Simply use the form below to upload your video(s). You can make up to 10 submissions. For a video submission to be eligible to earn bonus drawing entries, it should be “complete” and ProTuff related. Videos can be short, but, they have to complete a thought/topic/idea and be useful for promotional, marketing or informational purposes. Suggested topics would be: product reviews, warranty reviews, customer service reviews, telling your ProTuff story, a usage or tip video regarding a particular ProTuff Product, etc.

Please Note: if you submit videos containing inappropriate content, videos that are unrelated to ProTuff Products in some way or videos that are clearly incomplete, such as breaking a single video into multiple shorter, but incomplete video “shorts”, you will be immediately removed from our Facebook Group and you will lose your eligibility for the monthly drawings. So, please don’t try to subvert the system by submitting inappropriate or unrelated videos in hopes of “stealing” extra drawing entries.