Old Tennis Balls Rescue Oily Pools

Although it’s true that your pool filter will remove oil/lotion from the surface of your pool, some people still tend to have issues with “bathtub ring” around their swimming pool.  Typically, this is the result of people entering the pool with suntan lotions and such on their skin.

Depending upon the size of your pool, simply throwing in a few tennis balls and letting them float around will pick up a lot of those oils, keeping them out of your filter.  And, since many people really don’t have a good use for old tennis balls (unless they have a dog), it’s a perfect way to recycle them into something useful.

Extra Tip: Don’t fish them out by hand.  Grab your trusty ProTuff Pool Leaf Rake to fish them out.

Disclaimer: Pool ownership and maintenance is very complicated, and we know every situation is unique. While we’ve done our best to cover the best practices here, we encourage you to reach out to ProTuff directly at info@protuffproducts.com with any specific questions you may have.

A “Grand Slam” Solution
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