool questions I’ve had. Will buy Pro tuff products in future.Steve
HermanBeefy net. Much better than cheap blue plastic ones. Lifetime warranty!This thing is awesome! I broke my cheesy blue net scooping snow off the pool cover this winter. I am sure this beefy net could handle scooping snow easily! Let’s hope it doesn’t snow that much in atlanta Ga ever again though!
Jerry L.NiceSo far so good
SMcDYou really do get what you pay for! I …You really do get what you pay for! I wish I had purchased this product to begin with. I purchased a less expensive pool net & it didn’t last long. After receiving this I can clearly feel the difference in quality. This thing is built to last!
ComtoolQualityQuality product
StanGreat Pool skimmer rake.I have only had mine for a few weeks, but I can say so far I really like the rake. It is very sturdy but lightweight, does a great job getting the leaves out of pool.
wolfgDelivers what it says it isThis is a great product for what it does; clean debris from the pool. But, it should be used with a finer mesh net to get the smaller particles.
AmazonKimRock solid pool netI am not good about taking care of the pool tools (I leave them in the sun, etc)I used to buy a new net every few months.This has lasted me over two years despite my neglect and abuse. Very happy with this net.
antonio san miguelGood valueSturdy and well made.
DavidGreat netGreat product. Best net for residential pool use!
Bubba BourneHeavy dutyNice heavy duty
ValenIt WorksIt works.
steveGreat product great companyBest pool rake I have ever used. I have been to pool supply stores and they do not compare to this one. Also the lifetime warranty is unbelievable.
Amazon CustomerBest skimmer net I ever ownedBest skimmer net I ever owned in my 25 years of maintaining my own pool.
FridgeBest pool net for cleaningExcellent value and great customer service with lifetime replacements.
Eagle13seems very durableSo far so good. Seems very sturdy and durable. Well see if it lasts more than a season like most other brands I’ve tried
LeeThis net is excellent, it will catch all of the debris in …This net is excellent, it will catch all of the debris in your pool, from the small fine pieces that escape through those other type of nets to the large leaves. In my opinion, and I’m not a bias pool guy, this net will meet and exceed you expectations not to mention it comes with a life time guaranty.
DonnaGreatVery sturdy, nicely made
BCPIt is very durable and I love the lip on the front allowing it to be …Ive used this the entire summer. It is very durable and I love the lip on the front allowing it to be used as a scoop for larger debris on the bottom of the pool. The price it high but so is the durability and quality.
James B.Excellent and durableHave had this a number of months and it remains outside in the elements. Has not appeared to break down in any way and functions perfectly. Excellent product, well engineered.
Nicholas P.Excellent qualityThis net is excellent quality. The reservoir will hold a lot of debris. The net has a finer knit that my old cheap net. There is a slight increase in drag because of it. After a couple weeks use, I prefer this to my cheap net. The shape of the scoop is great for getting debris off the bottom of the pool.
David MitchellHigh qualityGood quality
HoustonGreat Company and Customer ServiceReally impressed with the quality of the product and the Customer Service of the ProTuff Team.
Robert D. MarxGreat netWorks as described. We love it. Leaves and trash flow in easily and the best we’ve ever had.
Terry Haaka lot cheaper than the local storescleaning pool
Jean S.Very Good NetThis is a very good net and is very well constructed. The product warranty…lifetime guarantee…with unlimited warranty…is off the charts.I purchased this net several years ago and when warranty was needed…boom it was done. You can not go wrong when you buy this net.
Amazon CustomerDurableGreat product
ChrisProTuff makes warranty replacement super easy!Awesome product and great warranty! When Pro Tuff says lifetime warranty – they mean it, 100%.
DBVery durable leaf net!Very useful for removing lots of leaves left in my pool by Santa Anna winds!
lasvegasdennyBest leaf rake I have ever purchased and probably the last!!!Great pool leaf rake. Built like a tank and lifetime warranty why buy anything else?
Meredith McWorth the extra moneyThis is a great pool net. Very sturdy. A bit more expensive than others but will be the last one I have to buy!
J GerhartQuality Product (Update)So far so good! This a quality rake with strong netting and solid construction. Can’t beat the lifetime guarantee!Update: Sep 2019. I’ve used this product regularly for 4 1/2 years and it’s finally showing some wear. No problem! They stand by their guarantee. Contacted the company and they promptly sent a replacement, no questions asked. Both the product and the company are first rate in my opinion.
George YaredBest rake ever.Best rake I ever owned. Been through multiple plastic ones. This one is it. Feels solid and works great. Absolutely love it. What a great company to deal with. Wowwwww. Very happy and impressed with the service and quality. A gold standard in quality and service.
Bonnie D.Best skimmer you can buy!!!!Best skimmer I’ve ever had. You can actually scoop the leaves and debris in the pool and not just push it around. Saves so much time!!!! Very sturdy!!!
John C.WidthWorks great
TimothyPerfect helperMakes cleaning my pool almost fun! The helpful hints were a nice bonus too, the only thing I might add to them, is that as pushing the rake across the bottom I find that “bouncing” it slightly helps, especially with the acorns. If you’re thinking of buying this, now is the time.
LardoggHigh qualityVery high quality and works very well. The manufacturer clearly explains the different design . A lifetime net guarantyis great because most nets with decompose and tear due to chemicals and weather.
SuzanneQuality productVery study and well balanced product. Husband much happier cleaning the pool!
Coppery ElfExcellent product.Very sturdy… the best pool net I’ve ever owned. I highly recommend this product.
Elena ChiselitaVery durableActually as durable as it is described and easily picks up pool bottom debree.
drzzzzzBest Skimmer RakeExcellent product-sturdy, well manufactured and quality materials. Works great for pool & pond. And a lifetime warranty to boot. The Protuff is the best skimmer that I have used.
Bella Rgets the leaves off the bottom of the poolit is huge. the skimmer i had could not keep up. this thing quickly gets every leaf off the bottom and then lets me go back to my day.
kostiaWarranty is Great!It really is no questions asked. Quality is good but ripped in the corner after 2 seasons. Replaced without any hassle.I wish it had a lip though…
Jose FelicianoThe life time warranty is unique feature.I pick up many leaves from my pool and this net support the heavy load with no problem. Very satisfied with this net.
CustomerHeavy duty, worth the priceThis skimmer is very heavy duty and holds a lot. The only downside, now I feel like I should get a new/better pole to go with it’s
Cookie MonsterHeavy dutyIf you want a sturdy pool net then this is your product. All of the material is very durable looking. I’ve only used it a couple of times but it seems like you could do some pretty heavy leaf scooping and come out unscathed.
radarfxrGreat quality pool rake.This pool rake was delivered very quickly.mwhen you pick it up you can feel the quality. The mesh feels different than all the others I’ve had. The double sewn seam down the sides will prevent the failures I’ve had with ALL the others I’ve owned. I am very confident that this pool take will last a very long time. I am very pleased. Thank you!
SeanWorks great!I’m really satisfied with this item. It works so much better than the last net I had!
E.D.Best skimmer that I have seenThis is one rugged skimmer. I have owned others and they were broken before the pool season was over. I look forward to putting this through its paces.
RonStood behind warrantyResidential pool use, warranty claim was great, original was replaced once proof of purchase was determined, received new one in 4 days.
ToddSo far so goodIt pretty good so far. I will update if I have any future issues
quidproquoWorks great retrieving leaves from bottom of my uncaged poolWorks great retrieving leaves from bottom of my uncaged pool. From small leaves to large Pro Tuff Pool Net gets tem all with minimal effort. Mesh is well made, has resisted ultraviolet rays and is still strong after a year of daily use. Best net/leaf rake I’ve found.
StvQualityHigh quality net, very sturdy and design makes removing debris off bottom easy
Nixie RoblesTuff StuffFit my old pool aswell, Tuff and strong net. Great product.
Wendy MayThis is a great pool skimmerThis is a great pool skimmer! We live in a warm climate and use it all year long. Our last skimmer net fell apart within a few months, so I decided to invest in this one. So far it’s performed well. It seems well made and worth the money with a lifetime replacement warranty.
floraI have to give ProTuff super five stars.I have to give ProTuff super five stars. I bought a ProTuff pool net two years ago. Recently, the net is broken. I tried to contact ProTuff and told them my net was broken. They only asked me several questions and then mailed me a new one. Just received the new one. It is an awesome experience.
Samuel ShapiroGreatGreat tool combined with lifetime replacment, makes it unbeatable in my opinion !
Jon FowlerVery pleased! We are forgoing the pool cover this year …Very pleased! We are forgoing the pool cover this year as it’s a PITA. We find it easier to just scoop out the leaves with this. Very well made.
Christina GThis is the BEST customer service from any company I have dealt withAfter several years the pool rake broke. I had misplaced my original receipt, but the ProTuff staff tracked it down and sent me a replacement!!This is the BEST customer service from any company I have dealt with. I definitely recommend the ProTuff company and it’s products!Christina G.
richard graypool netfirst rate the best I have seen don’t think i will need to buy another unless the dog drags it offthe best i have seen
Justin CorlessThis is a great product. It looks very sturdy and I love …This is a great product. It looks very sturdy and I love the lifetime warranty. I’m happy to pay more one time rather than buy a new skimmer each year. Great support as well. When mine arrived without a clip they sent me a replacement that came in 2 days.
RJNet that lastsBest net I`ve used to date! ONLY reason for complaint may be that it is more difficult to pull water thru this net because it is fine & thick…Better quality all around.Surviving AZ heat was priority for us as all other nets to date had only lasted 1 summer. This one is looking like it will last much longer than one season. Good job ProTuff!
JDWIt works and it lastsThis has a nice deep basket, the mesh size is just fine, and the sturdiness is amazing. And ProTuff offers a lifetime warranty. Couldn’t be better.
e TaylorSturdy and EffectiveVery sturdy leaf skimmer. Easy to gather up a large quantity of leaves fro bottom and surface of pool.
Greg O.Heavy duty pool net!The cleaning net not only looks heavy duty but also performs that way.
Jerry A FoellmiIt does an excellent picking up debris!We used this product for cleaning debris out of our pool.
Bao NguyenGreat SkimmerAfter more than a year of using ProTuff Pool Net Leaf Skimmer, I don’t have any problem. The net is still in tact and good condition. In addition, it’s nothing wrong with a lifetime warranty.
Rebecca LoiaconoGreat durability and light weightIm glad I bought this leaf skimmer rake. It’s durable, light weight and a good size. It’s much higher quality than other skimmers that I’ve used.
Chris ThomsonLast Pool Net you’ll ever buyFinally a pool net that can stand up to the Arizona sun!
Einar EkholmGreat leaf rake with a lifetime guarantee.Bought this in 2017. Great product. Room for all the leaves, so you don’t have to stop to keep emptying. Still looking good after 3 years. Doesn’t look like I’ll ever need the lifetime warranty. The company is good at keeping in touch with past buyers.
T WayneNice netSeems to be of excellent quality. I believe a little over priced but with unlimited warranty it is a good deal
Eileen CurryWell made leaf collectorLeaf net is well made, much stronger then my last one.Easier to use than others- especially when catching leaves on the bottom of pool .Works like a charm.
SavvySavvyMy wife loved itDouble the cost half the work. Well worth the money. Even my wife who hardly ever touches it said this is amazing
RakGood NetIf you like a stiff net this is the one for you. Does the job but a bit to stiff for me.
David D. JonesAmazing Build QualityThe build quality is obvious…this product will last years compared to the less expensive ones that last less than one season!
Lisa MageeThis net is awesome! We had a ton of leavesThis net is awesome! We had a ton of leaves, pine needles, and other yard debris in the bottom of the pool. This rake has a great design and really allows you to get most of the gunk out of the pool, saving the filter when vacuuming. Because it’s so sturdy, sometimes it is extremely heavy coming out of the pool when full.
Camera guyWell made scoop makes pool cleaning easier.Not cheap, but extremely well made with the best design I’ve tried in 30 years of pool ownership. Doesn’t require dumping after each pass, while keeping debris in the net. So, my pool scooping time has been simplified and is much quicker than with my old nets. Super sturdy and has a great lifetime warranty. Splurge and make your pool cleaning time easier and faster.
Amazon CustomerDurable but priceyYou get what you pay for. Much sturdier and more durable than cheaper models. Read closely! It does not include the handle.
michelle sanchezWould recommend!Excellent product. Easy to install and helps get the pool clean quick.
MJ Pwould be nice to get an email confirming itappears aturdy and well built. Large opening enable faster collection of debris even twigs from chinese pistache trees.When registering online… there is no confirmation that the registration.was recorded. would be nice to get an email confirming it.
Mary AHonestly the best pool equipment company everI bought this pool net based on others’ reviews and I am glad that I did. First the pool net is made out of good quality sturdy material making it an excellent debris cleaner. Secondly, they have a lifetime garuntee in case anything happens. I definitely plan on purchasing more items from ProTuff in the future!
PixelPusheryou get what you pay for, in this particular …you get what you pay for, in this particular case you get even more. I’ve been using every day for 2 weeks, very solid construction and tough.*3 years laterstill going strong.
Gregory SkinnerOutstandingOne problem, so mad at myself I’ve had a pool for seven years and didn’t have one of these! Have gone through several nets that last one or two years and take forever to get one leaf out of the pool. Try catching a frog to save him with a regular net, impossible. This is a huge timesaver for me and very well made!
Ed A.Great product.Perfect so far. Been using this for a couple months now. While scooping leaves on bottom of pool you have to push towards the debris.
Randal & Deborahwell madeI’ve only used a few times but that was enough to know how well made this is and very durable..i know because i get a lot of leaves in my pool….thxs
David M.(Thousand Oaks, CA)UPDATE>>>Great Value, lifetime guaranteeJust wish I had found this sooner, Great Value, lifetime guarantee, high quality. If you need one, THIS IS IT!This is my entry from January 2015, just received my replacement from the LIFETIME GUARANTEE. WOW, great customer service and free delivery as promised. If you own a pool this is the only Leaf rake you will ever need and it’s heavy duty. ProTuff Products, you ROCK!!!
JRSturdy rake with a great warrantyThis rake is still going strong. Very durable. Had to use the Protuff warranty on a different item and their customer service was excellent.
Dissatisfied CustomerHeavy Duty NetWell made heavy duty netting … would purchase again!👍
WRiveraSOOOO much better than the shallow netsSOOOO much better than the shallow nets. I can clean the bottom of the pool, come back to the top and go back to the bottom without worrying about the debris falling out. It is also great for picking up 2 foot long blades of a decorative grass-like bush I have beside the pool.
joseph P mcmullinvery tuffi used to own pool service business for 7 years . I sure wish i had this back then. it works good and is made very durable .
WaveBNice Leaf SkimmerWorks great well made and great warranty. Picks up almost all of the Live Oak Pollen Pods snowing in my backyard. My last net lasted a year hope this one goes 4 like the previous net did.
Anne W.ProTuff Pool NetThis is one of the best products I have purchased, and it is definitely the best pool leaf net I have owned. The company is outstanding and stands behind its product. They have excellent service. I am very pleased with my purchase and the opportunity to recommend it to others.
Mike SBuilt to lastGreat product. I was tired of going through the cheaper models sold at Leslie’s. Looks like this net will last a lifetime. Couldn’t be happier.
JdeWExcellent ConstructionBest pool rake I have ever owned! Best at scooping debris off the pool bottom, better than any other pool rake I have used!
longhammerToo soon to tell if this rake is going to …Too soon to tell if this rake is going to be a winner, but at first glance it looks well built, but it should for the money. Defiantly the most expensive one I have ever owned.
Scott R.Simply the bestGreat pool rake (net). Excellent and worth every penny considering they have a lifetime warranty. Look no further, THIS is it!
JPBest pool netHands down the best pool net I’ve ownedI live in Las Vegas and I usually only get 1-2 yearsWe will see
ChrisSturdy sturdy sturdyThis thing is the real deal. Pricey but beefy. Net is stiff, but not impossible to invert with the right direction and force of shake. I expect it will last us many years.
KUBIMakes skimming my pool easyWell made, stiff netting and beveled edges makes it easy to skim leaves from pool. Also excellent customer service
Amazon CustomerGood Value.Good value. I have had the net and brush for a 1.5 years and it appears that they should last much longer.
Leslie LierlyThe one the Professionals use…Very well made. I needed to replace one I bought years ago. It fell apart. I noticed that my pool man has the same one….
KimberlyGets the job doneThis works really well cleaning large debris from the bottom of the pool as well as skimming the top. Make sure you follow the instructions on how to use. Great product. Glad we bought it.
Broken fixerMuch more effective and versitile than typical skimmersThis is a quality product and exactly what I needed for getting debris out of my pool quickly and efficiently. Very happy with it.
DFPThis is a great product with outstanding customer serviceThis is a great product with outstanding customer service. I have bought many leaf rakes over the years and this one is far superior in durability and ease of use. Even more importantly, the customer service itself is worth the price over cheaper products.
userGood productThe net developed a hole. The vendor promptly and politely replaced it with zero drama. I recommend both the product and the vendor
Grant L. BushawI wish we had known about this product before we wasted money on other rakes/ nets from our local pool …This pool take is everything the listing said and more.I wish we had known about this product before we wasted money on other rakes/ nets from our local pool store.The great warranty is another bonus point for us.
C. C. Smithwell builtextremely well built product, feels like I’ll never need the warranty. far and away superior to cheapo all plastic ‘professional’ models I’ve bought before.
Jackie S.Great Net! With a great warranty!This is the best net I have found! Quit wasting money on inferior nets, get this one and never look again. Their warranty is NO BS! Stop looking this is the one!
ZooliebeadsIt is made very well and would recommend to anyone with any size poolThe leaf rake scoops up everything! Even the small particles. It is made very well and would recommend to anyone with any size pool. You can even skim the surface and get a lot. I love this rake; it picks up more than leaves. I’ve tried other rakes and none compare with this one with the lifetime warranty.
satxgingerGreat leaf rake for the poolGreat leaf rake for the pool. The edge is very sturdy which makes it easier to scrape it along the bottom of the pool to get the leaves that have settled there. It comes with a lifetime warranty that we hopefully won’t need to use!
Alan H.its greatso happy that i chose this one. works great.
Frank J CarconeExactly what I expected.Exactly what I expected.
CheeBeeAWESOME LEAF RAKE!!!WOW!!! This product came sooner than expected and was expertly packaged. I LOVE this rake. I’ve had a pool for more years that I care to admit, and this rake with it’s lifetime guarantee is AWESOME. Easy to use and generous in size. Thank you so much – now I NEVER have to go shopping for another leaf rake!
GBPackerfanGreat basketNicely built product. Will update after use and longevity test.
Michael AmendGreat productI am very happy with this pool rake. It very sturdy and I am sure will last for a long time.
William R.Good productGood product. Built significantly better than typical “pool store” products.
NanGood dealI have no complaints, good size, and sturdy.
DVSYou will only need to buy once.This is the toughest rake I have ever owned.Probably could lift a few bowling balls out of a pool with it.
Pat Loefflerit works superthis is a great pool cleaner
Amazon CustomerWell worth the moneyWhen we went to open our pool it was full debris on the cover. This product was fabulous and well worth every penny spent.
Chris BensonHigh qualitySolid and sturdy, I like that it has a warranty, Let’s see how it stands the test if time in the Arizona summer..
JDGreat product!This pool net is very sturdy and does the job!
chankoIt’s greatIt’s just as advertised. Seems strong. Well made. It allows small particles like sand to get through. There’s another model w finer mesh if that’s a concern.
WindchimeGreat product, great warranty.The product works as advertised. The net becamse frayed at it’s connection point after about two years of constatnt use, and the company replaced it promptly with no shipping fee. I’m very happy with the leaf net.
D. HeinWorks well with less dragPull through the water easier than my past nets and empties well. So far living up to expectations.
