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Pool Pro David Van Brunt Had This to Say ...

​... you can't really go wrong since they offer a 100% guarantee on the product. That alone is enough. But the reason they offer the guarantee is that you are unlikely to use it since this leaf rake is made to last a very long time.

This is a quality made product and as you can see from the video it is also very easy to use in your pool. The design of the leaf rake itself lends to easy skimming of the pool surface. The lip of the leaf rake has also been designed so that skimming debris off the pool bottom is made easy.

David Van Brunt
Pool Pro - SwimmingPoolLearning.com

About the ProTuff Products Pool Leaf Rake

    • 100% "NO QUESTIONS ASKED" LIFETIME GUARANTEE - If any portion of your pool rake ever breaks, fails or tears, simply contact us for FREE replacement parts or a complete replacement of the entire pool rake as per manufacturer's lifetime product warranty. No registration is necessary, but registering locks in your 3-Day Expedited Replacement Guarantee (receive any replacement in 3 days or less).
    • SUPER STRONG ALUMINUM ALLOY FRAME won't bend, twist or break under loads up to a whopping 50 pounds. Tightly secured within "winged" handle for additional stability. Our swimming pool leaf catcher handle easily connects to a standard size telescoping pool pole with built-in quick connect clip. Keep your swimming pool cleaner with ProTuff swimming pool cleaning tools.
    • DEEP, DURABLE, ABRASION RESISTANT, DOUBLE-STITCHED NYLON POOL BAG is stronger and more abrasion resistant than double layer polypropylene netting offered by other companies. Tapered for easy maneuverability. This leaf net resists mold and mildew well, maintains it's integrity and handles big swimming pool clean-ups with ease. Medium mesh size will remove leaves, insects & small debris, but you'll need our white mesh silt rake to get sand and silt particles or the tiniest of insects.
    • LONG LASTING, PROFESSIONAL DUTY PLASTIC RIM is safe for all types of pools and will guard against marring or scratching of pool surfaces. "Easy Glide" Scoop front for quick & easy leaf pickup from pool bottom. Straight sides with slight angle for easy cleaning of pool sides, whether round or rectangle shaped pools. Swimming pool maintenance for 24, 27, 30 ft or any other size pool has never been easier.

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But don't take our word for it. Be sure to check out our Amazon reviews and search for "warranty" or "guarantee".

You'll find a number of verified reviews from Pro Tuff customers who have had the pleasure of an absolutely painless warranty replacement experience.

We promise, getting a replacement rake is literally a 2 minute process (at most):

1) Email or call us to tell us your rake is broken
2) Provide your Amazon order number
3) Tell us where to ship the replacement
4) Let us know if you need the shipment expedited (it's free if you're warranty is registered).

That's it. Done!

I am NOT one to do pool maintenance. It's something I have always considered a "man's job," so my husband has been responsible for it. However, when he ordered this pool rake, my interest was piqued. I thought it seemed a bit pricey because, I mean really, how different could it be from every other "cheap" pool rake out there?

Before it even arrived, the company had sent me an email with tips for use, which I found pleasantly surprising. They explained what makes their rake different (the turn of the "lip" and the strength of the net, if you're wondering). So when it arrived (on schedule, in two days), I just had to try out the tips from the email.

My husband was shocked and proceeded to tell me I was doing it incorrectly. (Needless to say, he didn't read the email.) But he got quiet when he saw how easily and how quickly I got all the leaves out of the bottom of our pool.

Our pool is surrounded by trees, and our vacuum had been out for over a month, so there was A LOT of buildup on the bottom of the pool. I kid you not, this little 100 pound woman had it cleaned out in 20 minutes with this rake.

It is shockingly sturdy, the tips they emailed are priceless, and it scrapes the bottom of the pool amazingly well. I don't have a single negative thing to say about it. Definitely worth the price.

Verified Amazon Customer

I got this rake about a week before my house and pool were flooded. When I first used it, my comment was that it was a bit heavy, and a little hard to manipulate.

Then I got an information mail from the company that told me some tricks that I didn't know, and I was able to get the trash off the bottom of the pool without lifting the rake out of the water until I had it all gathered up. Nice for the stuff the wind blows into the pool here in the desert.

Then the flood came. This rake cannot be beaten. Although I'm still working on the pool, I can scrape the bottom, lift a half full bag of mud off the bottom, and dump it without any sign of the rake breaking. There's a lot of mud in half a bag on this rake, and it holds up fine. There's a lot of grit that is wearing on the bag, and it could catch a rock and tear.

This device has held up to massive abuse. I haven't had to even think about the lifetime guarantee yet, but with the pressure I'm putting on it, I may have to at some point. Leaves and normal debris would be no problem at all for this rake. Highly recommended.

"David Thompson"
Verified Amazon Customer

This rake is awesome! I previously received another rake that I thought was the ProTuff. After about a year, it developed several holes and I contacted ProTuff for the lifetime warranty. I received a reply email in about two hours and they advised me that a replacement was on the way, two day shipping.

Being surprised that their product failed, they asked for a picture and conditions I use it in. After receiving the pics, they found that the rake I was given was not their product and informed me that there was a mix up with Amazon inventory that they had no control over.

Even though this was not their product, they honored their warranty no questions asked. Upon receiving the "real" ProTuff Rake, (two days) I saw how much different and better the quality is. The screen and frame is much stronger and the mesh is finer.

I am very happy with this rake and can't say enough about how prompt, professional and honorable this company is. I will update after using this rake.

"Michael R"
Verified Amazon Customer

I purchased this pool net over 2 years ago and it is by far the best performing net I have ever owned. Cheaper nets with the blue netting lasted at best 1 year in the Texas sun holes made it useless. I would store them out of the sun to prolong their life but still 1 year max.

I saw this net with a lifetime warranty and decided to give it a try. It is very heavy duty so I used it not only to skim leaves from the surface but to also scape leaves off the floor of the pool (I could not use cheaper nets for scraping because the frame always bent).  It worked great for both applications. I didn't need to use a big leaf bag on rollers with a water hose anymore in the fall.

The scraping did wear out the red plastic edge and allowed part of the net to pull away. I found the mfg website and called the contact info to see if I could get a new red plastic edge.

I got a voicemail so I left a message describing the situation but I was not optimistic. However within 30 min someone called back and told me they needed the Amazon order number since I had not registered the product on the Protuff website. I sent them the info and to my amazement, they sent me a brand new net within a week.

I was really impressed. You can not go wrong with this product.

Verified Amazon Customer

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