This is the Absolute LAST 

Pool Leaf Rake You'll Ever Buy

Tired of Having This Annoying Problem Year After Year?

  • You bought a "better quality" rake last season, but by the end of the season it was still toast.
  • Of course, you never got around to buying a new one, and now you've got a pool party next week and no pool rake to get the pool clean.
  • So, you're running down to the local pool store once again to buy another rake that probably won't last six months.  Terrific.  Here we go again.

Hi, we're Mike and Eileen Kaufman, owners of ProTuff Products LLC, the company that will make the scenario above a thing of the past.

The Reality is That There is NO REASON You Should Ever Need to Buy Another Pool Rake

Seriously.  If you're buying a new rake every season, or maybe even 2 or 3, something is very wrong.  At 20 bucks a pop, that can add up, and there's really no reason for it.  

What if I told you there was a much better option to keep the surface AND the bottom of your pool clean that doesn't require buying multiple new pool rakes every year?  What if I told you it would keep your pool cleaner, make your job faster and easier AND reduce the cost?  Would you be interested?

The truth is, it's really not rocket science. Designing a product that will quickly and easily keep your pool clean of leaves & debris should be a given, and making a quality product to last for more than a season is not all that difficult.  But, a company has to have the desire to do it ... and just do it RIGHT!

That's what ProTuff Products is all about.  Quality products that do the job right and will do it for a very long time without you having to worry about whether they are going to make it through another season or not.

So, the Question is.  If a Better Option Was Available, Would You Buy It?

Of course you would.  We all would.  But, only if we truly believed it was a better option, and only if the price seemed justifiable.  After all, such a product WILL cost more, but, before paying that price, we all have to decide if it's actually WORTH that price.  So, our job here is to convince you that our product is worth the price.

Quality Matters.  It's That Simple.  Paying More for a QUALITY Product Just Makes Sense.

But, you actually have to start with a quality product, and that's up to the company that's producing it.  It takes looking at the industry, looking at the available products to do a particular job and asking the simple question: 

"Can we do it better than everyone else?  Can we make it faster, stronger, better?"

Our Answer was YES!

ProTuff Products Never Go Half-Way:

We Always Produce Only the Best

When we started this business, we made a conscious decision that, whatever products we offered to our customers, we would always make certain that they were the best on the market, that they would do exactly what they were intended to do and do it better and/or faster than anything else out there.

Because You Deserve Products That Work

We know what it's like.  You've got a problem, so you purchase a product that seems like it should solve it.  But, then you find out that the product you've purchased doesn't do the job (or doesn't do it well).  Or, you discover that, although it does the job, it's slow and inefficient or it's really flimsy and prone to breaking.

When Products don't work, it's frustrating.  It's annoying.  It's aggravating.  

But, most of all, it's simply disappointing.

​You want to know you can trust the businesses that you work with - but all too often these days, what we discover is that the companies we're buying from are only interested in separating us from our hard earned money and have absolutely zero interest in providing a quality product or decent service.

So, we're trying to gain your trust, one product and customer interaction at a time.  When we see a product niche that's lacking a quality product, we research the available products, determine what their flaws or deficiencies are, and then  "build a better mousetrap", so to speak.  Better, stronger, faster, more cost effective.

That's What We're Offering:

A Product That Works & Customer Service to Match 

​Her Husband Was Shocked

I am NOT one to do pool maintenance. It's something I have always considered a "man's job," so my husband has been responsible for it. However, when he ordered this pool rake, my interest was piqued.

I thought it seemed a bit pricey because, I mean really, how different could it be from every other "cheap" pool rake out there?

Before it even arrived, the company had sent me an email with tips for use, which I found pleasantly surprising. They explained what makes their rake different (the turn of the "lip" and the strength of the net, if you're wondering). So when it arrived (on schedule, in two days), I just had to try out the tips from the email.

My husband was shocked and proceeded to tell me I was doing it incorrectly. (Needless to say, he didn't read the email.) But he got quiet when he saw how easily and how quickly I got all the leaves out of the bottom of our pool.

Our pool is surrounded by trees, and our vacuum had been out for over a month, so there was A LOT of buildup on the bottom of the pool.

I kid you not, this little 100 pound woman had it cleaned out in 20 minutes with this rake. It is shockingly sturdy, the tips they emailed are priceless, and it scrapes the bottom of the pool amazingly well. I don't have a single negative thing to say about it.