Michelle CornerWal mart breaks this looks like to will last a life timeMade correct leaves do a back dive right into the extreme netting. Nothing but net….great products
GAK, PhDThe sturdiest Annette made the does the job.This is the sturdiest net that I have ever used in South Florida I am certain it will last me for years to come.
Jeff ArchibaldGreat Product. Built to lastNet has lasted a long time. Seller stands behind their product.
CromagWorth the money to get the right tool and in …Worth the money to get the right tool and in this case will last a lifetime. Pools are important in Texas and raking the debris out is a year round thing. Cheap ones last a season and don’t cost much less. This one is huge, and can support the weight of what it can collect. Well worth it.
MarkAwesomeWorks as it Should!
Thomas P KirbyExcellentVery stury. Great net. Costs more than the cheapo version, but guess what? It won’t break the first time you use it, like the cheapo. Ask me how I know that….
A M A Z O F FGet this pool leaf Take!Super heavy duty & good value for the $
Sergei ZbrojikAfter 2 years couple of small holes developed on the …After 2 years couple of small holes developed on the bottom. E mail about replacement was answered immediatly.No proof of damage required,only statement that the product was not used comercialy. After that new rake was at my door next day.
Amazon CustomerVery good pool netGood quality net. Seems to be holding up fine.
Braxton V.Best I’ve tried!Works and last as advertised. By far better than other similar products I’ve tried. Worth the little extra money.
FamilyBest on the marketBest pool rake I’ve owned yet. Very heavy duty
Brian L.Solid ConstructionVery pleased with this item. Appears to be well-made.
Kenny MillerQuality Made Leaf RakeWas pleasantly surprised to see the sturdy quality of this leaf rake. I had 2 of the plastic ones break when they were dropped on the concrete. I dropped this thing and it took a licking and kept on ticking. Constructed very well with quality materials. No cheap plastic to break. Glad I spend a few extra bucks for this item.
James MichaelI am well pleased with the quality and the functionality is superiorThis was the first year I was unable to cover my pool, thus leaves were an issue. A pool professional suggested that I order this product. I am well pleased with the quality and the functionality is superior. I highly recommend this tool. The basket is high quality and the pole is very well made. Buy this you won’t be disappointed.
SteveBest pick!Best Ive seen. Beveled lip for easier pool floor pickup. Great rake!!
Ron WinterSo far, so goodThis is a sturdy-built net. Got a great written warranty, though I have not had the need to use it.
MTRIt’s great! I would buy it again – but don’t …I bought this late last fall; used it before closing our pool and then this spring for opening and ongoing maintenance . It’s great! I would buy it again – but don’t think I’ll ever need another as it’s very well made.
PDJRecommendVery well made. Night and day compared to the cheap one the pool company provides.
JasonHappy to say that this net didn’t disappointBought this based on the many positive reviews and the company’s product guarantee. Happy to say that this net didn’t disappoint. It’s very easy to clean the bottom of my pool with this net. Definitely recommended.
Margaret FowlerWell made pool net!Installed on handle but have yet to use.
James B.Good product and priceGood product and price
Craig B.Well constructed pool rakeThis is a really quality lifetime warranty rake the net material is far from the butterfly nets we had as kids.Have scooped very large and heavy loads of leaves with this rake,very impressed so fa.
MichaelExcellentThis is there only leaf skimmer to buy. Don’t waste your money on any other product. Their warranty is second to none.Thank for finally making this great product.
Debra C. WallaceFit perfectlyThis was a good option as asking my pool guy to get it for me. Good price. Durable. Fit.
John NevelsGreat pool rake!Great pool rake, much better than the cheap one I used to have. Debris that goes in, stays in and it’s easy to scoop items off the bottom of the pool.
Eric C.FOREVER GUARANTEEFOREVER GUARANTEE really works well. it is very easy to get a replacement.
susette m. burnsJust got it…haven’t tried it yetLooks sturdy, and fits all my poles. Like that it’s replaceable if anything goes wrong. Received it really quickly!
Barbara L LindseyDon’t hesitate to purchaseWe liked that it was very wide and it seems to be very sturdy and doing a great job !!
David LunaAwesome product. Extremely well madeTried it out after researching and receiving it today. Wow!!! Awesome product. Extremely well made.Easy to use and picks up lot more debris than ordinary pool rake. You will 100% love it….
L. WoodAppears very sturdyUser said it worked very well and should stand up but found it a bit heavy to use.
brian garciaPool netThe net is a good size and picks up leaves from the bottom of pool. Very happy with the net.
JKHThis is a really great product, worth the money.The product appears exactly as I hoped it would. I had purchased the same item from a local dealer but without the guarantee, which was the selling point. I greatly appreciated the suggested use as I was making a mistake in my raking techniques and lifting from the pool.
Diane RitterGreat rake.Great rake…huge capacity, and (best feature) it is easy to empty…leaves etc don’t stick…they dump right out. I do wish it would get leaves off the bitten a little easier, but it is as good at that as any I have used.
KathrynBAwesome ProductWish I would have purchased this years ago! Makes the job of scooping out mega amount of leaves in the pool a breeze.
Brian FleisherVery sturdy.Great net no real complaints. The net is very sturdy which makes it tough to shake out but it’s sturdy.
Jennifer KraayDurable productDurable product that has a life long warranty.
JennGVFive Stars – BUY IT!So far so good, hope it lasts, my hubby is duly impressed.So after 6 years, this is our 2nd replacement and we are happy campers!I highly recommend this pool net for anyone with a pool. It lasts longer than any of the others we bought and we don’t have to buy one ever again with their policy!
SteelmanWorth the money!Works better than any previous skimmers I’ve owned. The scoop design picks up leaves and other debris off the bottom of the pool much more efficiently
Amazon CustomerGuaranty for life . what else you want?Good product plus guaranty for life. Perfect just what I need
EddieI bought mine back in 2016 I really like this leaf skimmer I recommend it I thought it …I bought mine back in 2016 I really like this leaf skimmer I recommend it I thought it was expensive but it’s worth it works great with pools with liner.
nvRigid and holds shape well.Hands down the best pool net. The best thing about this net is that it is not flimsy like most others. It holds its shape well and is easily emptied.
Old DJGreat netI’ve been using the net for several days and it works great.Update the net has made it through winter no flaws leaves and everything wind etc. No worries. Still great net.Update Feb. 21, 2021 purchased 2016, still working great. Five Star….
Plain JaneDurabilityThis is the most durable pole and netting that I have used in over 10 years of pool maintenance.
jayneGreat product – Great serviceGreat product – works as advertised. Had a warranty issue a year later (plastic edge wore out from frequent use on cement pool surface). New net was shipped to us in 3 days with no questions asked.
Eric MWell built and sturdyThis is probably an upgrade to the Red Baron, my personal favorite. This one has a deeper net, wider mouth,
Ray SReally impressed by the quality of this product compared to the other ones I have purchased.Great product. Really impressed by the quality of this product compared to the other ones I have purchased. Definitely worth the extra $$$. Much higher quality.
FHGreat product, well made.Warranty
KRaySuperior construction. Long lasting.Durability is extraordinary which is very apparent by the fact my leaf net has lasted a very long time and it’s still in great condition.
Gary SylvesterGreat construction and designBest net I’ve ever purchased. Beveled front edge scoops up everything from the bottom of the pool. Very sturdy as well.
Debra A. RyckewaertAwesome Pool NetThis rake works great once you get the hang of using it. It collects all the debris from the bottom of the pool and skims the surface as well! I would definitely recommend this product!
LindaGreat!A bit heavy for a 70 woman. Wish I’d known there was a larger net.
KZWofNCGet one, you won’t regret it.Outstanding product – huge upgrade from the basic, flimsy model our pool builders left us with. Flat lip makes debris on the floor a breeze to pick up, rigid without being unwieldy, and the net is humongous! Highly recommend.
Amazon CustomerDeep and Wide is the way to go.Grabs anything in front of it.Top of bv the pool or bottom, doesn’t matter with this wide mouth version.
SkaxWorks great over a year later, no issues.Awesome product and company!
LauraSo far so goodSo far 1 of the best nets I have purchased for my pool. I hope it lasts.
Andy SimonBest Pool Net EverThis is a great pool net with a great replacement guarantee. I recommend it.
KevinI just bought a new house with a pool and …I just bought a new house with a pool and the old owner left me with junk. This is the real deal last forever net I can tell from the design and construction. My neighbor has a huge tree that dumps into my pool and this thing does the job all day every day.
George K. ZaneNice productGrabs a lot of leaves and appears to be pretty durable. Lifetime warranty — not sure if that is their lifetime or mine, but…
JCWell built!Very rugged, works very well picking up debris from the bottom of the pool but light enough to skim the surface as well. I very pleased with this product.
MandMGreat size and nice mesh materialGreat net so far. Have had it about 2 months. Net is large and material is stiff, but not too stiff. Debris stays in the net much better than our old net. The net doesn’t scoop the leaves unless they are slightly off the pool floor, so I use an easy pumping motion. Works well and holds a lot.
michelleGreat for leaves.Great for scooping up all the fall sycamore leaves on the bottom of the pool.
Amazon CustomerThe BEST pool net you will findI have had dozens of pool nets over the years, and all of them ended up failing. I finally got the ProTuff, and it is the best pool net EVER! The design is excellent, it is easy to use, it works great. Do not hesitate, get the ProTuff!
K. RiceAddendum: Great Company & Sturdy and EffectiveAddendum: one year later. Someone stole my pool rake and left me me with ratty old green one. This company warrants their product against theft. High Five to ProTuff.Sturdiest I’ve seen. Great product. Should be the last one I ever need.
PKThe best … buy it!I’ve had plenty of these but this the beast of leaf nets!
Debbie LogemannVery solid…Just received the net today. A very well made leaf basket for my pool…
R. JonkerSuperb. Lives up to all the great reviews.Superb. Lives up to all the great reviews. Easy to use. Clicks on a standard aluminium pole. Good instructions. You can use it like in the picture or upside down to scrape the bottom of the pool, towards you.
JimI contacted Pro Tuff regarding some issues I had with …I contacted Pro Tuff regarding some issues I had with this net. No questions asked a new net was delivered sooner than expected. You can’t affordnot to buy their products with a guarantee that they offer.
cat309Good QualityI have been using a ProTuff net for 8 months. I love that it hasn’t disintegrated in the hot Arizona sun. It is much better quality than the one I bought at my local pool supply store. Like it so much, I bought a second one.
TerriExtremely Durable!We have had this net for maybe 3 years. No tears/rips or problems whatsoever. Works great!
Angie DHappy Pool OwnerPool owners need this! Sturdy and a great size. Makes pol cleaning much easier.
GaLeeAll about cleaning the poolworks as expected – is sturdy and does what we need! Much better than a flat leaf rake.
Chris M.Excellent pool netExcellent pool net. Durable net. High quality handle that can withstand the weight of water while skimming for trash in the pool. Net does not scratch the pool surface. Pro Tuff is the only pool cleaning equipment I will use.
Jeff & Angela YoungJust what I was looking for!Sturdy and able to handle a large amount of leaves and debris that finds its way into our pool from our neighbors tree.
LeeBest customer experience I have EVER hadJust got off the phone with Mike at ProTuff. When they say 100% guarantee, they mean 100% guarantee! They are replacing the rake after YEARS of problem free use. Best customer experience I have EVER had. Buy with confidence!
Kimberly EdwardsMakes cleaning your pool simple and easy!Cleaned the leaves off the bottom of my pool quickly and easily. Great for skimming the top of the water as well. I loved using it and was impressed that it worked as advertised.
craig cProTuff Pool Net for Cleaning – Unlimited Free Replacements – Pro Grade is 3X Faster for Leafworks as described
R.J.B.By far the best pool net everI have been cleaning pools for over 50 years. By far the best pool net ever! Update the net developed a tear along the seam after many years. I contacted ProTuff the send me out a new one painlessly and fast. The lifetime warranty is the real deal. Thank you.
SMCI would buy nothing elseThis is my second pool net purchased from this company. It is superior netting. It captures even little bits of pine cone pollens and you can’t beat their warranty. I won’t have to replace either of nets for years to come. Worth every penny.
David StangGet this with the handle that Amazon suggests. The …Get this with the handle that Amazon suggests. The net and handle are VERY strong and capable. You can retrieve half a bushel of leaves from your pond in one swipe, and never worry about breaking this. The pool industry is becoming famous for overpriced stuff poorly made in China. This product stands out.
JWorks better than flat skimmerDrags through the water with little effort, picks up and holds better than my old flat skimmer. Would recommend.
Amazon CustomerLifetime Warranty!Great product and nice to know we never have to buy another pool net!
IlonaAmazing leaf catcherAmazing- wish I had bought this soonerAble to scoop all the leaves at once even at the bottomSuper tough!!
Steven K. CarlsenVery well builtMuch sturdier than the net we were given when we built the pool. So far it works fantastic
Jon LaMountainLove this netLove this net, but I use it to take silt out of my pond. I am amazed at how strong it is. If you are thinking about buying a net, get this one. It is a great product.
Amazon CustomerThe last net you’ll ever need .This is an excellent pool net and I’ve been through many. I would not bother with any others .
Paul H KellerWorks WellSo far, so good! I like the deep net basket and the flat front leading edge, that make it easy to pickup bottom hugging debris. If I remember, I will amend my review in the future to assess the life time warrantee and how it holds up otherwise. I can recommend buying this product.
CC in TXBest Cutomer ServiceAfter a few months our net deleloped a rip on the bottom. I just called ProTuff and they are sending us a new net. No questions asked! Impressive customer service. They really do guarantee their products.
Peggy S.Best Pool Tool I Ever Bought!Best pool rake and net I ever bought. Leaves a clean path when I’.m scooping up the bottom of the pool. The wide basket makes it a cinch to skim the top! Highly recommended!!!
everyday manTop of the lineI have had 2 pool leaf rakes before and both lasted for around 5 years before either the rim broke or a tear in netting. The Pro Tuff leaf rake is much better constructed and should easily last many more years. Comes a lifetime guarantee so this should be the only leaf rake to buy.
TomQuality ProductLove it so far. Looks similar to rakes you can purchase elsewhere but you can tell it is higher quality. Time will tell if I need to actually use the warranty but I don’t think I’ll need too.
Red State VinnieHaven’t had the need to use this yet, but …Haven’t had the need to use this yet, but the neighborhood leaves are on notice for the spring… I am armed with SWAT Team grade pool equipment!This is an incredibly well made item, and I’m sure that I will be looking for other ProTuff products when looking at equipment in the future.
Mark BermanWorks great collecting leavesI use the pool net to clear out any leaves from the pool, works great!
alexPool skimmerIt’s ok does what is supposed.
Bill C MA.A truly solid product !!!!!!Every company should strive to make a product as good as this. There would be a lot less waste in this world.
Daniel Colemanthe price was competitive and the quality is seen in …the price was competitive and the quality is seen in comparison from my other net brought from Leslie’s pool ….always get professional quality things for your pool. It might cost a little more but last…….I WOULD BUY AGAIN FROM YOU GUYS
Bruno the boxerAwesome product – highly recommended.Wow, what a great product. Used it several times and you get what you have been promised. Very high quality plus you can’t beat the lifetime quality.Bought one from Home Depot a week earlier and returned the next day. It bended right away.This product is very very sturdy and seems to hold up extremely well.
Andrea AlmeidaBuy thisBest pool skimmer I’ve ever bought
BWAwesome!!!Great product!!! Even better customer service!!!
VictoriaGreat productAwesome lifetime warranty. Scoops well. Sturdy.
Nichole HallYes, buy it.Great price. There is no pool store where you will get as good as value and quality.
Pattie JohnsonWorks great. Watch the videos on the website for tips …Really well worth the price. Works great. Watch the videos on the website for tips on using it to clear debris off the bottom of the pool. Good product.
ted bearNice sturdy net. Recommend highly.Have a feeling it won’t break. Wonderful customer service. Wonderful helpful tips to save your back and to prolonging life of net even tho guarenteed. Had been having one break yearly. Saves you in the long run.
Amazon CustomerQuality , heavy duty SkimmerSolid construction, Professional appearance, does a great Skim job. Recommend it for all pool owners !
Michael HarkeyQuality productThis is so much better than to one the pool builder provided. Not only is it bigger the quality is much better.
hflyboyFits standard poleWell designed, perfect for what I needed and exactly as described in the product detail listing.
Reasonable MikeSolid, well-builtI’m using this for my koi pond and so far I find it excellent. I believe it will last a long time and continue to be excellent.
AikoWay betterWay way better than net we’ve used from Home Depot. Apples and oranges.
Amazon CustomerWorks like a charmNice and sturdy. Should last a good long while with a little care. Buy with confidence.
Julie FishGreat structureBest built i have ever found. Thank You
mom of 2Long lasting – works great.Works great. No issues. We’ve had it for over a year. We leave it outside year-round and the red has faded, but it’s still working perfectly.
Health seekerPricey !……but you will be very satisfied !!I might have never paid so much for a pool rake ,so I took the chance and was surprised !I have tested and I highly recommend it!…….the follow up from the supplier was very helpful ,please mind all advice and recommendations by the manufacturer …..maybe it will be the last rake to buy !
P. LevyStrong and durableReplaced an old failed skimmer. I have no doubt that it is outperforming and will outlast the skimmer it replaced.
JLDGood purchaseWorking great so far, I have only had it a short while but its definitely sturdier than our old one and filters out everything.
DomingoWell made net!Pricy but a good product. Let’s see how long it will last.
Nick PHappy customerI returned an inexpensive pool leaf rake that I purchased at one of the big box stores and purchased the ProTuff pool rake online after seeing the positive reviews. Very well constructed – I have not been disappointed.
Dave FgreatAmazing rake. it’s so well built and I use it every day (price of an outdoor pool is dirt of course). I highly recommend it.Update:It’s also great for getting leaves out of the bottom of the pool where your vacuum may miss. This is just awesome.
Chester ParrottVery sturdyYes I like this product
TJ JohnsonUndoubtedly the best leaf skimmer I have ever owned.Well worth the extra costs. I’ve had this skimmer for three years and still going strong.
Willie OwVery SturdyThis net feel super sturdy ! would recommend to anyone with a pool !
KristyThis is by far the best pool rake ever I know it costs a little …This is by far the best pool rake ever I know it costs a little more but with a lifetime guarantee how can u go wrong❓ U can’t ‼️ It is great and well worth the money
Brenes MAs Described Great ProductAs Described Great Product
RobertGreat NetPro Tuff Pool Net (Rake) . Very well made , I am a commercial user and think it will hold up well . Good company to deal with and fast delivery .
George PhoenixGreat Pool RakeArrived on time and in good condition. Very sturdy construction and works very well
RomeoProTuff Pool Net RakeLooks and fell like a great product & can’t beat the warranty!
Amazon CustomerGreat ProductLiked our skimmer rake works very well forour pool. Great color too! Thanks ProTuff.
KimGoodIt’s a net that’s tough. What else do you say?
BenIt does it’s Job!Works Great! No need for the warranty yet! It is holding up and working as described!
jkoppeeMesh is small enough to catch everything while still allowing …Mesh is small enough to catch everything while still allowing water through. Seems to be built quite well and the shape does help get right against the sides. Aside from that it’s a net for your pool so not much else to say.
ReneeHave to have!!You have to get this one!!! No other!!
KevinBest pool net I’ve ever purchased and the way it’s …Best pool net I’ve ever purchased and the way it’s built it will last for years unless I do something to damage it. If your a pool owner buy this product, you won’t be sorry.
russYear after year this thing Survives the hot Texas sunCan’t find a better one out there got tired of literally buying one every year.
JaxonWell Built Pool SkimmerLooks and feels more well built than the average skimmer you buy locally. The mesh and plastic around perimeter is thicker, and there is more metal. The scoop in the front is effective. Don’t know about lasting a lifetime, especially in Arizona temps, but it surely will last longer than what it replaced!
