The link below will take you to our complete catalog of products on (we cannot, at present, sell our poles on Target’s marketplace). So, once you click the link below, then simply select any of the products that you have purchased from ProTuff (Target doesn’t care if you purchased the item on their platform, as long as you actually have purchased the item).

It may be necessary create a login. Apologies if you don’t already have a login.

We Don’t Offer Incentives for Reviews

I also want to clarify that we don’t believe in incentivizing reviews with discounts and freebies. We feel like it dilutes the value and validity of online reviews. Even if we said that we would give you a discount code or gift card regardless of how positive or negative your review was, you still might be inclined to review us more positively, simply because we were “being nice” and giving you something.

So, just know that there is no incentive being offered here. We’re simply asking you for a favor … provide us an honest review on The video below shows the process of leaving the review, in case you’ve never left one on the Target platform before.

Thanks again for your willingness to take a couple minutes out of your busy day to do this for us.

Video Instructions for Submitting Your Target Review