Definitely worth the price.

Ecstatic Pool Owner & Amazon Customer

With ProTuff Products you will be "flying" through your pool cleaning chores in no time flat.

We believe you'll be absolutely compelled to tell everyone you know how great ProTuff is.

Lastly, you'll pat yourself on the back for having the "bright idea" to buy it in the first place.

Don't Keep Throwing Money Away

  • ProTuff Offers Quality Products That Get the Job Done
    And that's all you really want, right?  A product that gets the job done.  And, maybe one that gets the job done faster and with less effort.  That's what we do best.
  • Many Helpful Tips to Make Your Life Easier
    Chances are you already know how to keep your pool clean and how to most effectively use your pool tools (and, specifically, your pool rake).  But, if even one of our helpful tips saves you a bit of time and/or money week after week after week, how much would that be worth to you?
  • AND, an Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee 
    In other words, you'll never need to buy another.  If your ProTuff leaf rake EVER breaks or fails in any way (even if it's your fault), we will replace it free of charge (not even a shipping charge).

Of Course, the Relevant Question Becomes:    What and How Much Is It, Right?

Well, the answer to the "what" question is really not nearly as exciting as we might like it to be.  After all, it's hard to get terribly excited about a pool leaf rake - even for us - and that's saying something.  But, and this is a very important but, the ProTuff pool leaf rake is nothing like any pool rake you've ever used before.

Of course, that doesn't mean that our design is necessarily a revolutionary divergence from that of other rakes on the market.  It just means we've built a higher quality, more heavy duty and more effective version, and we're willing to put our money where our mouth is.​

In other words, it's kind of like the difference between driving a Jeep and a Hummer (a "real" one).  Both will get you from point A to point B in basically the same fashion.  Both offer 4 wheel drive and can take you through some difficult terrain.  But, at the end of the day, if you had the choice between the two, those who recognize the difference between adequate and "fully loaded" everything are going to choose the Hummer every time.

And, in case we weren't as glaringly obvious as we thought we were, ​ProTuff is the Hummer of pool products. Anything you can do with any other pool rake, the ProTuff rake can do it better, faster and without the worry that you might break it.  With rock solid build quality AND a rock solid warranty, you're covered both ways.  

If you're unhappy for ANY reason, simply ask for a refund.  No need to return the rake.  No need to explain.  No need to send us pictures.  If you're not happy, just tell us and we'll refund your FULL order total.  Simple.

And, of course, as we mentioned earlier, if you're happy with the rake, but, at some point it fails you for ANY reason, simply tell us, and we'll send out a replacement right away.  Again, NO questions & NO hassles.

​Here's an example of what we mean from a verified Amazon Customer ...

Awesome Product and Company!

This rake is awesome!  I previously received another rake that I thought was the ProTuff. After about a year, it developed several holes and I contacted ProTuff for the lifetime warranty. I received a reply email in about two hours and they advised me that a replacement was on the way, two day shipping.

Being surprised that their product failed, they asked for a picture and conditions I use it in. After receiving the pics, they found that the rake I was given was not their product and informed me that there was a mix up with Amazon inventory that they had no control over.

Even though this was not their product, they honored their warranty no questions asked. Upon receiving the "real" ProTuff Rake, (two days) I saw how much different and better the quality is. The screen and frame is much stronger and the mesh is finer.

I am very happy with this rake and can't say enough about how prompt, professional and honorable this company is.

Michael R.
Amazon Verified Customer Review

This is a "Full Disclosure" Kind of Transaction

We don't want there to be any confusion about what we're offering here.  We don't want to leave any stone un-turned.  We don't want any questions left unanswered.  If you buy from us, we want you to be very clear on what you're getting AND what you're NOT getting.

First off, we don't want to give the wrong idea.  We have NOT reinvented the whole idea of a pool leaf rake

However, we HAVE brought together the very best features of every other pool rake on the market, improved on them and then built it so heavy duty that the majority of our customers will never need a new one.

And, for those who DO end up needing a new one, we make that process as painless as possible by eliminating the cost and minimizing the wait.  You'll never again buy a new pool leaf rake ... EVER!!

So, This is Where the "BIG PITCH" Happens

The 100% Lifetime Guaranteed  ProTuff Pool Leaf Rake

Ok, so, the truth is, there really is no "big pitch" (at least not any bigger than you've already waded through). We figure, if you've managed to make it this far, then you deserve to just get a few specific details to help you decide if you really need a ProTuff rake.