Todd McLeodA must buy for pool ownersFinally a high quality pool net!!! After years of purchasing overpriced junk from local pool stores, I finally have a net that will last more than one season.
Jim LogicReliabilityWish I had found this sooner…
Dean DuBalGood valueJust tried it this morning…so far so good
Amazon Customersturdyvery well built! so far so good holding up i have no doubts with this!
cindy fowlerWorks great! Extra large size a plusGreat for cleaning my pool! Love that the netting is lifetime guaranteed but it’s oretty sturdy🙏😀
Axe GrinderWill buy again – if this thing ever needs to be replaced, which right now seems like it might be a long time.This net is almost too good. The smaller holes makes this net a little more difficult to push through the water and the tough solid fabric makes it a little more difficult to get the material out of the net. However, these “negatives” are actually not.
Louise MooreLifetime warrantyGreat quality!
AATPool rakeEasy to install and sturdy
SuntannedAndSmilingVery sturdy pool leaf net. Works great!So far this thing is great. While I have an awesome, studly “pool man” service that comes once a week, I like to skim the leaves daily to keep the pool in top shape. This net (or “rake”) is different than others I have used because it’s much more sturdy – and much bigger.
dtAs promised so far.Heavy duty should last many years instead of 6 months. Not as flexible as the cheaper nets but well made. It is harder to discard leaves.
Chris BussellWarranty is great. Customer serviceSolidly built pool rake/skimmer. Warranty is great. Customer service, instructions, and company contact is amazing. Definitely spend a few extra dollars and buy this.
annaLove it!Love it! So much better than the other ones we’ve had. Very sturdy.
JJDGreat productA very good product, would recommend to others!
MKBMy pool guy uses the same oneVery pleased with my purchase!
DaveHeavy dutyIt’s heavy duty, looks like it’s made well and should last a while.
randy groundsSturdy and well-made pool rake.We love using this very sturdy pool rake.It works extremely well for us.
TLFLPool NetSturdy product; good as advertised!!
Amazon CustomerGood productGood product, not sure how long it will last but worked well all summer.
David A.Great qualityGreat Product! I highly recommend!
BobExpecting a long lifeOriginal lasted far beyond expectations, by years. Expect the same from the new one.
Janice L. BooneProtuff products are super !My Protuff products are excellent!
CBRNDeathDealerGreat product.Great netting. Small gauge keeps small debris in the net.
RonnieGProTuff Pool NetExcellent quality and durability. Catches and holds leaves better than any net I’ve had before especially on the bottom.
Eddie AkinsGood productSo far it’s held up and it’s what I needed
Dale CampbellExcellent product !It’s built so well I don’t expect to ever have to buy another one
hugh@jago.toworked as advertisedworked as advertised
Sherry A. TraverDoes a great job. I use it in my Lilly pondsThis is one tough net, as advertised. Does a great job. I use it in my Lilly ponds, which is very heavy use.
Patricia GreggsBuy This for Leaf Problem!Great rake. Works so much better than the cheapie previously purchased locally. I highly recommend this purchase if you have problems with leaves falling into your pool. Quicker to remove the leaves from the pool than waiting for my Polaris to pick them up. I am glad I purchased this.
David J. Genest Jr.Works as intendedNo issues with the product
Amazon CustomerGreatVery nice quality skimmer. Holds a lot of debris. Moves well through the water.
CharlotteBest net ever!!!!Best pool net ever used! Lifetime Warranty as well. Can’t get any better than that!
D. SpeicherHappy so farOnly have used it for a few weeks, but seems durable, solid construction.
Lynn68Clean poolLove this net.
JasonHeavy dutyMy pool guy uses the same equipment. Very durable so far. We like it
Granmama Lorelaigreat purchaseworks great very sturdy
DAN HAIGHTGood value and qualityWorks well, no holes and is holding up well to regular use
MarcGood customer serviceSolid customer service
Jaclin DambrowskiGreat product great priceThis worked so much better than a flat skimmer.
DamaninmiamiTough NetI was expecting a lot for the price and I got what I expected
GwynneExcellentReally well made and the lifetime replacement is enough incentive to buy.
scottI was on track to go through about one take …I was on track to go through about one take a year. Having used this one a few times I don’t think that’s going to be a problem. Well worth itUpdate: Now having used this rake for a few seasons – Yes, this is the rake you want, no doubt.
CarloWhat’s not to like?Love it. As much as you can love a pool rake.
RobDurableGood quality. Tougher and more durable than many pool nets.
JaviPTQualityNot any more $ than what you can find locally, but twice as sturdy
John P. GatesLeaf RakeLooks to be as advertised. Company contacts you for thank you and makes you feel they care about you and their products integrity.Just received so can’t yet determine total durability, but it is a quantum step above the cheap blue ones the pool builder gives you.
Amazon CustomerBUY THIS NET!This net is awesome! Don’t hesitate get this net love it! You won’t be disappointed
Susan M.This pool net works great, it makes a nice wide sweep of the …This pool net works great, it makes a nice wide sweep of the leaves and it’s easier to empty than I was anticipating. Feels heavy duty and should last a lot longer than the cheaper ones I’ve been using.
Russ EnglandWell madeSo far this is best rake for the money for the amount of leaves in the pool
J. HosfordQuality ProductReplaced a worn out pool rake. Did some research and this one had great reviews. Glad I made the purchase. A quality product that works as it is supposed to.
LisaBuy itWorks great! Large size
Kindle CustomerGood pool leaf rakeWorks great, as advertised.
Rich WraskStrongIt’s the best I’ve ever used
florida_rottieSuper durable leaf skimmerExactly what I was looking for – a super durable wide mouth leaf skimmer!
Steve DempseyBest $40 I’ve spent on pool related accessories.Made quick work of a deep leaf litter – works better than supersucker (venturi jet device) and several different aquabots. Scoops leaf and fine debris and empties quickly. Follow instructions on proper use to save your back and pole. Only downside is that I’ve traded a snow shovel for a pool leaf rake!
EnriqueLife time warranty and super strong quality,I liked this a lot, strong and work perfect I recommend it
16mm GuyI have been looking for a skimmer like this foreverI have been looking for a skimmer like this forever! I don’t think anyone will ever make a stronger or more functional rake, it is fantastic. This is a great design plus any standard pool pole will fit. (buy the pole at any pool store, walmart, online, etc) Keep designing !
Kindle CustomerBest pool rake I know ofI am very happy with this pool net, the best I have come across. Worth the price as I expect it to last, and it makes cleaning the pool so much easier and quicker. Could not be happier with this purchase.
F. VoorheesAfter 3 years, still completely intact. Rugged and functional. Worth the money compared to every other brand I’ve used.After 3 years, still completely intact. Rugged and functional. Worth the extra money compared to every other brand I’ve used (about 6 in all).
BKind2AllDurable!Five years later and still going strong! Super value!
Amazon CustomerThis is it.You can stop shopping now. Just buy this and you will not be disappointed. This thing is sturdy, lightweight, and properly designed for cleaning a pool. The company even sent me pool cleaning tips and a separate email about the lifetime warranty.
Amazon CustomerWide scoopNice wide scoop and big bag
Stephanie A Rammingand much better than the one I am replacingVery sturdily made, and much better than the one I am replacing, which had a plastic frame; this one is all metal frame
JarophelYou get what you pay for!As advertised! A great product with a great warranty. No issues so far, looks very stout and should last a long time.
Phil949Well worth the moneyI’ve been thru a few leaf baskets over my 30+ years of pool ownership and this is the NICEST one I’ve ever used or seen. It’s strong and it’s made correctly for getting leaves off the bottom. Plus having a lifetime warranty (who does that anymore?) makes it a great buy!
Shannon FreemanWorth every dollar!No complaints. Works fantastic
Amazon CustomerReliableExcellent product. Easy to use and sturdy. I strongly recommend it.
dpricepacWorks fine. Will see what the Arizona summer does to …Very heavy netting. Works fine. Will see what the Arizona summer does to it. Bought it mainly for the warranty. the netting on the cheap ones I’ve bought in the past keeps breaking. We’ll see.
John MosesGreat Product and fast service!Very nice net!
KIM M.Works as advertised.Great pool net!
Rajesh WarrierMust buy for every pool ownerThe net is strong and I would trust it if the manufacturer throws in a lifetime warranty. I followed the helpful tips the seller emailed me and my pool was clean in about half an hour. Very impressed. Very strongly recommended!
Sherry MartinWarranty is the real deal.I really love this skimmer net. It is sturdy and strong. After lots of use and wear and tear, Pro Tuff replaced it ! The life-time warranty is the real deal!
BBHigh qualityGood pool net
CWHAASGood qualityWorth the money
Amazon CustomerPool rakeGreat pool rake
Mondial4Very sturdy, best one I’ve ever hadBuilt well, as promised. Will only use this type from now on.
JPThis net works like a dreamThis net works like a dream. My screen enclosure roof ripped. Pool filled up with oak leaves. This worked great. Would highly recommend it. Would buy again but as well made as it is I won’t be needing to replace it for a good long while.
Amazon CustomerVery durable productThis is a durable good product. We use it constantly at our hotel swimming pools and are satisfied with it. Recommended.
R. Rae DayGreat pool rake – highly recommendI have not been using this very long, but already can tell that every part is well made and sturdy. I have faith that rake will last us a very long time. The mesh is a great size to pick up most debris while still along water to flow easily.
deborah hamburgEasy to orderDescription of product was clear & accurate. Easy to order. Quick delivery & it is a pleasure to use. Very pleased!
Deanna M.Looks and works great!!!As advertised. Love lifetime warranty.
Luis C.GreatLiked it, just thought it came with a pole
Chantelnice sizeworks great, if it can handle on my leaves I am a fan for life.
Kim SVery sturdy handle and a thick net that is not easily torn.We use this net in our pool for heavy-duty leaf removal.
crzylonQuality productAs described. Alot stronger then most
Hans A Kochgreat product. delivers what it promisesBought two in 2015.They lasted 2 years, which is 4 times the “usual”, at twice the price.Even better: ProTuff will replace them for free (being shipped right now).
Anthony R.Beast netWorks awesome, super strong and gets everything out of the pool
Teresa CambreGreat ExperienceShipping was very fast and it appears very sturdy.
SuzyGood replacement of ripped net.Cleans up the pool great with the big net.
Judith A. LoeschLove this!Perfect tool for my pool. It is easy to reach deep into the pool and pick up those pesky leaves that fall to the bottom.
alskdfjasdjflkasjdflkasjdflkjasdlfkjaslkdjfbeston the second year , no problems! love it, recommend it!
Amazon CustomerI would recommend this productI’ve been using this product for a week now and what a difference in the cleaning! The scooping design even gets up the smallest objects. I would recommend this product!
RUKiddingMeeWell-designed, durable pool rakeVery sturdy, well-designed pool rake. It’s so good that my pool guy asked me where I got it.The company sends you an instructional email on how to use this rake so that you don’t injure your back — and their technique really does make a difference!
Amazon CustomerBase is sturdy and strongVery well made. Base is sturdy and strong. Basket is large and makes pool skimming a breeze!
Timothy RoushThe net is nice and largeI have a pool ~8000 gal and I can get it done in about 10 minutes with this thing. The net is nice and large, the mesh is thick, and the frame feels very sturdy. You’ll save yourself plenty of time by getting one of these guys.
Gary NeelGreat net better than the cheap ones that don’t last longArrived as expected
TriciaBest we have owned!So far it is an outstanding product. I haven’t had it all that long, but it is definitely the best of the many skimmer nets I have had over the years.
Bilt 83Great pool cleaning tool.Good size for cleaning leaves from pool.
David SharpBuy this one. But you have to get the pole alsoBig for getting the leaves out. Perfect
KimLooks tuffThe pool skimmer is definitely more heavy duty than the average skimmer. I’m happy with this purchase.
SnapperHad a great experience with dealing with Warranty return Customer ServiceHad a great experience with dealing with Warranty return Customer Service. Woukd recommend buying this product and other products pro tuff offers.
stefani clarypoo lnetquality product
Mitchell LevinsonSturdySturdy
CMaureen2Best Net ever!Great product and well made!Best Pool net I’ve ever usedThanks for a real 5 star product!
Bobby2143Thumbs upAs promised
James J.The bestCould not recommend more
DavidThe last rake you will need.Well built and exactly as they saidit would be. The stiching is well done and the frame feels solid. I am very impressed with this rake. This is probably going to be the last leaf rake i will ever need to buy.
AngelGreat productSo far so good. Great product that works as advertised. And with the guarantee it is a win win provided it is as described. Will update my review if anything changes.
R HopkinsBest for home pool.Best pool skimmer I have tried. It cleans well if the instructions are followed and the parts hold up well in the weather.
NateBest skimming net, look no furtherBest skimming net, end of story
philip shipe… for my wife and she says this is the best pool net she has ever hadI bought this for my wife and she says this is the best pool net she has ever had. Well worth the money.
Dave pulverIt’s red.Seriously the best I have ever owned. Extremely well constructed!
Darla A.So far this rake is great. My pool is an older one and does …So far this rake is great. My pool is an older one and does not have good suction so a vacuum will not work. I thought I would try this, and so far very pleased with it. It does what it is stated to do.
Cat t.The best!This is the best leaf skimmer we’ve ever had
Jim SmithHeavy duty but overpriced .Heavy duty and lifetime warranty . This is a great deal. I have used the warrenty and they ship it to you for free.
Ray ChengMost reliable pool leaf skimmerThe product is sturdy. Life time warranty is great.
AmyGreat productWorked great removing leaves from the bottom of our pool!
RoxyFive StarsWay better than the net I bought at the pool store. Get it and you won’t be sorry.
Charles Specht jr… you see it you can tell it won’t be like all the other pool products that you currently purchase …As soon as you see it you can tell it won’t be like all the other pool products that you currently purchase every season! looks tough, performs very well.
deb wbest we ever hadThis net is super sturdy and strong. Others we have had fell apart or tore. We are very happy with it, especially now that the leaves keep fallling into the fish pond.
RONALD BRINKER. Buy this rake now.Buy this fleas rake as soon as you need a replacement
Roger ThatStand-up company with a REAL warrantyRare in the world of consumer products, these guys simply stand by their product, no questions asked. Impressive.
Steven KProTuff is LEGIT!If you’re shopping around, stop browsing and just buy this one now, you won’t be disappointed! Incredible product, and even better customer service. They really do follow up on their warranty should you ever need.
CeeCeeIt is durable and nice looking, I like that last partMy husband loves this net! It is durable and nice looking, I like that last part. We think it is a very good product.
JamieGreat pool netExactly what I needed. Very well made and sturdy.
TechnoMedThis is what you need for pool leaves on the surfaceIf you have more than a few leaves to remove from the pool surface, this I what you need. It is solidly made and works great, making it a breeze to rake out as many leaves as the nearby trees can dish out. Very pleased.
Amazon Customervery happy with thebig enough to scoop up any and everything in your pool. Strong enough to scoop up everything in your pool. very happy with the purchase
bart bemillerGreat sturdy well made productGreat product, worth every leaf getter I’ve ever bought!
Becky RickeProtuff pool netThe size is great!!
macphisto40Sturdy, maintains large piles from leaving the bag when …It is as advertised. Sturdy, maintains large piles from leaving the bag when clearing large debris and easily dumps when shaken or tilted appropriately. If you’re a new pool owner like me I suggest investing the extra dollars with the backing of the lifetime guarantee.
JJBest net I found.Great product. Net is very heavy duty. I plan to use it for my pond.
Kellie HooverAwesomeGreat
Matt2 years strongStrong
Amazon Customer.Love this leaf slimmer. Works great for our pool
Jack HanksSeems like it’s a better product than my local pool store hasCan’t really vouch for long term durability
RachelThe quality and durability is worth the priceThis is an expensive leaf rake but what you are paying for is quality durability. This is great for heavy duty jobs, Like pools that were left open in the winter and are filled with leaves. 5 stars.
Birmingham, alAbsolutely the best, without questionIndisputably the best way to remove leaves and debris from the top but especially from the bottom of the pool. Makes my job easier and even pleasant. By the way, I never write reviews, but this is outstanding.
KenGood quality. Well designed.Nice wide net. Works great. Superb quality. Fits nicely on pole.
JeremiahNicely madeThe mouth of a grouper! My Family loves this skimmer
k333Great buyCame quickly. looks very professional
Reid RaudenbushDoes The JobStrong and scoops up a lot of leaves.
Richard DelgadoPerfect pool net.Great product. Easy to use and very well built.
JP_CoolGreat productVery sturdy, big improvement over old shallow style net.
wcft4good qualitydurable
Somewhat Happy DecorMy Husbands Favoried RakeWorks great and built right
Brett DonnahoeNetGreat Net for the price.
ChambersGreat productGreat sturdy product that comes with a great warranty
Ronald E. StrzyzGreat toolA great tool.Works as reported.Definately would buy again. A good valu from other similar products
M. KemmBest pool skimmer I’ve used so far.Been using for over a month now and works great & picks up a lot of junk with ease.
andrew s. hackGreat productGreat value for this item. Guaranteed for life
BlackdogSturdyUsed 2 weeks. Feels more durable than my last net.
Davidbest one I have bought so farbest one I have bought so far
Reynold ReyesAwesome very professional and sturdyLove it and very durable
Joe PGood sizeMakes cleaning the bottom of the pool easy
DANIEL DONATODurableStrong for heavy wet leaves
Amazon CustomerPhil netReally nice big big
dradairVery sturdy design. I have kidsVery sturdy design. I have kids, and have seen many a broken pool net. THis product has held up exceptionally well, and I love the peace of mind of a hassle free warranty.
Rebel BobDon’t overlook fact that this one is a stiff net.Seems very well made and durable so fa
Tommy V19″ ProTuff Pool RakeGreat product. This is a pro rake with very well designed construction including the net. Their lifetime guarantee tells you what they think about their product and their customer service. Recommend it highly.
Ali OngerGoodHigh-quality pool net
Colleen H DeemerGreat purchase, my son got one after using mine!Best leaf rake ever, not just leaves but the floating pollen and leaf cusps in Florida uncovered pool. It is a tough netting and durable frame.
Mr. HimeGreat RakeThe pool rake is better than I expected. It is light and the stitching is better than the last rake I had. Customer service is top notch.
Alexander MartinezGood ProductSo far so good. Awaiting to see if the warranty works.
Amazon CustomerWell worth the costProduct is very durable and glides through the water.
Kris JitpatimaWorth the money.Good qualities. Not disappoint.
Rhonda MertinsIt will last.I like that it has a lifetime replacement.
FrancisGood productGreat at scooping debris from the pool.
SundanceThe best I’ve usedIt works exactly as described.
Beatriz Parada-BohonSturdy and bigWe use it almost everyday and works great
Amazon CustomerPool NetWorks as it should but we love that there’s a lifetime warranty.
K-Nuts18Nice qualityNice quality sturdy pool net.
LeifHigh QualityVery high quality net. Works great. No issues with wear after 5 months.
Teri BuistAmazon CustomerSturdyPicks up the debris in the pond great!
KmPerfect and warranted for lifeLove it. Warranted for life. Sturdy and perfect
AColdStArnolds79I’d buy again.I’ve only used it once but the claims are true. This brush pushes itself down against the pool surface and cleans great. It’s harder to push but I just go a little slower. Love the product and prime shipping was quick.
D. FrancisThe Best One Yet!Heavy Duty! I like the fact that the nylon stays erect out of the water and still folds in the water. That makes emptying the bad a snap. I just wish they made brushes and other pool accessories!
Jim & KellyAdd this toolGreat tool to avoid vacuuming, easily skins too and bottom of pool.
twodogswowgreat product. No comparison to the rake you might find at a local supply store.We have been replacing our rakes every year because the nets fall apart or get holes.This looks like it was worth the extra spend.
S. MerbachToughWarranty
JamesPerfectVery sturdy!