So, the information below is taken directly from our Amazon listing, and gives some good specifics on just what you're getting when you purchase a ProTuff Pool Rake.

  • Deep, Durable, Abrasion Resistant, Double-Stitched Nylon Pool Bag: Stronger and more abrasion resistant than double layer polypropylene pool leaf skimmer bags offered by other companies. Tapered for easy maneuverability. This leaf net resists mold and mildew well, maintains it's integrity and handles big swimming pool clean-ups with ease. Medium mesh size for quick collection of leaves, insects & small debris, but not silt and very fine particles.
  • Super Strong Aluminum Alloy Frame: It won't bend, twist or break under load. Tightly secured within the "winged" handle for additional stability. The handle easily connects to just about any standard size pool pole (1 1/8" ID) with built-in quick connect clip.
  • Long Lasting, Professional Duty Plastic Rim: is safe for all types of pools. Will not mar or scratch pool surfaces. "Easy Glide" Scoop front for quick & easy leaf pickup from pool bottom. Straight sides with slight angle for easy cleaning of pool sides. Swimming pool maintenance has never been easier.
  • 100% "No Questions Asked" Lifetime Guarantee: If any portion of your swimming pool leaf rake ever breaks, fails or tears, simply contact us for a FREE replacement part or a complete replacement of your swimming pool net as per manufacturer's product warranty.  Or, if you EVER find that you are unhappy with your rake in any way, simply contact us for a full refund of your entire purchase price.

What People Are Saying About Our Rake

You are more than welcome to check out our actual reviews on the Amazon website using the button below. We've got 500+ reviews (and counting), and a 4.85/5 rating.  92% of our customers give us a 5 star rating and 96% of our customers give our pool rake a 4 star or better rating.  We think that's pretty impressive.  Below, you'll find a sampling of what people are saying about the ProTuff Lifetime Guaranteed Pool Leaf Rake.

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“By far, the best pool rake there is ...”

I got this rake about a week before my house and pool were flooded. When I first used it, my comment was that it was a bit heavy, and a little hard to manipulate. Then I got an info email from the company that told me some tricks that I didn't know, and I was able to get the trash off the bottom of the pool without lifting the rake out of the water until I had it all gathered up. Nice for the stuff the wind blows into the pool here in the desert.

Then the flood came. This rake cannot be beaten. Although I'm still working on the pool, I can scrape the bottom, lift a half full bag of mud off the bottom, and dump it without any sign of the rake breaking. There's a lot of mud in half a bag on this rake, and it holds up fine. There's a lot of grit that is wearing on the bag, and it could catch a rock and tear. This device has held up to massive abuse.

I haven't had to even think about the lifetime guarantee yet, but with the pressure I'm putting on it, I may have to at some point. Leaves and normal debris would be no problem at all for this rake. Highly recommended.

David Thompson
- Amazon Verified Customer

“This thing reeks ...”

“I mean it really reeks (of quality, that is). Though I've only had this for a couple of weeks, I have to say I am incredibly impressed.

Is it expensive? Absolutely!!! But it's a tool. And like any tool, especially if you will be using it for years to come, you want to buy quality. You can use a $5 pair of pliers, but you'll get $5 pair of pliers life.

I bought this for several reasons... We have an in-ground pool on the last home we will ever own, purchased in September of '15. We don't cover the pool in the winter (no pool cover yet), but we keep the pool maintained year round. We have lots of trees that will be shedding a lot of leaves this fall. No doubt at all this pool net will handle it.

The other major reason I went with the ProTuff is the 100% lifetime warranty. The warranty says in writing that regardless of the circumstances of it breaking, they will replace it. From what I've observed of it so far, it looks like it will be years before I have anything to worry about. The frame is sturdy and well constructed, and the mesh is sewn. I'm looking forward to years of service.”

Rene A. Lanoie, Jr.
- Verified Amazon Customer
John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

“Even more pleased with my purchase ...”

“Okay - So it is not appropriate for catching raccoons. Just kidding, don't get me wrong, I had a problem with one and really thought about it. I did however get the chance to test out the return policy.

Even though I admit overloading this net - obviously everything has a limit and I pushed this one under extreme conditions. Too much weight due to not emptying the net enough caused a small separation of the net from the frame.