TERRIBest BuyGreat quality! Worth the extra cost.
michael j foleygreatworks gsreat and very durable
Kerri WilliamsBest pool netGreat strong product
Roberto Carrillo5 Stars.Strongly recommended, good quality.
AlexanderGood productWorks and looks as advertised
juliaSturdy Pool RakeSeems very sturdy and is already hard at work.
D. ConnollyFor the long termsturdy, well-made, and should last for their listed lifespan. Great all around and highly recommended. Stop the cycle of replace, replace etc.
Amazon CustomerFive StarsI was able to fire my pool guy after buying this. It works so well!
Michele KennedyBest pool product I have found!Just a great product with outstanding customer service. Workmanship is beyond compare and the follow up after the sale makes all the difference. If you own a pool, you have to use this company.
matt browerWowIt’s built to last
michael h.Five StarsSo impressed with lifetime warrenty. Sent me a new net no questions asked. Thank you Pro Tuff
Jeanne B. MartinGreat.Works great. Excellent quality.
Janet CoxGreat purchaseVery happy with this product. Strong and durable.
mr570Legit Warranty on a great productI got one of these nets about 5 years ago and decided to give ProTuff a shot. Well, fast forward to last week when I noticed that my net had developed a tear in it. I decided to contact ProTuff about the warranty and it couldn’t have been simpler. I just filled out some info in their website and referenced my amazon order and that was it. A week later I have a brand new net on my front porch. I am still a bit in shock about how good their customer service is. I am a very happy ProTuff customer and will sing their praises to all the pool owners I know. If you are on the fence regarding this product of their sincerity of standing behind it, fear not… It’s legit!
Ferman WalkerGood productJust as described
Luigi ZanelliWarrantyThis company really stand up for their warranty! Great product!
MatthewDurable Neat with Unbeatable WarrantyGreat neat and can’t beat a lifetime warranty. Arrived on time and works well. No issues.
awoodgreat quality. Picks up stuff in the pool that …Solid, great quality. Picks up stuff in the pool that my old skimmer wouldn’t.
Matthew PietrasAbsolutely awesome! I can skim my whole 25×15 pool without …Absolutely awesome! I can skim my whole 25×15 pool without needing to empty the rake. It does a great job of getting everything on the surface and even in the water! This makes cleaning the pool a lot easier!
Amazon CustomerGood…….I like it.
Emma AndersonLove it!Great product! Very sturdy, works great! In the past we have had to replace other brands a couple of times a year. We have had this for several years.
Steve S – HoustonAmazing pool skimmerGreat product!
Amazon CustomerGreat warrantyWorks great so far
Rosalind M Nelsonso Great! but important to read the directions ..strong! great sweeper if you follow the directions ..
Amazon CustomerIt worksIt works you won’t be disappointed
MattCheaper and better than brick and mortar onesThis one works better and is bigger than the ones you get at Leslie’s. Very glad we bought it as we get lots of leaves in the pool!
Joanna L. Y.Best pool surface cleaner.Very good product. After using the flat time mesh cleaners (and loosing half of the debris on the way out) I found the right product for skimming leaves from the pool (and mosquito larvae from the pond!).
hugh shealeyFive StarsAs advertised fast shipping a plusHopefully will not have to use the lifetime guarantee
SarahLove it!Great for the price, and all around!
David PappasVery good productsDoes not fall apart. Very sturdy
Tulsa666Really Heavy Duty …It is the best Pool Rake I have ever had, and we have went with 5 others. It is strong and easy to rake leaves from the bottom of our pool. You just can’t go wrong on this one.
Kim S StephensGood sturdy netNice net
Fern Cawley EdwardsGreat equipmentVery happy with the quality of this rake, it made a huge difference in cleaning out the pool – the old adage you get what you pay for is true! Shipping was quick and well packaged.
NANAwon’t have to replaceIt’s just ugly, but good quality
Warren ZinnDoesn’t break like other skimmersBest product yet for cleaning the pool.
Travis Ritzlove the fact that it actually has some customer service …Works really well, love the fact that it actually has some customer service that stands behind it. Wish it had some sort of rubber end lift the debris, my wife is having issues with the “bounce” method.
Richard BrownAffordableWell built
WilliamDurableWell made
H. HernandezVery usefulEasy to use, functional and sturdy
Steve L.Five StarsExcellent quality. Can see and feel the difference from other leaf nets/rakes.I’ve owned mine now for almost 3 pool seasons and it has held up tremendously. No rips or tears. Very sturdy and made heavy duty.
David WilliamsFive StarsGood quality leaf net looks like it will last. Good tips for preserving the nylon netting.
Lan TrinhBest warrantyVery good product and best warranty replacement policy.
dawn motesThe size is a bit to big for meLove it
tina wachtendorfSatisfiedGreat value. Great garentee.
dick123I would recommend to spend a little more and buy this oneVery quality product….i got tired of spending $10 on the cheap ones and the net breaking. The net will not tear on this one. I would recommend to spend a little more and buy this one.
Sharon IshizakiVery well constructedLove the oversized net. We live on a very windy golf course and constantly have leaves, flowers and bugs fall in to our pool. This item is awesome
CorbyIs as advertisedIs as advertised. The basket on this is slightly larger which helps keep leaves from coming out while raking. Had to keep a pretty aggressive angle for it to get some leaves off the bottom.
Jamie HoncharPerformed as expected.Performed as expected
Main steam stop valveGreat qualityGreat quality. Beats the standard offering and well worth the few extra bucks
TrotSturdy.Works great
BusyMomof3Seems very sturdy, much better quality than the previous skimmers I …Product arrived on time as promised! Seems very sturdy, much better quality than the previous skimmers I have bought that only last one season…Hopefully I won’t need to use the lifetime warranty, But very happy I have the option.
DocGreat Skimmer RakeSimply the best leaf rake I’ve ever used. Strong, well built, worth the premium.
Mary M.Picks up everythingWorks really well. Picks up everything
Mike SHeavy duty.Great heavy duty product.
Krzysztof JasiurkowskiHeavy dutyGreat buy. Worth the money
enriverWell made and sturdyWith a life time warranty how can you go wrong?
Robert Colin UcmanFive StarsIf it floats in the pool, this baby will catch it. Operator dependent.
J. SargentVery well made.I’ve only used this for one season, but wow, it is a well-made product. I expect to get many years out of this.
JesseThis net is awesome! I’ve had my fair share of pool nets …This net is awesome! I’ve had my fair share of pool nets that haven’t lasted, but this one is by far the best. Even came with tips on how to properly use the net. Great product!
Leon D.Five StarsIt’s a really good skimmer, picks up even the smallest particles from my pool
Just meGreat valueExpensive, but worth the money. Nothing falls through, I am able to collect a ton more with this leaf net than with the older one I replaced. Very strong and durable.
Brad TumasDefinately MUCH higher quality than the run of the mill …Definately MUCH higher quality than the run of the mill skimmers. Very hard plastic and metal. Nothing flimsy about it.
Miami17Great!Works great. Use in above ground pool
mark torresExcellent product. It’s sturdy and does an great job …Excellent product. It’s sturdy and does an great job of raking leaves and branches without damaging the liner. Also it has a lifetime no questions ask warranty. This product is a great buy.
zack petrocWorth the price.Sturdy. Works great.
BrianLong LastingLongest lasting leaf rake I’ve purchased.
Amazon CustomerBest pool rake i have ever owned.Great product. Works well in my pool, and feelslike it may last forever.
Mike DrutaQuality Pool RakeExcellent rake, makes it a lot easier to clean the pool. My pool guy was a little envious when he saw it… Hope it lasts, but after having it for a few weeks, I would definitely recommend.
EJ/Birdie’s MommyThis pool Rake is VERY sturdy compared to the ones sold at my local Pool …This pool Rake is VERY sturdy compared to the ones sold at my local Pool store. I am really impressed with the quality & hope to get years of service. I do recommend this product.
Cindy VrtisGreat leaf netThis net is very beefy.
You Da ManGreat Product for Anybody Who Owns a PoolGreat Product… Perfect for skimmming the top and also picking up debris from the bottom of the pool !!!
ChristinaSeems SturdySeems sturdy for now.
Charles AExcellent productExcellent product and makes the pool easier to clean.
RonnieGreat product and guarantee.Have both large and fine mesh nets. Strong weather resistant and great products. Had flimsy nets that never lasted and like the lifetime guarantee that is offered.
Lee GranGreatDoes a great job
Amazon CustomerGreat Product!Great product!
Alex PalunItem is well built and does a good job of picking up pool debrisItem came quickly and I received a company warranty sheet by email. Item is well built and does a good job of picking up pool debris. I had no problem emptying out the collected materials.
CharlesGreat productGreat product that is just as described
Victoria L BenavidezPool GuyPart of 3 of 1
Anne H.Gets replaced if it breaksPool cleaning. Very sturdy
BrianTop of the Linevery solid
George M JacobsThe best pool net I ever hadNow this is a pool net. Well build, heavy duty.
James WalleriusVery happy with purchaseVery well made. Large capacity. Mesh captures fine particles. I’m impressed by the company’s follow-up, recommended tips, and lifetime warranty. Easily ranks as the best pool net I’ve ever used.
wallatomvery efficient pool cleanerquick and efficient pool cleaner
LindaGood product.Efficient.
J. McGSturdy rake. Works well.Works great to get debris out of the pool. Very sturdy. Would recommend.
KeithAwesomeTough and works great!
JDSExcellent productEasy to use and quite efficient. Both husband and I have used it and think it beats any net we’ve used. I like it’s stylish color combination besides it’s great utility.
AverageJoeVery sturdy and well madeVery sturdy and well made product, a real surprise in the pool accessory category. Good access to floor of pool. So many crummy products, this is one of the good ones.
Kent W. SellonGreat Rake IndeedExcellent, sturdy tool for cleaning the pool. The edge does all the work by gently bouncing it on the pool bottom. We are very satisfied and recommend this rake to all!
HawaiiBikerFive StarsI am 100% satisfied with the leaf rake (it cleans up everything easily!). Very sturdy and well made.
Charla SeitzGreat Product!The best I ever had! Works great and the company emails tips on how to use it efficiently.
BillWorth the cost!Very nice quality! Well made and a great company guarantee.
JosieFive Starsdoes the job & it is very strong & easy to work with.
Mae WestThe best swimming pool net we have ever seenThe best swimming pool net we have ever seen. Very sturdy! The lip is flat so leafs are easily captured. The best design EVER. Wish the net was a little longer.
joey b.GreatGreat
Steven OakesIt is easy to slide along the pool bottom and it empties …A bit expensive but worth it. This will hold a lot of wet leaves. It is easy to slide along the pool bottom and it empties easily.
herney garciaExcelentExcelent
Sherrie E. EmerineFive StarsVery sturdy net. I appreciate that it has a lifetime warranty also.
M RussellExcellent product. I would recommend it!Excellent product. I would recommend it!
Tony CherubiniAs advertised.Sturdy, easy to use and does the job.
Chona from FloridaVery impressive productExcellent product! Had I bought this over a year ago, I could have saved a lot of money. I am very satisfied with this product. Great quality. Highly recommended.
sheilaPool netWould buy again
nobodyWorth the extra $Heavy duty and well-constructed. Miles above the typical light blu flimsy nets they sell at pool supply stores for almost $30!
BillIt works as designed.Leaves in pool
Lisa’s acct.Not too BadNot too Bad
ozlandGreat productGreat item
KECustomer support on recommended and proper use is one of the best I’ve …Quality product, as advertised. Customer support on recommended and proper use is one of the best I’vehad for any product.
steveGreat productGreat product with lifetime guarantee
aira$$aultExcellent, personal customer service who stand behind their productWell built by a company who cares about supporting their customers. Bravo.
IPPhoneGuyGreat product – well built!Simply the best built pool tool you’ll ever buy! I’ve never found something that works as well as this nor built as well as this! It’s a must have!
Kaylyn ConnerLove itThis is worth the money
AskFrenchieFive StarsWorth the money!
Mike MerrillGreat product!Great net picks up well. Very durable.
MLReally goodStill using and still happy. Good product.
Jesse M.Nice warrantyWe have been through quite a few cheap pool nets. This net is a good quality net. Hopefully the warranty is as good as they claim.
KatNonniEverything Just Right!!Everything Just Right!!!
Dana L WelserHolds up wellWarranty if needed
454MalibuFive StarsGood heavy duty professional net. Floor scraper part works good even on a vinyl liner.
barbara iveyThis will last longer than any other net you purchase!Large net. Substantial. Built well. Quality.
carolGreat replacement for our existing netGood value
Richard ClarkLove itVery heavy duty
Bel MareNice NetProduct appears well built hope it hold true
meletios meletiouVery goodBuilt tough!
dnholds it’s shape well, appears well made.Well made pool skimmer.
cccathyyyGreat ProductReplacements are free!
LaurieOThere is a reason this rake is guarenteed!!After 20 years of taking care of our pool, I think we have found the last (and best) rake we will ever need. Very well made. Sturdy. Great design!
Dava JuddStop looking. Buy this. ReallyWell built.
Michael IsomBought it for the warrantyWorks great
BOSUYou Get What You Paid ForPrice is higher than other pool nets on the market, but a you pay for the quality. Awesome quality, sturdy, and durable.
Amazon CustomerGoodReliable product
Kriste MummVery sturdyVery sturdy
TortillasTortillasWorth the moneyGreat purchase—very sturdy.
patti hellerGreat for cleaning out pool in beginning when lots of debris on bottomVery sturdy
V. ThiesExpensive but you will be glad you bought itExpensive but you will be glad you bought it. It’s not over priced, even though it stings a little when you press that purchase button.
Mary JordanGood qualitytop of the line, good quality, little $, but would recommend.
Jane MitchellGreatGreat
Golfing EagleBest Leaf Rake on MarketThe best leaf rake I have ever seen. It surely will last forever, and if not, free replacement. And, does its job really well.
ScottGreat product and customer service.Higher quality than the other rakes. The problem with most other rakes is the nets seperate to easy. This one hasn’t came apart yet, I’ve had it for a year or two.
Zac OlveraFinally! A net with the right contour so as …Finally! A net with the right contour so as to pick up leaves laying on the bottom of the pool.
UCFPELLEYQuality!Awesome product
RDLLifetime warrantyLove it
michael turcotteSo far so goodWe shall see
JDVery sturdyVery sturdy.
David AWorks fine and looks durable.Great for clearing leaves from pool deep end. Appears to be very well made.
Gerald McGurlPerfectWow, this is just what I needed. Product arrived on time and was just as stated. It works wonderfully!
LuepkeGreat Product!Great Product!
Noneof yourbizHighly recommend this product!Excellent quality and product. This will give us many years of use. Thank you for the fast delivery too!
CANThis is a heavy duty net. I would purchase …This is a heavy duty net. I would purchase it again , but I won’t have to as it will last forever.
denvermomI like the helpful hints they send you as wellWorks well and seems very durable. I like the helpful hints they send you as well!
nancy foresterGood Buy, goodby!rake is great , just need to perfect your method of short stroke, pull back, short stroke pull back etc. across the bottom. very strong net.
dmb0703Great netNet works well. Have only had for a few weeks but seems sturdy and expect it to last a long time.
MikeThe bestThis is by far best leaf skimmer out there. I’ve had this for 5 yrs. None of the others lasted or held up like these do
Tiger75PRO TUFF 19″ SWIMMING POOL NETHaven’t used it yet. Looks sturdy. Pro-Tuff really cares about their products as evidenced by the video received, and more.
Scott KolbPro SkimmerDoes the best yet…
Joseph RuthExcellent itemGreat product!
ConnerSolid productSolid product, heavy duty
MachLight weight but GoodI like it better than one I had before because it is lighter and works better.
Michael M KoscinskiNice productWorks great
iTimBest on the marketSoon as you open your new ProTuff pool rake you know it’s special. But it doesn’t stop there, the ProTuff company stands behind their product like no other.
LascaExcellent constructionE cellent product with high quality workmanship.
Bob5757This rake is better than any I have had in the pastThis product is made well. This rake is better than any I have had in the past.
TMH$$$Expensive but worth the money. Love it! No more blue mesh for me.
Amazon CustomerNice QualityNice product
Patrick O’BrienExcellent qualityGreat net
Benjamin LeingangGreat rakeGreat rake
HeidiPool netSturdy
AndrewGreat for skimming your poolWorks great. Well made and customer service is top notch!
BTWorks well and seems to be very well made. …Works well and seems to be very well made. The net material is thick and rigid enough that you can dump the contents without turning it inside out.
jackhamidIt looks goodnothing
DeniseLooks ToughLooks great. Of course only time will tell but on delivery it looks solid, works well.
MarkThis pool rake is very well designed, particularly for …This pool rake is very well designed, particularly for getting debris off the bottom of the pool. So far I’m very impressed.
Timothy P.grea!great
Amazon CustomerGreat itemGreat item
Krystal5 starsGreat product.
biltaburFive StarsSolidly built. Picks up a lot of debris
EricThis product is fantastic. It easily exceeds expectations in build qualityThis product is fantastic. It easily exceeds expectations in build quality, strength and function and worth every penny. Plus, they have excellent customer service.
Simple ReviewerProduct is stellar. Just wish Michael would launch his …Product is stellar. Just wish Michael would launch his new pool pole. (In the not too distant future). We’re waiting… Smile!
S&SGFive StarsExcellent Product. Worth the Cost, High Quality
JPAwesome!!Very nice product. Highest quality & customer service.
Tim M.Worth the money!This net seems to be very durable and looks like it will never bend like some of them do.
Bruce D PixleyQualityGood Quality & Strong
BillFive StarsNeed a phone number so he can activate the warranty.
Amazon CustomerBest net ever!And lifetime warranty!
Vladimir SyerikGreat product. Cleaning is much faster with it because …Great product. Cleaning is much faster with it because everything is trapped inside and there is no need to empty it every few minutes. Very durable.
P GAwesome leave rake for the poolThis product is the best leaf rake I have ever had . It is well made and I am very happy with the quality
Ken. LauferPool net that is built like a brick shPool net that is built like a brick sh!thouse.Love this net. Well built. Plan on it lasting forever.
Tina NongaGreatest net! Keeps everything you scoop up and out …Greatest net! Keeps everything you scoop up and out of pool in the net ans stays in the net! Great product!
MaddieGreat Customer Service!Great pool skimmer!
CDIFive StarsThis is the best pool rake we’ve had.
chickengrannyI highly recommend it.This net is really helpful. It scoops up perfectly and empties completely. I highly recommend it.
Phillip M.Best pool cleaning net I have ever had just follow …Best pool cleaning net I have ever had just follow the directions, clean it and keep it out of the sun!
Edward KFive StarsAwesome product! This net will last for years! Thanks ProTuff!!!!!
Bertha E. ArenasThis net is well made and fitted my extension pool handle well. Well worth the price.Nice pool net.
Magnus RaikerExcellent qualityExcellent quality. Very sturdy. Should be long lasting.
Brian MooreThe frame and net are both extremely strong. I …The frame and net are both extremely strong. I just got it, and it’s already rescued two turtles and a giant frog from the pool.
CarolynLove the sizeLove the size. It appears that it should last longer than our previous nets that only lasted one year.
mflgreat warranty but probably will never needarrived promptly, have not used but quality and design is outstanding, great warranty but probably will never need .still working with no problems good product
Amazon CustomerFive StarsExcellent quality. Great follow up by company.
TimJust as advertised, this net is so much sturdier …Just as advertised, this net is so much sturdier than all others I’ve had. I can see why they come with a lifetime warranty.
Amazon CustomerFive StarsLooks well built, will see over the next several years.
CarolynGreatDoes a great job. We mostly use it as a skimmer. Picks up small stuff from the tree litter that our old one wouldn’t.
JamieGreat net!This net is fantastic. Very durable and design picks up a lot. Would buy again.