Even so, ProTuff backed the lifetime warranty without question. I received an email back the same day and in less than a week there was a brand new net delivered to my front door absolutely cost free.

My blind faith in this company paid off. Honest business to deal with and now, even if I was not before, am a customer for life. If you believe that outstanding customer service is as important as the quality of the product itself - Then you should be too!

- Verified Amazon Customer

“Great product from a company that stands apart”

“This leaf rake cost more than others showing at Amazon but I was sufficiently impressed with the reviews that I decided it must be worth it. Very glad I did. The quality of the net is far superior to anything I've ever had previously. The front rake also has a unique design that picks up twice as much leaves and other material from the pool bottom than I've ever achieved before.

What also is very impressive is that I received an email from ProTuff via Amazon before I even received the product, telling me in advance that the design (the front of the rake) might be slightly different from what I had previously, why that was the case, etc.

I've had other products purchased through Amazon that arrive without instructions, and although most are intuitive, some are not. So it's incredible that a company like Pro Tuff has anticipated customer questions ahead of time.

Their email as well as their web site emphasize that they are customer driven: "ProTuff Products is a company based entirely on the premise that our customers (YOU) are our most valued asset, which is a rare thing these days. Without you, we don't exist."

What a great culture & philosophy. I wish our airlines & others would re-learn this lesson.

"Road Warrior"
- Verified Amazon Customer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

How to Buy the Last Pool Rake You'll Ever Need!

We only sell our ProTuff pool rake through the Amazon marketplace - the most trusted sales website on the planet.  We do this very specifically, because we know our company is not a household name - you don't know who we are. So, we want to make sure you have every confidence that your purchase will be safe, secure and trouble free.  Buy with confidence.  Buy it on Amazon!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


A Few More Amazon Testimonials

Expensive, But Totally Worth it With the Lifetime Warranty

I usually have to buy one of these at least every other summer, so the payoff will not take long.

The frame in this thing is very well built, so much nicer than any other net I've owned, and I have bought almost every brand you can find. The net seems thicker, but I haven't measured the thickness to compare against others. But again, with the warranty this is really a moot point!

I've been using it for a few weeks now and could not be any happier, unless it raked leaves all my itself!

Dustin W.
Amazon Customer

I Had My Doubts When I Bought This ...

Like everyone else, I had my doubts when I bought this. I cannot tell you how many pool products I have been through over the years simply because they wouldn't hold up to normal wear and tear.

I cannot speak to the normal wear & tear on this product yet, but I can tell you it works, & works well.

I have one of those leaf eaters that attaches to a garden hose that uses water flow to push leaves off the pool floor into the net attached to the base. It would have taken me more than three hours to clean the leaves out of my pool this weekend if I had used the leaf eater.

It took me about 30 minutes with this rake.

The only warning I can give anyone about this product is that wet leaves are heavy, and the more you put into this rake the heavier that bag becomes when lifting it out of the pool. Other than that, the product rocks!!!

Brian from South Carolina
Amazon Customer

If You Value Quality Tools This is As Good As It Gets

ProTuff has a lifetime guarantee which they stand by (even having responded to me personally when I expressed incredulity), which is unprecedented in this day and age.

I'm a 62 years old Baby Boomer and I hope to live longer than my late Great Uncle who lived to 106, so I'm gonna hold them to it!

But seriously, this is a well-made product which harkens back to a time before built-in obsolescence was the standard and when manufacturers had integrity and put pride in their products.

So far, so good. I've owned this pool for 19 years as of 11/22/15 and I've gone through many other leaf rakes. This fabric is qualitatively different than the blue or supposedly more UV-resistant black mesh nets. The frame is heavy-duty (I've had more than one aluminum frame break from constant metal stress), and if you're someone who values quality tools (I still use some of my grandfather's!) this product and its guarantee is as good as it gets.

Dr. Mark Abrahams
Amazon Customer

Why Would You Fool Around With Anything Else?

I suppose some would claim this is overkill for our little 15x30 ft pool.

I purchased the ProTuff in combination with the Jed Pool tools Inc 50-560-16-ft pole. Great combination. Could I have gotten by with a pole and rake combination that is about half the price? Sure. I could have saved about $40. And we're not rich by any means.

But every time we go to Costco we probably blow at least $200, and sometimes twice that. So I look at it this way: I'll be using this tool several times per week (especially after the winds we often get around here, and given the pine trees almost adjacent to the pool -- pine trees shed an incredible amount of stuff).