Dennis WhalenGreat product, great customer service!A fantastic product that became worn after a few years of use. Submitted product info and new net arrived in a few days. In an age of fair to poor customer service, these guys far exceed expectations!
Amazon CustomerLove thisWorks great
OptionerGood quality net and frameGood quality net and frame. I have used it several times and it does the job and the large size speeds up coverage.
DFive StarsBest ever – As described and arrived on time
Jonas GludFive StarsGreat Quaility! Best on the market!
MAFive StarsExcellent product. Works as stated.
John Bishop JrBest net out thereAwesome product , the way the front is contoured it scrapes up from leaves to worms, the company is 100% behind their product !!!
KBAlmost Dr Who-like propertiesIt seems to have magical powers. Cleaned leafmaggedon in about 15 minutes with this beast.
Pamela Z Millergoodsturdy heavy netting
MAMBest Pool NetGreat product – this is the best one I have ever owned
HigginsFive StarsAwesome net, built really well.
JCLooks extremely sturdy and durable“Product was delivered as described. Looks extremely sturdy and durable. So far so good and with a 100% lifetime guarantee, you can’t go wrong. Thanks ProTuff!!!!”
JakeTuff indeedAwesome product!!!
Boca MaddieFive StarsSturdy and durable. Works great!
AdamQuality materials, well designedQuality Product – used it to pick up some heavy leaf debris blown into the pool with no issues in the netting.
Jim PhelanFive StarsBest manual pool cleaner/rake I’ve ever used.
sandropcHeavy Duty and Life Guaranty…I bought the Pro-Tuff Net 17.5 inches back in April 2018 and used it every single day in a tropical place, at the end of 2022 it brokes in the frame, I claimed the Lifetime Guaranty online directly with Pro-Tuff, and they sent me a brand new net but of 20 inches, even better! because the 17.5 was not available at that time, now I am enjoying my brand new Pro-Tuff Net. I recommend this product and forget to change every other couple of months. thanks a lot Pro-Tuff!
LonewolfI use it on my pond and it’s worked great so farThis is a very well made leaf and debris skimmer. I use it on my pond and it’s worked great so far.
Alexanderhappy to see someone that stands behind theirAlmost bought a similar net again that lasted for about a year for the same price..happy to see someone that stands behind their product
Amazon CustomerFive Starsbest leaf rake ever. even picks up dog hair
Tushar PatelLove it. I wish that i bought it earlier …Love it. I wish that i bought it earlier rather than using old inconvenient ones. It collects everything easily in just few minutes.
MLGFive StarsGreat pool rake. Hoping it will last for years.
Joel H ChenSo far so good! Net is made with great quality and is …So far so good! Net is made with great quality and is made to last! Don’t be discouraged by the high price.
saw999Great toolLove this..quality superb
TysonGreat purchase3 years in and going strong. Great purchase
DMANNice netWorks well
Anthony F. IorfidaPerfect size, very well constructedWell worth the premium paid over the typical leaf rake. Perfect size, very well constructed; so much better than our Hayward rake.
Amazon CustomerFive StarsLove it and good quality
Theresa Thaxton… ones over the years and this one is the best ever.We has used several ones over the years and this one is the best ever.
JamieHappy with Purchase!We purchased the 23 inch and couldn’t be happier. It is sturdy, well made, and does its job. I would recommend!
GaryFive Starslast net you will ever buy
Amazon CustomerThis pool leaf bag is really great. It’s easy to use and holds a ton …This pool leaf bag is really great. It’s easy to use and holds a ton of leaves and pinestraw. Would definitely buy again.
David F. JonesFive StarsVery nice, well built
AliceWGreat Rake!This is definitely the sturdiest leaf rake I have found! Appears to be very well made and should last a long time.
David BrunelleWell madeThis is the best net that I have ever purchaced.
drcandogreat product and super quick shipping edge is nifty and …great product and super quick shippingedge is nifty and helps snatch and grab leaves w/o having to lug out the vacuum
Amazon CustomerFive StarsIt arrived on time and it performs its job well,
JQPFive StarsAs expected but net is a little stiffer than expected.
Steven BakerGreat product.Excellent product with a great design. Scoops up junk out of my pool like nothing else i have used.
Steve BFive StarsSturdy and well made. The tips for use where very helpful.
camaragreat item!Fast shipment, great item!
Polly Frencheasy to manuvereThe net is everything it says it is. Light weight, easy to manuvere, and worth paying the extra.
JA1Five StarsThe best and most durable pool net I have ever seen and ever used. Excellent!
Kim WFive StarsIt’s working great!
SHFive StarsVery well made!!
WatersideFive StarsWell constructed skimmer and should last much longer than the standard skimmer.
dennis fullerFive StarsGreat product
deanna christmangreat purchaseEssential for easy leaf clean up. Makes the chore so easy. Love that it is guaranteed for life.
HambonejoeFive StarsI am returning it because it’s too difficult to regester it for warranty purposes.
Homey the clownHaven’t had a chance to use it yet but it …Haven’t had a chance to use it yet but it looks well made and the lifetime warranty seals the deal.
Robert W NeeperFive StarsLooks good, will use next season
Henrythis one is built bullet proof. light weight but …this one is built bullet proof. light weight but the construction and selections of materials will yield a lifetime product.
David RoystonFive StarsGreat quality, pleased with that purchase.
Marcia RocheleauGreat item!!Worked extremely well. Would highly recommend this product. And appreciated the info on using it properly.
KingdoogleFive StarsWorks great
JonathanWow, very sturdy and well made.Wow, very sturdy and well made. The scraper at the edge works well and I will definitely get another one.
Jeaneen CerasiFive StarsWorked well
torrey coffeyFive StarsGreat product. They went the extra mile to make sure that everything went well
Amazon CustomerVery well made.Three years later and still going strong!
Charles GreenwellFive StarsWorks very well and does what they say.
Amazon CustomerGreat product!This is a great product! Works as promised!
K FFive StarsNet appears very strong so far; no problems with tearing. Looking forward to using for a long time.
KellyGreat netCheaper nets online but nothing of this quality
Nikhil K.Best Pool Rake So Far!Fantastic pool rake that picks up items effortlessly. High quality product that should last for many years.
Scott SchultzTuff RakeHas worked well with recent HEAVY leaf loadings due to gusty Kona winds. Product seems to be well-made.
chikacolmenaresFive Starsamazing product and Customer Service is above par.
John AkiFive StarsIt’s great, nice and strong compared to a previous one that I had.
Bart TurnergreatVery well made , great service.
Emily P. MarshFive StarsWonderful sturdy big net that makes skimming the pool a snap!!
Amazon CustomerFive StarsExcellent product. Very well built. Great tips provided by manufacturer.
SteveFive StarsThe best net ever! We use in our above ground pool.
wlhFive StarsThe best there is!
Happy in NCBest pool rake ever!Best pool rake I’ve ever used, videos are very informative and the customer service is amazing.
MaryLove it!!Love the product. Very well made. My husband loves the net. Makes clean up easier.
ArthurBetter than any I’ve ever bought beforeFabulous! Better than any I’ve ever bought before! Arrived FAST!!
Amazon CustomerFive StarsSo Cool~ This is very strong.
jha215Five StarsGood product. If they made a net with even finer mesh, I would buy that also.
BriSeems like a quality itemA lot studier than ones found at big box stores.. Seems like a quality item.
RANDY P.Five StarsGreat net very durable. I would recomend this net to everyone that has an inground pool
LCFive StarsGreat pool rake! It is sturdier than any I have ever seen and works well.
BehaviorQueenFive StarsI love that this has a lifetime warranty. It’s sturdy and does a fine job.
Junevery happy. Thank youHigh quality, very happy. Thank you
PickeringNice rake,I’VE HAD MINE 5 YEARS NOW, STILL GOOD AS NEW, no sign of any rot
StrongwiFive StarsVery good product best I have ever seen
Amazon CustomerFive StarsGreat product, excellent quality!
Jessica BrownFive StarsBought for work it is of great quality.
Phyllis StephenFive StarsArrived on time, works as expected
LBFive Starsseems very sturdy, netting isn’t ‘delicate’. I’m hopeful for a long and “productive” life with this baby.
Alpha BetaWonderful!Love everything about it!
ChrisThis is very sturdy. Much better than any nets I have seen …This is very sturdy. Much better than any nets I have seen in stores.
Lauras toy chestFive StarsWe love it
audieaceBest netReally nice product. Sturdy and well constructed net. Catches even the smallest bugs.
FarrukhFive StarsWonderful heavy duty quality…
LelandFive StarsPerfect…now I need a rake or rock grabbing pole to finish.
ErnieWorks well and is sturdy!With a lifetime guaranteee, how can you go wrong? Works well and is sturdy!
Brett Sasobest leaf net I’ve ever seenI’ve been servicing pools for 35 years… best leaf net I’ve ever seen!
Amazon CustomerI love it.It’s light and save my energyvand quickly clean.I love it.
GringobankerFive StarsGreat customer follow up and solid product. Could only be better if lower price
Florida FamilyFive StarsExcellent pool skimmer! Even picks up ants and fine tree debris! Highly recommended!
Amazon CustomerFive StarsGreat product!
LannieExcellent ProductVery well made, and easy to use. The warranty really sold me. A+
dynodaveFive StarsLife time guarantee is great.
Karen K DeffinbaughFive StarsWorks wonderfully to get the leaves out. Much easier that the regular net.
John & CarrieLove itBest skimmer ever.
Summer TimeFive StarsWorks perfect.
RussellFive StarsGREAT!
kenneth norrisFive StarsGreat quality and value.
Bill in San AntonioFive StarsWorks as advertised. I understand why everyone loves this product.
Amazon CustomerFive StarsBest rake ever
JorgeFive StarsExcellent! Really thick, now I can catch any leave no matter how small they are
Amazon CustomerFive StarsDoes a great job
Bruce SmithAwesome productAwesome product, very happy with purchase
JoeFive Starsgreat net
Stanley McCainI am not disappointed.Pro Tuff Leaf Rake does an outstanding job. I am not disappointed.
WindermerewmnWowThis has changed my life and kept a deciduous tree from an untimely death!
Steve PersingProTuff 19″Nice.I haven’t used a nicer one.Just the right size.
JerryDFive StarsGood product for the job
Al D.Five StarsDoes the job as advertised. I wish I had bought this years ago.
Kindle CustomerFive StarsWhoever made this product uses this product!
James A. McGowanFive StarsFunctions as designed
Ken HutchinsRugged and worksI cleaned out my 20000 gallon neglected pond and it worked great.
Denis ImlerFive StarsGreat quality
mk1973Five StarsIt appears like an excellent and quality product. Happy with the purchase.
Amazon CustomerFive StarsGreat net
ROBERT SCHROEDERFive StarsGreat Pool net & Great Company to buy from
Michelle CrouchLast leaf net I’ll ever need to purchaseSolid construction, definitely the strongest net we’ve owned.
DYFive StarsArrived in timely matter and is as solid as advertised.
JamyKFive Stars“Excellent quality” surpassed my expectations by far!!!
C Todd RobertsonHighly recommend!Very well made. You get what you pay for. Highly recommend!
TunaBobI would definitely recommend it!This product is well made. I would definitely recommend it!!
Connie Mearsa very nice pool net, does a great jobdoes a great job, love it
BOBItem as stated heavy duty.EXCELLENT !!! This is the net to buy, get it before they run out.
KingOfWekivaFive StarsGreat net.
GretchenFive StarsSuper happy with this leaf rake. thank you Pro Tuff
Essie Sumpter-YoungSturdy and very niceMy husband loves this product. Sturdy and very nice.
BBSolid construction and extremely well-built. Excellent ease-of-use.Solid construction and extremely well-built. Excellent ease-of-use.
James WoolridgeI highly recommend it.This is a top notch product, I highly recommend it.
hvacguynvaAbout time a decent net came out to marketLove in it .. built right!
Henry S. WallsFive StarsGreat Leaf Rake. Very Well Made. Worth The $$ with the Warranty.
Max 908Only buy this one!MUCH STRONGER than the one I bought at pool store!
John SmithFive StarsTop quality
arun jollyExcellent pool net!!!Excellent pool rake. Well designed and built.
david lanhamFive StarsEXCELLENT quality product- timely delivery.
ClgcoFive StarsExcellent product. Best pool rake I have used.
Amazon CustomerAwesome!Awesome product! Best I have ever had…..
Tiggerexcellent warranty to toteThis net is top notch quality,excellent warranty to tote…
nissan sofiFive Starsgreat pool net very strong
Patrick OFive StarsGreat net – very sturdy!
BRIAN S KRUGERHigh quality materials and a great warranty.Product arrived quickly. High quality materials and a great warranty.
Roger L.Five StarsSturdy and easy to use.
Chester SmithFive StarsWorks!
NV26Five StarsBest one we have purchased!
Larry SacksA Great addition to our poolVery well made and well worth the money.
Chien Wanggood productWorks much better than my old one, very satisfied.
JW CoopFive StarsWell worth the extra you pay for it.
Amazon CustomerFive Starsgood product fast delivery
Rita CassadyFive StarsWorks great. Would definitely buy again
GsquaredFive StarsTerrific product from a very caring company. Recommend highly.
PiFive StarsDoes the job
Lisa B.Great product.Excellent product. Easy to use,durable and strong.
LargeMargeFive Starsgreat net
MacguyNice….Good heavy duty rake should last for years.
K. NealFive StarsTough old thing. Worth paying more for it.
GuyFive StarsLove it
BobFive StarsSame as our professional maintenance crew uses.
momFive StarsBest pool net ever!
Malia S.Five StarsWorks great, does what it’s supposed too!
Cathy FerentiniFive StarsQuality product!
Kenneth E. YoustFive StarsVery good so far.
Mike ConradFive StarsPerfect for maintaining the pool. Get reach and balance
Amazon CustomerFive StarsProduct is great,
Hung T.Five StarsExcellent!
C&SkipFive StarsThe BEST pool net!!!!
Hicham A.Five Starsbest purchase ever
William PattonGreat rake. I hope to use it for many years.Super product. Very well made.
Jenny YokoyamaJenny Yokoyama6 Years of use, EASY warranty replacement.I purchased a Pro Tuff leaf rake in 2016. I had just purchased a home that had an in-ground pool that had been neglected for the past 5 years. The result was a green swamp filled with an immense amount of leaves, earthworms, and debris. Knowing I needed to dig all the debris out, I walked into a chain pool store and purchased a standard leaf rake which I broke within 30 minutes of beginning to dig everything out of this pool.Thats when I found Pro Tuff. I purchased a Pro Tuff leaf rake and dug 4 large green waste containers FULL of debris out. Not only did the leaf rake stand up to the task, my family continued to get SIX MORE YEARS of use out of it before it failed. That is AMAZING considering my kids are not always consistent about putting it away after they’re finished with it. This product spent MANY days over that 6-year span baking in the blazing sun, and finally this year, July 2022 it finally gave out.I contacted Pro Tuff VIA facebook messenger, and after answering a few simple questions they sent out my lifetime warranty replacement immediately at no cost to me. They even offered me express shipping -free of charge- if their product was my only leaf rake. Since it is swim season, I went with standard shipping because I can just swim down and grab the few things that fall to the bottom at this point.Although I was quoted 15 days for standard shipping, my new replacement arrived yesterday, only 3 days after contacting Pro Tuff about the lifetime warranty.Excellent, durable productExcellent warrantyExcellent customer serviceFamily-owned businessBUY ONE! I promise you will NOT regret it. Thank you Pro-Tuff!
DebbieFive StarsHeavy duty! Thinking this one will last awhile.
Shawn LyonsFive StarsWorks great
Randall W GarciaPro tuff rake.Works great.
Charles BrooksGood as AdvertisedNo Problems..Good as Advertised..Would buy another!
A. LeonardWorth the moneyI like the product
Amazon CustomerFive Starsgreat product
oneklakesGreat rake!Rake is very sturdy and works great!
William FishburnFive StarsBest pool net you can buy!
Connie WhiteGood BuyLarge net, good value for the money.
EVP VacavilleFive StarsLove it. Very tough and efficient.
Amazon CustomerFive StarsWorks great picking up stuff in the pool
Robert JohnsonFive StarsWish we had bought this sooner!
darinbob10Five StarsLove this net. Durable.
melissaFive StarsGood quality
JuliaGreat item. Just as TUFF as described.Great item. Just as TUFF as described.
engravosaurusNice. Looks durableUsed a few times. Nice. Looks durable.
CHANGHO CHOIFive Starseasy to control and great performance!
MilicentFive StarsGreat product nice and sturdy. Thx
IsabelsmotherGreat product, very heavy duty!Would buy again
Anthony BrewerFive StarsWorks AWESOME worth ever penny
bigred1080Holds up very wellGreat product
CHRIS EVARDFive StarsBought it because of warranty.
James B.Five StarsGreat product.
MimiFive Starsworks like a charm! A+
Michael DorseyFive StarsGood product.
RPPro Tuff is an amazing company!!!I own a number of their products and my leaf net went bad. Messaged them and the replacement process was super easy! They make it so easy and are not like some companies where they want you to prove it! Thank you Pro Tuff!!!!
Happy in SCFive Starswell made – works very well
glenda finneganFive StarsLove the lifetime warranty!
John K.Great poduct; Excellent warranty and customer service!A well made product AND exceptional customer service? No way! Can’t be real! Well, ProTuff just proved it can be done! This will be the last pool rake I will buy!!!This rake design allows me to scoop up the smallest debris on the pool bottom and the deep fine mesh net can carry a boat load of leaves. No trail of fine organic matter escaping creating more work to clean my pool.Yes, it may cost more, but I realized my time skimming a pool also has worth. The right tool makes any job easier and more efficient. Now that I had a warranty claim and tested their warranty and 100% satisfaction gaurantee I found ProTuff backs up their product, honored my warranty claim and provided me with excellent customer service. 5 days from claim to receipt! Now really, what more can I need?
David CoffeyFive StarsGreat leaf rake
tedFive StarsIts worth they money
RANGER 34Five StarsTough as nails, very happy
Daniel Blatt LernerFive StarsYou can see the quality at once.
morrisFive StarsGreat productFast shipping
texas shopperFive Starsvery sturdy
Josue VillalobosFive StarsWork perfectly for my Pool
David W. HagelBest leaf skimmerSturdy, large capacity, quick shipment
Deborah HeadrickFive StarsLove it! Works really well.
Patricia WellingtonFive StarsLooks like it will last a lifetime.
RobFive StarsWorks great. Great product!
Herry MonsterFive StarsGreat product, works well.
Amazon CustomerFive StarsExcellent product.
VegasriderGets them weeds out!Love it!
Jen MFive StarsGreat rake. Very sturdy.
AlfknFive Starsworks well rugged.
Lynda Blickenstaffgreat pool rackBest pool rack on the market.
JoseFive Starsvery well made love it
Patsygreat product and even better customer support!I had already bought a couple $20 pool skimmer nets when I finally decided to take the plunge and purchase a ‘high end’ net for several times that based on the promise of a better product and ‘lifetime guarantee.’ I was richly rewarded for taking the plunge.The ProTuff net was *much* more sturdy than the cheaper ones. The net mesh is also much *finer* and picks up things that the cheaper nets never would (e.g., gritty pollen from royal palms that cover our pool periodically during the year). After a couple years of using and loving this net, I noticed that it had some runs in it. There wasn’t major decrease in function that I could notice, but there was enough enlarged openings that made me want to try out the warranty. I sent a picture (even though it said one wasn’t needed) and later that night I already had gotten a response about getting a replacement unit. The whole warranty process was very quick and painless, and the replacement came in a couple days. I’m very pleased to once again have a great tool in tip top shape, and thrilled to be working with a company that actually delivers on the promise of exceptional customer service. Looking forward to buying more products from them over time as they expand their line.
Tony KimFive StarsGood quality durable product
Debra WardFive Starsworks great!
Albert M.Five StarsSo far so good
A. AntonuccioFive StarsVery well made!
BarryFive Starsgreat sturdy item
Jesse PerezFive StarsGreat product.
Mary A. SilvaFive StarsJust perfect
Kenneth R HikeFive StarsThe beat.
LoboFive StarsVery good product
David PizzutilloFive StarsGood quality.
FarmMamaFive StarsGreat!
Scott E.Five Starsgreat product
T. DoughertyFive StarsGreat product.
Kindle CustomerFive StarsA plus
eric vidalFive StarsGreat
gregrFive Starssturdy
MichaelFive StarsPerfect.
Eric UnkelFive StarsExcellent
Never again customerBest pool equipment purchase I’ve madePurchased the leaf rake back in 2015. Lasted a long time with heavy use as I have many trees that surround my pool. Just had to order a replacement. No questions asked new one sent out the next day. Would recommend strongly. Dave
Nicholas L SchlageterLifetime warrantyI bought this product in 2017. It works well to pick up debris in pool. They have a lifetime warranty which is honored. I am now on my 3rd net. Customer service is very good. Sent an email and received a reply same day. They just ask for pics of net and copy of invoice. Then replacement is shipped. I highly recommend this product.
AmadgirlFree ReplacementI was buying skimmers yearly until I ordered this one from Pro Tuff. ProTuff is the best. I purchased my skimmer in 2018. It was used often. Last week I noticed a crack in the plastic and a slight hole in mesh. I contacted ProTuff and gave them my prior order number on August 8. Lifetime Guarantee. This morning my new skimmer arrived. Hard to find such a dependable product and company.
Steve QuarfordtFive StarsGreat
DKYOU WILL NEVER REGRET PURCHASING A PROTUFF!!!I have maintained our backyard pool for over 40 years and have owned MANY MANY leaf rakes. Protuff is hands down the absolute best quality and best designed rake I have ever used!!! And, their lifetime no questions asked warranty is for real. The leaf rake is extremely durable, functional and holds up incredibly well to multiple daily uses. I did have to request a replacement after a few years of use, and it was the easiest process to receive a replacement at no charge….even shipping was free. You will never regret purchasing a Protuff product!!!
Stefan ValentinovLast net you’ll ever needI’ve had this net for almost two full pool seasons. Others I’ve had barely lasted one. After being outside in the Texas weather all that time it developed two small holes in the netting. I contacted ProTuff via their website about replacement according to their lifetime warranty offer. The only questions that were asked concerned my original Amazon order number and my delivery address. Replacement arrived today. Great to deal with a company that honors their word. Do not hesitate to do business with ProTuff, You will not be sorry.
Linda KernsCompany and WarrantyVery god product. Use it daily in a home pool. Purchased 11.2019. Had it replaced, Lifetime Warranty, 09.2022. Customer support was efficient and knowledgeable. Replacement was fast and completely free. I highly recommend the company and product. Just ordered the 12′ pool pole. I am not affiliated with the company in any way.
MRodMRodWorth The MoneyI purchased this 19″ leaf rake 3 years ago. Yes durable, it lasted 3 years in the sun left out all year. I use it 1-2 times a week. Sometimes 3-4 times a week If windy. I’ve purchased other leaf rakes from reputable well known companies that costed the same but the closes one lasted 1.5- 2 years with no warranty. Also worthy to mention I have a pebble tec pool. It is very sturdy to withstand the scrapping debris off the bottom.This item is not for silt but works very well skimming small debris. For fine debris or dust on the top of water, I purchased the 17″ Silt micro mesh leaf rake for that purpose. It is also still going strong 3+ years.WARRANTY IS THE BEST……….WELL BESIDES CUSTOMER SERVICE.I finally needed a replacement, did it online via email and received it within a week. Could be faster if I requested it with No issues.I am just a ligament customer whom received Above Standard Customer Service especially in this Era. I give this product and the company 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐.Not sure what else to say but the Best Product, Best Warranty, Best Customer Service I’ve had in a long time. Money well spent.Pictures attached, 2 of were and tear, 1 of New Warrenty item.”Its legitimate “
Jennifer MagnussenPro tuff honored their warranty replacementOur leaf rake cracked after two years of use and the company replaced it free of charge. We had the replacement in a week. The process through FB messenger was very simple and the customer service communication with me was very good
TwinmakerThey back their products 100%!I purchased two of the pool nets because of the LIFETIME guarantee. Figured I had nothing to lose. When the nets came they were built much more durable then the nets purchased at the big retailers. I gave one net to my neighbor and kept one for myself. After 8 years the net developed a tear. When I called to ask about replacing the net I was told it would be a whole new head. Not just the net which I was impressed with. It’s built for commercial use and will last if taken care of.
fsdogsWarranty honoredHi my son bought this net for me about a year ago. Net is sturdy and works as advertised. After about 1 year the net developed a small hole that would let debris flow out. I contacted Pro Tuff on their return page. I followed the instructions and opted for regular shipping. My brand new net arrived in less than a week no questions asked. I feel like they care about their customers and the warranty claim did work.
EddieTuff and durable pool netBest net I’ve ever had. Easily scoops up leaves from the bottom of the pool and on the surface. I like the deep net, it holds plenty of debris and you only have to empty it once, when you’re done. Very durable, sits out in the hot south Florida sun 24/7/365. Had it for about 3 years now. Plastic has discolored some but the whole net is still 100%. I highly recommend it.
Michael P MurphyLife time warrantyI live in Florida so I use a pool net almost everyday. After several years a small tear developed on top of the net. I contacted Pro Tuff and they sent me a new net skimmer. Very happy with the process. Will use the company for any other pool equipment needs.
Patsy SaxThey stand by their lifetime guarantee!I purchased our pool net nearly 3 years ago. ProTuff has sent me one replacement and a second is on its way.Super easy contact and communication thru messenger. Very happy with this company and their promise to stand by their product.
MRBAs described. Well made and can take a beating!Toughness, sturdy construction. Love it.
Minh DHANDS DOWN THE BEST POOL NET!!! WITH THE BEST WARRANTYForget those shambles that you have to buy almost every other month because they break so easily from Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart, Leslie Pool Supply, or your local pool supplier.This pool net is literally the BEST!!!1) It does not break as easily as other nets sold elsewhere. Therefore, it already has the long-term quality and durability. Don’t you hate it when you’re scooping leaves during the fall season and it breaks when your pool is still full of leaves and the leaves continue to keep falling in. This net will lessen the likelihood of that scenario occurring2) When it does break, it is covered under the true LIFETIME WARRANTY. UNLIMITED FREE REPLACEMENTS. You don’t even have to pay for the shipping costs of the new net!!! Talk about a great deal here. I was incredulous about the lifetime warranty when I bought it, but it has held up to its promise. I have had no trouble getting a replacement net.And no, I am not being paid to write this review by the seller. This is my own opinion of the quality and service of this seller.>$30 might seem like an expensive net, but with the lifetime guarantee, this just makes this net simply worth the buy. I’ve asked for so many replacements now, that I want to help the seller out by buying a new one. All the shipping and replacement costs for the 4 replacements over the past 4 years I have requested have been well worth the money initially spent, and in fact, if you think about it, even more than the initial money’s worth. This is TRUE value.There is no better pool net to purchase out there.If you’re in doubt about making the purchase, just buy it. You will not be dissatisfied.
Just MeJust MeTruly Impressed – unmatched quality and warrantyFirst review I have personally ever left…I literally put this very well made pool net through hell and back for 5 years. That’s 5 pool seasons of normal wear and tear, and 5 seasons of heavy cleanup (20-30 lb loads of leaves and debris lifted over and over) in prep for summer.. I have zero doubt it would have lasted 5-10 more seasons if it weren’t for the fact that I live in TX where the heat and sun here take no prisoners and literally eat pool equipment. The net and pole hang year round on hooks I installed on my pool fencing.In a sign of true service, my first protuff net ever completed its last cleanup project this year as I was pulling out the last load of leaves. The last load.Before I went shopping for a replacement, I vaguely remembered the lifetime warranty promise this company offers and figured I’d give it a shot… and that’s where the magic happened. I contacted the company ON A WEEKEND, and had one of the best and easiest customer service and warranty processes I’ve ever experienced. Mind blown when my brand new replacement net arrived 4 days later, with little effort other than a brief explanation of my issue to their service team.You have a customer for life (until I follow through with my threats to fill this pool of mine with dirt…) as well as my referral recommendations to any pool owner that will listen.I know, I know, it’s just a pool net — but thank you, ProTuff, for the outstanding products, incredible service, and living up to your warranty promise (no questions asked).
Micheal10/10 great net and even better customer serviceThe net worked great and lasted for a very long time and then the only issue was a small rip but the customer service was great and they honored their forever guarantee and sent us a new net over 100% recommend.
ChristineSolid product.This pool skimmer works really good. Its easy to see in the water and holds debris well.
Matt MatsonMatt MatsonProTuff – the ONLY company I will buy products from!I couldn’t even remember when or where we bought our ProTuff pool skimmer – that’s how long it lasted! But I wanted to leave a review somewhere after they backed up their product warranty and sent me a new one. I just provided a picture of the old net (which I had no way of validating the purchase date or location because of my lack of organization), and they sent me a new one! While I don’t think science has advanced to the point where any skimmer/net will last in the sun forever, thankfully ProTuff’s warranty does!
TCA top quality product made in the USA.I too was skeptical about the supposed lifetime warranty, but I was tired of the flimsy short lived commonly available leaf nets out there. So I ordered the ProTuff product figuring at some point I would be testing the warranty and the ProTuff reputation. I used the product for three years and it was the plastic housing that became dry and brittle and broke away from and released the netting. The aluminum frame is sturdy, the netting is nearly bulletproof. Only the plastic failure after three years caused me to test the warranty. Otherwise I was very happy with the sturdiness and durability of the product.I must say that I was amazed how easy it was to pull the Amazon purchase record and complete the warranty claim using Messenger. In less than 24 hours I received a message that the replacement was being processed and would be on its way. I was impressed that in less than a week I was holding replacement in my hand. A very solid product, a great warranty and a company that stands behind it. Made in the USA means a lot to me.
Samantha OneyAwesomeSo easy to connect and easy to use very satisfied..
AKGreat Product/Great CompanyI have had my ProTuff pool net for almost 4 years with no issues. Best pool net I have ever owned! But the plastic finally cracked in two places so I contacted ProTuff to see if the lifetime warranty would cover this. By far the best warranty coverage ever! No questions asked, no pictures required…just fill out some info through the Messenger app and they are sending me a new replacement. ProTuff has won me over and I will use them for other needs! Thanks ProTuff!
skinnyminnyGreat customer serviceFabulous customer service. Our net needed to be replaced and the company stood by their product. Very impressed and will certainly buy from them again.
WLSturdy Pool NetI’ve in my home with a pool for over 16 years. I’ve maintain the pool by myself. Over the years I’ve had a number of pool nets. They last for a few years at the most. The frame breaks or the eventually becomes thin and tear. I end up buying another net.The ProTuff 19.5in Pool Leaf net / rake is well designed and built. It has a strong aluminum frame and plastic rim. The net is deep (it can hold a lot of debris) and is a strong nylon bag (won’t snag or tear easily). The net is a little stiff when it’s not in the water, that that’s expected. Once it’s in the water, it’s flexible.Best of all, it has a 100% unconditional “no questions asked” lifetime guarantee; they will replace it if it is defective, broken, lost, stolen or otherwise. It cost about the same as other sturdy pool nets but it has the lifetime guarantee. Can’t beat that. Buy one pool net and don’t have to buy another one for life.
KenKenBest pool products and best Hassle free lifetime warrantyI purchased my pro-tuff pool net in 2018 thru Amazon. I had purchased several nets from various makers through amazon or my local pool supply store. The usual life of my net in S Florida would normally be 4-5 months.When I purchased the pro-Tuff net I too was skeptical. I purchased the net in mid 2018 and it lasted a little over two years.I contacted pro-tuff on the warranty and as they had stated when I ordered the net in 2018, I had a lifetime warranty.I filled out a claim online and 5 days later (no questions asked) I received a brand new replacement. What a simple process and what a fantastic warranty.The Pro-tuff folks really stand behind their products.If you want the best pool net made, and what has to be the best warranty ever (lifetime) no questions asked, spend a few dollars more and get the best pool products for your money with a genuine lifetime Guarantee. They even paid for the freight.
DrBucyBest service.I’m type A++ & critical at times. This company has the best service. I didn’t buy mine from Amazon, but Amazon’s product info and pictures helped me confirm my landlords ripped net was the same item. I emailed ProTuff directly from their website (NOT through Amazon as one reviewer reported). They sent me an immediate replacement. No charge. No questions. I just got it and it’s awesome! I’m so excited for this small win today!!!
Raymi J Borunda100% guarantee is Real!If I could give it more stars I would. I didn’t believe the 100% guaranteed but with the great reviews I figured it would last A LONG TIME. “You get what you pay for”. (I have been buying a new net every year and learned my lesson) A few years after I bought it the plastic broke and I emailed the company. Such GREAT customer service and after answering a few easy questions I was sent a new net. I only asked for the plastic piece because the net was still great but they sent me a new net. I am going to buy a small particle net and one as a gift for a friend that just put in a pool. BUY THIS PRODUCT! The company stands by its warranty!
Terri PopeA Genuinely Customer Centric OrganizationI love everything about this leaf rake!I noticed this season it had two small holes in the net and I was loosing a leaf or two.I reached out to the MFG. & Put the lifetime warranty to the test. God is my witness, I received a replacement in record time.It’s so Awesome to support The ProTuff Company and their product. It was like Christmas when I received it as I wasn’t expecting that soon.I’m not sure why it didn’t hold up for more than One Year, but it didn’t. But that didn’t matter, they stood behind it and their lifetime guarantee.I highly recommend this Organization as I am very pleased and satisfied with themThank you!Mr. Pope🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Barbara A. HauslerEXCELLENT WARRANTYI bought this net 3 years ago and finally wore it out!! 3 years is a long time to have a net for a leafy pool. I sent them a message about the warranty and at 1am my time I got my response, they asked a couple of easy questions and asked for my address not provided by Amazon. In about a week or less I got the new net!!!! No expedited shipping and HASSLE FREE!! 100% they stand behind their product. I will probably end up buying another as a gift for someone I know and all because of a great product with excellent customer service and a warranty you can trust!! WOW!!!
tejadeva natarajanBest Warranty !!!I want to thank the people at ProTuff. When they say Life Time Warranty they really mean it. I have been using the Pro grade skimmer rake for over four years. The net began to come apart and the handle broke. I e-mailed my receipt and a pic of the damaged skimmer rake. In one day they responded and said a new skimmer rake will be mailed to me. Many companies say full Life Time Warranty but few really deliver.Thank you Pro Tuff, I will recommend your products to all my friends with swimming pools. 🙂
Mattyg3535Out lasted every other brand I have wasted money on.I used to buy the cheap skimmer and it never really got the small particles. Once I realized I need a Slit skimmer I started to buy them. Problem is that it is kept out side in direct sun and exposed to wind. They would alway tear just being blown around by wind (inside a screened enclosure). After buying more than one a year I decided to “invest” in a good one. ProTuff offered a 100% Forever Guarantee so what did I have to lose? Answer is nothing! My skimmer has lasted a season and a half and my pool guy is jealous that his commercial ones don’t even come close to the life I have gotten out of mine (not even taking advantage of the Guarantee). All around very pleased.
H Valarie JakesThey stand behind their productI bought both silt nets but had an issue with them. I contacted ProTuff and they immediately agreed to replace them without any question. Sounds like they are in high demand as they were waiting on inventory but I got a very nice email explaining there would be a slight delay in shipping. I also got updates without asking for them, and ultimately they did ship me replacements. I actually didn’t have to wait more than a week or so, but they apologized profusely. Definitely a good company that you can trust. The pole is awesome as well. They don’t make many products, but the ones they make are truly the best.
Pete MataLifetime warranty, durability and value.First time pool owner, I have a open pool, neighbors on one side have oak trees, I have one palm tree, the leaves from oaks and the seed pods from palm, tend to fly my way toward pool. The Pro Tuff Leaf Skimmer rake works great cleaning the bottom of pool, less time cleaning due to wide open mouth that picks all the small to large debris on bottom, follow up with the sand and silt net and I’m left with a perfect clean pool. This combo set saves me at the least 35-45 minutes per cleaning, compared to the old nets I’ve purchased over the years. I would highly recommend the combo set. These are heavy duty nets and they do help tremendously on cleaning pool. sincerely, Pete M. Sarasota Fl.
Amazon CustomerGreat Product! Great Service!!Great Product! UV damaged the plastic after 4.5 years. Got replacement and did not even have to pay for shipping of replacement! Great Seller.
Tom BrooksThe mesh of the net is nice and fineThis net is well worth the premium price, and it will likely be the last net you have to buy; it really is that well built. The mesh of the net is nice and fine, which allows you to catch very small trash along with a lot of leaves due to the large net size. The net itself has a protective liner of larger mesh that keeps it from snagging and opening potential holes. An additional bonus is that you can sign up for their email pool tips, which really are useful, and not at all aimed at selling you anything else.Update: 7/10/2019Still going strong! I’ve managed to put a couple of very small snags in the netting, but to my surprise, they have not “ran” or gotten any larger. I did have to reattach one section where the net is attached to the frame, but a 5 minutes and some super glue have kept my net alive for several months now! I’m sure they would’ve replaced the whole thing, but it has been such a good product, I just didn’t think it would be fair to expect a new replacement at this price point. And, I really want to see how long I can make it last, I’ve never had one last more than a season, much less over 3 years.
JAMES CADZOWExceptional Customer serviceI believe customer service is always the most important thing in any successful business. Again I absolutely love this pool net it’s amazing compared to others I’ve used in the past. I just wish the netting would last longer. The company offers a life time replacement on this net and they stood behind this not once but twice since my original purchase 5 years ago. Maybe the company can focused on a better material to replace the existing material. It’s a awesome net and it will save you a ton of time and trouble cleaning your existing pool, not only for the surface but for the bottom of your pool.
ValerieLong lasting, fast and easy warranty fulfillmentMy pool is surrounded by trees which drop a tremendous amount of leaves into the water. This net is very good at collecting the leaves that have made it to the floor of the pool. It has lasted years with no special care and outside storage. Recently the plastic holding the net to the frame cracked on one side. A replacement was sent to me within a week. I was expecting replacement parts consisting of netting and the retaining plastic. I was sent a new net in its entirety.
jim webberI was going to try and patch it but then thought why not see how good this “Life time guarantee” really isI purchased the Pro Tuff leaf rake about 4 months ago after years of using leaf rakes from Lowes or Home Depot, which would only last a season or two. Two my dismay I discovered a hole about the size of a quarter in the black mesh of the leaf rake, which was probably caused by a rat or mouse. I was going to try and patch it but then thought why not see how good this “Life time guarantee” really is. I got on the phone and talked to a guy named Mike from the company he asked me for my order number which I could not find, so he asked for identifying trademarks on the leaf rake. When he was satisfied that the leaf rake was a Pro Tuff rake he said he would put a new one in the mail the next day. BTW when I received a confirming email Pro Tuff I discovered that the Mike I was talking to was Mike Kaufman President of Pro Tuff. Needless to say Pro Tuff 100% warranty is bullet proof.
Bob W.PROTUFF IS THE BEST !I initially bought the ProTuff rake net because it was offered with a lifetime guarantee. Whoever heard of a lifetime guarantee on a rake net ? I have bought other competing rake nets before, probably 25, but never with such a warranty.Well, sure enough, after several months of use, I needed to replace the net. I thought it might be a waste of time, but I thought I would test ProTuff, and request a replacement net.I called and spoke with a very nice lady in their Customer Service Dept. and explained my issue with the net unraveling and requested a replacement. The lady expressed her concern for the product failure and told me ProTuff would honor the product warranty, and would ship the replacement within a day or two.Not only did I receive the rake net, but within 3 days by priority shipping. And I didn’t even ask for the priority shipping. Unbelievable !ProTuff has restored my faith in American business, and has kept a satisfied customer for a long time coming.THANK YOU PROTUFF AND MIKE KAUFMAN !