So, I read the tips for use (thank you, ProTuff) and gave it a try. The tool is worth every penny. I was using a cheap, more or less "conventional" rake and it would take me ten or fifteen minutes to do a good cleaning. With the ProTuff, it's five minutes. It's literally 2x faster, and following their directions, easier.

So say you save 5 minutes of your time, 3 days a week. That's roughly 15 min per week x 4 = 1 hour per month x 12 = 12 hours/year. Even if you don't rake much in the winter, suppose you save 6 or 7 hours per year. That's most of a working day. What's that worth to you?

To me, it's worth a heck of a lot more than the little extra I paid for the ProTuff, not to mention the pleasure one derives from simply using a really well-engineered, well-constructed tool.

Why would you fool around with anything else?

Amazon Customer

Mike Kaufman
ProTuff Products Owner

About the Owner

Not much to say.  I'm 42 years old.  I've been happily married for the last 22 years (of course, anyone who's married knows it's not ALWAYS "happy", but it's "for better or worse", right, and you work hard to try to make it mostly "better").

I've got 4 teenage kids, and I want them to know what it means to live a life of integrity.  So, I try to live that out for them to see.  I don't always get it right, but I like to think I get it right far more often than not.

At the end of the day, I want my public, private and business life to be consistently in line with the biblical principles I have been teaching my kids for years.  Treat people better than they expect to be treated.  Go out of your way to help as many people as you can.  Live a QUALITY life.  Make sure the world is better off because you are a part of it.

I hope that you find your dealings with ProTuff Products bear out that philosophy.

You've Made it This Far ... You Want the Rake, So What's Stopping You?

Clearly you're a bit torn about purchasing a ProTuff rake.  Nobody wastes the amount of time you have on this page already, unless they are interested, but, if you didn't click the "Buy Now" button above, there must still be some nagging question that has yet been unanswered.  So, let's see if we can figure out what your remaining questions are, and answer them for you.

Will It Work for My Specific Situation?

Does It Come With a Pool Pole?

Can I Really Trust Your Lifetime Guarantee?

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you EVER decide that the ProTuff rake will not save (or has not saved) you the time and money we promised, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund of  your full purchase price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Buy It Outside Amazon for Less?

Can I Contact You Directly?

Will It Bend or Twist with Heavy Weight?

Will This Collect Tiny Insects?

What If I Break it 10 Times?

What Pool Pole Should I Buy With It?

P.S.:: Honestly, if you're all the way at the bottom of the page, and have read through all of this information, but haven't yet purchased, there's probably only one thing that's going to make you a ProTuff customer at this point - A DISCOUNT.

However, the reality is, with it's Lifetime Guarantee and solid Amazon review profile, the rake is easily worth $70 (since most lesser quality rakes, even without a lifetime guarantee, are often $20 to $30).  And, as we continue to improve the product, enhance our pool care instructional materials and enhance our product offering overall, that price becomes more and more reasonable.  Nevertheless, for the time being, we are currently offering the rake for $20 off that price.  

That being said, the more established our brand becomes, the more likely it is that we will ​raise that price.  In fact, already, since we first released the product two years ago, the price has risen by nearly $20.  The reason is simple.  When we were an unknown brand, our lifetime guarantee didn't mean much.  Nobody knew who we were and we had no track record for new customers to judge us by.

Now, we've established ourselves as, by far, the most well reviewed pool leaf rake on Amazon.  Our company has a 100% positive feedback rating on Amazon.​  Our pool rake is rated 4.85 stars by over 500 customers.  Our average response time to customer inquiries is less than 4 hours.  

Moreover, those who HAVE needed to take advantage of our lifetime guarantee have often received their new rake in less than a week and sometimes as little as a few days.

The above stats are unheard of and speak directly to the quality of our company and our products.  So, in our mind, the current price IS a considerable discount from where the product should and probably could be priced. We hope that you'll agree, but, if not, we truly wish you the best of luck with your pool care efforts.

The truth is, although I'm fairly certain that an additional discount would probably make you a part of the "ProTuff Family", I'm not going offer that here because I have an obligation to previous customers to maintain the viability of our business so that when they need us, we'll still be here.  The better our profit margins are, the more likely that will be the case.

Yes, I want to become a ProTuff customer now!