Marty ChangEasy replacementTook six years of me skimming my pool daily to break it and only took Protuff a few days to replace it!
Brenda F. HylandWarrantyThis net is everything we were looking for in a pool net. My husband uses it everyday – he likes a clean pool and we do have leaves that blow into the pool. The warranty is absolutely true. We have made two claims and received replacements within days of filing one. We are completely satisfied and would highly recommend the purchase of this net.
Susan R.Great Company! Awesome product…..I purchased this leaf net in 2016. It was the LIFETIME GUARANTEE that caught my eye. The product came and it worked great. The design works so much better than what you find in the pool store. Not to mention “pool store” models don’t last very long. Well its 2 yrs later and there are some tears happening in the netting. (I use this daily in FL to scoop bugs). I contacted the company and they are sending a brand new one out right away. It was sooo easy and painless. ONE email is all it took. I LOVE that they stand behind their product and the employees are courteous and helpful. DON’T HESITATE to buy this product!!!!!!!!!
CrystalEasy glideWe’ve only had the opportunity to use this pool rake once right before covering our pool for the winter, but we were impressed my it’s strength and ease of use compared to the old pool take we replaced. It scoops/glides easily along the bottom of the pool.
BaronRake and warranty work!The rake works great to skim the top and remove leaves from the bottom. The warranty works! The rake developed a small hole in the nylon after 6 months of daily use and the ProTuff customer service took care of it. They have delivered as advertised.
erwreplacementLove this pool net. This is actually my second. The Vegas UV is tough on things. The netting was not immune. It began to get brittle and tore. I contacted them from the website and they sent me a new one. I have tried harder to keep this one out of the sun when not in use.
Marilynn DelgadilloReplacement warranty can’t be beat!Wow! They didn’t ask any questions when I had to replace my leaf net. The process was super easy and they didn’t ask any questions about why it needed replacement. I’m super impressed with them! By the way, the product was very sturdy as promised. The damage to it was even my fault and I had no expectation of being able to get it replaced. Great job protuff!
Blake M. RyanStand by product.My net lasted over 3 years and plastic started to break off. Contacted ProTuff through email and they sent me a new one within a week. All they asked was proof of purchase. Couldn’t ask for better service.
Grady HaleGreat ServiceI just wanna say I had a perfect customer service experience with Pro Tuff. I had my last net for approx 2-3 years and it finally got a tear in it. I reached out to the company and they had a new one on the way in which I received in a couple days. No cost or hassle to me. Would definitely recommend this company.
KnickkevWarranty is FOR REAL!I recently requested a warranty replacement via email and have received my replacement. NO HASSLE, fast response, free shipping, NO probing questions, no photo required. Who does this? Protuff does. I purchased the product in 2015, so it lasted 6 years for me, lots of South Texas sun over the years to degrade the plastic. Buy this and you will have this product forever! GREAT product.
Jeanne MintonYou can’t beat the quality or the warrantyI have both the regular and the fine mesh skimmer rakes from Pro Tuff and I couldn’t be happier with these products. Pro Tuff stands behind the lifetime warranty, don’t believe the reviews that say they don’t and I can’t believe anyone thought a pole came with the net so that complaint is not even valid. I never regret spending a few extra dollars to buy something that is top of the line and I highly recommend this product.
Amazon CustomerBest pool net ever!!!This net hold up to the elements and is easy to use. The netting does not come loose and everything stays in tact like brand new. I have had this net for over a year and still works like the day I bought it.
Annie MillerThis is perfect for picking up large piles of leaves!I needed this net as I had lots of leaves and helicopter pods in my pool in the spring and my usual net couldn’t handle it. No issues with this net – and there is a lifetime warranty, so I never have to worry about using this net to get the tough stuff in my pool.
J. Oswaldheavy stainless steelGreat quality. Very heavy and well made. Good that they have a lifetime replacement policy but can’t imagine needing to have this pole replaced. I’ve had my pool almost 25 years and standard poles from the local store bend, break or rust within a few years. I have a pole graveyard on the side of my house. This pole is amazing and I’m very happy.
DVNo complaints!I’ve been using this rake for about a year now. It’s held up nicely. I’m very happy with my purchase and would refer it to anyone looking to replace their old one.
alittlebitofeverythingFive Stars – Way beyond awesome warranty supportGreat looking construction. Will be interested to see how it holds up to use once it gets warmer!Update April 2021 – While cleaning leaves out of the pool I noticed that. the pins that hold the net into the pole were loose on one side. I contacted the seller via FaceBook chat, and in a matter of three minutes, I had a warranty replacement on order. They asked if I needed expedited shipping or standard shipping, I opt’d for standard shipping to help them with shipping costs as a kindness gesture for providing a great warranty.I am seriously thinking of pulling the trigger on their pool pole as well, since it has the same great warranty.
MarkeSimply, the BEST. Strong, durable, quality.This is the best pool rake I have owned, it is extremely durable and built to last. The netting is very strong and even holds up to tough redwood tree leaves. Highly recommended.
Jennifer L HankinsIt Works as advertised!Really cut down on the time to skim. It does take slightly longer to empty because it needs to be hosed off, but it overall saves time. Also the shape of the front basket lip makes it easy to pick things up from the bottom.
OLWhat a great company !After 18 months, a plastic part cracked (Florida Sun). Called customer service andwas very impressed with the representative. The unit itself is of the highest qualityand worth the few extra dollars. Replacement on the way. Old school quality andcustomer service. Am I dreaming?
Amazon CustomerGreat productSturdy reliable product. Would highly recommend
SACBought a net in Dec of 2016 which works great. The net tore about a week ago which …Bought a net in Dec of 2016 which works great. The net tore about a week ago which I think was an anomaly. Contacted Pro Tuff on a Sunday, they responded within an hour explaining the warranty policy. Within 24 hours had a new net sent out to me and received it within 2 days. Couldn’t be more pleased with the product and the customer service provided. They actually stand behind their 100% warranty which is rare these days. Will use their product for as long as I own a house with a pool I have to maintain.
RCGreat product, fantastic companyThis company is the most reliable company I’ve dealt with in quite some time. Their products are extremely reliable and unbelievably well designed. They stand behind their products like no one else – their warranty is the real deal, and their customer service is second to none.
Del WilliamsWorks great for me.I clean both my pool and Koi pond with this net and it works great, it really gets the fine stuff. I read some comments about it being stiff and I agree, but really it’s not that much trouble to get stuff out! Del Williams, Oklahoma
doctorminthis is an excellent product – I went thru several other brands that …this is an excellent product – I went thru several other brands that wore out quickly or bent. This is going strong and no signs or wear or tear and I mean I have some heavy duty issues with leaves in my pool! Well worth the switch! Net is very heavy unlike others I have bought for more money and they tore. Frame is very well constructed as they advertise. Follow up from company is highly unusual but much appreciated so I think this is a product that they stand behind – for good reason!
Matthew HookGreat net for out pond!Very happy with this net for our koi pond. Very sturdy. I have good things about the warranty as well, but haven’t had to use it.
Ken PogsonBetter built than most pool netsThey definitely honor their lifetime warranty. My net got ripped and the process to replace it at no cost was easy and efficient.
Mike BarnettGood quality stuffThere is nothing to dislike.There is nothing to compare this product to. I will buy pro tuff merchandise and recommend it to my friends.
Howard G.Excellent productThis really is a professional quality leaf skimmer. Best I have ever owned. I’d buy it again, but I suspect I won’t have to. I expect it to last a very long time.
CherylWarranty worked well and easyAfter a couple of years had problem with silk rake. Went on line and it was very easy to get free replacement. It came really quick. Great product and service.
Gatorgal83Super tough!Great quality. This big boy was built to last. Very large capacity. Made in USA!
ChrisGreat product!Very sturdy, well made. But the fact that it comes with a lifetime warranty speaks volumes!
G RubioGreat Pool Rake/Net!Pool rake works fantastic! Not sure if it will last any longer, but it doesn’t matter because it has a lifetime warranty. I think it will last a very long time as the construction of this rake/net looks like the quality a professional would use. Very happy with my purchase. Thanks!!
ColumExcellent qualityThis pool net is built very well and has an amazing lifetime warranty!
KurtPaulCatches small bugsSmall floating bugs passed through screen that came with pool. This skimmer has a fine mesh, great for catching those small bugs and debris.
EdSLifetime warrantyI bought the Pro Tuff 23″ and it works great for skimming and raking the bottom. The other great thing; mine had broken after about a year and they replaced it for free, no hassle.
KathleenWorth the priceAwesome
Jay MaymudesExcellent productPurchased product to remove leaves and other debris from my pool.
Amazon CustomerBest pool rake out there !Best pool rake by far ! #1 quality!
shirley m.No kidding… It’s tough!I bought this pool rake based on the good reviews and have been so glad I did. I get many pine needles and fallout from palm trees in my pool. These things are very hard on pool rakes I have previously owned, tearing the netting in a short amount of time. This rake looks as good as it did when I first got it. It is easy to maneuver on the surface and under water. I am only 5’1;, but have not found it too heavy. Several years later it’s still in excellent condition.cumbersome. Kudos to ProTuff!
Lisa DaviauGreat net!Works great! I love the lifetime warranty.
M. L-SVery good net!This is a good net for the money I paid for it. It is as food as any net you can get from Leslie’s or any other pool store. At the time, I paid 5.00 for it and it’s worth 3 times that. I will certainly purchase another if needed.
Pete PappasGreat warranty!Nice wide net easily picks up lots of leaves.
ktbaby,Gotta Have!I was actually surprised at the quality and value. It is much better than expected, and the seller’s continuing tips and information are greatly appreciated. I didn’t realize there was such a difference in pool rakes.
EconGood quality durable.good quality and durable. I use it daily to pick up leaves in the pool. It does the job well and I am happy with the purchase.
KenBEST QUALITY EVERI have owned a pool for over 35 years this is truly the best product and quality rake I have ever seen on the market
Morellwj3Best skimmer net I have owned in past 4 decadesThis was a tad more expensive than others, but the quality is 100 times better. The only way, I can see this rake breaking is by deliberately breaking it. The net even picks up sand as well as the bigger stuff. It does a better job than my Polaris. Forget the other pole nets and rakes and by this instead.
RSWAwesome updated design—works greatWhere have you been all my life??? Awesome updated design—works great!
Stanley Q.This is by the far the best pool rake I have ever usedThis is by the far the best pool rake I have ever used. Great size. Great construction. Very helpful tips on how best to use and to preserve. It did develop a couple of 1 – 2″ tears in the net. I informed the company and was sent a whole new rake in short order! Truly excellent warranty service. Would not hesitate to recommend to every pool owner.
Todd WittenI especially liked the email I got before even receiving the rake …I honestly never thought I’d spend $50 on a net for the pool. However, this is not just a net. As the description states, it’s a rake. It works so well, everyone that owns a pool should have one! I especially liked the email I got before even receiving the rake giving me tips on how to use it and get the most out of it. It seemed counter-intuitive to use it more like a real leaf rake, but once I tried it, I was hooked. So much easier to use than a traditional one, not only was I able to get the crap out of the bottom of the pool that was loose but also the stuff that was stuck.Very, very, impressed!
E MedeirosFive Starswell made and high quality, this should last for years. cant beat the warranty!
Amazon CustomerFive StarsGreat quality for the price. Very excited to use this.
CigarmanFive Starswould give it 10 stars if I could….
MorelliFive StarsGood quality like the life time warranty
Amazon CustomerI was scoping leaves off the bottom of my pool all day and it’s the best net i’ve ever usedI’ve been thru so many nets i thought i’d try it. I was scoping leaves off the bottom of my pool all day and it’s the best net i’ve ever used. Wish i found it 15 yrs ago
David HunterFive StarsThis is a well built net.
Amazon Customervery good pool accessory – seems very strong and should last …very good pool accessory – seems very strong and should last for years and really scoops well off the bottom of the pool.
Justin TimeThe Best!Fantastic product – fantastic service. Simply a great company to deal with. Don’t bother with any other pool rakes – this is the best!
JIMHighly Recommend ProTuff pool rakeWorks great. Quick delivery. Excellent customer service. I really appreciate the email with tips on how to best use product. Lifetime warranty keeps me from having to repurchase if it breaks.
Sally PetersonQuality productQuality product. Great customer support and communication
JanizaryNow this is a great net!After having gong through entirely too many pool nets, I was poking around Amazon for something a bit more sturdy and long lasting (my store bought ones usually last about a year, but start wearing holes well before that). A combination of the desert heat and super low humidity probably are what is the death of the my normal store-bought nets.Love the size, and the small hole size on the net. I’ve got these little seed pods that blow off of the city’s trees and most just pass through my old nets. This one captures the tiny little buggers. Very nice.Was a bit concerned with the pics of the shoddy stitching in some of the reviews, but took a chance and ordered based on the positive reviews. Luckily my stitching looks very even and well done.Will update review with long-term comments on durability, or any issues, at a later date.
N. CumbieGUARANTEE IS LEGITSo, I just saw where someone said the guarantee was not real. My guess is that they didn’t request a replacement in an appropriate manner, e.g. through their website or via sending a vendor question via Amazon. I have purchased two of these nets, one for me in January 2018 and one as a gift for my father in law in 2020. So, when my 13 year old said that the net was leaking small trash from the bottom I requested a new one. That was one week ago. ProTuff asked if the net was used commercially and also if I needed it expedited, which I did not; however, it arrived today. I did not pay for a new net, nor shipping, nor give a credit card, Nothing. So, to whomever didn’t get a replacement, I’m sorry to say you likely didn’t follow the correct steps so lets not shame a company for doing the right thing when it was highly likely a user error!!!
PuppyLuvFANTASTIC COMPANY & PRODUCTS!!We purchased an expensive $65 pool net that was supposed to be the best. At the time we also purchased the ProTuff silt net. The $65 net didn’t last any longer than the less expensive ProTuff silt net and it had no lifetime replacement warranty. I contacted ProTuff regarding a replacement for the silt net and we were immediately shipped a new net. We expected it might just be the net itself and we’d have to put it on the old frame, but what a nice surprise when we received a complete net replacement. What a fantastic company! We immediately ordered this skimmer net to replace that $65 net that went into the trash. We will not waste our time or money on any other nets for our pool in the future. ProTuff customer service and warranty is outstanding.
AnneFormer pool man says this it the best skimmer he’s ever had!I bought this net to maintain out 1/4 acre pond and nearby canal. We use it 2 to 3 times per day during the non-winter months to keep the canal flowing and to remove debris from the pond. My husband, who had his own pool business says this is the best skimmer and net he’s ever owned. He’s constantly marveling at how well it has held up in light of the abuse we give it regularly. It has a nice shaped opening that makes it easy to swirl around in the water and capture what we are after. It also pulls an incredible amount of debris out of the water. It also has a nicely shaped curved lip that is helpful in scraping and pushing the debris caught on the out flow grate in the canal. Great product!
DMannwell built, wide mouth, deep bag, perfect for cleaning leaves out of the poolour pool is lined on all sides with pecan trees so we have plenty of leaves and nuts to dig out . this pool net is the right size for skimming the surface and scooping along the bottom. the wide mouth allows a lot of leaves to become trapped in each scoop and the bag is deep enough to reduce the number of trips needed. if it were any bigger i probably couldn’t lift a load out of the pool. it has a thick neck between the net and the pole which is where every other net i have owned has broken. i would buy again.
Brenda RutledgeBest bet ever a must buy for every poolWow amazing and just what I was hunting for. The material I used for this is the best ever forget the Walmart crap and even pool supply pool nets. I was about to make my own pool net till I found this on Amazon. Worth every penny. It gets even the tiniest little Nats. So thankful that someone saw the need for a great pool net with the proper material. Thank you. Every pool owner needs this net don’t waist your money on crappy ones at Walmart. Those will not hold up or get the micro tiny bugs. Picks up everything from large to tiny very tiny particles.
David B.This is the one. “One and done”Well guys. It’s time to step up and stop buying a pool net every year from you know where because all of those SUCK!!! This on cost a little bit more but let me tell you. The warranty speaks for itself. And to top it off it is super durable and the net will last for a long time and from reading all the reviews any problems the company has your back. Don’t listen to negative reviews. I think those people dint register there purchase. It’s so easy to register. All I have to say is JUST DO IT!! ANy questions hit me up. Just tried it out today 6/24/21
The Novel LadyBest. Customer. Service. Ever!This pool net is strong and sturdy, but we have a very large pool with trees overhanging it and therefore we tend to use this net a lot! Gotta say…. when we had a problem, this company responded to us immediately and sent us out a new net. No hassles. No delays. And our initial purchase was a year ago. When they say “lifetime guarantee”, they actually mean it. I highly recommend this pool net and this company.
JustOneGuyBest Leaf Rake I’ve Owned.I assumed leaf rakes were all the same. After going through a few cheap ones I decided to pay more than twice as much and try this one. The quality is far superior to the ones I’ve owned previously. I feel like I probably won’t even need to test the lifetime warranty. The design is great too. Scoops up leaves on the bottom much better than the cheapies I’ve used in the past.
TN ColbyWorks Great, Great Quality!It does exactly what it’s supposed to, it’s a pool net. What sets it apart is the superb quality of materials. Feels like the mesh net may be a little thicker/ stronger than others I’ve used. I would buy this again if I needed another… but they have a lifetime guarantee so it should be one and done! I would recommend this net.
R. CollierWorks Great on Pond SludgeWe ordered the net for the sludge and algae that built up in our pond and is being pushed to the edge by an aerator. It picks up a lot but is heavy once filled so be sure you buy the pole that goes with it (which was sold out/unavailable) or another type of pole that is sturdy if you plan to use it for other things besides skimming your pool.
EJSo much better then 20 to 30 dollars onesSo far it’s working good you can tell it’s much better then regular leave catcher 20 to 30 dollar ones. They last me one summer. So this one has heavyer netting witch catch smaller debrisI’ll update if it starts to fall apart.
Bruce MWorks good. Quality is very good. Deep pocket is very good. Warranty was very good.Bought it 6 years ago. Southern California is tough on everything. After 6 years of good service in Southern California sun; It finally had a crack. A replacement was set under warranty with no problems and sent quickly. Thank You.
AnnaKSo worth the money!Expensive but very much worth it. True quality and functionality. Cannot even begin to compare with the ones sold at Leslie’s. Worth the investment.
Jared CarusoReplacement guarantee is validExcellent product! Just purchased the ProTuff leaf rake after having used the fine mesh silt net rake for the last 2 years. Been very happy with the silt net but needed the leaf rake to handle the massive amounts of leaf that swim in my pool every November here in Texas.The fine mesh rake held up well until this season when the netting closet to the plastic rim began to tear.I completed the replacement process on the ProTuff Facebook page and they promptly sent me a new one! So I can vouch that the guarantee works!
FredWorks as advertised… love the leave scoop.Got tired of buying cheap Lowes stuff, sprung for this and works great. Seems durable will not know that for a while but so far a really good unit.
Paul N.I cant beleive how great this rake is for the price.This thing sits out in the Florida sun all day every day. I have now had it for a few months and it looks brand new. Fantastic quality.
Amazon CustomerHighest construction quality availableThey are initially more expensive, but with a lifetime replacement guarantee, the initial expense is gone with the first replacement.
SliceSolid product.So far so good, I have been using it for about a week and it is doing the job as expected. It is a little stiff, but as long as it holds up I can live with it.
JCPool netI love this net. Very sturdy. Also helps pick up debridement on the bottom of my pool. Easy to put on & remove.
SueAsNewGreat leaf rakeWorks well, nice to get leaves off the bottom without hooking up all the hoses.Great product!
John ProctorOutstanding Product!!Next has depth for gathering a lot of leaves on the surface and below! Cut my time in half for cleaning pool!
Sonoma ResidentDurable as advertisedI use this for “heavy lifting” of leaves, algae, muck on gunnite pond bottom. Can carry heavy load, perfect formy purposes
Amazon CustomerHeavy DutyCompared to another my neighbor has this unit appears to be significantly better constructed & heavier.It works perfectly.
PatcSolidImpressive. Very durable and heavy duty. This may be the last pool net I’ll need
Amazon CustomerQualityWon’t collapse when you clean the bottom of the pool and is made of very strong netting
RBsGood qualitySturdy basket and size maybe be perfect. Need more time to use it.
Rod AlanBest yetBetter than the really expensive ones
Amazon Customerthe right toolmakes quick work of skimming the pool. no more stopping to empty the smaller skimmer we initially had.
RB in DallasBest Pool net I have owned, plus a lifetime warranty. What more could you ask for.Very solidly built and stands up to any pool requirements.
Tony McDowellworks greateasy to install works great
Maitman99Durable aluminum frame.Well made .Time will tell re durability and ease of using the lifetime warranty.
Scott D. MasonVery good quality pool netThis pool net was a big upgrade from the others I have owned in the past. This is a heavy duty net and I expect that it will last a long time based on the solid construction. The sloped bottom on the net makes it easy to scoop debris from the pool bottom. I’m impressed by the quality and the warranty.
SnausManDurable heavy duty. Best I have seenThis is great and better than I expected.
Kimberly SusukidaGreat product and real warrantyThis product is built really well. It lasts far longer than any of the other like products that we have tried. When ours did break the company provided immediate response and was so pleasant about sending a replacement. We will continue to use this product and will recommend it to friends for sure.
ajProduct is as advertised.Sturdy. Wish I had purchased five years ago!
CARBEST NET EVERWas able to clear leaves and debris off bottom of inground pool EASILY. Very durable, handles alot of weight
Cranford APWorks great!Acorns just hop right in!
DsummersWell made will lastVery heavy duty you get what you pay for. It will last.
Thomas CareyNice sturdy netlooks like a well made net
JKQuality productReally sturdy. Awesome net
C. BrysonGoodGood
Bill WExcellent warranty and productProduct is very high quality the warranty is best in class. One issue and they had a new one to me in ten days. Awesome to deal with.
chop123Pool NetI steered clear of the cheaper nets due to weak reviews. I wanted one that will last for years. This should do the trick.
OnlineShopperGood qualitySeems very well made. Only time will tell.
Xavier PastranaWarranty ReviewUse this new commercially, so it gets heavy usage. The net got a small tear and the warrant replaced it completely no questions asked!! Definitely worth the buy and ease of mind with lifetime warranty!
Amazon CustomerExcellentIt’s so great cleans everything and I mean everything. If you want a great pool net this is it.
Amazon CustomerGreat customer service.I needed to replace my protuff net. I contacted customer service via email and everything went exceptionally well. The 100% guarantee is no joke it was fantastic.
TomSo far so goodBeen using it for the past week and seems to be a solid and sturdy pool net.
J.L.Professional, High Quality Pool netThis pool net is durable and extremely well made. Buy with confidence that it will last for years and years.
William FletcherBest pool net I’ve ever had!This net is absolutely the best on the market! Very well made! Big net that holds a lot of leaves. Cuts my daily work at the pool down to just a few minutes!
James T. ErntTuff-est Net yet.Works great, not made of cheap material. Too early to tell durability, but so far so good. Seems like “Tuff-est” Net I’ve purchased.
Alan NascimentoAlan NascimentoWarranty fast.I use it commercially and recommend it. The warranty is fantastic. I received the net in less than five days after asking for the guarantee. They are amazing.
MARK FIELDSqualitygreat quality
Carrigan L.Great customer service/warrantyEasy to skim leaves off surface and bottom of pool
AGMExcellent Quality!Very good product able to easily pick things out from the bottom of pool.
Pam TamburoLove this item!Perfect item to remove leaves and pine needles from the pool.
Carrie A. GolbaAwesome quality.Awesome quality and easy to use.
DianePretty usefulAttached to the pole easily. Collection end could be a little sturdier. Works well enough. Hopefully the warranty holds true
LLarge, sturdy leaf net.Best pool leaf net we have had. Large size but easy to use. Very sturdy and we use it very frequently. It has lasted longer than any pool net we have owned.
Shaun BowmanAppears Heavy DutyThis appears to be alot more durable than my last normal blue netting
Shopperworks on standard pole – can empty without touching itheavy duty. we used to have the flat blue net but that takes too long to clean with. also things fall off it if you keep dipping in. with this net, just need to walk through the pool and it will pick up everything including debris. thought i wouldnt like it because i would have to touch the net to empty it – and didnt have to with the blue flat net. suprisenly the net is quite stiff so it sticks up when i flip it over to empty it. so no need to touch it
RSOutstanding productBest pool net I have ever used…only had it for a week and I am impressed.
Mireille BriseboisOh My, why did I not buy this soonerI have pools for over 35 years, and this net is amazing, not only is the mesh grade right, it empties with ease. That with the unlimited free replacement? I am hooked!
StephanieEasy to attach and works greatEasy to attach and works great for skimming the top of the pool and raking the bottom of the pool from debris (dog hair, leaves, bugs)
Tuyen D. NgoTuyen D. NgoGood product – Stand behind the product qualityThe media could not be loaded.  I trust this brand name so I bought 16” pool pole and 19” pool net as attached pictures. I do like the quality of the product but unfortunately[ the pool net] had a hole in the bottom after 1 year 9 months.So I would like to get a replacement for the pool net. I hope to receive the response from the seller.
samGreat warranty, great customer serviceHave had this product for 4 years and the plastic around net recently cracked. I texted issue to mfg and I will have a new one on the way. Will update when I receive but so far super impressed with warranty and how my issue has been handled.
J. SloweyBest quality pool net on the marketWe have several trees surrounding our pool, and are pulling leaves out on a 24/7 basis, thus put a lot of wear and tear on our pool nets. Needless to say, we’ve been going through multiple nets a year, at least until now. This is the first pool net we’ve had that has been able to put up with the wear and tear.And as to their warranty service, they stand behind their replacement policy without question, so you can buy with confidence. Highly Recommended!
M. CreeHolding up wellSeveral months later, no problem with this skimmer. Highly recommend. You get what you pay for.
GlennRugged plastic .. great mesh collects small bugs . .Like the strong plastic .. net mesh is fine enough to collect small bugs . . Large mouth .. Would certainly buy again
Krista J MooreGreat netWas skeptical about buying this net but it works great. Very sturdy!
Sam HThe qualityReally appreciate the quality of this equipment. The material is top notch and the finer mesh catches everything on the first pass. Coupled with their pool pole and you’ve got a winning combination! Fast delivery!
Doormann51Great productOutstanding quality !Worth every cent and the lifetime warranty, if ever needed is a great insurance policy. Highly recommend
Neal PepperDurable, StrongI’ve used for four years now (bot in 2018) …. strong, durable, sturdy …. does very good job!
texaztonyBest pool leaf rake on the market that I have foundThis is a very durable heavy duty, but not heavy, leaf rake. The net is fine enough to grab small stuff like pollen, but still easy to glide through the water. I’m writing this after using it for 1 1/2 years. After heavy use during that time, I noticed a fairly small hole in the net. I contacted ProTuff and they replaced the item within a few days with no questions asked. So nice that lifetime warranty means just that. I highly recommend ProTuff products because of the quality and the warranty if you do happen to have an issue.
shawn hallCustomer satisfactionGreat quality and warranty
MattVery well made! This should last!The sturdiness is noticeable just out of the box. Though it feels a bit heavy, I leand weight to construction of it being more solid than my previous tennis racket style net. I have owned this for about a month now and used it multiple times and really like the deep net which holds a lot and is great for scooping items off the floor of the pool.
J. AdamsSturdyIt met my expectations. I only wish the shaft was longer so I could put in further into the pole. Maybe it doesn’t matter, it works great!
CHERYL COONINGVery sturdy, high quality along with pole and brush accessoriesVery high quality, I replaced old scoop net along with same brand pole and brush. All are high quality and work great !
El TejanoTough productUnlike most pool leaf nets, this product is sturdy with the net made of much tougher material.
Steven P.Awesome Pool SkimmerExtremely happy with this pool skimmer. Very durable and well manufactured. This has held up with our extreme desert heat in full sun for several months and has still looks brand new.Collection capacity is awesome.Very happy with this purchase and will purchase this again if ever the time should arise , but I think that will be awhile. I would highly recommend this pool skimmer.
THSturdy Product and Company who stands behind itHeavy duty product, well made. Been using the pool net for almost 2 years now when it developed a small tear. Contacted the company for a replacement, no question asked. The were more than willing to replace the product. Buy with confidence – The last pool net you will will ever have to buy. Consider other ProTuff products, a customer service centric company.
TheresaTXHigh Quality ProductHigh quality
Bill BMore good stuff from Pro-TuffLast year I bought the Pro-Tuff pool pole. Simply the best! I was very impressed. This year i added the leaf rake net. It lives up to the superior quality of the pole and the lifetime guarantee doesn’t hurt either.
Michael FlankWorks Great and Lasts!!This product works wonderfully and is very durable. The company warranty is second to known. I highly recommend this product. Make sure you buy their pole as well. It is so much better than the junky one that comes from your pool store.
Eugene J. TerranovaVery durable !!I wish I would have bought this as a replacement the first time.
SamVery sturdyGreat product! Highly recommend.
Sharon C. MaxwellDurableI bought this in May-2016 and it works good. I may have damaged mine while picking grapefruit with it but it still works ok. The plastic around the perimeter has started to deteriorate with cracks and my pulling the grapefruits has let go of the netting on one side. Still usable/fixable but I decided to get a new one.
Karen KindlerVery sturdyThis product is well made!!
M. WardQuite simply, a great tooltired of replacing these rakes twice a year, I tried this one. It feels great to use, feels sturdy, and somehow seems to pick up more leaves per pass. I think it will last longer. If not, I know I wont be buying a new one anyway…great warrantee…
B BentonWarranty ReviewI had a problem with my ProTuff 19″ Professional Grade Medium Fine Mesh Pool Net Leaf Skimmer Rake. It came with a 100% Forever Guarantee which covers any issue. ProTuff’s return process was very easy and my Leaf Skimmer Rake was replaced right away. I recommend this product and company.
RFGreat Pool Net!It’s a pool net but it seems well constructed. I don’t know about the lifetime warranty but I’d be happy to get 4-5 seasons out of it. It scrapes the walls and the bottom of the pool perfectly. I would definitely recommend it and I will review my posting in a year or two.
SDGreat ProductI replaced a leaf skimmer that I had for about 4 years. This one is bigger, which is nice. And it is much sturdier. I paid a lot more for the 1st one and I am already loving the new net. Way more space to scoop up all the toys my kids leave on the bottom of the pool as well as all the stuff floating on top. Super impressed so far.
rainingdealsnetDurabilityGood product.
AllynAllynLifetime Warranty you may never need!I have had this net, along with Pro Tuff pole and brush, for 4 years now. All are in great shape. I do store them in my garage which I am sure will add to their longevity. I fully trust these guys to honor their warranty should I ever need it as they periodically email me and remind me that it is a simple to use, lifetime warranty.Most nets and poles have a fairly limited life, especially considering what they cost. Don’t settle for Chinese clones. This is the real thing and you won’t be sorry.Allyn
Rene R.Great Pool Leaf RakeA little more expensive than other similar products, but clearly much higher quality. The lifetime warranty makes this a no brainer. Well worth the extra cost.
Lewis CopelandExcellent customer serviceGot me leaf skimmer in July 2018 and had to replace it in August 2021. emailed proTuff for free replacement and had the item set to be replaced the same day. Great company to do business with.
Richard A KirbySturdy.Sturdy.
SPSHLKLove this and the no hassle free replacement warrantyI get a ton of leaves and usually break a couple nets each year. I’ve had this one and the slit net for two years and both are still in one piece. The leaf rake did bend this year at the handle so it doesn’t scoop well. I contacted Pro Tuff and two days later they are sending a replacement, no questions asked or proof needed. I can’t say enough good things about this company and their warranty.
DennisGreat Pool Net!This was my first Pro Tuff purchase, and I’m impressed. Going to order more products from Pro Tuff for our new pool. Pool builder supplies decent accessories, but this quality makes them obsolete and unused. Scoops leaves and stones easily, well designed and deep basket. Sturdy and the Easy Lifetime warranty is a big plus!
Scott B. LewkowitzGreat valueGreat quality, net and surrounding feel sturdy and thick.
Tim F2 years of use, and no problemsThis works great, leaves don’t fall out once captured, and the mesh hasn’t separated yet from the frame, after two years. I was thinking I’d have to contact them every year for a replacement, and so far have not. Very sturdy, and ergonomic. If they have a pool brush, I’m going to get that too
Melissa W.Best leaf net we’ve owned in 20 years!Pool owner of over 20 years here. We’ve had MANY leaf nets through those 20 years and this one is without a doubt the best one we’ve ever had. We’ve owned this one for two seasons now. Very sturdy and well made. Holds a heavy load of wet leaves without a problem. We would certainly buy it again but I don’t think we will need to for many years to come!
RSTS@PecosPerfectNothing to dislike! Great product and great company
JJinPA2 years later, still going strongThis net is strong. The lifetime warranty cinched the deal for me. However, I haven’t needed to replace it yet, and I probably won’t need to. It has held up to dredging out fall/spring leaf accumulations which were heavy enough to bend two separate pool poles. My dogs like to bite the net and chase it while I’m skimming the pool. This net has withstood the dreaded dog bites that have taken out other nets. We also didn’t put the net away at the end of the season, and although sun faded, still strong and no cracks in the rim. This was a very good investment. Highly recommend! You do get what you pay for. I just bought this company’s pool pole because other poles just can’t handle the task, and we don’t want to keep throwing money away on nets and poles. Good investment.
Joshua A. FurmanVery sturdy pool net, lifetime warrantyExcellent quality net, could go to Leslies and buy one of their nets with no warranty or guarantee. I’ll stick with this one. Easy warranty registration process.
FredIndestructible so far!Better than any other I have ever used.
FelixBest net I ever hadWorks perfect snd good quality
Stephen MorettiIts a tough netNet works great. The drag is higher, but the material feels much tougher than the standard blue nets.
Stanley GreenI Caught A WinnerLooked over, under, around and through….used it again and again…..simply the best.
Oma ValerieEasy to useWorks well
Linda SueSUPER!!We ordered this because ours was “near death.” We were impressed with the quality and sturdy feel of it and have already used it a couple of times. And the lifetime guarantee was an extra plus!
Setter momSturdyVery stable and strong.
Avg JoeOne Smurfy Rake!I purchased this rake in December of 2017 and I dropped way too much money on it. I was a frustrated, frustrated man. The neighborhood was determined to fill my concrete pool with oak leaves and pine needles. Not helping with my frustration was the piss-poor selection of products out there for getting crap and stuff off of the bottom of a concrete pool.Then Protuff Products popped up on Amazon claiming to have a tool that would do the job, using a uniquely designed plastic and aluminum lip, and they were willing to back it up with a lifetime warranty. Between the lifetime warranty from Protuff and Amazons return policy, I figured, “what the heck…”It felt flimsy when I mounted it to my old, bent, stuck-in-a-too-long-position aluminum pool rake pole and I sighed. 22 months of hard use raking way too many of my neighbors oak leaves and pine needles from the bottom of my pool a minimum of 3 times a week and daily during season later…..Best pool rake ever.I plum wore the plastic lip off pushing it along the bottom of my pool, and even with its lip worn to a frazzle, this rake outperforms everything else I’ve ever used. And even with all the leaves and twigs I’ve pulled out with this rake, the bag is still fine. The only reason I’m claiming the warranty is that the lip is worn off.The real reason for the review is the warranty claim process. At the price I paid for this rake back in 2017, hell yes I was going to “register the warranty”. I did it on line. Fast-forward to today and I’m finally ready to see if I can figure out Protuff’s “Lifetime Warranty” and damned if it wasn’t just a couple of clicks on their web site, answer a brief and user-friendly questionnaire, confirm the easily found Amazon order number from back in December of 2017, and bang! New Rake is on the way. No pictures or sad, sad stories required. Promise made, Promise kept.They even topped it off with a 20% discount on future purchases, making me feel somewhat less stupid for dropping $120 on an aluminum pole by scoring it for $95. It better be a Smurfy aluminum pole!
J WarwickNice quality for a reasonable price.The pole that is ordered with this is very heavy.
CeliacDudePool Guy is Envious and Wants One…This is the best (and ideally last) pool net I am going to have to buy. Ultra strong, good looking (although does not matter) and a much finer mesh to keep smaller debris from slipping through.You know you’ve found an awesome product when your pool serviceman says, where can I buy that one?Highly recommended.
Joe A.Optimistically paid the premium price. Time will tell.Looks well made. Time will tell if it’s going to hold up. I’m optimistic and would recommend this purchase. Also hoping the “warranty” is as good as the vendor says if the skimmer has a problem. Again, we’ll see.
Amazon CustomerNice skimmerSo far works nicely on skimming my pool.
Maggiedad2My last pool rake?I’ve only had this rake about a month, but I think it may be my last one. At least that’s how it’s advertised and why I bought it in the first place. So far, it’s been a great deal. Being a lazy pool boy, anything that shortens the time I spend maintaining my Queen’s pool is gain. I love that its (much) greater capacity cuts down on emptying cycles. The videos were very helpful in learning the trick(s) to efficient operation, leading to decreased time spent – you get the picture. The promise of lifetime replacement may or may not be beneficial (I am old and a fall risk), but it’s something I can anticipate. Even if this first purchase outlives me, I think it’s a bargain. I’m a big fan.
A Mom’s Point of ViewWorks great!Love the lip on this to pick up the leaves that have settled at the bottom. It’s sturdy too.
David A. HillyerStrong, sturdy, and easy to install leaf bag.I have only had this bag for a little over a week, but it is clearly much better made than my previous bags. It is stiff which helps prevent it from getting wrapped around when making tight turns. Excellent buy.
mjj047sHeavy Duty Pool SkimmerThis pool net is the super duty xl version of a regular pool net. You could catch a small plane in it, and it wouldn’t tear. Only downside is it’s heavy, but that makes it more durable.
Cody ShasteenGood strainer netPlenty wide and seems durable so far
André HamelinTrès satisfaitTrès satisfait du produit et service de livraison
LyneExcellentUn must, rammase les feuilles dans le fond de la piscine mieux que ne le ferais un râteau sur la pelouse, magique!
Amazon CustomerWorks greatWorks as advertised
L OrozcoRobustaLa he usado por un par de semanas y se ve de uso rudo, yo espero que me dure muchos años
EPOSolidly with net design in cone formation for easy rakingI like the product. Sturdy design and the cone net formation allows for easy raking. Looking forward to an improved pool cleaning experience.
Hugh B BartlettDurable and works soooo good!I have been very pleased with this net. It is strong, the shape cleans our koi pond very well and the mesh size is perfect for cleaning out the algae and sludge from the bottom. It also empties out far easier than I expected. A GREAT product. I use it a lot and it has made a big difference in our pond.
T.M. in Nova ScotiaA great design that is well ahead of the competition.The lead catcher works extremely well and the design of the leading edge on the basket is great for picking up items on the bottom of the pool . My rating would be a 4.9 . The only small drawback is that the basket mesh is a little too firm and emptying the basket can be a little cumbersome.
Andre T.Quality for moneySuperior quality to previously used products.
Kelly MacLove it!Best pool rake I have owned so far! Very sturdy! Worth the $$
ProTuff Pool Rake Product Reviews

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